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Chapter 46: Who Is the Actual Freak?

Chapter 46: Who Is the Actual Freak?

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A terrifying power started gushing out. Chen Feng almost vomited a mouthful of blood from this.

Too powerful!

This genetic power was too powerful!

Chen Feng’s attributes were originally comparatively weaker. Due to this, he almost failed to endure the extreme contrast between his attributes and those of the wind fox leader. His whole body trembled unceasingly like a sieve as he endured the transformation brought forth by the gene. The immense pain almost caused Chen Feng to faint.

Attribute upgrades were not always something pleasurable.

"So this is the unknown danger?"

Chen Feng clenched his teeth. Previously, all his attributes were increased by one or two points each time, with the maximum being three points. He had never expected that this increase of tens of points would be so terrifying!


Another mouthful of blood was vomited.

Chen Feng felt immense pain throughout his body, akin to being set on fire.

This was the so-called willpower and body’s tolerance?

He had to endure it!



Chen Feng bellowed inwardly, and all over his body, veins started surfacing.

The suffering he experienced in his previous life helped Chen Feng to stay incomparably firm at this moment. As long as he endured it, he would reap a huge gain this time! He had to endure it!

If he failed…

He would have worked for nothing!

This was a rare opportunity, one which Chen Feng did not want to waste.



One after another, sounds of explosion resounded from within Chen Feng’s body.

Blood dripped out of Chen Feng’s mouth, yet he still endured it.

However, just as he was halfway through the gene strengthening process, a familiar voice appeared, causing Chen Feng’s heart to drop to the abyss. "Finally found you."

The mutant!

Chen Feng’s heart leaped. He had actually come!

Before his eyes, the mutant appeared.

Around him, nearly 100 wind foxes had him surrounded as they eyed him viciously.

"Gene strengthening?"

The mutant sneered. "Human, a weak species!"


"You humans selfishly believe that you are the masters of the world, yet in the future, this will be the world of us mutants. We, mutants, are much stronger than you all!"


The mutant looked at Chen Feng greedily. "You are mine."

"Damn it."

Inwardly, Chen Feng had a feeling that something bad was about to happen.

He had taken the possibility of the mutant's return into consideration. However, what he did not take into consideration was the immense pain brought about by gene strengthening! He did not expect it would actually be so terrifying when one absorbed a gene far surpassing one’s own ability or that the time required to perform the gene strengthening would be so long!

"You will be grateful to me."

The mutant placed his hand on Chen Feng’s chest.


The sharp claws on his hand penetrated deeply into Chen Feng’s flesh.

"Now! Let me devour your power!"

The mutant smiled malevolently.


A gush of power started flowing out of his body. He planned to devour Chen Feng’s gene, turning it into part of him. Not only that, what he planned was to devour Chen Feng alive!

"Damn it."

Veins started surfacing on Chen Feng’s whole body.

He wanted to move, yet he couldn’t budge.

The gene of the wind fox leader was too powerful. It was powerful to the extent where the only thing he could do was to only endure with everything he had until the gene strengthening was completed! Under such immense pain, it was already good for one to be able to stay conscious.

‘Am I going to die here?’

Chen Feng opened his eyes wide. He was unwilling!

Gene strengthening…

Chen Feng suddenly recalled something.

Luck Aura, activate!

Accelerate the gene strengthening process!


There was no effect!

If I can’t accelerate the strengthening speed, I shall let all the genes in my body strengthen separately instead. Prioritize a part of it first; even if only a hand is completed, it will be sufficient! Chen Feng roared inwardly.


The luck value dropped rapidly!

One point, two points, three points…

The Luck Aura was something that worked on what Chen Feng willed it to work on. However, something like gene strengthening, even if 10,000 points of luck values were consumed, it would still not change! However, along with the consumption of luck value, the last-minute strengthening plan he had devised surprisingly started proceeding without hiccups.

First were his fingers.

Chen Feng’s forefinger and middle finger completed their strengthening at this moment!


Chen Feng was in ecstasy.

The gene strengthening sequence could actually be altered.

This gene strengthening process was originally a clash of 2 completely identical genes. Akin to 2 types of liquid being poured into a vessel, the clash of genes was not something controllable. However, now, due to the existence of Luck Aura, they were lined up in an orderly fashion and started the strengthening process without any disorder!

Even the pain he was enduring was somewhat reduced.

I can move my fingers.

Chen Feng held his excitement in.

Although this was a simple procedure, it consumed 10 points of his luck value! The originally low amount of remaining luck value was currently nearing the bottom.

This was an immense consumption!

