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Chapter 32: The Only Lifeline

Chapter 32: The Only Lifeline

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At this moment, Chen Feng, Monkey, and the group had already found the new exit. Due to the large amount of mutated beasts being attracted by Xie Kangzhong, the pressure on them was lowered.

"From here we can reach the 3rd layer," Monkey said in rush.

There was a restriction here. It was a different entrance of the fourth layer. Within such a short period of time, Monkey had managed to find the route back. This wasn’t an easy feat.

"It depends on you now," Xu Fei said nervously.

"Mhm." Chen Feng nodded. However, just as he was about to enter the digitized mode, he suddenly paused.

"What’s the matter?"

Xu Fei and the others exchanged glances.

"Shh—" Chen Feng said softly, as if he had felt something.

At this time.

As everyone quieted down, from far away, a mournful sound of weeping became distinct. That was the sound of 3rd year, 2nd class students. It was their voice!

As Zhou Ling and the group heard this, they were stunned.

"That teacher actually escaped alone..."

Even this team of theirs, which was assembled on the fly, did not give up on their teammates. On the other hand, Xie Kangzhong, this teacher-in-charge that had personally brought the 3rd year, 2nd class students here had actually abandoned his own students and fled by himself? This was simply ridiculous!

"Ignore them."

Xu Fei sneered. "These students are unable to distinguish right from wrong. They are all good for nothings anyway."

"Right." Zhou Ling believed the same.

Following their teacher on an exploration?

To heck with that. They were totally robbers! For him to have demanded they hand over the material they had gotten after great difficulty yet not one student had objected to that action? Where were their morals?!

However, Chen Feng had stopped his footsteps.


"Chen Feng, it can’t be that you really want to save them, right?"

Xu Fei and the rest were stunned. From his previous actions, they could see that Chen Feng was a practical person. At this time, he wouldn’t suddenly become a kind-hearted messiah, right?

They had been surviving in the wilderness for a very long time. What they feared the most was getting this kind of team member!

"I only recalled one thing."

Chen Feng frowned. "Who is confident that we can definitely escape?"


Everyone looked at each other in dismay.


At this time, no one had absolute confidence.

Crises were everywhere.

They did not even know what kind of monster that scary fellow from the fifth layer was. Even if they could leave Dragon’s Passing Mountain, none of them were aware of the situation outside! Furthermore, they had a premonition that the crisis outside might not be any less than the one inside. At times like this, no one had absolute confidence!

This time, it was truly dangerous!

Chen Feng suddenly opened his mouth. "I have confidence!"

"For real?"

Xu Fei and the rest were ecstatic.

In this kind of dangerous situation, Chen Feng actually had absolute confidence?

"Of course. If you all are willing to trust my words."

Chen Feng smiled.

Xu Fei and the rest exchanged glances before ultimately nodding resolutely. Although they had not been together for a long time, they still believed in Chen Feng.

"Then follow me."

Chen Feng turned around and walked toward the students.


Xu Fei and the rest smiled bitterly. They could only follow him.

They did not know why Chen Feng would suddenly become a kind-hearted person at this time. However, since Chen Feng had confidence, they would totally fight it out alongside Chen Feng!

"At times like this, we can only trust in this fellow."

Everyone smiled bitterly.

Chen Feng walked unwaveringly toward the student, while a smile curved on the corner of his mouth.


How was that possible!

He couldn’t be bothered with this bunch of fools!

Even the body’s original owner was on bad terms with these students. He wouldn’t be any different! The reason he wanted to save them was due to him sensing a familiar aura drifting past him. From that, he understood something. Wanting to leave alive, the only lifeline was within the hands of these students.

To be accurate—it was in Wang Yue’s hands!

At this moment, the sea zone of Dragon’s Passing Mountain had already been dyed red with blood.

Nobody noticed that, high above on the air, a spotlessly white cloud was drifting there, moving up and down with the wind, gracefully.


Fourth layer of Dragon’s Passing Mountain. All the students were seated on the ground in despair.

After trying everything they could and finding out that they couldn’t hurt those mutated beasts at all, they had totally given up. They were waiting—waiting for the moment of death.

All 30 of them were sitting on the ground. The silence was stifling. There was only a faintly discernible weeping sound. In the distance, a mutated beast was dashing toward them.

Everyone knew that the moment the mutated beast reached them was also the moment of their death.

At this moment, Su Jin stood up and blocked the way in front of the mutated beast.

"If we must die, then let me be the first to die?"

Su Jin closed her eyes. "If we didn’t trust teacher so much and organized this activity, I..."

Nobody stopped her. Because... it was pointless. Since everyone would die anyway, what was the difference between who died earlier?


The aura of that mutated beast became increasingly terrifying. A lot of students hugged each other while trembling. As they saw the beast reach Su Jin, they couldn’t help but start closing their eyes. However, at this moment, a loud sound reverberated, waking everyone up. The moment they opened their eyes, they were all stunned.

A silhouette stood in front of them.

It was Chen Feng!

Chen Feng had brought the few friends of his and killed that mutated beast!

"Although it became stronger, it’s still trash."

Xu Fei stepped on the mutated beast’s corpse.


Zhou Ling curled her lips as she looked at those stunned students. "Although I do not know why that idiot Chen Feng wants to save you all, if any of you dare to slow us down, I will be the first to kill you all."

Monkey and Tie Shi glanced at them coldly.

"Chen Feng..."

"Saved us?"

Only at this was everyone awoken from their stupor.


They were actually saved!

Everyone was crying tears of joy.

Next, they quickly recalled that it was Chen Feng, the one scolded by them earlier, the one driven away by them earlier, who voluntarily came and saved them!

At this thought, everyone lowered their heads in shame.


Everyone was ashamed.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. In front, Su Jin stared at him in daze. "Am I dreaming?"

Chen Feng grumbled. "Do you want to take a nap while you’re at it?"


Chen Feng did not give them any time to talk about useless things. "Everyone, don’t talk, don’t be noisy, don’t cry! Whoever dares to create a disturbance, I will directly throw you out! Only this way..." Chen Feng paused, "can we survive."

Everyone was silent. They noticed the ‘we’ that Chen Feng said. As they recalled their attitude toward Chen Feng earlier, a lot of them lowered their head in shame.

"Let’s go."

Chen Feng brought everyone to the entrance found by Monkey.

"I can help you all."

Wang Yue inhaled a deep breath. Although he hated Chen Feng, at times like this, both of them had to work together.

"Although I do not have any combat power, I am also a beginner gene producer. My spiritual energy is very powerful. I can help you remove the restrictions."


Chen Feng glanced at him and coldly said, "No need."

"Chen Feng!"

Wang Yue clenched his teeth. "I know you hate me. However, now is a matter of life and death. Can you let go of your hatred? Your spiritual energy is only 30 points, while I’m currently at 80 points. It is many times higher than yours. The speed I remove restrictions at is much faster than yours!"

"No need."

Chen Feng walked towards the restriction indifferently.

"Chen Feng."

Wang Yue was bursting with rage. Yet, he could only talk nicely. "This kind of restriction, with 30 points spiritual energy, you need at least three minutes to remove it. I only need one minute. I..."

Wang Yue had not even finished his sentence.


Restriction removed.

Wang Yue opened his mouth wide, not closing it even after a long time.

All the students were stupefied.


One second?

What heaven defying talent was that? This was their top student Chen Feng? The number one of their school, Chen Feng? The Chen Feng that was high above everyone else? At this moment, they suddenly had a feeling that even if Chen Feng did not enter a university, he was still not something they could overtake!

Perhaps, some people were simply born as geniuses.