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Chapter 44: Your Bloodline Might Be Fake

Chapter 44: Your Bloodline Might Be Fake

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On the hill, the wind fox leader stood proudly. Seated on it was a handsome young man. He glanced at Chen Feng indifferently, endless contempt in his eyes.


Without uttering any unnecessary words, he waved his hand and 30 wind foxes charged forward.

"Who is that?"

Chen Feng’s heart leaped as he leaped backwards. One after another, terrifying Wind Blades started landing on the ground Chen Feng passed, scarring the ground with deep marks.


Chen Feng inhaled a breath of cold air.


Another Wind Blade passed by him.

Inhaling deeply, Chen Feng unleashed his power during the momentary gap when the wind foxes finished releasing their Wind Blades, killing two wind foxes before he quickly hid himself. The freshly increased agility displayed its usefulness, as there were several times where Chen Feng only barely dodged the attacks coming at him.

Wind Blade!

So many Wind Blades that they covered the sky!

This was the first time Chen Feng had a taste of what his opponents normally felt.

Luckily, these Wind Blades attacked in a straight line.

It was obvious that these low-level wind foxes couldn’t control their Wind Blades. Although they could unleash combo attacks, the attacks all traveled in a straight line. Chen Feng was able to see the trajectory of the attacks from far away and could defend himself with the rocks and trees in the forest. He had also unleashed several 10-combo attacks effortlessly and killed around seven to eight wind foxes.

At this, they stopped their attacks.

Soon, those wind foxes got out of the way as the wind fox leader and the young man slowly walked over, giving Chen Feng the opportunity to get a clear look at the young man’s appearance.

"That is…"

Chen Feng’s pupil constricted.

That was a man with a stunningly pretty face. However, what shocked Chen Feng the most was not his looks but instead the hairy ears on his head and that long furry tail at his back!


This was the term that appeared abruptly in Chen Feng’s mind.

He once read from a book that one who did not meet the requirements yet fused with a gene reagent forcefully had a small probability to mutate after failing the fusion. The mutated beast’s gene would take the dominant position in the body instead and the person would become a half-human, half-beast organism, a vastly different type of organism!

These people were extremely dangerous!

That was because a normal person would perform gene strengthening through absorbing the genes of mutated beasts while these people… would perform gene strengthening through absorbing human’s genes.

They were close to being a human’s natural predator!

"Seems like there’s no chance to make peace."

Chen Feng did not expect that he would meet a mutant that preyed on normal humans here at Greenhill Forest. From his opponent’s gaze, he realized that this would be a battle that would not end without one party dying.

He had become his opponent’s prey.

"It’s getting somewhat troublesome."

Chen Feng was speechless.

Those normal wind foxes did not bother him at all. However, that terrifying wind fox leader was something that he might not be able to rival even after using Luck Aura!

It was extremely dangerous!

Surprisingly, that mutant merely rubbed the wind fox leader’s head before walking out and standing in front of Chen Feng.


A terrifying power was emitted from the mutant’s body. He stood proudly and looked at Chen Feng coldly while an azure colored Wind Blade swirled around him.

He was provoking Chen Feng!

"A hundred points of spirit? Stuck at the limit of F class?"

Chen Feng suddenly understood.

Limit mode.

This was an extremely peculiar mode.

The enhancements provided by the gene’s attributes were, in essence, something that aroused the gene potential within one’s body.

However, there was a limit to one’s body. Even after fusing a gene with one’s body, there would still be a limit! The limit for a F-class genetic warrior was 100 attribute points! Regardless of the attribute, as soon as it reached 100 points, it would enter limit mode!

The limit mode was a situation where no normal methods would be able to increase the attributes anymore!

At this time, one could only surpass the limit and break through one’s predicament before being able to once again increase one’s attributes.

According to the Genetic Union, a human body possessed unlimited potential. They were merely chained by unseen shackles. This was the so-called limit mode. Only by removing these shackles and breaking through the locks would one be able surpass themselves and become more powerful.

There were a lot of methods to surpass one’s limit.

