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Chapter 39: A Day Full of Surprises

Chapter 39: A Day Full of Surprises

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Gold City. Under the shadows of the lights of the flourishing city, at a certain dimly lit corner, three silhouettes were huddled together, carefully discussing something.

"Number 2, how goes the investigation?"

"The target is recently researching the Black Cloud Continent and savage desert ants. After looking into it, I found that this beast’s blood essence can’t be preserved for a long period of time. If the target really wants this thing, he needs to make a trip to Black Cloud Continent. We can follow after him and get rid of him in the dark!"

"Is the information accurate?"

"Accurate! I spent a huge sum to get a hacker to verify the information. Both Production Association and Chen Feng’s side have been checked. There’s no mistake!"

"That’s good, then. Number 3, get ready."


The voices gradually stopped as the three silhouettes submerged into the darkness of night.

Early morning the next day, the three brothers reached Black Cloud Continent.

Riding on the fastest Ironcloud, they only spent one hour to reach Black Cloud Continent and entered one of the camps in the vicinity of the place where savage desert ants commonly appeared.

In order to help the explorers better complete their missions, the Genetic Union had set up camps near cities and also at the furthest reachable regions. In the camps, personal fights were banned. Everything in the camps was monitored. There were even specially built combat robots guarding the camps, making the camps the best rest stop for explorers.

The three of them reached the camp under the scorching sun.

The sun shined upon the whole camp. Under the reflection of layers of glass, it gave off a bizarre sense of beauty. However, the majority of the people here did not have the time to appreciate the beauty.

"Is Chen Feng here yet?"

The boss asked.

"Mhm, he has gotten on the Ironcloud and will arrive in roughly one hour," said Number 2 as he looked at the information received on his wristband.

"Very good."

Satisfied, the boss said, "Our plan is very simple. His target is to hunt savage desert ants. We only need to pretend to be passersby. When he is hunting the savage desert ants, we will make our move secretly. This way, we can definitely get rid of him easily."

"He might hire others as well."

Number 3 said in a low voice, "Chen Feng is only a producer. If he wants to hunt savage desert ants, he will definitely hire two E-class warriors."

"That is expected."

Boss nodded slightly. "Regardless of if it’s two or three, the enemy is out there in the open while we are hidden in the dark. This is our advantage! Our target is only Chen Feng. We can ignore others and escape the moment we kill him. Don’t forget, we also have that thing…"

Number 2 and 3 couldn’t help but to nod.

‘True! With that thing, even if he hired a few E-class warriors, he still needs to die!’

One hour later, Chen Feng was preparing for his arrival at Black Cloud Continent.

"He will be here soon."

Number 2 said in a low voice.

"Let’s go," Boss ordered decisively. "It will be too obvious for us to tail him. We need to reach there first."


The three of them reached the area where savage desert ants commonly appeared in advance.

They were waiting for something.

Sure enough.

After less than half an hour, people started appearing at the normally deserted savage desert ant territory. In order to not appear suspicious, the three of them found a savage desert ant and proceeded to kill it. However, what exceeded their expectations was that the savage desert ant hunting team did not have Chen Feng in it.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. That group of three does not have Chen Feng in it!"

"How could this be…"

Boss felt somewhat doubtful. "Is it just a normal team that is coincidentally here to hunt savage desert ants as well?"

Soon, other silhouettes started appearing in the distance.

"Someone is here!"

Boss felt invigorated. "This time, it should be Chen Feng."

Hence, they hunted down another savage desert ant to disguise themselves. However, as those people neared, they somewhat blanked as they noticed that the people that came were not Chen Feng either!

Chen Feng was still nowhere to be seen!

Savage desert ants were not that easy to kill. Only after a long time did they manage to tire the ant to death. After that, the other hunting team started leaving gradually.

"What happened?"

The three of them were wondering why Chen Feng was not there yet.

"Do you think that Chen Feng had noticed us?"

Number 3 thought a bit. "Is it possible that he deliberately got these people to come here and confuse us?"

"That might be the case!"

Boss shivered.


"Chen Feng is definitely hidden within one of the teams!"

"He deliberately let other teams come and create chaos in order to confuse us. Subsequently, he will hide himself among one of the teams and make his move for real."

"He will definitely appear!"

Boss was sure.

However, the next few hours, they started seeing people coming in succession to hunt savage desert ants. Yet Chen Feng was still nowhere to be seen!

One time!

Two times!

The whole morning passed just like that, yet they didn't even catch a glimpse of Chen Feng. If it wasn’t for Number 2 being sure that Chen Feng was still in Black Cloud Continent, they would probably have thought that Chen Feng had left.

"Something is wrong."

