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Chapter 48: Becoming a Monk

Chapter 48: Becoming a Monk

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"Chen Feng."

Xu Fei walked over, excited.

Chen Feng’s mouth twitched. He always felt like laughing whenever he saw Xu Fei’s bald head.

Xu Fei saw his expression and grudgingly said, "I know you want to laugh. You don’t have to hold it in."


Chen Feng patted his shoulder. "You didn’t use any hair growing reagent?"

Hair growing reagent was a 1-star F-class gene reagent. Although it didn’t have any use in combat, it was still extremely popular due to its ability to enable one to grow a beautiful bush of hair on their head in a single day. After that, one would be able to cut one’s hair into any style one wished.

"It’s useless."

Xu Fei’s expression was unsightly.

"He even went to the hospital." Zhou Ling interjected and said while beaming, "The doctor said that his scalp suffered an attack from an unknown power, causing it to be excessively hard, hence his hair not being able to grow at all."

Chen Feng glanced at him pitifully.

"Hey, don’t talk about this. It ruins the mood."

Xu Fei waved his hand. "Previously, when you contacted me, I was dealing with the group that ambushed our hearse… pooh, the group that ambushed our flying vehicle. Hence, I didn’t notice the notification. Subsequently, I was busy and forgot about it."

"No worries." Chen Feng smiled. "I settled my issue."

"Then it’s good. If there are any problems, you can contact me anytime. If I don't answer the call, you can also leave a message."

Chen Feng shook his head. "No major problems."

Xu Fei was straightforward. "So what are you here at Greenhill Forest for today? Do you need any help?"

"I have an appointment with a friend."

"Is it a male or female?"

Xu Fei asked nosily.

Chen Feng: "…"

"Female?" Xu Fei guessed from Chen Feng’s reaction.

"Su Jin?"

Xu Fei guessed. "Damn! Brother, you aren’t planning to perform a field operation[1], right?"

Chen Feng: "…"

Chen Feng sighed. "Wang Yao."

"Hiss—" Xu Fei inhaled a mouthful of cold air. "You actually acted on her? The Flowers of the Motherland[2]."

"She is Wang Yue’s elder sister." Chen Feng’s expression turned unsightly as he glared viciously at Xu Fei. "Can you not be so perverted?"

"Elder sister?"

Xu Fei was dazed.

Only after a long time did he recovered as he howled, "In other words, kid, you actually found a legal loli? The heavens are unjust, to actually let you…"


A familiar looking flame appeared.

The terrifyingly high temperature caused Xu Fei to shut his mouth immediately out of fear as he frantically retreated backward in shock. However, that lump of flame still descended upon Xu Fei’s head without any warning.


The sound of an explosion.

"Female hero, please spare my life," Xu Fei screamed pitifully.

At this moment, a petite silhouette appeared at the camp’s entrance. It was Wang Yao, who glanced at Xu Fei coldly, before finally laying her eyes on Chen Feng.

"Let’s go," Wang Yao said indifferently.


Chen Feng patted Xu Fei’s shoulder. There was only sympathy in his heart as he looked at Xu Fei’s head. Brother, it’s about time you change this defective mouth of yours.

After they left, Xu Fei opened his screen while shuddering and aimed it at himself. He then stared foolishly at the nine black dots on his head.

"Ring scar?"

"The heck, there’s even nine of them?[3]"

"I don’t want to be a monk!" Xu Fei screamed mournfully while Zhou Ling laughed crazily beside him. "The little girl is asking you to practice the mouth-shutting mantra because your mouth is too lowly."

"Is there no law?"

"This is a camp. Isn’t fighting prohibited here?!"

Xu Fei grudgingly looked at the combat robot in the camp. "Are you here as a decoration?"

"Good day mister."

The combat robot’s red eyes flickered before it honestly said, "In accordance to our calculation: First, the one who acted did not have any killing intent. Second, the one who acted was too terrifying; if we were to act, it might lead to the camp perishing and everyone here dying. Third, we sent the recordings to the Genetic Union. If you want to hold her accountable or if any actual danger was encountered, someone from the upper levels of the Genetic Union can be dispatched here. Kindly confirm if that is required?"


It might lead to the camp perishing and everyone here dying?

