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Chapter 47: All-Around Improvement!

Chapter 47: All-Around Improvement!

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Chen Feng could only smile bitterly.

What was this?

Even the mutant was killed by him, yet he would get himself killed off by some F-class mutated beasts?

He was a genius possessing the ability to battle someone of a higher class!

Currently, those few mutated beasts seemed to have sensed the power contained in Chen Feng’s body. Their gazes were immediately filled with greed, and killing intent started seeping into their scarlet-colored eyes.


The group of mutated beasts rushed over to Chen Feng.


Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

Currently, the only thing he could depend on was Luck Aura!


In this situation, would it be useful?

Luck Aura!


The Luck Aura was something that operated in accordance with Chen Feng’s will. Otherwise, if his intention was only to release a Wind Blade yet the Luck Aura was busy working on everything else around them, consuming several hundreds or several thousands of points per second, those few luck values of his would not be enough at all!

Let me complete the strengthening smoothly!

Chen Feng chanted inwardly.


At this, the remaining 5 points of luck declined rapidly. In a flash, all of them were used up. However, the mutated beasts around him were still there.

"I really did think too much," Chen Feng muttered.

Is the luck value not enough?

Chen Feng sighed.

His sight was failing him while the pain in his body continued. Sensing that the mutated beasts were still rushing toward him and feeling helpless, Chen Feng chose to ignore them and continued his monologue.

Chen Feng muttered in his heart, I’m near death anyway. What the heck should I be afraid of! I wonder if anyone will actually send me off…

In his final moments, his consciousness started blurring.

Vaguely, he seemed to hear the sound of an intense explosion. His body strengthening seemed to have completed at this moment. The pain in his body finally disappeared. Chen Feng appeared like someone who had soaked in sweat-formed vapor with his whole body drenched wet. With a pale face, he slumped powerlessly onto the ground.

Success? Or failure?

Chen Feng could not feel anything anymore.

Still in somewhat of a daze, Chen Feng opened his eyes. He thought that he was starting to see things, as a familiar figure could be seen standing in front of him. He winked his eyes. Before he was completely clear-headed, with difficulty, he managed to miraculously utter these words, "Not flat chested indeed."


A terrifying power exploded on his abdomen as Chen Feng was kicked out of the area, knocking into and snapping two trees before he stopped.

Chen Feng felt an explosion of pain in his body.

This feeling…

Chen Feng was suddenly clear headed. "I’m still alive?!"

That’s right.


His strength was gradually returning to him.

Feeling the explosive strength contained in his body and the incomparably clear mind of his, he abruptly realized that he had survived the most difficult stage!

Gene strengthening, success!

He survived it!

Chen Feng was in ecstasy.

Wait… if this was the case, Chen Feng looked at the familiar-looking silhouette in front of him and immediately inhaled a breath of cold air.

"Clear-headed now?"

Wang Yao’s tiny face was looking at him coldly.


Chen Feng felt anxious; he was scared that this little girl would take him away.

"Repeat what you said earlier."

Wang Yao was boiling with killing intent.

"I’m sorry."

Chen Feng repeatedly apologized. Earlier, he had uttered some nonsense as he was not clear-headed. Now, he did not dare to even mention what he said earlier. He did not even dare to say things that would have the slightest chance of expanding upon what he said earlier, such as I won’t dare next time , I was talking nonsense , etc. Basically, earlier, he had seriously courted death.

Wang Yao snorted coldly. "Hmph!"

Chen Feng scratched his head. "Why are you here?"

Facing this person that had saved his life twice, he really did feel somewhat embarrassed.

"I accidentally heard the sound of activity here and come over to take a look. Unexpectedly, I actually picked up a living person here," Wang Yao stated indifferently.

Chen Feng: "…"

He was considered as something picked up off the street by this loli?

However, he was aware that part of this was due to Luck Aura’s effect. Originally, Wang Yao might have only passed through here directly. However, due to the existence of Luck Aura, it caused her to accidentally notice this place.

The five points of luck values were well spent.

At this moment, the sound of someone gnashing one’s teeth could be heard.

"Chen Feng!"

Chen Feng turned around and was immediately astonished. It was actually Wang Yue!

Chen Feng was astonished. "Why are you here?"

