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Chapter 30: This Gamble Is Profitable!

Chapter 30: This Gamble Is Profitable!

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"Su Jin."

Chen Feng remembered this name.

Oh, right. This was the girl the body’s original owner was once secretly in love with. Due to his grades being among the best, their relationship was actually quite good.

"Why have you turned out this way?"

Su Jin softly said, "At school, you were very modest and kind."

Chen Feng: "..."

"We know that you failed your examinations and are in a bad mood. However, how can you speak like this to a teacher? Teacher Xie treated you very nicely during our third year. Even your scholarship was applied for with teacher’s help. Otherwise, how would you be able to afford to buy a spirit-type gene reagent?" Su Jin said seriously.

Chen Feng: "..."

Chen Feng felt like the Su Jin in front of him appeared to be radiating holy light. That dense light could even form a big word—white lotus[1].

This was the girl the body’s original owner had liked?

What a heavy taste.

Chen Feng couldn’t even be bothered to expose her ‘performance.’

At this moment, the remaining students also started to feel indignant. Su Jin’s word had actually affected every student’s mood. That’s right, how could a person be like this?

"Was what she said true?" Xu Fei asked curiously.

"Yeah." Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. "I was the top student. If the scholarship was not given to me, who could they give it to? He really did want to give it to others, however, could he?"

So it was like this.

Zhou Ling and the group were suddenly enlightened. Damn, even the school’s scholarship became a teacher’s tool for giving off favors? The schools nowadays were too scary.

"Teacher, we don’t need to continue spouting rubbish here with them."

Wang Yue suddenly opened his mouth. "I will protect the students. You can go deal with those few fellows."

"You have a way?"

Xie Kangzhong knew that this student had a strong background. Unfortunately, even after he had tried to fawn on him many times, Wang Yue was indifferent. Why had he suddenly stood forward now?


Wang Yue smiled calmly.


His wrist drifted around, activating the chip on it.


A dim energy protective barrier enveloped all the students.

"E-class protective energy barrier. Able to defend against one attack from an E-class genetic warrior," Wang Yue said indifferently. "Of course, if you were to let them rush over here to attack us, this cover of mine would not be able to hold on."

Wang Yue felt somewhat regretful. Due to his strength being too weak, he was only able to use an E-class energy barrier chip. Otherwise...

"No worries. That won’t happen."

Xie Kangzhong smiled coldly. "Just a few E-class wild dogs. Still not something that warrants my attention. Conveniently, I also want to take a look. Without these few dogs supporting you, can you, Chen Feng, still be so arrogant?"

"Teacher, don’t hurt him."

Su Jin said softly, "Chen Feng is not a bad person."

"I won’t."

Xie Kangzhong smiled at her, "I will only give him a lesson. Or else, with his current attitude, he will provoke others in the future, causing him to lose his life."

Only at this did Su Jin retire.

Chen Feng: "..."

His reaction toward this girl’s performance could only be described with the expression ‘gasping in amazement.’

At this moment, Xie Kangzhong had already stepped forward.


The terrifying aura belonging to a D-class genetic warrior was released. Even though Xu Fei and the group were already at the peak of E class, they could still feel a terrifying pressure.

"D class..."

Xu Fei smiled.

This teacher in charge that had only hid within a school and trained to D-class really believed that a D-class could absolutely oppress an E class? To even absolutely crush a peak E-class warrior?

"Let’s give it a try, then."

A somewhat cruel smile was exposed on Xu Fei’s face.

At the same time, at the other side, Wang Yue was looking at Chen Feng while smiling faintly. "After getting a few wild dogs as your supporters, you think that you are now very impressive? Although Xie Kangzhong is a good for nothing, today, I still want to take a good look at how will you be taken care of by him."

"This E-class energy barrier chip was something newly bought?"

Chen Feng was stunned as he looked at the layer of this barrier. There actually existed this kind of thing in this world.

"Of course."

Wang Yue was proud. "This is not something a trash like you could have access to..."

"No wonder I didn’t see it last time, when I beat you up."

Chen Feng was suddenly enlightened.

Wang Yue’s hand trembled as veins appeared on his forehead.

