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Chapter 24: Thundersnake Gene

Chapter 24: Thundersnake Gene

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At this moment, Chen Feng returned from the digitized mode.

‘So that was a restriction.’

That drop of blood essence contained several tens of thousands of genes, or even more, while some sort of power was contained within the patterns around it. After sealing the blood essence within and having some of the genes within set as the activation switch, you only needed to find the corresponding genes to lift the restriction.

To be clearer, this was an upgraded version of the gene search process!

Naturally, despite it being only an upgraded version of gene search, it was still something Chen Feng couldn't complete.

The required quantity of 300 genes was several tens of times higher than the lumberbear gene. For the current Chen Feng, it was somewhat beyond his level. Hence, he did not get started even after a long time.

However, a 5-star formula was something that was extremely hard to obtain, so Chen Feng had to be successful!

Therefore, he ultimately chose to activate the Luck Aura.

These fellows wished to scorn him?

Chen Feng smiled silently as he looked at the luck value that had only decreased by one point.

At the same time, he also vaguely understood the greatness of fame. Without his 'lumberbear gene – battle’ accomplishment, it was very probable that Xu Fei would not have given him this chance!

Regardless of how powerful you are, so what?

You can’t even get past this door called 'interview'!

"Worthy of Mr. Chen indeed."

Xu Fei gasped in admiration and subsequently invited all the other stupefied producers over.

Those people would probably remain in shock even after leaving. The rookies nowadays were already so impressive? 1 star! Only mastered a rubbish formula! Yet still capable of lifting this kind of restriction? They felt like they had wasted their whole lives.

Huo Shi, on the other hand, was bewildered. The mission that was originally supposed to be his was lost just like that?



Huo Shi wanted to return and challenge that Chen Feng, yet he found that he couldn’t even enter the room anymore!

"Sorry. The interview is over."

The security of the lounge stopped him.

What joke was this!


Even laymen like them were able to see the gap between Chen Feng and Huo Shi!

"Very good."

Huo Shi clenched his teeth. "Chen Feng, right? I will find out who you are! The day will come where I challenge you and take back the honor belonging to me!"

Huo Shi turned around and left.

At the same time, in the lounge.

"Mr. Chen."

Xu Fei smiled. "Now we can talk properly."


Chen Feng nodded.

He knew that a mission with a 5-star formula as the reward would not be an easy one.

"The place that we are going to explore this time is the Dragon’s Passing Mountain."

Xu Fei stated in a low voice.

After finishing, he even took a glimpse at Chen Feng as Chen Feng nodded his head calmly.

"I am now a peak E-class warrior. I am preparing the D-class gene fusion reagent. However, some of the materials can’t be bought even with money. Hence, I can only gather them myself. Some of the materials I require can be found at Dragon’s Passing Mountain. We only need to go there, get the blood essence, and return."

Xu Fei glimpsed at Chen Feng once again after he finished talking.

Chen Feng nodded his head calmly.

"This is the rough course of action."

After finishing, Xu Fei started to feel deep veneration for Chen Feng.

Worthy of being a genius youngster that was capable of producing the lumberbear gene’s third mutation! Even after hearing the name Dragon’s Passing Mountain, there was no change in his expression. This courage was something a normal person did not possess.

Chen Feng opened his mouth. "Then, I only have one question."

"Please say it." Xu Fei nodded.

Chen Feng asked, "What is Dragon’s Passing Mountain?"

Xu Fei: "..."

Everyone else: "..."

So this fellow actually did not know what Dragon’s Passing Mountain was?

Xu Fei smiled forcefully before he explained in detail about the location of this mission to Chen Feng.

Dragon’s Passing Mountain. The name might sound mysterious; however, it was, in fact, a ruin near Gold City. The reason for it being called Dragon’s Passing Mountain was due to the legends saying that a mutated sea dragon beast had died there. Hence, this painted the place in a few more layers of mysteriousness.

Due to its particular geographic location, some valuable materials would occasionally grow there. Coupled with the high amount of mutated beasts existing there, it became a paradise for explorers.

"There’s really a dragon there?"

Chen Feng was amazed.

"Cough cough."

Xu Fei stated in a low voice, "It was actually all mutated large lizards. After mutation, they possessed powerful strength, so they become legends. However, presently, any mutated beasts that could be called a dragon would be extremely dreadful, even if they were not real dragons."

Chen Feng contemplated.

"Actually, you don’t have to be too worried."

Xu Fei was confident. "We are all E-class genetic warriors. As long as we do not challenge the D-class mutated beasts at the fifth layer, there’s no danger at all."

Chen Feng thought about it and asked. "When are we going?"

"In 3 days," Xu Fei stated.

"All right." Chen Feng agreed. "However, the request needs to go through Gene Production Association."


