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Chapter 37: Three Years Start

Chapter 37: Three Years Start

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"Do you see? This... is the power of a school."

Xu Fei smiled toward Chen Feng. "And this is only a high school. At a university, it is even scarier. All those senior students, counselors, teachers, professors—as long as you touch one of them, a whole group of them will appear. Although their internal competition is intense, they are still united against outsiders."

"What does that have to do with me?" Chen Feng stretched lazily.

"Don’t you regret failing the entrance examinations?" Xu Fei smiled faintly.

"What if I didn’t fail? Becoming the same type of people as them?"

Chen Feng pointed toward the students in the sea.

Xu Fei and the rest deeply agreed. ‘True, it is important to increase one’s strength. However, the Gold City High School evidently neglected the most important point—moral character! Based on the students’ dispositions, when they graduate in the future and enter the society, even if they are strong, they will still be toyed with to death by others.’

"That female student is not bad!" Zhou Ling suddenly winked at Chen Feng. Chen Feng followed her gaze and, with astonishment, saw that it was Su Jin, the only student that had not entered the sea to search for the reagent.

Xu Fei wrapped his arms around Chen Feng’s shoulder and obscenely said, "Not having a chance to enter a university, it wouldn’t be too bad to ‘enter’ a university student."

"Scram!" Chen Feng said resolutely in contempt.

After a few near death crises, everyone was now closer to each other. However, this also helped Chen Feng clearly see the nature of this person. He was a wretched pervert through and through. No wonder Zhou Ling would always stand up to him every now and then.

As for Su Jin…

Chen Feng had never really thought about it.

This type of lady was somewhat unacceptable for him.

As they were talking among each other, suddenly, the burning cloud in the skies jolted and scattered. Two silhouettes emerged from it—Wang Yao and Zhou Wenwu.

"It ended?"

Everyone looked toward both of them and was immediately stunned.

It could be distinctly seen that the big sword in Wang Yao’s hands was partly broken. It appeared to have been forcefully broken by someone. Her tiny face was deathly pale from anger as she stared at Zhou Wenwu in front of her. However, Zhou Wenwu’s condition seemed even worse than hers. Although there were no wounds on him, half of his beard had been burnt away.

"Little girl, if we continue fighting, I’m afraid there will be some other people arriving." Zhou Wenwu smiled bitterly.

"Hmph." Wang Yao sneered. "I will kill however many come!"

"Is this proper?"

Zhou Wenwu smiled bitterly. "Your family's Old Wang and I can be considered acquaintances. Why don't we find the seadragon blood essence first before we go back and slowly discuss the matter of distribution?"


Wang Yao pondered and put her sword away.

Zhou Wenwu shook his head as he smiled bitterly. The young generations nowadays were getting more terrifying.

"Have you found it yet?" Zhou Wenwu looked toward the teachers.


Everyone was ashamed.


Zhou Wenwu frowned. "Increase your speed. Try to get it before others arrive…"

"There’s no need to be so troublesome." Wang Yao sneered.


Endless flame started to emerge.

The broken sword in Wang Yao’s hand was stabbed into the seawater.


A powerful force started shaking the sea and the seawater started boiling. Under the terrifying high temperature, it became vapor. The water level of the whole sea was declining at a frightening high speed.


Everyone else inhaled a breath of cold air.

This little girl was actually planning to evaporate the whole sea!


Xu Fei opened his mouth wide, not closing it even after a long time.

Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly as well. However, his change was not due to being shocked by Wang Yao’s strength. It was due to him suddenly thinking, if she found out that the item had been hidden by him…

The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth twitched.

Those students that had helped the teachers to search for the seadragon blood essence were dripping wet with cold sweat. They were all terrified that Wang Yao would find them not pleasing to the eyes and evaporate them as well.

Thus, under everyone’s watch, Wang Yao forcefully evaporated the whole sea!

That place became a piece of barren land!


There was nothing inside!

"Where’s the seadragon blood essence?"

Wang Yao’s killing intent was bubbling up.

All the seawater disappeared, yet the seadragon blood essence had disappeared as well.


Zhou Wenwu’s heart leaped as well and he coldly said, "Whoever found the seadragon blood essence, you better hand it over. There are some things that the likes of you can’t lay your hands on."

"We really didn’t."

Everyone smiled bitterly.


Zhou Wenwu sneered.

Although he did not possess a tyrannical power like what Wang Yao had, his foundations were much thicker than Wang Yao's. His frightening spiritual power started sweeping through everyone’s body.

However, nothing was found.

Wang Yao also started to search them one by one, yet the seadragon blood essence was still nowhere to be found!

"Old man, you actually dare to play tricks on me."

Wang Yao pointed at Zhou Wenwu, certain that it was this old man that had let those teachers secretly move it away after finding it.

"It really isn’t me."

Zhou Wenwu’s face was ashen. "Not one person left this place just now. There’s also nothing with a teleportation ability here. If there was, you would have most certainly sensed it."