At this, the surrounding students remembered that a few days ago, it seemed like there were people who saw that Wang Yue was injured. Unexpectedly, it was actually due to getting beat up by Chen Feng.


Wang Yue looked at Chen Feng coldly. "Chen Feng, I will see how long you can stay arrogant. You are not worried about your friends at all? They will all probably die soon."


Chen Feng shook his head. "I’m not worried about them. On the contrary, I’m worried about you guys."

"Worried about us?"

Wang Yue suddenly felt an ominous feeling.

"Yeah. Are you sure that this toy of yours can defend against an E-class attack?" Chen Feng was curious.

"Of course."

Wang Yue said in contempt, "This, is something produced by the Stormtech—"

Before he could even finish his sentence.

Leisurely, Chen Feng fished out a bottle of gene reagent that was flickering with white light from his pocket. From far away, he tossed it over. The bottle landed on the energy barrier.


Endless thunderbolts bombarded the barrier.




In a split second, it was shattered by the thunderbolts. The impressive protective energy barrier mentioned by Wang Yue was destroyed through brute force before even displaying its power.

Everyone was stupefied!

What f*cking item was that?

A protective barrier capable of taking on an E-class warrior’s attack was finished just like that?

How was that possible?

Wang Yue collapsed as he looked at the screen on his wristband. On it, two very dreadful words were written—energy exhausted!

In other words, in a split second, Chen Feng’s attack had exceeded the limit of what the energy barrier could take. Not only was the energy barrier destroyed. Even the energy stones that he had prepared were exhausted.

How was that possible?!


Wang Yue pointed at Chen Feng for a long time, but he was still dazed, not daring to open his mouth. That was because, at this time, once again, Chen Feng had leisurely fished out another bottle of gene reagent that was flickering with the same light. Under the radiance of the blue-colored ice in the cave, it looked so dazzling.

"Want to try again?"

Chen Feng said leisurely, rolling the reagent bottle on his hand.


All the students gulped, looking at Chen Feng in fear, terrified that the item would slip from his hands.

At the same moment, Xie Kangzhong, who was prepared to have a good fight and eliminate Xu Fei’s group, heard the noise behind him. At that, he stopped and looked at the reagent bottle in Chen Feng’s hand, unbelievable expression in his eyes.

"This is also your harvest this time?"

Xie Kangzhong’s gaze was cold. "Very good. To actually threaten me using my students."

"Leave. I allow you all to leave!"

Xie Kangzhong bellowed, "Scram out of here."

Chen Feng was beaming with smiles as he watched Xie Kangzhong’s ‘performance.’

"Let’s go," Xu Fei said.

They really did not want to continue interacting with this bunch of people with obviously low IQs.


Chen Feng nodded faintly.

Suddenly, he stopped his steps. He looked toward the students as he said softly, "To put your trust on this Xie Kangzhong fellow, all of you will regret one day."


"A person with no sense of shame!"

A few students cursed in rage.

"Damn it. Chen Feng, you actually dare to threaten teacher using us."

"Yeah. This is pushing it."

A lot of them were feeling indignant.

"Why have you turned out this way?"

Su Jin was disappointed.

"These damnable people. They actually dare to threaten me using all of you. This is truly..." Xie Kangzhong said angrily.

"Teacher. Don’t be afraid of him. We will take revenge for you!"

"Yeah, we are all soon-to-be university students."

"Wait until we entered the university..."

A lot of the students comforted him.

"You all..."

Xie Kangzhong was gratified.

Although he appeared angry, inwardly, he wasn’t really that angry. It might appear like he had been insulted by Chen Feng, but he had instead gained the favor of all the students!

Why had Xie Kangzhong, who was obviously the strongest, retreated in humiliation?

It was for these students!

Very touching, right?

It was apparent from the gazes of these students. Apart from Wang Yue, who couldn’t even be bothered about him, the eyes of other students were all filled with gratitude.

This gamble was profitable!


1. White lotus – A Chinese netspeak commonly used in sarcasm to describe a person who appeared pure externally yet dark and dirty within. In short, it referred to a pretentious person.