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Chapter 18: Extremely Expensive Gene!

Chapter 18: Extremely Expensive Gene!

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Now that a death had happened in the neighborhood, there were matters that needed to be handled no matter what.

Chen Feng thought about it. He did not know many people here and most of them were only common citizens. The only one he could contact seemed to be Uncle Zhang.

"Uncle Zhang."

Chen Feng contacted Uncle Zhang and roughly told him what had happened. After hearing it, Uncle Zhang reacted quickly. As he saw the shadow lying on the ground, he was incomparably amazed. "You are the killer?"


Chen Feng scratched his head. "Just as I returned, I noticed this person assassinating me."

"Good fellow."

Uncle Zhang exclaimed in admiration, "So you were actually doing well enough to qualify for getting assassinated? Normal citizens like us would not receive this kind of treatment our whole life."


This point that he concentrated on seemed a bit off, right?

"Haha. Just trying to lighten up the mood here."

Uncle Zhang was also a carefree person. He smiled and flipped the corpse around. "Shadow gene, able to conceal within the shadows. A standard F-class assassin. No worries of getting dragged into a court case. The police will handle this. The most important problem now is when have you, kid, provoked these people?"

"I’m not too clear as well."

Chen Feng was feeling doubtful.

"I’ll search a bit."

Uncle Zhang opened the shadow’s wristband. "Although this thing looks unreliable, it still couldn’t escape from having a normal computer’s operational method. For example, this custom-made data saving chip."

Uncle Zhang carefully nipped out a data saving chip and entered it into his own gene detector. A huge amount of garbled characters flickered. Only a few words could be distinguished.



Apart from this, the others were all garbled characters.

"Seems like no useful information can be found."

Uncle Zhang shook his head as he sighed.

"No, I already know who it is."

Cold light flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes. Although he had guessed it, now that he received confirmation, he still couldn’t suppress the rage in his heart. "This should be a person that I had provoked in the virtual community. I originally thought that it could be handled with regular methods. I did not expect him to be so vicious."

This was the same as playing a game. Everyone was PK-ing and fighting in the game and trolling in the world chat. Surprisingly, since the opponent couldn’t defeat you, they found your home address based on your IP address and planned to stab you at your home.

Now, Chen Feng was very angry.

He was angry at himself!

In the end, he had still underestimated the ruthlessness of this world.

His requirements were really low. Since he lacked money now, as long as the opponent bought the reagents at a high price, this matter would be settled. Who cared about the title of third mutation’s researcher?

Apart from Professor Tao, who else would consider this as the accomplishment of a lifetime?

He was even prepared to make a deal.


"I have been neglectful."

Chen Feng rubbed his head. "However, what I’m more curious about is how they found me?"

He did not remember the virtual community having something like an IP address.

"It’s some mysterious-type genetic ability."

At this time, Uncle Zhang stated, "There are a myriad of gene mutations in this world. There are some abilities that have some peculiar uses due to the ability being somewhat unusual."

"For example—the black demonic eye gene."

"That’s a peculiar gene originating from the black demonic beast. After gene fusion, one would be able to obtain its ability. Within 500 kilometers, nothing can be hidden. However, this kind of thing is usually used when searching for a criminal. Surprisingly, the opponent actually used it on you."

After Uncle Zhang finished, Chen Feng could only smile forcefully.

"Don’t worry. Although this ability is difficult to deal with, it has a lot of limitations as well. It’s not something easily utilized. One needs to be at least D-class or above to use it, and the usage conditions are also quite harsh. Furthermore, it’s not something unstoppable. There’s a particular alloy that is able to easily block it off."

Uncle Zhang smiled as he stated.

"Oh? Where can I buy that alloy?"

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. He did not want to be watched wherever he went.

"Wait a bit."

Uncle Zhang searched himself for a short while and fished out a small tablet that looked like a coin. "Here, this thing here. When you go back, just put a rope through it and wear it."

"Many thanks."

Chen Feng took it. "But then, Uncle Zhang, this thing must be very valuable. I..."

