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Chapter 29: The Tyrannical School!

Chapter 29: The Tyrannical School!

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"Iceblue silk."

Xu Fei was excited. "I finally found it."

He carefully grabbed toward that stalk of grass.

However, at that exact moment, the whole room trembled slightly while the walls in the icy secret room turned into the skin of a huge ugly beast. The walls at all sides was actually the torso of this beast!

"Not good."

Everyone’s expression changed.


This was the ability of an ice chameleon. This ugly ice monster actually possessed the bloodline gene of the ice chameleon!


A punch from the beast.

"Be careful."

Zhou Ling cried out in alarm.


A floating ice mirror appeared in midair.


The huge ice beast punched downward, smashing the ice mirror immediately. The mirror was only able to delay the punch for an instant. However, this one instant was enough for Xu Fei to react and escape by rolling his body.


The ground was ruptured.

A crater was actually formed from the smash on the ground.


Xu Fei was alarmed to the point where his whole body was sweating. Previously, if it wasn’t for Zhou Ling’s fast reaction, he most probably would have died here. This damnable thing.

"A mere E-class mutated beast..."

Xu Fei was enraged.


Xu Fei was on rampage.

Countless punch accompanied by bright, dense flames smashed downward, creating one crater after another on the huge ice beast’s body. Finally, the beast was beaten to death like that! An E-class mutated beast that was not even of the pure combat-type actually dared to ambush him? And he actually almost fell to the ambush.


Xu Fei ruthlessly stomped his feet as the huge ice beast turned into a puddle of liquid and disappeared.

Xu Fei looked at his surroundings, alert, before he carefully put that stalk of grass into his previously prepared case. At this, the group relaxed. This mission has been completed.

"Let’s go."

Xu Fei nodded.

The group left quickly, yet when they reached the entrance—"Bang!"

The wall at the entrance of the fourth layer was smashed apart.

A group of youngsters walked out of it. The students and teacher of 3rd year, 2nd class had arrived! Chen Feng frowned as he subconsciously hid behind Tie Shi, only showing half his silhouette.

"There’s actually someone at the fourth layer?"

Xie Kangzhong did not expect this. As he glanced at them, he noticed that it was a group of E-class genetic warriors and he understood immediately. He indifferently said, "We want to train here. You all can yield this place to us."

"All right."

Xu Fei nodded.

They did not have any plans to fight this group anyway.

However, at this moment, Xie Kangzhong suddenly opened his mouth. "The case you are holding, what’s inside?"

Xu Fei frowned. "The spare reagents I prepared."

"I’m buying them," Xie Kangzhong said indifferently. "State your price."

"Not selling," Xu Fei stated, undisturbed.

"Not selling or not daring to sell?" Xie Kangzhong sneered. "This thing is probably something you got here, right? Let me think, needing to be preserved using this case, there’s only one thing—iceblue silk."

Xu Fei slightly paused his movement.

"Iceblue silk."

The group of students immediately cried out in alarm.

"I heard that thing is very valuable."

"Yeah, being valuable is not the main point. The main point is that thing being hard to preserve, so there’s plenty of demand but no supply for it."

"Oh, yeah, the genetic materials required by Su Jin’s breakthrough seemed to include iceblue silk, right?"

"I think so."

Everyone was discussing spiritedly.

"You all can leave after handing it over."

Xie Kangzhong coldly looked at Xu Fei and his group. A faint gust of power shimmered in his hands, "Some things that do not belong to you, once taking them, will only cause you to lose your life."

The group of students was excited as they watched on. This was how tyrannical a D-class genetic warrior could be!

A few mere E-class warriors?

What were they?

And with their identity as soon-to-be university students, these countryside rogue cultivators would not dare to make their move at all. Otherwise, even if they won the fight, they would not be able to bear the consequences!

"Live or die?"

"Choose for yourself," Xie Kangzhong said tyrannically.

The cold glint in Xu Fei’s eyes had already condensed. He did not want to provoke these people. However, this did not mean that he was willing to be bullied by others. He did not expect that, despite avoiding them, he was still found by them.

It seemed like…

Xu Fei’s expression became cold.

Xie Kangzhong also looked at them while smiling faintly, preparing to make his move anytime.

The battle could happen at any moment.

However, at this moment, a soft voice resounded, "Chen Feng?"

Everyone followed her gaze and saw that behind that tall and sturdy warrior, there was a silhouette. As they paid more attention to it, wasn’t that Chen Feng?!

