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Chapter 31: Alarming Change: Purgatory!

Chapter 31: Alarming Change: Purgatory!

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Currently, Chen Feng and the group were far away.

"That teacher of yours was really ‘awesome’."

Xu Fei gasped in admiration. With his current insight, of course he had clearly seen things for what they were. "If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that fellow was an acting faculty graduate."

"Why did you not expose him?" Zhou Ling looked at Chen Feng curiously.

"I can’t be bothered." Chen Feng shook his head. "Since it did not affect our benefits, even if he were to fly to the heavens, I wouldn’t be bothered."

Everyone smiled.

"However, kid, you, on the other hand, have gained a whole new level of respect from me." Xu Fei was still feeling astonished.

Originally, he had thought that they would need to risk their lives today. Who knew that it would end with Chen Feng easily settling the whole matter?

As he thought about that mysterious yet powerful gene reagent, Xu Fei’s heart chilled. This Chen Feng, who appeared to be a producer with only a 1-star production level, was absolutely qualified to be on equal footing with them.

"Let’s go. Leave this place first."

Chen Feng suddenly opened his mouth. "This place keeps giving me a bad feeling."

"Same here." Monkey said the same thing.


With Xu Fei’s lead, everyone left quickly.


Outer layer, Dragon’s Passing Mountain.

On the shore, two people were looking at the middle island from far away. On the screen in front of them, numbers kept popping out, ultimately stopping at 96.

"Almost there."

"Mhm. The first batch of people driven out by that teacher are almost out."

"It’s a pity. If that damnable fellow did not drive them out, the number of people left would definitely be higher."

"96 people are enough."

The two of them exchanged calmly.

Several hundred years ago, a drop of a mutated seadragon beast’s blood essence was accidentally left here. It turned the wilderness into a sea, with the power of seadragon’s blood blending into every drop of seawater here. From that moment, they had started their plan. Using several hundred years to breed mutated beasts, all of it was for today!

To change this seadragon’s blood into seadragon blood essence!

And now—

As long as the blood essence of all the mutated beasts containing a trace of seadragon’s bloodline were fused, it was possible for it to be refined into the legendary seadragon blood essence!

As for the mutated seadragon beast?

It never appeared!

How would something like that appear in this kind of barren land? Even those legends related to dragons were rumors created by those from Gold City to seek fame.

"The expectations of a few hundred years, ah..." a person mumbled to himself.


"We are totally unqualified to have any sort of contact with a proper seadragon blood essence. However, through this method of brewing seadragon blood essence in secret, there’s a chance for us to actually produce a seadragon gene. As long as the seadragon gene is fused, giving birth to an expert, our Long[1] family will truly rise up!"

"True. Only one. Only one expert need arise; that will be enough!" another voice said in a low voice.

Their eyes were burning.



Both of them raised their hands.


The sea started to boil.

At this moment, the eyes of all the mutated beasts here turned red.



Countless screams resounded.

The few people that had almost reached the coast were under crazed attacks by the mutated beasts that had appeared suddenly.

"Not good. All the mutated beasts have gone crazy."

"Their strength has increased multiple times. We can’t defend against them at all."

"Hurry, to the coast."

Everyone started escaping frantically to the coast.

However, just as they were about to reach the coast, one of the two people there waved his hand as seawater rushed forth and drew them back into the sea.


A despairing scream resounded.

The seawater... became crimson red in color.

This very moment, human blood and mutated beast blood were fused together.

At the same time, Chen Feng and the group that had just reached the fourth layer entrance had their expressions change greatly. The third layer that had been originally cleared had, for an unknown reason, filled with a lot of mutated beasts. All of the beasts had red eyes and were rushing toward the fourth layer.

"Not good."

Xu Fei’s expression changed. "The third layer is full of mutated beasts that have gone crazy!"

"Not only the third layer."

Monkey suddenly opened his mouth. "The mutated beasts in the whole of Dragon’s Passing Mountain have gone crazy. In the first, second, and third layers, all the mutated beasts are rushing toward here!"

"What should we do, then?" Zhou Ling became somewhat pale.

They were able to confront Xie Kangzhong without fear. However, for mutated beasts...

"Hold on."

The radiance in Monkey’s eyes flickered. "I found a route. Follow me."


Everyone followed him.



The whole Dragon’s Passing Mountain was trembling.

Something happened.

Something major happened!

However, they had yet to escape 100 meters from their original position before they saw Xie Kangzhong leading everyone else and escaping in panic toward here.

"Fifth layer..."

"That mutated beast in the fifth layer came down!"

Someone yelled, "That fellow went crazy. It was chasing after us."

They screamed in fear.

However, everyone ignored them.

Chen Feng and the group moved quickly and left their line of sight. The superiority of having fewer people was displayed at this moment. There were too many members among the students, so they were not able to move fast at all.

Xie Kangzhong was almost driven to despair. This was because he had suddenly found that, if this continued, everyone would really die! Including him!

Indeed, if he was able to escape with everyone, he would be able to gain more favors. However, regardless of how many favors it was, he needed to be alive to use them!

And now...

Xie Kangzhong looked at the shaking ice cave and the mutated beasts that were everywhere and struggled internally before clenching his teeth. Light started swirling around him and he rushed out by himself.

He had actually escaped!


All the students were stupefied.


Their teacher that was in charge had actually escaped alone?

Wang Yue was stunned.

Su Jin was stunned.

Everyone was stunned.

No matter what, they did not expect that righteous teacher who claimed to do everything for their good would actually abandon them without the slightest hesitation! At this moment, Chen Feng’s earlier words seemed to echo within their heart, "To put your trust on this Xie Kangzhong fellow, all of you will regret one day..."

Now, they were already regretting it.

Regretting one’s past deeds!

What should they do?

This was not a place F-class warriors like them could stay at. Furthermore, all the mutated beasts here had gone crazy!

Now, everyone collapsed emotionally.

"I don’t want to die."

Some people started crying.

"I am the future genius. I can’t die here."

Some people started screaming.

Su Jin looked toward a certain direction while a tinge of grief appeared in her eyes. If—if they had listened to Chen Feng earlier, would he have actually saved them?


Everyone regretted it.

"Damn it."

Wang Yue felt his mouth go dry.

He had never expected to fall into such a situation.

He had wanted to contact others, but he found that, at an unknown time, all the signals here had started to be blocked. They couldn’t contact anyone!

"I can’t die."

"I shouldn’t die in this place."

Wang Yue was frantic.

How grandeur was his identity. How could he die here?

It absolutely could not happen!

However, how to survive?

At this moment, he had fallen into despair.

"We are finished."

Some of them had already started sitting down powerlessly. The mutated beasts were approaching them without stop. Many of them started to activate their genetic ability to resist, yet how much good would it do?

Regardless of how strong your genetic ability was!

Regardless of how talented you were!


At this place filled with E-class mutated beasts, they could only die.

"Can we contact the school?" someone asked.

"No signal." Su Jin shook her head bitterly.

"We are all finished."

This time, everyone had fallen into despair.

Geniuses, universities, at this moment, were but a joke.


1. Long also means dragon in Chinese.