There were some who trained unceasingly, surpassing themselves through effort and sweat!

There were some who engaged in battle, surpassing themselves by breaking through via desperation!

There were some who were exceedingly lucky, surpassing themselves by fortuitous encounters and coincidences!

There were also some who… were unable to surpass themselves for their whole lives!

This was the case for both normal humans and mutants.

The mutant in front of him had obviously reached the limit mode and was planning to use Chen Feng as the springboard to break through his limit mode, entering E class!


All the wind foxes around cheered him.

Step by step, that mutant neared. A terrifying power was being condensed by him, and Chen Feng was able to sense a familiar power bubbling unceasingly around him. That was the power of the wind fox’s bloodline!


The mutant howled.

The mutant aimed at Chen Feng and a Wind Blade shot out of his hand. This was a different Wind Blade from what the normal wind foxes released. His Wind Blade was clearly faster and stronger, and in a higher quantity as well!

He wanted to slay Chen Feng to enter E class!

"Using me as a stepping stone?"

Chen Feng smiled.


A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

A clash of Wind Blades?

He was never afraid of that!




Terrifying sounds of explosions reverberated throughout the area.

A succession of Wind Blades started shattering midair, and the wind foxes around them were forced to retreat a few steps back as they witnessed the shocking scene that was unfolding in the air.

Ten Wind Blades!

Twenty Wind Blades!

Thirty Wind Blades!

The whole area was enveloped by an incomparably bright azure radiance. There were no signs of them stopping. What was left was an endless bout of clashing Wind Blades!

"He actually dares to have a battle of Wind Blades with me?"

Initially, the mutant was still incomparably confident.

Who was he?

A mutant!

Although he had lost a lot as a mutant, he had also gained the most outstanding bloodline of the wind foxes!

Competing in Wind Blades?

Nobody had ever surpassed him! Even the wind fox leader was unable to do so!

Furthermore, his Wind Blades were obviously more powerful than Chen Feng’s Wind Blades. A single Wind Blade of his was able to destroy two of Chen Feng’s Wind Blade. Having a Wind Blade match with him was akin to courting death!

However, when the amount of Wind Blades that were clashing exceeded 50, he started to be somewhat astonished. A continuous combo of 50 Wind Blades, this youngster’s research on Wind Blade seemed to have reached the pinnacle of Wind Blades, and was considered a rare talent in this world!

When the amount of Wind Blades reached 100, his expression started to change even though the amount of Wind Blades he required was merely half of it, just 50!

The amount was still increasing!

Wind Blades—

Never stopped appearing!



Once again, the amount of clashing Wind Blades rose rapidly.

One hundred twenty Wind Blades!

One hundred thirty Wind Blades!

One hundred fifty Wind Blades!

The mutant’s complexion started to become green.

"Is this really a human?"

"How can a human reach this level?"

However, their clashes never stopped. At this time, none of them dared to stop, because the one who stopped would die!

One hundred seventy Wind Blades!

One hundred eighty Wind Blades!

The mutant was thoroughly stupefied.

"Who’s the actual mutant here? I am the actual successor of the wind fox’s bloodline! I am the one with the purest wind fox’s bloodline!"

He was beginning to doubt his bloodline, wondering if he had mutated into a fake wind fox’s bloodline during his genetic mutation.

How could things have turned out this way?

He couldn’t understand.



One hundred ninety Wind Blades!

Two hundred Wind Blades!

The Wind Blades finally broke through the terrifying amount of 200, while the amount of Wind Blades the mutant unleashed finally reached 100. However, what shocked him was that even now, his opponent’s Wind Blades were still increasing in amount.

It’s still going up? Is there an end to this? This is no longer something as simple as probability, right? Even if he can form Wind Blades quickly, it wouldn't be to such an extent, right?

The mutant was almost collapsing from despair.

He only wanted Chen Feng to give him some pressure in order to break through. He did not expect that Chen Feng's combo of Wind Blades would pressure him to the point where he started questioning the natural order of the world!

You can’t bully someone like this!