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Chapter 45: Confrontation at the Danger Zone

Chapter 45: Confrontation at the Danger Zone

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Greenhill Forest, at the territory of the wind foxes, a heated confrontation was still in progress.



Wind Blades shattered.

The mutant that was usually full of arrogance was currently pale. His face trembled as he looked at the never-ending Wind Blades, released by his opponent, which almost drove him into desperation!

How is this possible?

The mutant was inwardly alarmed.

Under normal circumstances, there was no cooldown period for Wind Blades. However, due to the need to form and activate it, and also the momentary pause in movement after releasing the Wind Blades, one could only release an average of one Wind Blade per second. If one were to master certain special techniques, there was a possibility for the release speed to increase, enabling one to unleash combo attacks.

This, in essence, was how combo Wind Blades were achieved!

As a mutant with the wind fox bloodline, he had very high comprehension on all aspects of Wind Blades. Hence, there were no pauses whatsoever between Wind Blades released by him!


He could reach the absolute level of 100 continuous releases.

Without depending on the probability rate to trigger, he reached this amount with pure ability alone.

Wind Blade would consume one point of spiritual energy per release, and he had a spiritual energy of 100 points. Hence, the minimum amount he could typically reach was 100 releases. Once the probability was triggered, the amount of Wind Blades released by him would increase. He believed that he would become even more powerful after reaching E class.

As for triggering the probability for additional Wind Blades… this was also something he was proud of.

The probability rate to trigger additional Wind Blades for a normal person was 5%. He, on the other hand, as a mutant possessing the bloodline of wind fox, possessed a terrifying probability rate of 20%! Every time he fully unleashed the Wind Blades, he would reach a total amount around 120 to 150 from the combination of normal releases and the probability triggered releases.

A terrifying amount.

Hence, he had never regretted turning into a mutant.

However, now…



A chain of Wind Blades descended.

Calculating the amount, the mutant’s face was deathly pale as he noted that it had reached 280 Wind Blades!

This damnable human had reached 280 Wind Blades, shattering the pride of the mutant while ravaging him viciously in the process as well.

"He probably can’t go on much longer."

The mutant prayed in his heart.

However, with grief, he found that his 100 points of spiritual energy were almost used up at this point.

Naturally, he did not realize that he was wrong from the start. Chen Feng’s 100 combo and 200 combo attacks were unrelated to his Wind Blade release speed. Instead, all of them were purely triggered by the probability!


Another chain of Wind Blades descended.

Two hundred ninety Wind Blades!

Three hundred Wind Blades!


In the end, the mutant failed to outlast him.


He was flung out of the area.

He had been defeated in this clash of Wind Blades.

The mutant was puzzled. How can it… be this way?’

"Good chance."

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Adhering to the concept of taking one’s life while one was sick, Chen Feng unleashed his Wind Blade once again without hesitation. A powerful force pierced through the mutant. The wind foxes around them were anxious, yet they did not take any action in the end. As Chen Feng’s Wind Blades were on the brink of slaying the mutant, a change occurred!


An astonishing yet terrifying power was released from the mutant’s body.

The frightening power pierced the heavens.

"This aura…"

Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

E class! This guy really surpassed his limit?


The mutant laughed wildly.


The mutant’s body started growing in size, and white fur started growing on his body. Originally, the only part where his body differed from a normal human body was the furry ears and tail. However, that body was now completely covered with fur. Only his face still somewhat resembled a human.

Human head with a fox’s body!

This was a true mutant!

Chen Feng was solemn.


The mutant laughed wildly. "I broke through. I finally broke through. A mutant does not need to fuse genes at every class. Hehe, I only need to devour you…"

"Your ability!"

"Your gene!"

"Everything of yours now belongs to me."

With a malevolent expression on his face, that handsome face currently appeared incomparably twisted.



He walked out step by step while a terrifying power roared around him. Although breaking through his limit only increased his attribute by one point, being an E-class mutant, it allowed the power of the wind fox’s bloodline to flourish, changing his body to be more beast-like. With the newly grown thick fur and a stronger bloodline, his combat power had increased greatly.