At this moment, the mutant was absorbing Chen Feng’s gene.

In his head, he could already picture the future where he absorbed Chen Feng’s gene into his body, turning them into a part of him. He would be able to reach 100 combo attacks or 1,000 combo attacks, creating a legend! However, at this moment, he suddenly noticed that Chen Feng’s wrist that originally couldn’t move was shuddering slightly.

"You can move now?"

The mutant was shocked.

Gene strengthening!

Especially when fusing with this type of exceedingly strong gene, how could one move before completion?


The mutant recalled something as his expression changed. If Chen Feng could move, wouldn’t that mean…

At this moment, he could seemingly feel that a smile had curled up on the corner of this human’s lips. Subsequently, he saw an instantaneous release of a chain of Wind Blades!



All the Wind Blades pierced through his chest without pause!

His body had already sustained serious injuries. The only reason he'd come to Chen Feng was to perform gene strengthening. Hence, he was unguarded and ended up being pierced into a sieve by Chen Feng’s attacks!


The mutant opened his eyes wide.

Blood was flowing.

"How is this possible?"

The mutant touched his chest in daze. Only a vast expanse of red blood could be felt there.

He looked at the human. That guy was actually still going through the gene strengthening process!


The mutant started to laugh silently, laughing until he cried.

Able to move during the gene strengthening process?

Having a higher amount of Wind Blades than him?

What kind of freak was he facing? Compared to a mutant like him that was supposed to be a freak, this human seemed to be the real freak?


He collapsed with an unreconciled heart.

At this moment.

Along with the death of the mutant, the over 100 wind foxes around howled as they looked at Chen Feng viciously, seemingly on the edge of rushing to Chen Feng. Chen Feng’s finger trembled lightly.


Wind Blades fluttered around.



Tens of Wind Blades rotated around him. Although Chen Feng had yet to complete his gene strengthening, his spirit had increased by a large amount. Facing these ordinary wind foxes, it was a one-sided slaughter!

"Thump! Thump!"

Several wind foxes collapsed.

The rest of the wind foxes felt something amiss and scattered immediately. Without the wind fox leader and the mutant, it was impossible for these wind foxes that were originally solitary beasts to unite.

The wind foxes left, leaving multiple corpses behind.

The area was in a mess.

Only Chen Feng survived.

Currently, he only had 5 points of luck left!


With some difficulty, Chen Feng opened his mouth.



This was only a beginning!

Because, currently, his gene strengthening had reached the final stage.



That was the sound of his bones being transformed.

Clenching his teeth, Chen Feng endured everything as his whole body was dripping with sweat.

The gene strengthening process that was proceeding in an orderly fashion had returned to its previous state due to Chen Feng deactivating the Luck Aura. The pain he suffered had reached the maximum. Him stopping the Luck Aura was not due to him being unable to use it. Instead, it was him not daring to use it. Just using the Luck Aura to complete the gene strengthening on his hand had consumed 10 points of luck values. What change could a mere 5 points bring?

It couldn’t change anything!

Since that was the case, he might as well continue enduring this pain.

At this place full of danger, Chen Feng did not dare to waste even the tiniest bit of his luck value. However, for him to be able to still think at this moment, was he not impressive?

Eh, why am I thinking about this?

Chen Feng could feel his thoughts starting to fall into disorder.

Those three idiots that tried to assassinate me in Black Cloud Continent seem to have disappeared… It can't be that, after getting set up by me, they started to think that it was actually profitable to sell blood essence after all and changed their profession, right?

I wonder if that bald Xu Fei will still be able to grow his hair?

That little girl Su Jin, could it be that she likes me? But she’s not my type.


Actually, Wang Yao doesn’t seem too bad, right? Although her age is somewhat low, she doesn’t seem to be completely flat chested.

Right, what’s her relationship with Wang Yue? Sister?

Heh, if Mu Yuan found the current state I’m in, he would probably start nagging me for not listening to him, right?

I wonder if they caught that old bastard Xie Kangzhong yet?

Countless bizarre thoughts surfaced in Chen Feng’s brain.

Currently, his brain felt like a clump of glue. However, he did not stop himself from indulging in these random thoughts as he felt that this seemed to be somewhat helpful in reducing his pain.

His sight getting blurry, Chen Feng tried to stay awake with great difficulty. After every burst of pain, Chen Feng could feel an increase of power within him.

This is an improvement!

This is a good thing!

I must not lose consciousness! Chen Feng warned himself inwardly.

At this moment, seemingly having sensed the aura on Chen Feng’s body, a few weak F-class mutated beasts looked toward his direction, their eyes glinting ominously.