"Hua la."

Uncle Zhang fished out a huge pile from his pockets, "If it’s not enough, I can still give you a few more?"


Just pretend he hadn’t said those earlier words.

"Uncle Zhang, what did you do in the past?"

Chen Feng said curiously. In the original owner’s memories, Uncle Zhang was a normal middle-aged uncle. Only after his transmigration had he noticed some details.

To hell with middle-aged uncle!

Your family’s middle-aged uncle could take a wristband apart?

Your family’s middle-aged uncle knew how to perform anti-reconnaissance?

Your family’s middle-aged uncle could still joke around to lighten up the mood when facing a corpse?

"Nothing much. I was a soldier for two years and was expelled afterward."

Uncle Zhang sighed endlessly.

Chen Feng was immediately awed.


In this age, those able to become a soldier were definitely not weak! It seemed like Uncle Zhang was also a person with a story when young. However, since Uncle Zhang did not want to talk about it, Chen Feng did not ask too much.

"Kid, you go back first. Leave here to me."

"When the police arrive, I will settle it. It is still not suitable for you to show your face," Uncle Zhang said.

"Many thanks."

Chen Feng was endlessly thankful.

Since he knew that Uncle Zhang was a soldier, this kind of small matter shouldn’t be an issue. He did not refuse and instead went home carrying the lumberbear gene.

"This kid really accepted the favor without a second thought."

Uncle Zhang shook his head as he smiled.

He felt somewhat gratified as he looked at the wounds on the corpse in detail.

"This kid."

"Seems to have many methods, eh."


Returning to his room, the smile on Chen Feng’s face vanished.

No matter what, he did not expect the person that sent the assassin to be Professor Tao! Something that could be originally settled with money would actually develop to such an extent!

Was he brainless?

Did he overestimate these people’s IQ? Or had he underestimated their methods?

Chen Feng inhaled and calmed himself down.

Since the opponent had declared war, he would not hold back anymore!

As for assassination?


He couldn’t be bothered at all. Wang Yue did it once. The shadow did it once. They really thought it was so easy to assassinate him? With his high level of alertness combined with luck value, Chen Feng was sure that even if he couldn’t win the fight, it still wouldn’t be a problem for him to escape. This was, after all, still the urban district. They wouldn’t dare to take any huge actions.

"You all wanted to play, right?"

"Then let me have a nice game with you all."

Chen Feng sneered.

As Chen Feng looked at the draft of the thread in his mail that he had previously prepared, he paused and abruptly deleted the title. Since he wanted to sway the public opinion, a more sensational title was required.

And this kind of title...

Chen Feng smiled abruptly. He knew way too many of these.


Late night on the same day, a lumberbear gene reagent was assigned for sale at 1,000,000 at the virtual community’s business district. It caused a sensation in the virtual community. Even the learning forum was affected.

Countless people were awakened in the middle of the night.

"It appeared!"

"The lumberbear gene’s third mutation really appeared."

"Shit, it really exists?"

At this moment, a lot of people started to truly notice the existence of this thing. After all, it was bought straight away the previous few times before anyone had managed to see it.

And now...


"This is a madman!"

Professor Tao started scolding.

To be awakened by his assistant at midnight, it was surprisingly due to this damnable mutated gene again! That fellow actually increased the price by tenfold! Did he really treat him as a rich guy waiting for slaughter? Even he did not have so much money! The only thing that caused him to be gratified was the fact that even in such circumstances; he still had a lot of supporters at the learning forum.

"Professor Tao’s prediction was actually correct."

"He’s really great."

"Yeah, nobody dared to think in this direction at all."

Everyone was sighing in contemplation.

However, a lot of people remained doubtful as well.

And it was at this extremely sensitive moment that a single thread caused the whole learning forum to immediately explode. It stunned everyone. It was not only due to the content within. There was also the atrocious title—Shocking! After reading, a man would turn taciturn while a woman would shed tears! The truth of the lumberbear gene’s third mutation was actually...