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Chapter 33: Frying up a Group of Salted Fishes

Chapter 33: Frying up a Group of Salted Fishes

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"Final warning. Stop spouting nonsense."

Chen Feng’s gaze swept past Wang Yue coldly. "You only need to follow behind us."

"Let’s go."

Xu Fei found it laughable.

Comparing restriction removal speed with Chen Feng? Kid, even if you had 100 points of spiritual energy, it was useless!

Restriction removed.

Everyone left in an orderly fashion.

With the lesson earlier, this time, nobody opened their mouth. Even Wang Yue stopped talking. Instead, he was silently following behind. The group reached the first layer without any problems. The mutated beasts they had met on the way were dealt with by Xu Fei and his group, while all the restrictions they met on the way were instantly removed by Chen Feng.

That’s right. Instant removal.

Powerful spiritual energy? Beginner producer?

What was the point?

In front of Chen Feng, they were all nothing but a joke!

All the way from the fourth layer to the first layer, no restrictions were able to last longer than one second in front of Chen Feng. Under Xu Fei’s unending supply of spiritual recovery reagents, Chen Feng swept through everything in their way, smoothly bringing everyone out. All the students were stupefied, while Xu Fei found their reaction funny.

Soon, they left the ice cave.

However, just as they left the mountain range, everyone was shocked by the scene outside.


Blood everywhere!

That vast ocean had actually turned blood red!

"What actually happened..."

Xu Fei was still planning to ask some questions when, suddenly, sounds of explosion arose from the mountain behind them.

"Rumble rumble!"

The whole mountain collapsed and sounds of rumbling could be heard nonstop, causing everyone’s heart to palpitate. At this moment, all the 3rd year, 2nd class students felt a lingering fear in their heart.

If they had been somewhat slower...

If it wasn’t for Chen Feng’s heaven defying speed of restriction removal...

They looked at Chen Feng, the person who had saved them like a hero earlier. At this moment, he was still as calm as ever. Perhaps... this was a true genius?


The whole mountain collapsed.

Azure colored ice splattered around. The spot where the Dragon’s Passing Mountain was on earlier had actually sunk down, forming a huge whirlpool akin to a huge open mouth that was sinister and dreadful. A big mountain like that had actually been swallowed cleanly in several tens of seconds.

With the collapse of the mountain leaving a whirlpool behind, what was left of the huge island was only a ring-shaped zone with the whirlpool in the middle. The scariest part was that, within the whirlpool, a D-class mutated beast, the very same beast from the fifth layer, was frantically struggling, trying to escape yet firmly held onto by the suction force of the whirlpool.


One after another, sounds of howls thundered.

The D-class mutated beast struggled frantically. However, the more it struggled, the deeper it sank. Slowly, it was swallowed by the whirlpool, no longer visible to the eyes.


Everyone inhaled a breath of cold air.

Xu Fei and everyone else were standing at the edge of the ring-shaped island. As they saw this scene, their whole bodies started perspiring.


They almost suffered the same fate as that mutated beast.

"This place won’t last too long."

Zhou Ling said, "Let’s leave quickly."


Ice energy blossomed in Zhou Ling’s hands and the water surface under their feet turned into ice. However, before they could even start to feel happy, suddenly, all the ice shattered instantly.


A mutated beast with red eyes appeared on the sea's surface.



A series of bizarre sounds arose.

Immediately after, one scary-looking mutated beast after another started appearing on the surface of the red-colored sea that resembled a sea of blood, causing everyone to start shuddering in fear.

What the heck was this?


All the mutated beasts went crazy after seeing strangers.



Waves splashed around.

Provoked by the aura of strangers, all the mutated beasts rushed toward them. Their strength was constantly increasing, while their amount was too many to count!

"Damn it!"

Zhou Ling and the rest put up a resistance in a hurry.



All the power they could muster had been unleashed, yet they couldn’t stop the beasts at all!

"What should we do?" Xu Fei howled loudly.

"The amount is too high. We can’t stop them anymore." Zhou Ling smiled bitterly.


Tie Shi smashed away a mutated beast that was flying toward them with a punch. His expression was as cold as always. The strength of his whole body had been stretched to its limit, as the amount of mutated beasts here were too high.

"Damn it."

Xu Fei’s heart chilled.

What on earth happened to this damnable place?

Nobody knew!

These beasts were not strong, but there were too many of them!

As for those students, even under the protection of Xu Fei’s group, they were all still shivering in fear. Some of them with support type genetic ability were carefully unleashing their abilities. However, it didn’t help much. This one trip had destroyed all of their arrogance as soon-to-be university students!

