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Chapter 27: Graduation Cultivation Trip

Chapter 27: Graduation Cultivation Trip

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Blue. An endless expanse of blue.

As they walked out of the forest and stood on the cliff, facing them was a vast ocean! This place they were at was actually a coast?

How was that possible?

Chen Feng was stupefied.

Back then, the Shark Gulf that he had met the mutated shark at was at the coastal direction of Gold City. Yet Dragon’s Passing Mountain was at a completely opposite direction!

Was it an inland ocean?

However, they had traveled for over 100 km, yet they had not even seen a drop of water!

There was not even a lake!

How was it possible for a sea to exist?

Chen Feng thought he was seeing things incorrectly, so he opened his screen to search the map. Indeed, no water sources existed.

Here... was a desolate piece of land!

Even on the satellite map, nothing could be seen!

"You can stop searching."

Xu Fei shook his head. "This was once a wasteland. One day, it suddenly turned into a sea. As for the reason, nobody knows. This sea is not connected to any water source, yet it flows continuously without stop! If one insists on looking for the source..."

"It’s there!"

Chen Feng followed Xu Fei’s gaze and looked at the only island in the sea. On the island was a mountain, which was also their current destination, Dragon’s Passing Mountain.

The origin of this nameless sea might be there.

"Dragon’s Passing Mountain..."

Chen Feng memorized this name.

Zhou Ling opened her mouth. "Let’s go."

As Chen Feng was curious as to how were they going to cross over, Zhou Ling smiled faintly as she took a step forward and ice started extending under her foot, instantly freezing the rough seawater!

On the sea surface, a layer of ice was formed!

They stepped on the ice surface and walked toward the island. After walking a certain distance, the ice behind them would automatically melt while, in front of them, new ice would constantly form!

An extremely powerful genetic ability.

Chen Feng was inwardly alarmed. None of these four genetic warriors were weak.

They were not the only explorers here, however. As the others saw Zhou Ling’s ability, they started avoiding them, moving far away. This was the deterring power of an E-class warrior.

Soon, Chen Feng and the group reached the island.

On the island, there was only a Dragon’s Passing Mountain and nothing else. From the exterior, all sorts of huge weeds could be seen growing on the mountain, as if there was nothing special about this place. However, the moment Chen Feng entered the mountain range with Xu Fei and the group, a piece of icy blue emerged before him, glittering dazzlingly.

"This is..."

Chen Feng was inwardly shaken.

Within Dragon’s Passing Mountain was actually a cave formed from ice!

"This mountain is inwardly hollow."

At this time, Xu Fei opened his mouth. "The seawater floated and condensed into this ice cave here. It is not known what power is affecting this place; however, we can be sure that this is not man-made. It is extremely bizarre. After getting what we need, we must leave immediately. We must not attract the attention of that existence in the fifth layer."

Within the fifth layer was a D-class mutated beast.

"You came before?" Chen Feng asked in a low voice.

This place gave him an extremely bad feeling.


Crisis everywhere!

At this moment, he felt like he had returned to the same situation as his previous life, where accidents could happen at any time. Luckily, as Chen Feng looked at the remaining luck value noted on his status window, he was somewhat reassured.

"We came here before, but we were stopped at the restriction before the third layer."

Xu Fei nodded.

"Can’t break through by force?" Chen Feng asked suddenly. Restrictions were also formed by energy. As long as one used energy far surpassing what it could resist, one could still directly break through the restriction!

"We tried."

Xu Fei was expressionless. "We end up attracting 30 mutated beasts and almost got killed here."

Chen Feng: "..."

"Let’s get started, then."

Xu Fei inhaled deeply. "I must obtain that material!"


Everyone nodded quietly as the group slowly entered.

Being protected in the middle of the group, Chen Feng was very safe. Besides that, they were only going to the fourth layer to get a material. With four E-class warriors, as long as they were somewhat cautious, there wouldn’t be any problems.


Faint blue light blossomed from Monkey’s eyes.

