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Chapter 28: Rampage

Chapter 28: Rampage

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Currently, at the second layer of Dragon’s Passing Mountain, Chen Feng and the group were carefully moving forward. Everywhere around them were blue-colored ice walls. This place was like a maze with countless routes within.


Light swirled before Chen Feng’s eyes as his consciousness returned to reality. On the ice wall in front of him, a drop of blood essence that radiated extraordinary patterns was flickering incessantly. A different glow was also appearing constantly on the ice wall before it ultimately shattered.

45 seconds!

Restriction lifted.

Chen Feng slightly relaxed his breath.

The restrictions here were much simpler than the one Xu Fei had taken out previously. Chen Feng directly worked on it himself without relying on his luck values. Although it was slower, it was not slow enough to drag everyone down.


Xu Fei passed over a bottle of spirit regeneration reagent. "I have a lot of these items. Use it as you wish."


Chen Feng nodded slightly.

Under the extensive operation of spiritual energy, the speed in which the digitized mode ran could be accelerated. Hence, Chen Feng’s spiritual energy exhaustion rate was extremely high. Luckily, there was Xu Fei, the rich guy, around. Hence, Chen Feng was able to improve his skills with the unending cycle of constant consumption and recovery of his spiritual energy. His skills in gene search under digitized mode were also improving greatly.

"There’s no problem, right?"

Xu Fei was somewhat worried about the restrictions on the final two layers.

"No worries."

Chen Feng smiled. "During crucial times, I won’t hold things up."

"Then it’s good."

Xu Fei understood.

After dealing with the restriction and destroying a few mutated beasts, they continued moving forward. However, right at that moment, a burst of disorderly sound resounded from far away. Even the whole ice cave trembled slightly.

"What’s the matter?"

The group was immediately alerted.


Xu Fei’s expression was serious.


Faint energy flickered in Monkey’s eyes as he suddenly displayed an astonished expression, as if he had seen something inconceivable.

"Something happened."

In a low voice, Monkey stated, "A lot of people arrived at the first layer. They appear to be very young, seeming to be students of Gold City. The one leading seems to be a teacher. All the restrictions and mutated beasts have been gotten rid of. Even some materials that were still young sprouts have been picked. These people are not here to explore. They are simply here to clean this place up."

Students? Teacher?

Everyone had a somewhat bad feeling. "How many of them?"

"30 students and one teacher."

Monkey paused. "That teacher seems to be quite strong."

"How about the other explorers in the first layer?"

Cold glint flashed in Xu Fei’s eyes.

"All kicked out."

Monkey sneered. "Some of the groups wanted to resist, but were directly crippled by that teacher. If not due to there being students around, he would probably have killed them directly."

Students, teacher...

Chen Feng suddenly recalled the graduation affairs mentioned by Uncle Zhang.

Chen Feng suddenly opened his mouth. "Can I have a look at their images?"


Radiance flickered in Monkey’s eyes before condensing into an image in front of him. This was a small skill he had developed using his genetic ability. It was extremely useful.

Chen Feng frowned. "It really is them."

"You know them?" Xu Fei asked.


Chen Feng nodded. "They are students from 3rd year 2nd class of Gold City, my ex classmates. That man was the teacher of my class, Xie Kangzhong. I remember him being a D-class genetic warrior. The other students were around F-class. After failing my examinations, I haven’t been in touch with them."

"D-class genetic warrior?"

Monkey frowned. This teacher’s strength was not weak indeed.

"You are actually a high school student?"

Zhou Ling was astonished.

"You actually failed your examinations?"

What shocked Xu Fei more was this fact. Based on Chen Feng’s ability, how would he fail the examination? The knowledge demonstrated by Chen Feng along the trip alone was enough to easily surpass the level of the examinations.

Chen Feng: "..."

‘Is there a need to have such a big reaction?’

Chen Feng shook his head. "I got plotted against. Nothing to say about it."


Xu Fei did not insist on sticking to this point. "How’s your relationship with them?"

Chen Feng summarized it in one word. "Bad."

"Let’s continue, then. Get the item we need before them."

Xu Fei did not hesitate at all. "We must absolutely avoid encountering them."

"Only a few kids that were students. What do we need to be afraid of?"

Zhou Ling sneered. "Even if that Xie Kangzhong is D-class, we are not afraid either. Unless he wants all his students to die here, he would not dare to start a war with us."

"Their teacher in charge is not the problem. The school behind them is the problem!"

Xu Fei shook his head. "After beating up the students, teachers will come out. After beating up the teachers, directors will come out. After beating up the directors, next it might be the vice-principal..."

"How are you so clear about this?"

Zhou Ling blinked her eyes.

"Because I have accidentally killed a university student once," Xu Fei said indifferently.

Everyone: "..."

This guy was indeed fierce!

"This is not our territory. It’s better to cause less trouble," Xu Fei said.


Zhou Ling shrugged.

The few of them left quickly as they increased the speed of their exploration.

They went straight the whole way without stopping. As soon as they met a restriction, they would let Tie Shi protect Chen Feng while the others handled the mutated beasts as Chen Feng used several minutes to deal with the restriction.

In a very short time, they passed the third layer and reached the fourth layer.

At the same time, the students had already reached the third layer. In the scene shown by Monkey, Chen Feng had seen the devastation laid upon the first two layers.

A total mess!

These students were akin to locusts!

Anywhere they passed, not even a blade of grass grew!

"There’s not much time left for us."

Xu Fei gazed ahead before looking at the coordinates on his wristband. "The item I need is roughly there. As long as we remove that restriction, we can get it."

The group carefully headed over.

This was already the fourth layer. Different than the previous layers, the mutated beasts here already reached E-class. Even they might suffer losses here!


A mutated spider beast dropped from the sky.

"Settle it."

Xu Fei did not even blink.

Cold ice aura blossomed from Zhou Ling’s hands as she froze the spider. Wanting to deal with a mutated beast without leaving any signs behind, they could only rely on Zhou Ling.

One beast...

Two beasts...

Monkey’s eyes were clear like lightning.

Under Xu Fei’s assistance, Zhou Ling easily froze all the mutated beasts.

"These fellows won’t be frozen to death. We need to move fast."

Zhou Ling was also somewhat anxious.

The roaring sounds from the layer below were getting louder. Everyone else was very careful when they came exploring. Those students, on the other hand, were totally acting as if they were out on an outing together with their teacher! Evidently, from the loud noise, rampaging all the way without any restraint had also brought some troubles upon them.

"I know," Xu Fei answered.

Chen Feng and Tie Shi had managed to find an opportunity to rush toward the restriction.

"Protect me."

Chen Feng stated calmly as he immediately entered the digitized mode.


Tie Shi groaned.

"How long does it need?"

Xu Fei asked.

This restriction’s difficulty level was much higher than the restrictions on the previous three layers. Based on Chen Feng’s speed of roughly one minute per restriction, the time required this time might be much higher.

However, unexpectedly, Chen Feng did not answer him.

"Chen Feng?"

Xu Fei asked again.


Chen Feng suddenly opened his eyes.


The restriction before them melted quietly.


Xu Fei and the group were stupefied.

Only now did they understand Chen Feng’s meaning earlier when he said that he wouldn't drag everyone down during a crucial time. This speed—it was even much faster than his speed during the interview.

"I’m convinced!"

Xu Fei gave him a thumbs-up.

The group entered the secret room. There, a stalk of grass that flickered with purple color was swaying gently among the ice crystals. This... was also their target for this trip—iceblue silk!