Number 3 had an unsightly expression.

"Do I need you to tell me this?"

Boss sneered. After thinking for a long time, he slapped his thigh. "Let’s go to the camp and see what the situation is."


The three of them returned to the camp.

However, somewhat exceeding their expectations, a long line had formed in the camp. A lot of people were surrounding that spot, causing others to be unable to see what was happening inside.

"Number 3, go take a look," Boss signaled with his eyes.


With a resolute expression, Number 3 rushed into the crowd. 10 minutes later, he squeezed out of the crowd with a stupefied expression on his face and a big pile of cash in his embrace.

"What’s the situation?"

Boss asked hastily, "Someone is giving out money?"


Number 3 had a disbelieving expression on his face. "You go take a look and you will know."


Boss glared at him. "Number 2, you go take a look."


Number 2 looked at Number 3 in contempt and, as Number 3 had done earlier, he squeezed into the crowd, full of fighting spirit. He squeezed out 10 minutes later as well, looking somewhat wretched.

And on his face was the same stupefied expression! And in his embrace was also a pile of cash!

"Number 2?" Boss asked.


Number 2 had the same expression of disbelief on his face, to the point where he was almost crying. "I… I can’t explain it clearly. Boss, you will know after going over to take a look."


Boss sneered. "Let me see what trick they are playing!"


Boss squeezed overbearingly into the crowd.

The people around looked at him and frowned. However, after thinking about it, even if he entered, he might not be selected anyway. Hence, they did not say anything and allowed Boss to squeeze into the center of the crowd.

Next, Boss saw a person who shocked him to his core—Chen Feng!

That’s right, the one surrounded by the crowd was actually Chen Feng!

"What’s the situation?"

Boss’s heart leaped as he felt something was amiss.

At this time, Chen Feng seemed to have noticed him and waved his hand. "You. Yes, you."

Sighing voices started echoing around him.

The boss walked in front of Chen Feng without a change in his expression as he readied the dagger in his hands. However, as he saw the combat robot in the distant that had locked onto him, he quietly gave up his plan.

Here, it was impossible to kill Chen Feng.

"Take your savage desert ant’s blood essence out," Chen Feng said indifferently.


Boss’s heart leaped. How did this fellow knew about the savage desert ant’s blood essence on him? Had those bastards, Number 2 and Number 3, betrayed him? As he was about to say something, he noticed that the people nearby had surrounded him with gazes filled with killing intent, causing Boss to hastily hand over the blood essence he had obtained earlier.

"Mhm, the purity is not bad."

Chen Feng took a look and offered his price.

"Nuo, your money."

Chen Feng grabbed a pile of cash and threw it to boss and yelled to the crowd, "Next! Let me say again. Only accepting those with the best purity. Buying with high price! Those with bad purity need not come."

"Mine is good!"

"Mine is better, newly acquired, definitely meets your standards."

Countless people started competing.

Just like this, with a pile of cash in his embrace, and a stupefied expression on his face, the boss was squeezed out of the crowd. Only when he was finally squeezed out of the crowd did his mind register what had happened!

Chen Feng was actually buying savage desert ant’s blood essence here!

He never planned to go out!


The opponent never thought of giving you a chance at all!

The most lamentable fact was that the blood essence they had gotten from their hunt since early morning was sold just like this to Chen Feng. The genes hunted by them were actually those with the best purity! All of them were selected by Chen Feng?! So after being busy for the whole morning, they were actually working for Chen Feng?

As this crossed his mind, boss was totally stupefied.

At this moment, he finally knew why Number 2 and 3 had this expression on their faces.

"What should we do?"

Boss was bewildered.

"Perhaps Chen Feng will still come out?" they guessed.

However, one day passed just like this.

As it was getting late, Chen Feng got on Ironcloud and returned to Gold City. The three of them followed Chen Feng back with a puzzled expression.


Was there still a need for that?

Even if they returned to Gold City, they would not be able to get any chances!

That night, at the same corner, the three silhouettes were seated on the ground with stupefied expressions on their face, asking why things had turned out like this.

They performed a lot of missions before, and their targets were also the likes of beginner producers and F-class genetic warriors. However, someone as terrifying as Chen Feng…

It was unprecedented!

From the start till the end, the opponent was always in a safe zone!

What could you do in that situation?

"He won’t stay at supervised areas forever, right?"

Number 2 was full of despair.

"Who knows," Number 3 muttered.

"Let it be. Let’s look for other opportunities."

Boss clenched his teeth. "There’s still some time left before the mission’s deadline. Don’t be anxious and give up first, in case he really does leave the safe zones."

In case…

A sigh could be heard.

The three silhouettes disappeared into the dark of night.