Wang Yao snorted coldly.

The seadragon blood essence disappeared just like that under the eyes of two powerful genetic warriors.

Everyone was searched, including Chen Feng’s group that had not entered the sea, however, the seadragon blood essence was still nowhere to be found.

"Would it be related to those fellows?"

Zhou Wenwu suddenly thought of something. "Since they are the one who arranged all this, they might have some hidden methods. When you severed that guy’s arm earlier, if they utilized some method to fuse some blood into the seadragon blood essence and controlled it in the dark, it really might have disappeared from here."

"Damn it."

Wang Yao pondered. There really was such a possibility.

"Seems like we need to go get an explanation from them."

Zhou Wenwu sneered. "To harm so many of my students. If they don’t pay any price, they will not know how precious my Gold City High School’s students are."

Wang Yao looked at him coldly.

Neither of them trusted each other. However, under such circumstances, there was no other choice.

After a long time, everyone was finally allowed to leave after another round of inspection.

"Found?" Wang Yao looked at Wang Yue.

"No," Wang Yue said obediently.

"Trash," Wang Yao said without a trace of politeness.

Wang Yue lowered his head, not even daring to speak back.

Everyone started leaving in succession. As Chen Feng and Xu Fei’s group were about to leave, Wang Yao suddenly opened her mouth. "Chen Feng. Come over."

Chen Feng’s body froze as he had a bad feeling inside. Had he been found out?

Xu Fei and his group looked at Chen Feng in amazement. As they recalled how Chen Feng said he had the confidence to survive this, they were immediately shocked. Chen Feng actually knew this little girl!

This expert with terrifying strength!


Xu Fei patted Chen Feng’s shoulders.

Chen Feng smiled unnaturally, his body somewhat stiff.

"What’s the matter?"

Xu Fei saw Chen Feng’s unnatural reaction and said in amazement, "Both of you won’t really have some relationship, right?"

Chen Feng’s expression became even more unnatural.

Him snatching the seadragon blood essence, it was not something as simple as them having a relationship; they were totally enemies with great enmity.

"Shit, there really is a relationship?"

Xu Fei’s original expression of ridicule became solemn suddenly and he looked at Chen Feng seriously. "Brother, let me tell you. Although this person is very strong, however, her age is very young. Don’t blame me for not reminding you as a brother, at most, you should start with a three years gap…"


Chen Feng’s face darkened.

However, before Chen Feng made his move, a sharp gaze swept through, and as Xu Fei’s expression changed greatly, a fireball suddenly descended from the sky.


As the flame flickered, the handsome hairstyle of Xu Fei was burned clean.

"My hair…" Xu Fei had a stupefied expression on his face.

As he rubbed his head, a pile of ashes dropped down.

"Who told you to keep blabbering on."

Zhou Ling and the rest held their laughter and forcefully dragged the stunned Xu Fei away.


Chen Feng’s mouth twitched as he moved carefully to Wang Yao.

"Say it." Wang Yao kicked Wang Yue.

"Th—thank you."

Wang Yue stared at Chen Feng as he squeezed those words out through his gnashing teeth.

"There’s no need."

Chen Feng was immediately relieved.

"The debt was settled," Wang Yao stated faintly.

"Understood." Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

This fellow did not give him any face at all.

Her mindset was simple. In other words, he had saved Wang Yue once, and subsequently she had saved Chen Feng once, so their debt was considered to be settled. Nobody owed the other anything.

Chen Feng smiled. As he prepared to leave, Wang Yao suddenly opened her mouth.

"Is the seadragon blood essence on you?"


Chen Feng’s heart leaped, almost choking himself.

"How is that possible?" Chen Feng said in a dull voice, "I didn’t even enter the sea."


Wang Yao recalled and stopped questioning him.

"Goodbye it is, then."

Chen Feng nodded his head in greeting before leaving calmly. Nobody knew that as he left the place, his whole body was filled with cold sweat, drenching all the clothes on him. The eyes of this little girl were capable of causing one’s heart to palpitate. Chen Feng even thought that he had been found out!

"Why did you force me to thank him?" Wang Yue said fiercely, "He must have found out that you were here. That’s why he saved me. It should be him thanking us instead!"


Wang Yao glared at him. "If not for him fighting at the frontlines, the seadragon blood essence and the mastermind would not have appeared. However, the disappearance of the seadragon blood essence…"

As she saw that Wang Yue was still glaring at Chen Feng, she softly said, "In the future, don’t provoke him."

"A mere beginner producer, do I need to be afraid of him?" Wang Yue could not accept it.

Wang Yao shook her head. "This Chen Feng is not so simple."

"Apart from having good luck, what else could he have?" Wang Yue sneered. "I won’t stupidly go and provoke him now. But in the future, when I have improved myself, he will be nothing but a wild dog under my legs."

Wang Yao’s tiny face was solemn as she no longer opened her mouth.

Chen Feng…

Looking at that slowly disappearing silhouette, she sank into contemplation.