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Chapter 49: Depths of the Frigid Pond

Chapter 49: Depths of the Frigid Pond

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"What is this?"

Astonished, Chen Feng held his hand out and touched it slightly.


A cloud of mist quivered as Chen Feng's hand gently bounced off.


Chen Feng was shocked.

Looking at the incorporeal mist floating midair, he knew how powerful the restriction was. The more powerful the blood essence was, the more complicated the restriction that resulted from it would be!


A mist-formed restriction?

Where was the blood essence?

"This is a naturally formed restriction." Wang Yao’s cold voice resounded. "This was originally a drop of a mistcloud beast’s blood essence. After years of evolution, the blood essence vaporized and the power within the blood essence fused with the mist around it, forming this peculiar naturally formed restriction. It was even more powerful than ordinary restrictions."

"So that’s the case," Chen Feng muttered thoughtfully.

He extended his hand and felt the restriction once again. He entered the digitized mode to find with surprise that the restriction was not overly complicated at all.


The lacking genes were found and the restriction was removed. He did not even use his luck value on this.


The mist around them scattered quietly, opening a path before them.

"There doesn’t seem to be anything special here."

Chen Feng felt doubtful.

However, as the three of them walked past this restriction, the mist behind them joined once more. That restriction activated again!

It can actually join automatically? Is it unlimited?

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. So this was the formidable aspect of a naturally formed restriction!

"The thing I need is at the innermost part of this area."

Wang Yao took the lead and opened a path before them.


Chen Feng and Wang Yue followed closely behind as they stepped into the depths of the mist.

Currently, at the Greenhill Camp, an exceptionally equipped team had appeared. It was a team of four with at least three of them wearing obviously unordinary clothes. From the materials of the clothes, it was obvious that these clothes were considerably expensive.

Only the youngster in the middle of the group looked incomparably young and tender.

"Wu Fan, is it here?" Captain Chang Hu asked.

"Mhm." Wu Fan was excited. "The gene of the mutated beast I fused is at the misty zone in the depths of Greenhill Forest. I’m currently at 25 points of agility. I only need 75 more points to reach 100 points!"

"Don’t worry." Chang Hu nodded. "Since we accepted your mission, we will definitely allow you to increase your attributes. 10,000 yuan for each point of attribute. 75 points would cost 750,000 yuan in total. The other attributes can be considered as our gift to you. No problem, right?"

"No problem."

Wu Fan was excited.

I can finally improve!

Although his family was wealthy, unfortunately, his family members were not optimistic about his future. Hence, no specialized training partner was assigned to him. Otherwise, how would he be weaker than Wang Yue?

Luckily, he could finally put the two years of pocket money he had saved to good use!

He was now a high school graduate with solid foundations. There was no need to worry that something would go wrong. Even that Wang Yue fellow had sprinted to 80 attribute points, so how could he fall behind? He was especially troubled after the Dragon’s Passing Mountain incident. Hence, he decided to spend a large amount of money to boost himself to the peak of F class.

There was also that Chen Feng…

Wu Fan clenched his teeth. The thing he found the most insulting was the fact that they were actually saved by trash that was looked down upon by all their schoolmates. Today, he had to rush himself to the peak of F class before he proceeded to surpass his limit and step into E class!

By then…


"Let’s go."

Chang Hu looked at the weather. "Although you students have good foundations, your willpower is too weak. Hence, you can only increase 1 or 2 points each time. If you students were to increase too many points at once, you all will start crying in pain for your parents. For you to improve yourself, we need to kill around 40 to 50 suitable mutated beasts. Seems like we have a busy day ahead of us."

"Thus, be quiet on the road!"

Chang Hu’s gaze was cold. "Here, there’re not only those low-level mutated beasts that you wanted to use for gene strengthening. There are also other things that are much more terrifying. If any formidable beasts are attracted, we will not be able to take care of you."

"I know," Wu Fan said impatiently.

He was not bothered with Chang Hu’s attitude at all.

A few mere E-class warriors whose profession was helping others increase their attributes, their profession could be considered as a branch of that lowly laborer profession! 750,000 yuan might appear to be a high amount. However, the three of them needed to work their asses off for a period of time only to end up earning an average of 30,000 yuan per day. What could they achieve with that amount nowadays?

A commoner would forever remain a commoner.

Inwardly, Wu Fan was full of disdain. Although his family was not as well off as Wang Yue’s family, they were still considered a rich and powerful family. A mere several hundred thousand yuan was not something they would put in their eyes.

"Be careful, don’t let him act recklessly."

