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Chapter 7: Killing Intent

Chapter 7: Killing Intent

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Within a rarely noticed corner of a certain neighbourhood, Wang Yue’s aura was surging, completely suppressing Chen Feng. Possessing a good family background, he'd had a certain level of shrewdness and grandiosity since he was young. A mere Chen Feng? Totally someone akin to an ant!

Since he could kill Chen Feng once, he could kill Chen Feng a second time!

However, he did not expect Chen Feng to open his mouth at this moment, "So, this is the excuse you use for your act of cheating in the examinations?"


Wang Yue was stunned.


Chen Feng smiled faintly. Initially, he thought that the reason Wang Yue killed the original owner was due to university-related benefits. However, looking at Wang Yue’s current expression, that high and mighty zeal, he suddenly found that all these years, the original owner might have inflicted quite a heavy trauma on Wang Yue after all.

He raised his head, looking at Wang Yue, who had arrived before him. Chen Feng suddenly patted Wang Yue’s face. It was a very light pat; however, crisp sounds still resounded from it. Wang Yue abruptly widened his eyes.

He couldn’t believe that Chen Feng actually dared to touch him!

"Child, no matter how outstanding you get in the future, you must remember one thing. When you were in high school, there was one person riding on your head for three whole years. Furthermore, even during the entrance examinations, you only dared to obtain victory through cheating. You need to remember. Your pride, your victory, will forever remain something obtained through cheating," Chen Feng said in a meaningful and heartfelt manner.

"Chen Feng!!"

Wang Yue slapped his hand away, trembling from anger.

Regardless of how reserved a temperament he had, he was, after all, still a student!

Those two pats by Chen Feng were simply an insult. That alone was not something he couldn’t bear with. What made him collapse emotionally were those words spoken by Chen Feng. They pierced directly into his heart, turning it into a pincushion, smashing his pride entirely.

What qualifications did Chen Feng have?

He was clearly here to let Chen Feng see the reality!

He was clearly here to declare his victory!

He should be the one laughing till the end!

Wang Yue was angry.

"Child, work hard."

Chen Feng patted his shoulder and encouraged him, "In the future, when you make a name for yourself, I can also bask in your glory. The man who rode on Wang Yue’s head. What do you think of this title? Isn’t it glorious?"

"Chen Feng!"

Wang Yue was seething with anger.


He couldn’t help himself and launched a punch toward Chen Feng. The fist that far exceeded a normal person’s strength was descending ferociously; however, when it reached in front of Chen Feng, it stopped.

That fist was firmly grasped in Chen Feng’s palm.

"Child, it seems like you have forgotten something."

Chen Feng smiled lightly. "You are the current examination’s top scorer. However, your foundations are not as solid as mine."


He punched, beating Wang Yue backward.

"Hmmph, brute."

Cold lights flashed through Wang Yue’s eyes.

Since he was here to kill Chen Feng, ample preparations had naturally been made.


He gulped down a small bottle of strength enhancement reagent, increasing his strength by 10 points!


He gulped down a bottle of physique enhancement reagent, increasing his physique by 10 points!

The bottles were only the size of a gelatin dessert. Wang Yue managed to instantly gulp down four to five bottles of reagent that Chen Feng had never seen before. Immediately, his temperament seemed to change.


Chen Feng’s fist landed on Wang Yue, yet he ended up withdrawing his fist in pain.

His right hand had swollen.

"You really thought I wasn’t prepared?" Wang Yue sneered. "Even if you were lucky enough to escape from the shark, you are still going to die today! Today, I shall educate you on the reality of things!"

"Someone poor without any background like you!"


"Remain our stepping stone!"


Wang Yue growled, and power seemed to be bubbling up from his whole body. He ferociously punched at Chen Feng. That dreadful momentum was not something Chen Feng could block!


Was there a need for him to block?

Chen Feng sighed and lightly raised his right hand.

"Wind blade!"


A flash of azure color.

"This trash ability again?" Wang Yue sneered.

Although Wind Blade was a spiritual-type genetic ability, its power was ordinary. It was sufficient to deal with a normal person; however, to deal with him? Even the amount of his spiritual energy was above Chen Feng's!


The Wind Blade landed on Wang Yue’s body, leaving behind a 1 cm deep wound.

"Only this much power?"

Wang Yue’s eyes were cold. "Then you can go and die!"

However, outside of his expectations, even before his punch landed, on top of the Wind Blade that was blossoming in the air, blue light flashed and another Wind Blade appeared! As Wang Yue was stunned, another Wind Blade appeared.

"F*ck, this is..."

Wang Yue opened his eyes wide.


The Wind Blades erupted.

Wang Yue was blasted away.

'He couldn’t take it after only three of them?'

Chen Feng sneered and directly dragged Wang Yue to the shadows under the corner. Screams started reverberating. One blue radiance after another could also be faintly seen flashing about.

'Very strong in later stages?'

‘I, your father, will torture you right now in your early stage!’

After a long time, Chen Feng walked out of the corner.

