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Chapter 6: Youngster Wang Yue!

Chapter 6: Youngster Wang Yue!

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Chen Feng carefully sealed the blue liquid without anything unforeseen happening.

He was successful!

Under the effect of Luck Aura, production was successful!

Looking at the data on the wristband screen, Chen Feng noted that this production used one point of spiritual energy and one point of luck value. Naturally, what was important was, along with Chen Feng’s successful production, a long awaited ability appeared on the data screen.


Beginner gene production: You have already grasped the beginner gene production technique. By mastering more formulas, you can increase your production level and success rate.

Beginner production level: 0 stars.


"It appeared!"

Chen Feng was excited.

The original owner’s long-awaited beginner gene production!

Although it was merely him passing the starting line, Chen Feng had gorgeously taken this first step, becoming a gene producer!

As for the latter beginner production-level stat, it was an evaluation on the quality of the gene production.

Different difficulty levels were assigned to gene formulas. The harder the gene formula one mastered, the more the gene-production level would be increased! Hence, most of the time, the formula’s difficulty level would be sufficient to determine one’s gene-production level.

For example—

Lumberbear gene formula’s difficulty level: 1 star.

Blacktiger gene formula’s difficulty level: 2 stars.

If you were to master both formulas, your beginner gene-production level would become 3 stars!

One could only increase their beginner gene-producer’s level through constantly mastering different formulas! To become an intermediate gene producer, one needed to reach a staggering amount of 100 stars!

As for Chen Feng, who had just started, he did not have a single star.

"I’ll take my time."

Chen Feng was not in a rush.

Since Luck Aura worked, his future could be considered limitless.

Completing the lumberbear gene, Chen Feng sealed the liquid into a reagent bottle. He planned to let Uncle Zhang help assess this reagent he had produced.

After lightly packing up, Chen Feng reached the materials shop.

"Morning, Little Feng."

Uncle Zhang was always smiling cheerfully.

"Morning, Uncle Zhang."

Chen Feng smiled as he passed over the reagent in his hands. "Uncle Zhang, can you take a look at this reagent and see how it is?"

"Come, let me take a look."

Uncle Zhang took the reagent. After performing a gene assessment on it, his eyes lit up. "Pass, the purity is not bad. This is a standardized lumberbear gene. Where did you buy this reagent ...."

Uncle Zhang was midway through his question when he was stunned. He looked at the familiar looking reagent bottle with his eyes wide open. This bottle seemed to be the one bought from his shop yesterday!

Could it be...

Surprised, Uncle Zhang suddenly said, "Kid, is this your..."

Chen Feng said softly, "Uncle Zhang, this is a secret."

"Good kid!"

Uncle Zhang was excited.

Yesterday, he had still been worried that this kid wouldn't get over failing his examinations. He went on and became a gene producer in a blink of an eye? Hehe, after becoming a gene producer, even if his cultivation was a little slower than those in a university, the difference would not be too big! Although the initial investment of time and resources would be somewhat high, the future, however, was limitless!

"Uncle Zhang, I want to buy a gene-accessing chip."

Chen Feng smiled.

"Mhm, right."

"Kid, since you are now a gene producer, coming here all the time for gene assessment won’t do. Having your own chip is appropriate. Wait a while..."

After looking around for half day. "Nuo, this one."

It was a metal sheet with a length and width of 1 cm. It was also this era’s special product—chip! As long as it was installed on the wristband, the wristband would be able to perform the functions of this chip. This chip’s function was to scan the properties of genes!

Chen Feng opened his wristband and installed the chip into it.


"Installation successful!"


Chen Feng scanned the newly produced gene reagent of his.


Lumberbear Gene.

Fusion requirements: Strength: 10 points, Physique: 5 points.

Basic attributes: Strength: 2–3 points, Physique: 2–3 points.

Genetic ability: Lumberbear’s Wrath. Increased strength by 10 points for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.


It was as Uncle Zhang said. These were the standard attributes of a lumberbear gene. Although the attributes were somewhat low, its significance was nothing normal!

This was Chen Feng’s first gene!

"Uncle Zhang, how much for the chip?" Chen Feng asked.

"It’s not much." Uncle Zhang waved his hand, "It’s rare to see a gene producer in the flesh. Heh, the gene producer is even my neighbor. Just a chip, consider it Uncle Zhang’s gift to you."

"I..." Chen Feng wanted to decline.

