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Chapter 38: Five-Star Formula!

Chapter 38: Five-Star Formula!

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Returning home, Chen Feng was only truly relieved the moment he entered his rented house.

Finally safe!

He had never expected that an ordinary mission would escalate into such a situation. Barely escaping death, he almost wasn't able to return anymore. Long Yue, the headmaster, Wang Yao, all of them possessed strength far surpassing Chen Feng's. Every single step he took was full of crises. A single mistake would have cost him his life!

"It was still due to my strength being too weak."

Chen Feng grasped his fist.

‘Become strong! I need to become strong! In this age, only by becoming an expert will I be able to stand proud!’

However, the higher the risk, the higher the return. Chen Feng had profited greatly from this trip. First, what excited him the most was the fact that the seadragon blood essence was finally in his hands. Able to cause even that old headmaster to fight over it without a sense of shame, it could be seen how valuable this thing was. He only needed to wait for this incident to calm down first before secretly retrieving the seadragon blood essence. That would be his biggest harvest!

Second, his gene search capability had greatly increased.

Due to him continuously staying in the digitized mode, removing high-difficulty restrictions and the endless amount of spiritual energy recovery reagents, Chen Feng’s current gene search speed was a few times faster than his previous speed. This increase would prove to be a great assistance to Chen Feng in his gene production.

Lastly, Chen Feng's main target for this mission—the 5-star formula.

After the mission, this 5-star formula finally fell into Chen Feng’s hands. Although he had yet to take a look at it, he trusted Xu Fei not to scam him.

"Let’s take a look at this 5-star formula."

Chen Feng played with the chip in his hand.

That’s right, the information of a 5-star formula would normally be compressed within a chip. This was also the regular storage medium used in transactions.


Chen Feng inserted the chip into his wristband.


A frightening amount of information rushed madly into the wristband. After a long time, the 5-star formula's information appeared in his personal storage. The chip, on the other hand, produced a crisp sound before burning itself.


Gold Ant Gene Formula

Difficulty level: 5 stars

Type: Special

Function: Permanent increase of spirit by 10–20 points

Limitation: F-class genetic warrior, only able to use once

Introduction: With savage desert ant’s blood essence as the core, forms a special gene reagent by refining the blood essence with all sorts of valuable materials.


5 stars! It was really 5 stars!

Chen Feng’s lips and tongue felt dry.

The day spent dancing in the cradle of death was not wasted. With this formula and the formula gifted by the Genetic Production Association, Chen Feng’s original goal of 20-star rating, which had seemed so far away, was suddenly half reached!

As long as he mastered these 2 formulas, he would be rated 10 stars.

Chen Feng was inwardly excited.

There’s also a major point that should not be ignored, which was the function of this formula!

"20 points of spiritual energy…"

Chen Feng finally knew why that Wang Yue’s spiritual energy had rapidly increased immediately after graduation, to the point of surpassing him. He must have used a similar gene reagent. These rich children of influential families walked a completely different path than others!

However, Chen Feng was not unduly humbled.

Since these rich children all improved themselves this way, this item must be quite expensive?

Chen Feng’s eyes shined brightly.

As he searched for information on the gold ant gene, he found that the cost of the materials were 150,000 yuan, while the average transaction price was 200,000 yuan.

"This price…"

Chen Feng felt powerless to even criticize it.

What a scam.

Huge scam.

For a normal gene producer, this was akin to a heavenly scam!

Even though Chen Feng’s production level had increased, he still felt that this 5-star formula was a heavenly scam. If one were to rush their level to intermediate-level producer with this kind of 5-star formula, he would suffer great losses! High cost, high difficulty level, yet such low profit? It was not even enough to cover the costs of materials for the failed productions.

However, for Chen Feng, this was the most suitable formula instead! Due to the existence of the Luck Aura, he walked a path that was totally illogical for a normal person!

Making a loss? It was nonexistent!

Chen Feng searched but noted that the amount of available gold ant formulas in the business district was low.

There was no choice. The production difficulty was too high. Those able to produce these kinds of formulas were mostly intermediate producers or even higher-level producers. When these people produced a gold ant formula, they were probably researching its composition. Making money? They only needed to sell some high-level genes.