"What should we do?"

A lot of the girls started weeping softly.

At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly walked forward. Under Tie Shi’s protection, he reached the coast. Everyone’s gaze was subconsciously attracted by him.

"Monkey, done with your calculations?" Chen Feng asked.

"Yes." Monkey nodded slightly. "Over 600 F-class mutated beasts. Despite all of them having their strength increased from going berserk, there are no E-class beasts. Only, the amount is too high, so we can’t deal with it at all."

"Zhou Ling!"

"Smash all these mutated beasts back into the seawater," Chen Feng bellowed.


Zhou Ling’s whole body radiated with a cold glint. A terrifying frost energy exploded instantly and forced many of the mutated beasts that were already near them back into the sea. However, this was the most she could accomplish. Those mutated beasts did not suffer any injuries. Instead, they started their charge in a crazier manner.

"I tried my best." Zhou Ling paled and almost dropped down on ground.

Su Jin held her up.

"Then, next… leave it to me." Chen Feng inhaled, and the reagent with a white flickering radiance in his hands was thrown into the seawater.


White rays of light blossomed.

In Chen Feng’s eyes, a cold glint flickered.

Endless amounts of thunder energy blossomed at this moment. A small, bizarre snake formed of thunder appeared, flickered in the sea, and grew crazily under the nourishment of the mysterious power contained within the seawater. With the nourishment from the seawater, it instead unleashed an astonishing might that even Chen Feng himself had not predicted.



The sea of blood was boiling.

All the mutated beasts were electrocuted till their skins were charred and their insides were tender. They struggled frantically in the seawater. After a long time, when the thunder disappeared, only a vast expanse of floating corpses was left on the sea of blood.


All dead!

Even Chen Feng had not expected this.

The thunderstorm reagent only possessed the power of one E-class attack!

His original plan was, despite the power of the thunderstorm reagent and facing this amount of mutated beasts, to clear up a bloody path at most, enabling them to escape. He never expected the thunderstorm reagent’s power in water, especially within this mysterious seawater, to far exceed his imagination.

So powerful.

Everyone was looking at Chen Feng in shock.

Even Xu Fei and his group were stunned. They had originally thought that he was amazing enough with his ability to destroy Wang Yue’s energy barrier and instantly remove restrictions. They had never expected him to be powerful to such an extent.

This fellow...

Xu Fei smiled bitterly.

At the same time.

All the students of the 3rd year, 2nd class were looking at the figure standing on the shore. Chen Feng was not far from them, yet he gave everyone an indescribable sense of security. More than once, it was this person, who had been despised by them, that had saved them from despair.

Failing the examinations?

What a joke!

Everyone felt like their faces had been slapped, feeling extremely ashamed.

Chen Feng!

Wang Yue stared at Chen Feng, bellowing in his heart. He could not believe it. How could Chen Feng possess such strength? That fellow was akin to trash! Now that Wang Yue was supported by ample resources, he should be leaving Chen Feng far behind! How could he allow this trash to step on his head?


Wang Yue mumbled.

It was only due to him not fusing with that gene yet!

‘Chen Feng, I will become stronger than you. Not only in production, when I have fused that gene, I will become the strongest genetic warrior and producer in history! The path that normal people like you all don’t dare to tread, I shall tread!’

Wang Yue roared in his heart.

He did not feel the slightest sense of gratitude toward Chen Feng for saving his life. Being saved by Chen Feng, he felt worse than dying! It was just a few days ago that he had made a solemn vow to Chen Feng that he would leave Chen Feng behind. Yet today, he had been suppressed by Chen Feng countless times. How would he be happy?

It was simply feeling worse alive than dead.

This feeling was akin to getting his face stepped on by Chen Feng.

‘I... will not lose!’

Wang Yue resolutely clenched his fists.

However, at this time, Chen Feng couldn’t be bothered with them at all. Instead, he was looking at the opposite bank of the sea. There stood two black-clothed people. Dense spiritual undulations were flickering around their body.

Chen Feng opened his mouth. "Monkey."


Blue light blossomed from Monkey’s eyes. They flickered unceasingly and he confirmed shortly after, "It was them. They are actually planning to use the whole sea as a material to produce something!"

"Their intention is to kill everyone here!" Monkey’s tone was cold.

"Then just get rid of them."

Killing intent rose in Xu Fei’s eyes. "By killing them, we can survive."


Zhou Ling had recovered a lot. She stood up with an ice-cold expression. "Let me see who on earth these two fellows that were pulling the strings behind everything are."