"Don’t be in a rush to refuse." Uncle Zhang smiled. "You, kid, are just getting started. Before long, you will know what a money sink being a gene producer is. I don’t know how much money you saved. If it’s only a few hundred thousands, you can’t buy many formulas with it. If you are sincere, you can repay in the future when you start earning money."

"Many thanks."

Chen Feng was grateful.

Based on his online research, a gene-accessing chip was worth at least 100,000.

"This is nothing." Uncle Zhang smiled. "I don’t have much use for the money I saved anyway."

Chen Feng was speechless.

Uncle Zhang was over 40 years old this year, yet he had never gotten married. In the original owner’s memory, Uncle Zhang had always lived simply with nothing special going on in his life. He appeared to be nothing more than an ordinary neighbor. However, Chen Feng could see a trace of a remarkable temperament in him, despite it being extremely faint.


This Uncle Zhang had his own history when he was young.

Chen Feng lamented in his heart.

"Oh, yeah."

Uncle Zhang suddenly opened his mouth. "Have you heard of the Gene Rookie Competition?"


Chen Feng shook his head.

"I heard recently that the Gene Production Association organized a Gene Rookie Competition. It seems like any gene producer from the young generation can participate in it. As long as one passes the audition, there will be rewards. Those ranked higher will even get formulas, bonuses, and other rewards. I’m not sure on the exact details, but you might want to take a look at it."

Uncle Zhang smiled. "You can try it out. Even if you fail, it could be considered a learning experience."


Chen Feng was spirited.

To encourage the masses to study gene production, the Gene Production Association would frequently organize different events. Chen Feng was not entirely interested in them. However, if it was some rookie competition, he might be able to use the Luck Aura to earn some money from it. At this thought, Chen Feng said his goodbyes to Uncle Zhang and walked home.

The sceneries of the neighborhood were as fascinating as always.

Now that he had succeeded in his gene production, his future was bright. Even Chen Feng’s footsteps felt lighter and quicker. However, right before he reached home, he paused his steps.

At the corner.

Under the shadows, there was a dim silhouette.

"It’s been a while."

The silhouette walked out with a faint smile on his face.

"It’s you."

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Wang Yue.

The class monitor of third year, second class. Possessing a handsome look, coupled with his well-off family and outstanding grades, made him the most popular male in the high school, with no other contenders.

Naturally, he had a second identity—the one pulling the strings of the original owner’s death.

"I heard you failed the examinations, so I come to visit you."

A familiar smile was displayed on Wang Yue’s face.

"Oh?" Chen Feng smiled faintly. "Congratulations on your entry into the North Qing University."


The smile on Wang Yue’s face froze.

The originally hot weather became somewhat cold at the moment.

The atmosphere was frozen in an instant.

The ice-cold killing intent in Wang Yue’s eyes was apparent. For Chen Feng to speak this way, it was obvious that he had managed to guess that Wang Yue was the one pulling the strings!


Wang Yue smiled with a toying expression. "Unexpectedly, you could see the truth. It seems like I was wrong, treating you as a bookworm all this while. However, even if you are somewhat crafty, so what? You don’t really think that you are better than us, right? Let me inform you. The reason you were able to become the top student was merely because you were too stupid!"


"Almost all children of influential families have fused with genes that are only formidable during later stages. For example, me. My genetic ability is practically worthless during the early stage. However, during the late stage, it can provide a 50% passive growth on one’s spiritual energy! This is the only reason your grades were normally slightly better than mine!"

"Because of your genetic ability!"

"Although it currently maintains a small superiority, it is ultimately a trash gene!"

"In the future..."

"It’s nearly useless!"

"In a sense, it is equivalent to the lumberbear gene: trash, nothing more than that."

"Secondly, in order to consolidate the quality of a student’s foundation, all high school students are prohibited from using special resources to improve themselves. They are only allowed to improve through tough training. This is also the only reason you are able to keep up with us! After entering university, you will come to understand what a disparity of tenfold, of a hundredfold means!"

"Pitiful fellow..."

"Do you realize that the university entrance examinations were the last and only fair confrontation you are going to have with us in your whole life?" Wang Yue stated indifferently.

After every word he spoke, he stepped forward.

The dreadful aura condensed in their surroundings while the confidence and arrogance of a son of an influential family was unleashed in a split second. It was akin to a tsunami gushing onto one’s face. The current him was the true Wang Yue!

The genius youngster with an illustrious family background and outstanding grades, Wang Yue!