Xu Fei nodded.

Shortly after, a request went through the Gene Production Association and was released on Chen Feng’s screen. Chen Feng accepted the request and this mission was officially established.


Time of mission: Three days later

Site of mission: Dragon’s Passing Mountain

Mission introduction: Removing all restrictions met during the course of the mission, etc

Mission reward: 5-star formula


After the mission was successfully established, everyone left to make their preparations. After all, they were going to a place with a certain degree of danger. Hence, they needed to prepare some methods to defend themselves.

Chen Feng needed to do this as well.

As a producer, he was, theoretically, the safest person. However, what if a conflict arose in the team? Although the probability of this happening was low, Chen Feng would still take it into consideration.

Placing his own safety in the hands of others?

He couldn’t do it.

In normal circumstances, those that wanted to become a gene producer would have all their genetic abilities be things that could assist them during gene production. For example, Wang Yue’s ability!

For example—

All sorts of abilities that could increase spiritual energy, increase production success rate, etc.

Hence, normal gene producers would have extremely weak fighting strength. Their strength could be totally ignored by a genetic warrior of the same rank. This was precisely Chen Feng’s superiority.

"In their eyes, my fighting strength can almost be neglected."

"However, my genetic ability is actually Wind Blade. It possesses a certain level of fighting strength, and coupled with Luck Aura, it can crush all F-class warriors. However, this is still not enough!"

"Wanting to defend myself, I need something stronger!"

Chen Feng analyzed.

Of course, the most important thing for him to do these three days was to save up his luck value!

Returning home, the first thing Chen Feng did was to learn the thundersnake gene formula!

There were a lot of ways to increase one’s strength. The thundersnake gene reagent was undoubtedly one way to increase one’s strength. The consumable item produced by this kind of high-difficulty formula definitely had a strong power.


Chen Feng turned his screen on.

Countless amounts of information appeared, and Chen Feng started his studies seriously. Only after spending one-and-a-half days did he digest this huge volume of information.

4-star formula, the difficulty was indeed high.

At the first step during gene search, one needed to find 200 genes. This was already near the level of the restriction in that ancient disk earlier. As for the second step...

Mhm, fusing all 200 genes with each other.

Chen Feng was sure that if he were to produce it himself, it would definitely fail.

Half a day spent!

Only at night did Chen Feng manage to collect all the materials required for the thundersnake gene. 100,000 yuan per set of materials, he spent a total 300,000 of his funds on this.

"Let’s start."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

This time, he did not dare to act recklessly. He had his Luck Aura activated all the way.

First step.

Gene search, one point of luck value used.

Although the steps were somewhat complicated and the spiritual energy spent was somewhat high, compared to the restriction removal earlier, it was somewhat easier. Hence, Chen Feng was able to easily complete it.

Second step.

Gene reaction, one point of luck value used.

To let all 200 genes react, the highest difficulty was that a lot of those genes needed to react successfully once before reacting once again. In this process, the earlier reacted genes needed to be controlled properly before letting other genes react and, finally, reacting all the genes.

In this step, the exhaustion rate for spiritual energy was extremely high. It far exceeded Chen Feng’s imagination, causing him to almost fail and have his earlier efforts wasted.

Third step.

Gene fusion, one point of luck value used.

This step was instead the easiest among all three steps. Producing the thundersnake gene’s incubator liquid using all the valuable materials he had collected, before placing the completed gene into the liquid for it to start growing and duplicating. At this point, everything was a foregone conclusion.


A light-green radiance flashed, production success!

In accordance to the instructions in the formula, Chen Feng carefully moved the gene into the reagent before sealing it up. At this, the thundersnake gene reagent was completed.

Chen Feng activated the scanner.


Gene name: Thundersnake Gene reagent

Gene type: Special

Function: Using spiritual energy to cause it to explode and bring about a huge amount of destruction

Spiritual energy usage: 10 points

Gene introduction: Produced from thundersnake’s blood essence, requires a lot of different materials to bring out the mysterious power within the thundersnake gene, turning it into a type of special gene reagent.


No mutation?

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. Seemed like not all genes could be mutated.

He checked online. At least, among the all the discussions on thundersnake gene reagents, mutated thundersnake gene reagents were never mentioned. The reason three points of luck value were used was not due to mutation or high attributes. Instead, it was purely due to the high production difficulty.

As for its power...

Chen Feng did not dare to try it out.

What joke was this!

The materials alone were worth 100,000. If he were to explode himself to death, it would be a joke.

After watching the demonstration of a thundersnake gene reagent's usage online, he kept his thundersnake gene reagent carefully. According to the Gene Production Association’s assessment, a thundersnake gene reagent possessed at least the power of one full strength attack from an E-class warrior. It was extremely powerful and dangerous!

This... was his first layer of preparations.