Xu Fei and his group could feel their soul leaving their body as they trembled in fear. What kind of person was this Wang Yao?!

This was Greenhill Forest Camp!

The territory of the Genetic Union!

Even if it was a small camp at the outermost layer of the area, it was still a territory of Genetic Union! Wang Yao was actually so terrifying to the point where even the combat robot did not dare to act against her?

Who was she, exactly?

Xu Fei suddenly felt that him being alive was totally miraculous.

Zhou Ling suddenly opened her mouth. "Seems like you really need to practice the mouth-shutting mantra."

Xu Fei was silent.

"Kindly confirm if you want to hold her accountable?" the robot was still asking faithfully.

What the heck can I hold her accountable for?!

Xu Fei waved his hand before leaving with his team, as they also had their missions to perform today. However, after contemplating for a bit, he still decided to send a message to Chen Feng.

At this time, Chen Feng and Wang Yao hadn’t been gone for long.


The wristband vibrated.

As Chen Feng looked at it, he was immediately speechless. It was actually a message from Xu Fei: Please apologize to Miss Wang Yao on my behalf. I will practice the mouth-shutting mantra for this whole month.

Chen Feng showed it to Wang Yao.

"Although his mouth was somewhat lowly, your friend is very intelligent," Wang Yao said indifferently.


Chen Feng did not expect this.

"Experts have their dignity as well. Not every one of them is as kind as me." Wang Yao’s expression was apathetic.

"Oh," Chen Feng answered calmly.

Although he knew that what Wang Yao said was sensible, for some unknown reason, as he looked at this person with an 11- or 12-years-old appearance earnestly saying such words, he couldn’t help but feel that this was a cute little girl throwing a fit, even if he was aware of how terrifying Wang Yao actually was!

"I must have gone crazy."

Chen Feng sighed. It seemed like there were still some aspects of this world he hadn't completely accepted.

At this time.

"Chen Feng!"

The sound of gnashing teeth could be heard. Wang Yue was glaring viciously at him. This Chen Feng actually did not even spare him a look all along, acting as if he was nonexistent!

This was too excessive!

"Are we arriving soon?"

Chen Feng looked into the distance.

"We have arrived."

Wang Yao bought them to the depth of the forest. It was said that there was mystical spring water there.

"Chen Feng!" Wang Yue howled. "You dare to ignore me?"

Chen Feng looked at him indifferently. "This time, I’m here to help your elder sister. You should just sit tight and act your part as baggage. Don’t spout nonsense. I haven’t settled the incident where you sent someone to ambush me during the examinations. If it wasn’t for your elder sister, do you think you would actually still be alive now?"

"Shut up!" Wang Yue’s heart leaped as his expression changed greatly.

"Ambush…" Wang Yao suddenly opened her mouth. "What’s the matter?"


Wang Yue gulped. Damn it, why did he provoke Chen Feng for no reason?

"You don’t know?" Chen Feng was somewhat astonished before shaking his head. "It doesn’t matter now. It’s all in the past. I am here to help you today, don’t mention those things."

Wang Yao’s eyes swept through both Chen Feng and Wang Yue before finally saying, "Let’s go."

Deep inside Greenhill Forest, Chen Feng could already see the flowing spring water.

"This is the Greenhill Spring."

In order to make up for his mistake earlier, Wang Yue stated in low voice, "Possessing a certain amount of spirituality, it is a material used for a lot of gene productions. However, our current target is not this. Instead, it is the end point of the Greenhill Spring!"


Chen Feng did not comment on it.

As Wang Yue looked at his expression, his anger bubbled.

The three of them walked along the Greenhill Spring. When they reached the inner zone, they were already enveloped by mist. The visibility was low and an incorporeal restriction blocked their way forward.


1. Field operation – A Chinese slang commonly used to describe couples making out or having intercourse in the wild.

2. Flowers of the Motherland - Flowers of the Motherland is a 1955 Chinese black-and-white film, which was produced by Changchun Film Group Corporation. The movie follows the primary school students' life after China's founding. Commonly used as an expression to refer to underage kids as well.

3. The dots commonly seen on a Buddhist monk’s head. Refer: https://www.google.com/search?q=%E6%88%92%E7%96%A4&tbm=isch