After tidying up his clothes, he walked back home feeling refreshed.

And after a longer period of time, Wang Yue slowly walked out of the shadows with trembling legs, a bloody nose, a swollen face, and the clothes on him reduced into strips. He appeared like someone that had been ravaged a countless number of times.

Supporting himself on the wall, Wang Yue’s hands were trembling.

He never expected someone to have the guts to treat him this way!

He was Wang Yue!

He was the proud son of the Wang family!

He had clearly estimated Chen Feng’s strength to absolutely not be his opponent. However, God knows why Chen Feng’s luck was so good for the Wind Blade to appear continuously around three or four times!

This kind of defeat was the most vexing.

"Chen Feng, there will be a day when I dismember your body into 10,000 pieces!"

Wang Yue gritted his teeth in anger.

"What’s up with this child..."

A few elder ladies of the neighborhood passed by, feeling curious.

"Who knows? Kids nowadays have peculiar tastes. I heard two days ago there was one who called on a young lady with the swamp-eel gene and end up having the summoned object stuck inside..."

Wang Yue clenched his fist and left with his head lowered.

At this moment, high up in the air at the height of a thousand km, a young girl was watching this scene in a relaxed manner.

She appeared to be 12 or 13 years old, wearing a spotless white colored dress. Her black shoulder length hair was gently dripping downward. She was sitting on a cloud with her foot hanging about.

"When old man Wang told me to protect this idiot, he mentioned clearly to let him temper himself more and to only intervene during moments of life and death. This matter today..."

"Mm, a small incident. There’s no need for me to act."

The young girl clapped her tiny hands and muttered to herself, "That fellow called Chen Feng is quite interesting. Too bad his first gene is this kind of trash gene. Not to mention its late stage, even during the early stage it doesn’t have much use."

Right at this moment, she suddenly paused and concentrated her vision downward. A dreadful power was unleashed instantly, causing the clouds around her to tremble without stop.

Shortly after, however, the young girl shook her head and things returned to normal.


"Why did I feel like I was discovered by that fellow?"


"That guy is merely a weakling with a spiritual energy of 30 points."



"It’s probably due to me not getting proper sleep recently. I should just return and take a rest."

The more she thought, the more the young girl got confused. Hence, she directly stopped thinking about it.

Next, she yawned and lay down on the cloud. The cloud slowly drifted and enveloped her. Shortly after, she could no longer be seen.

At the same time, Chen Feng reached home and the smile on his face gradually disappeared.

Chen Feng had not planned to deal with the matter regarding the original owner’s death for now. However, when Wang Yue came, Chen Feng knew that the conflict between the both of them couldn’t be resolved anymore.

Since things were that way, then there was no need to resolve it anymore!

Coming over to sneer?

Too naive.

Chen Feng was in fact planning to get rid of Wang Yue. However, that faint sense of crisis he felt in the skies caused him to be incomparably alert, ultimately deciding to not act on his plan.

Really worthy of his status as the son of an influential family.

High above in the skies of a thousand km in height, there were actually someone protecting Wang Yue! As for why was he able to sense it, the reason was simple—it was now the peak of summer!

The sun was enough to roast a person!

There were no clouds in the clear and boundless sky!

Yet, right above their neighborhood, there was a bundle of white clouds. How could he not see it? Together with the vigilance brought about by the faint sense of crisis he was feeling, if Chen Feng still couldn’t understand, then he would have had some serious problems.

Even though he did not understand why that person’s way of guarding was so simple and rough, ultimately, it was not something Chen Feng could contend against.

Hence, he decided to only give Wang Yue a good beating.

"I am still too weak."

Chen Feng pondered for a short while.

It seemed like he needed to take note of his conduct for a period of time. It would be better for him to only move about at crowded or monitored areas, to not give them any opportunity to act.

Without background, he could only depend on himself.

However, Chen Feng wasn’t too worried. During his previous life, he was so miserable, yet he was still able to stay alive until 20 years old. What was there to be afraid of in his current life?

Worried of assassination?

What did that matter?!

Did you know how it felt to be chased after by your own vacuum cleaner?

Did you know how it felt to almost drown in a bathtub?

Did you know how it felt to be hit by bird poop, leaving an injury that required seven stitches, when you left your house? A truck appearing anytime when you turned a corner? Or the feeling of the manhole cover under your legs disappearing suddenly?

Only he knew!

As far as Chen Feng was concerned, his previous life was a war in itself!


It was an inconvenience at most.

Furthermore, the Chen Feng of today was already a beginner gene producer. With the assistance of Luck Aura, as long as he worked hard, he wouldn't end up too badly.

After calming down, Chen Feng started reading up about the Gene Rookie Competition.

He was currently seriously lacking in money. Hence, it would be a good thing if he could earn some prizes from joining the competition. However, after researching the so-called Gene Rookie Competition, Chen Feng was shocked.

Rookie competition?

How was this considered a rookie competition!


Chen Feng looked at the competition’s introduction as he inhaled a mouthful of cold air.