This was Chen Feng’s opportunity!

No marketing required, no discount required, as long as he put it up for sale, it would definitely sell!

‘Then… let’s produce one to start with.’

Chen Feng was filled with fighting spirit.

However, right as he started his research, Chen Feng found a grave problem. The core material required for production of gold ant gene, the blood essence of savage desert ant, was not sold at the stores at the virtual community!

"Could this be an extinct mutated beast?"

Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

As he hastily researched, he finally found where the problem lay.

Not all blood essence was able to be preserved. There was some blood essence that would lose its genetic energy in a short time after leaving the mutated beast’s body. This was especially true for spirit type beasts. The blood essence of the savage desert ant was one of them, only having a shelf life of 3 days!

Wanting to get his hands on this type of blood essence, there were only 2 options. Hunt the beasts personally or hire someone to hunt them.

"This is somewhat troublesome."

Chen Feng frowned. He did not want to waste too much time on gathering materials.

As he recalled that the savage desert ant was not a particularly formidable species of mutated beast, Chen Feng contacted Xu Fei directly, wanting to know if they had any free time. However, unexpectedly, Chen Feng kept getting a busy signal from Xu Fei. He did not know what they were busy with.

"Seems like I have to handle this myself."

Chen Feng shook his head.

He started going through the information on the savage desert ant.

This was a type of E-class mutated beast, originating from the Black Cloud Continent, one of the mutations of giant termite. Possessing powerful spiritual energy, it was very dangerous.

"Black Cloud Continent, eh?"

Chen Feng pondered.

He did not want to waste too much time on this. Before increasing his strength, Chen Feng was very clear on his position—a beginner producer! He would normally not get involved in anything involving combat. At least on the surface, this was the appearance he maintained. However, if it was only gathering blood essence…

"It’s not like there’s no way."

Chen Feng made his decision quickly.

However, he did not go out the same day. In order to get the seadragon blood essence, he almost exhausted all of his luck value! Now he needed to wait for the luck value to recover to a certain extent before he dared to leave his house. There was no choice; he was too weak. Before becoming a true expert, he had to remain cautious.

Outside of his expectations, on that night, he was contacted by the Gene Production Association.

"Good day, Mr. Chen."

In front of him was the voice of a gentle-sounding woman. "I am a staff member of the Gene Production Association. Recently, we detected some outsiders trying to gather information about you. Our guess is that, in the near future, there will be someone acting unfavorably against you. Please take note," the staff member said softly.


Chen Feng expressed his gratitude. However, his first reaction was thinking that this was a scam call before subsequently recalling that there were not many people with the guts to impersonate the Gene Production Association when performing a scam call. At that, he frowned and calmly asked, "Do all the producers get the same treatment from the association?"


The staff member answered straightforwardly, "The association places different levels of attention on different producers. Although you are not at this level yet, senior Zhang Wei requested we pay more attention on you."

So this was the case.

Chen Feng laughed involuntarily. ‘Zhang Wei, eh? Seems like I need to thank him in the future. However, who was it that wanted to investigate me? Wang Yue? Wang Yao? Improbable.’

Chen Feng shook his head. They knew his circumstances very well, so there was no need for them to investigate him. He racked his brains yet still failed to recall whose attention he had caught recently.

"Who could it be?" Chen Feng muttered silently.

Contrary to what one might expect, Chen Feng wasn’t scared of anyone acting against him. In this world, what he feared the least was assassination. With Luck Aura, the threat an assassination posed to him was instead the lowest. What he was afraid of was meeting those with powerful strength and strong background like Long Yue. That was what he would consider a true impasse!

"Long Yue…"

Chen Feng suddenly recalled something.

The reason the opponent investigated him might not only be to assassinate him. How about other reasons, such as the seadragon blood essence incident?

This was what he was most afraid of.

"Seems like I need to watch my back for now."

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. Although the seadragon blood essence had been buried, if he wanted to get his hands on it, he still needed to wait for some time. During this period of time, he must not be discovered, or else…

Only death awaited him!

Late at night, Chen Feng was looking at the glittering lights of the city as he contemplated. "Seems like some changes are required for the plan tomorrow."