Chang Hu was still worried as he said in a low voice to Zhang Ling, the only female of their team. "If he starts shouting inconsiderately, seal off the sound. We can’t let any trouble arise."

Zhang Ling nodded slightly. "Understood."

"Let’s go."

Contempt flashed in Chang Hu’s eyes.

He had seen a lot of these so-called young masters. Every single one of them had a heaven-surpassing pride, thinking that with their rich family and them joining a university they would be able to defeat everything under the heavens. It was simply ridiculous.

They could hire others to help them reach 100 points easily when they were at F class. However, what could they do after that?

One needed to know that the limit for F class was 100 points, while the limit for E-class was 1,000 points. With that weak willpower of theirs, where they will start shouting in pain when their attribute increase exceeded three points, they were still dreaming of rapid improvement?

Too naive!

The resources the wealthy had at their disposal were indeed formidable. It would enable them to improve at a speed higher than an ordinary person. This was an unchanging rule since times immemorial. However, wealth alone was not enough for one to be an expert.

Furthermore, regardless of gene strengthening, consuming attribute-increasing reagents, or tempering, the attributes could only be increased to the limit!

Wanting to break through the limit? One still needed to work hard for it!

These kinds of people that reached the limit through the assistance of others would definitely be stuck when they were trying to break through the limit!


Chang Hu sneered inwardly as the four of them stepped into Greenhill Forest.

Currently, Chen Feng and his group had reached the depths of the mist.

When he witnessed with his own eyes how Wang Yao killed a mutated beast without effort and threw it to Wang Yue to perform gene strengthening, he finally understood why the profit for the gold ant gene was so low.

It was a 5-star formula with a high production difficulty. It was a gene reagent that was extremely difficult to produce, yet the effect was nothing spectacular?

What Mu Yuan said was indeed correct. These F-class formulas with high star ratings were simply a trap. Luckily, his main goal was to increase his star rating. Otherwise, the formula was totally not worth choosing.

Furthermore, these gene reagents could only be used to increase attributes under normal circumstances, and they could only be used once as well. When it came to breaking through one’s limit, it was totally useless.

Hence, its main target market is those shut-in nerd producers that are too lazy to leave their house?

"It is indeed a formula that needs to be phased out."

Chen Feng sighed.

Wang Yao looked at Wang Yue. "How much is your spiritual energy now?"

"81 points." Wang Yue held his head high and looked at Chen Feng proudly. "I told you. After we leave the school, I will surpass you and leave you far behind me. How much is your current spiritual energy?"

"81 points." Chen Feng was expressionless.


Wang Yue froze immediately while Wang Yao also looked at Chen Feng in amazement. She was very clear on Chen Feng’s circumstances. He had also sprinted to 81 points with those circumstances of his?!

When she recalled that scene of devastation during Chen Feng’s gene strengthening yesterday…

This Chen Feng is indeed special!

"How is that possible?"

Wang Yue blanked. "You are spouting nonsense, right?"

"Shut up." Wang Yao kicked him. "Have you not embarrassed yourself enough?"

Wang Yue lowered his head.

Chen Feng only smiled indifferently.

"Since your spiritual energy has exceeded 80 points, the mutated beasts suitable for your gene strengthening are no longer easy to find. It’s about time for you to go to that place."

Wang Yao looked toward the depths of the mist.


She pointed at the air in front of her.

The mist around them scattered immediately, and a tunnel appeared in front of them. All the low-leveled restrictions on their way were immediately removed. This... was Wang Yao’s strength!

Removing restrictions by force!

Wang Yao pulled her hand back indifferently.

The group of three stepped forward. Without the obstruction of the mist and the need to kill any mutated beasts, they reached the place where the spring water originated from in a short period of time. It was a frigid pond with a diameter of several tens of meter. Water streamed down from the summit of the hill into the pond before it streamed down as spring water from the valley.

In the center of the frigid pond was a lotus radiating with pure and holy-looking light.



An enormous python appeared. With a terrifying killing intent, it rushed toward the three of them. However, before Chen Feng was able to react, he saw red light flickering in Wang Yao’s hand as she grabbed that python before wrenching it into an enormous pile of fried dough twist[1] and casually tossing it away.


The python was smashed onto the ground and lost its consciousness.

Chen Feng: "…"

This was the mutated guardian beast of this lotus?

Chen Feng observed a moment of silence for that python.

Suddenly, a peculiar fragrance appeared. Chen Feng looked toward the frigid pond and saw faint mist start floating up from the water. Slowly, the mist became denser and swirled around the lotus, forming a naturally formed restriction!


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