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Chapter 35: Mastermind

Chapter 35: Mastermind

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Had it ended?

Somewhat exhausted, Xu Fei and the rest looked off into the distance.

There... was another black-clothed man who was also a D-class warrior. Currently, he was being engaged by that beast, unable to deal with them.

"Kill him."

Xu Fei saw through the crux of the matter with a glance and fiercely said, "Take the opportunity while he is busy dealing with the beast."


Zhou Ling and the rest caught up with him. The four-man squad acted once again. Their killer moves appeared immediately and smashed upon Dragon 1. This time, they did not have any confidence. This was totally an act of desperation! However, something unexpected happened. That black-clothed man did not defend himself at all, receiving all the attacks.


Blood splattered.

That black-clothed man was actually pierced through by Xu Fei and others, getting killed on the scene!


Everyone widened their eyes.

How was this possible?

Chen Feng’s heart shuddered.


Dead just like that?

The mastermind that was much stronger than the previous guy was dead just like that? He could obviously have easily dodged their attacks!

This fellow...

Right at this moment where everyone was bewildered.

The blood started to boil.

The corpse of the black clothed man turned into pool of blood midair and enveloped that D-class mutated beast. Accompanied by a bellow of that beast, it was refined alive! Before everyone could react, the mutated beast had disappeared. In the air, only a drop of glittering blue colored blood essence was left.

That was the seadragon blood essence!

"This guy..."

Chen Feng’s pupil constricted.

With the escape of the teacher-in-charge and them surviving, the requirements for seadragon blood essence’s refinement were not met. Hence, this guy used his own blood to fill in the gap.

What a vicious heart!

What a terrifying guy!

Had it ended? How was it possible! The seadragon blood essence that was produced after the sacrifice of such a person, how could it be possible for it to fall into their hands?

But he was obviously dead. Unless...

He was not the mastermind at all!

Chen Feng and the rest exchanged glances as their scalp felt numb. The two D-class warriors were actually mere foot soldiers? How terrifying was the real mastermind?

"Ha ha ha."

"We survived!"

All the students were in ecstasy.


This one exploration had put them through countless desperate struggles. That feeling of powerlessness and pain was something they would not forget for their whole lives!

"Thank you, Chen Feng."

Countless students were feeling grateful.

Chen Feng shook his head and did not speak. He only looked at the sea in silence. The happy expression of the students froze. As they saw the unsightly expression of Chen Feng and Xu Fei’s group, they seemed to realize something and started shuddering in fear, could it be...

That very moment.


A small sound resounded.

It was akin to the heartbeat of a primordial god. At the same moment, countless students immediately started vomiting blood.

Chen Feng paled.

On the opposite bank, a faint silhouette appeared. Step by step, he reached the coast. Yet he did not stop his steps, continuing calmly onto the seawater.

His foot stepped on the seawater. However, no ripples was left on the water at all.

Moving so lightly.

"It’s him!"

Xu Fei’s expression changed greatly.

Long Yue.

A disciple of an influential family at Rock City!

This family was a self proclaimed descendant of dragons. Long Yue was a well known figure of his generation! All the genes he fused were related to dragons. Regardless of whether they were true dragons or fake dragons, the abilities were terrifying! The last time he appeared in public, he was already a C-class genetic warrior.

His current power?



The pupils of Xu Fei and the group constricted. Zhou Ling was even dragging some of them as they frantically moved backward on the seawater, returning to the ring-shaped island.

Stopping him?

What a joke!

An expert at this level was not someone they could stop.

"Long Yue, C class, possibly higher."

Xu Fei’s face was green while everyone else was greatly frightened after listening to those words. Those students were all ashen-faced. God, why would such a terrifying guy come to Gold City?

On the sea, Long Yue waved his hand and two corpses appeared from the water.

"Dragon 1 and Dragon 2, it has been hard."

Long Yue said calmly. He pointed lightly and both corpses turned into ashes.


Long Yue took a glance at the seadragon’s blood essence, and a smile appeared on his face. When he turned around to face Chen Feng and the rest, his gaze was already ice cold. "Since Dragon 1 and Dragon 2 are already dead, you all... can accompany them in death."

"Long Yue, you dare?!" Xu Fei bellowed.

"These children are all students. You dare to start a war with Gold City’s school?" Xu Fei was clear.

Now, only the school was able to cause this guy to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.


Long Yue’s gaze was serene. He looked at the students that were trembling with fear and raised his hand slightly. "It doesn’t matter. I only need to kill everyone, and nobody will know about it."

"Not good."

Everyone’s hearts leaped.


Long Yue lightly waved his hand.


The whole sea exploded.

At this moment, even the sea was overturned.


Xu Fei clenched his teeth. The four of them unleashed the last of their remaining strength. However, the attack formed after exhausting all their strength was decimated before it even reached Long Yue’s attack. That’s right, with their ability, they were not even qualified to get near the attack!

In this split second, the ring-shaped island collapsed.

The heaven collapsed while the earth caved!

The power of the whole sea was unleashed as it rose, forming a wave with a height of several tens of meters and smashing downward with boundless force, akin to a tsunami!

"We are finished."

Everyone was ashen-faced. What damnable strength was this? It was certain that when that terrifying attack fell, everyone would be smashed into meat paste without question!

This was the power of Long Yue!

This was the power of a genetic expert!

"Damn it, to actually die this way."

Xu Fei smiled bitterly.

"To die in the hands of such an expert isn't too bad, right?" Zhou Ling mumbled to herself.

"Time to die?"

Monkey suddenly remembered something. "Chen Feng, the lifeline you mentioned..."

At this, everyone looked toward Chen Feng. However, they were astonished to find that, at this moment of life and death, Chen Feng actually smiled. "Our lifeline has appeared."


Xu Fei and the rest blanked.


That terrifying tsunami was still sweeping toward them.

Yet, just before the attack hit them, a red silhouette descended from the sky and stood in front of the tsunami.

Who was this?

Everyone widened their eyes.

Before they managed to take a clear look at that person’s appearance, they saw that, in the air, a crimson flame appeared the same moment the red silhouette landed, and it took on the shape of a huge sword, slashing down toward the tsunami.


The seawater thundered.

As the fiery radiance flickered, an astonishing scene appeared. That terrifying tsunami was forcefully split into two by the sword and streamed past beside them. That tsunami containing the terrifying power of Long Yue was gone just like that. Slashed into nothingness with one attack!

So powerful!

Everyone’s hearts leaped. As they looked on, they were stupefied.

The person who had saved them was actually a little girl wearing a red dress. She was young, appearing to be 12 or 13 years old. She had red lips, white teeth, and delicate features on her face. Under the long eyelashes was a pair of quick-witted big eyes. Yet, at this moment, those eyes were filled with killing intent.

Everyone’s hearts trembled.

Only now did they remember that this was the girl that stopped the tsunami with one slash!


Chen Feng opened his mouth, stunned.

He had thought that Wang Yue’s protector would be a powerful middle-aged person. He'd never thought that this protector would be a 12- or 13-year-old little girl!

Furthermore, to possess such terrifying strength!

Chen Feng subconsciously glanced at her and his heart trembled immediately.

Those eyes...

This little girl that appeared so young possessed a pair of clear and limpid pupils. They appeared quick-witted, causing one’s heart to palpitate, as if they were capable of seeing through one’s heart!

This little girl was definitely not a simple person.