"I should be the one asking this question!" Wang Yue was seething with rage. With great difficulty, he had finally managed to pester her to come here and help him kill mutated beasts to increase his spirit attribute. Unexpectedly, just as he arrived, he came across Chen Feng, the bringer of bad luck.

If he was alone…

Countless scenes of him torturing Chen Feng started appearing in his head.


Chen Feng ignored him. He turned around and looked at Wang Yao’s doubt-filled gaze and explained while he smiled bitterly, "I came here to perform gene strengthening. Unexpectedly, my foundations were too weak, and I almost failed to endure it."

"Is there anything trash like you is capable of enduring?"

Wang Yue sneered.

Is this the truth?

Wang Yao’s indifferent gaze swept through the corpses in the distance, not saying anything.

"Anyway, it’s just nice that we meet here."

Wang Yao slanted her tiny head and pondered. "I saved you. Now, you have to help me with something."

"It is my honor."

Chen Feng nodded.

"There’s something in Greenhill Forest that I wanted. However, its restriction was somewhat troublesome. I originally wanted Wang Yue to deal with it. However, he seems to be too much of a piece of trash," Wang Yao said indifferently.

"Elder sister!"

Wang Yue felt wronged.


Chen Feng’s widened his eyes abruptly.

Damn! Elder sister???

Looking at Wang Yao’s petite frame before looking at Wang Yue that was at least 170 cm in height, Chen Feng was stupefied. They were actually siblings? And to be elder sister and younger brother?!

"A small accident."

Wang Yao did not want to say too much.


Chen Feng suppressed the shock in his heart and his desire to know more. As he looked at the killing intent in the little girl’s eyes, he was aware that his life might be in danger if he kept asking.

"Stop talking nonsense. Do you agree or not?"

Wang Yue said impatiently, "My sister saved you earlier!"

"I can’t do it now."

Chen Feng shook his head. "I can’t remove any restrictions in my current condition. I will be able to do it tomorrow."

Wang Yao glanced at Chen Feng’s body, looking at the worn-out clothes soaked with sweat and his pale face before she slightly nodded. "I’ll find you tomorrow."

"So troublesome."

Wang Yue muttered and was glared at viciously by Wang Yao.


Light flickered as they soared to the clouds.

Wang Yao grabbed one of them with each of her hands as she brought Chen Feng and Wang Yue back to the camp. After exchanging contact details with Chen Feng, she took Wang Yue and left.

Chen Feng felt grateful.

Although this little girl was always enveloped by killing intent, it was all directed toward her enemies!

Helping her remove restrictions?

Chen Feng needed to make his preparations.

As he returned to the urban district and entered his rented house, he directly slumped onto his bed.

Too tired!

Too dangerous!

Even after saving up 50 points of luck, preparing a bottle of thundersnake gene reagent, and being incomparably cautious, he had still met with countless dangers and was almost unable to return to his home. Wanting to improve quickly, the price he had paid was far more terrifying then he had imagined! However, luckily, he had managed to return safely this time.

The gains this time, on the other hand…

Chen Feng scanned his genetic data.


Gene attributes:

Strength: 50

Agility: 50

Physique: 50

Spirit: 81


All-around improvement!

Compared with the previous him, the current him was on a totally different level.

The higher the risk, the higher the profit!

After his near-death trip, his strength, agility and physique, which were originally at 10 points, had reached 50 points. His originally 52 points of spirit had become 81 points. Overall, the increase in his attributes was 149 points! An incomparably frightening number!

"I’m nearing the limit of 100 points."

Chen Feng was excited.

It was worth it!

After removing the restriction for Wang Yao tomorrow, he would make some preparations before continuing to look for some wind fox leaders to kill. He would be able to reach 100 points in a short period of time!

At that time, the strongest gene…

He would definitely be able to complete his research on it!

Chen Feng’s heart was burning.

His luck values were fully exhausted, yet he still needed to help Wang Yao tomorrow. However, he probably wouldn’t need to waste his luck value. With Wang Yao around, who would dare to come and court death?

He rested peacefully through the night.

The next day, he reached the camp at Greenhill Forest.

When he arrived, the Wang siblings were not there yet. However, unexpectedly, he saw Xu Fei’s team there.