"It’s actually him?"

"Dang! He started mingling with these rogue cultivators already?"

"Probably because this is where a certain someone belongs at? Haha."

"Now things become fun."

Some students took joy in calamity of others. "Previously, Teacher Xie gave Chen Feng the best treatment. Unexpectedly, he had actually failed his examinations. Furthermore, he even refused to join the graduation cultivation trip. He actually came himself instead."

"Yeah. Who knew that the magnificent top student would actually fail his examinations."

Everyone started sneering.

At this moment, Xu Fei and the group was flabbergasted as they looked at Chen Feng. Top student? Amazing indeed! No wonder Chen Feng had previously said that he was plotted against. If he wasn’t plotted against, based on Chen Feng’s grades, was there a university that he couldn’t enter? And his talent in gene producing...

This was a true genius, ah.

Plotting against?

This group of idiots evidently did not realize what had they done.

Xu Fei shook his head. Students nowadays were really getting worse with each batch.

Oh, there was also the teacher.

It seemed like his father’s decision to not let him attend school—instead training him personally—was the correct choice. With these idiotic teachers, how many good students could result from their teachings?

"Chen Feng."

Xie Kangzhong looked at Chen Feng with a somewhat complicated expression on his face. "You..."

"Sigh. How did you get reduced to such a condition?"

Xie Kangzhong shook his head. "I know you have a strong ego, so you were not willing to join our trip. But... sigh, fine. I won’t say anymore."

Chen Feng: "..."

He remembered that this fellow did not invite him at all, right?

"I will give you face and let them live."

Xie Kangzhong indifferently said, "Let your friends hand over the thing and this matter can be settled like this."

"Is there a problem with your brain?"

Chen Feng sneered.

He was somewhat curious as to why would there be a person with such a bizarre brain in this world!


Zhou Ling laughed immediately. Xu Fei and the rest also had the corner of their mouths twitching as they tried to hold in their laughter. Saying these words at this moment was indeed straight to the point.

"Chen Feng!"

A cold glint appeared in Xie Kangzhong’s eyes. "During the three years of high school, I gave you the best treatment. Is this how you repay me?"

"Enough bullshit."

Chen Feng shook his head. "The school pays you a salary to teach. How did it become you doing me a favor? If you are sincere to me, it's fine, I will definitely be thankful. However, as soon as you found out that I failed the examinations, you did not even extend an invitation to me. Is this your integrity as a teacher?"

"I know a lot of teachers in the school."

"Some teachers are truly kindhearted. Some teachers are still upright and righteous despite being powerful. You are the only one I look down upon the most."

Chen Feng sneered. "Wanting to erect a memorial when you are a hooker. You really think that students are so easy to deceive?"

"What a sharp mouth."

Xie Kangzhong expression turned ugly. "You don’t have a father or mother, so I can understand you being without manners. However, for you to not even know how to respect your teacher, this is totally being ungrateful. If I had not stumbled upon you, it would be fine, but since I encountered you today, let me properly educate you. Giving you your final lesson to educate you in the virtue a teacher possesses!"


A cold glint blossomed from Xie Kangzhong’s hand as he prepared to make his move. Xu Fei and the group silently stood beside Chen Feng.

"The virtue a teacher possesses?"

Chen Feng burst out in laughter. "These words coming from your mouth are akin to ivory spouting out of a dog’s mouth."

"Chen Feng!"

Xie Kangzhong’s killing intent rose. "You really think that these E-class trashes can protect you?"


Chen Feng shook his head. "You don’t dare to make your move."


Xie Kangzhong sneered.

"You are very powerful."

Chen Feng smiled faintly. "If it was close quarters fight, we would naturally not be your opponent. However, are you sure that the students behind you can survive this? Mhm, let me think. During the graduation cultivation trip, the teacher was hell-bent on settling his personal grudge, causing all his students to perish, and only the teacher returned. This scene is truly quite spectacular, right?"

Xie Kangzhong’s expression immediately froze.

Only now did he remember... he was now a teacher leading a class!

It was fine dealing with the weaklings they encountered before. But now, his opponents were four peak E-class warriors. Could he really protect all the students and defeat them at the same time?

"Chen Feng..."

A soft voice resounded.

Chen Feng subconsciously looked at the source of the voice. It came from a very beautiful female student. A student that was giving off a feeling of a delicate girl from a wealthy family, causing others to not be able to avoid wanting to protect her.