"Clash of Wind Blades, right? Let me show you, who are the one with the true wind fox bloodline," the mutant bellowed.


Wind Blades were once again unleashed.

Chen Feng only looked at him coldly. Who the heck wants to compete in the wind fox’s bloodline with you?

As a result of this guy breaking through to E class, the wind fox leader started eyeing Chen Feng while the normal wind foxes started to surround him. As he saw this, without hesitation, he threw out an item radiating a green and white color.


The mutated man blanked momentarily.


The wind fox leader, who had maintained its vigilance, felt something amiss and leaped on the mutant, pushing him onto the ground.


The sound of thunder reverberated as a terrifying power threw the wind fox leader out of the area. The wind fox leader felt on the ground and blood splattered around, and it no longer stood up after that. The normal wind foxes around them were also hit by the explosion. None of them survived. In fact, none of their corpses stayed intact.

The mutated man was suffering from a serious injury as well!

"Fox Pipi!"

The mutant howled and crawled up with great difficulty and looked at this scene in shock. He had never expected that just as he broke through to E class, he had attracted this move from his opponent!

"You have surprisingly survived?"

Chen Feng was somewhat regretful.

The speed of the wind fox leader was too fast. It had actually protected the mutant with its own life. It seemed to really consider that mutant as part of its clan! Furthermore, after breaking through to E class, the thick fur on his body had resisted a huge amount of damage for him!

However, exceeding anyone’s expectation, that mutant only gazed deeply at the wind fox leader before turning around and starting to escape.

"Want to run?"

Chen Feng slashed toward him with several Wind Blades.

However, the current mutant was already at E class. Even with injuries on his body, his speed was still above Chen Feng's. It quickly disappeared from Chen Feng’s line of sight.

Chen Feng shook his head. "Can’t keep up."

This was the domain of wind foxes. For this guy to escape, it signified great troubles ahead of him.

"Let’s leave here first."

Chen Feng looked at the ground around him.

A high amount of wind foxes had been killed. However, under the destruction of thundersnake gene’s power, the corpses of the ordinary wind foxes were all burnt without any reactivity left in their genes. Only the corpse of the wind fox leader, who possessed formidable strength and thick skin, was in somewhat good condition.


Chen Feng extracted the gene of the wind fox leader before leaving quickly.

Just a minute after Chen Feng left, he started hearing unceasing sounds of rustling as, one after another, wind foxes appeared everywhere and started searching the area without stop. The mutant had returned with over 100 wind foxes to search that area without stop, seeking Chen Feng!

"So fast!"

Chen Feng was solemn.

Now that he was deep within the territory of the wind fox, he would not be able to escape anytime soon. Furthermore, that mutant was also yearning for Chen Feng’s gene…

"Things are getting somewhat troublesome."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

The speed in which this mutant had gathered the wind foxes far exceed Chen Feng’s imagination. The amount of wind foxes seemed to be even higher than the earlier group when the mutant had first appeared!

"Is it due to him breaking through to E class?" Chen Feng guessed.

"What to do?"

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

He was aware that the mutant was planning to trap him here.


Chen Feng looked at the gene in his hand.

This was the gene that was freshly extracted from the corpse of the wind fox leader. Its gene attributes were extremely high. If Chen Feng was able to successfully fuse with it, his spiritual energy would be increased from 62 points to 81 points. His other attributes, such as strength, physique and agility, would also reach 50 points!

This was an extremely formidable all-rounded upgrade!

With an all-around increase in his combat power and his unlimited Wind Blades, he stood a chance to battle it out!


Chen Feng suddenly recalled Mu Yuan’s words: "unknown dangers."

If one were to fuse with a gene exceeding one’s willpower and the tolerance level of one’s body, unknown dangers would appear. Chen Feng hesitated before smiling bitterly. Were there any other options?

The gene of the wind fox leader might lose its reactivity at any time. If he continued hesitating, he would lose even this single chance of his!

"Hopefully you won’t disappoint me," Chen Feng muttered to himself.


He injected himself with the gene. At this time, he could only risk it all!