At times like this, he did not dare to relax either.

At this moment, Gold City, high school.

The students that had graduated had once again assembled at the school.

"Is everyone ready?"

The teacher in charge, Xie Kangzhong looked at the 30 students in front of him. "This is our last graduation cultivation trip. As per how it was done in the past, we will select a ruin for everyone to explore. This is also the last time I will lead everyone. Our destination this time is—"

"Dragon’s Passing Mountain!"

The students cheered.

Dragon’s Passing Mountain!

A place they had heard about a lot of times.

It was said that this was a paradise for adventurers. Especially in recent times where, due to unknown reasons, countless valuable materials started growing at that place, attracting countless explorers to explore there! There were also a lot of mutated beasts there. After killing them, one could obtain a huge amount of mutated blood essence.

"Teacher, which layer are we going to this time?"

The students were excited.

"Which layer?"

Xie Kangzhong said indifferently, "All layers!"


The students widened their eyes.

"Dragon’s Passing Mountain was merely something those off-campus rubbish cultivators claimed to be an explorer’s paradise. However for us, it is something not worth our time at all. Hence, this time, we are going to sweep through the whole Dragon’s Passing Mountain, including the fifth layer!"

Xie Kangzhong said loftily, "And this... is teacher’s graduation gift to you all!"


Countless people cheered.

Xie Kangzhong smiled without speaking.

Able to become a teacher in charge in a seeded high school, how could Xie Kangzhong be a normal person?

He was a D-class genetic warrior himself!

A mere Dragon’s Passing Mountain?

He did not put it in his eyes at all!

He had already investigated it. The strongest in the Dragon’s Passing Mountain was only that single D-class mutated beast at the fifth layer. For those countryside warriors, it might be very strong. For him, however, it was nothing. He was confident that his ability was far above those common warriors that had not received a regular education.

The reason he decided to bring this group of students on this exploration was also as an investment!

All 30 of these students had basically passed the examinations into seeded universities with bright prospects. As long as there were a few among them who stood out among their peers, his status would also rise, akin to the boat floating higher as the tide rises. Even those who did not have good results in the universities would at the least still reach D-class, a level not weaker than him.

One exploration?

In exchange for the 30 favors?

This kind of investment, regardless of how one look at it, was extremely profitable.

"However, teacher."

A student suddenly opened his mouth. "Since the Dragon’s Passing Mountain was the place frequented by the genetic warriors outside, for us to sweep through it like this, will it bring about any trouble?"


Xie Kangzhong smiled. "Children, what kind of trouble do you think those trash that can’t even enter a university could bring us?"


"You are the strongest among the younger generation!"

"You all are the students with the greatest talents that have been picked after going through countless selections by the school."

"You all are entitled to being arrogant."

"In the future, this world will belong to all of you."

Xie Kangzhong said loftily, "Those unqualified trashes are not qualified to cause you any concerns at all."


All the students had their blood ignited. So they were actually so impressive? True, in this age, having an educational background signified absolute combat power! What should they be afraid of? The ones that should be scared were those common warriors instead!

And in the midst of the cheering crowd, a female student was looking around her grudgingly.

'Chen Feng, you still choose not to come?'

"Let’s go!"

At Xie Kangzhong’s order, everyone moved.

The target—

Dragon’s Passing Mountain!

At that moment.

On a normal-looking hill near Gold City, two silhouettes in black clothes were looking at the direction of Dragon’s Passing Mountain. Before their eyes, a huge screen appeared. On the screen was surprisingly the image of the whole Dragon’s Passing Mountain!

"Is everything ready?"

"Mhm, as per our plan, countless valuable materials have been grown at Dragon’s Passing Mountain. Now, the whole Gold City knows that this is the most valuable exploration site. The numbers of people exploring Dragon’s Passing Mountain have increased by three times compared to the past."

"That’s good."

"Should we continue the investment?"

"No. It’s time to wind things up."

That voice coldly stated, "How can the money we invested be something so easy to get? Hehe, soon, they will all know..."