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Chapter 50: Life and Death Domain

Chapter 50: Life and Death Domain

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"It’s here."

Chen Feng’s heart leaped slightly.

He knew that this was the help Wang Yao needed from him. Although Wang Yao could probably destroy the restriction with force, the lotus would probably get destroyed in the process as well.

"Let me do it," Chen Feng said softly.

He was only here to repay the favor since Wang Yao saved his life yesterday. After this matter was completed, his debt with Wang Yao could be considered to have been cleared. As for Wang Yue?



Radiance swirled around his hands; Chen Feng was about to remove the restriction.

"Wait." Wang Yao pulled him back.

Chen Feng was in doubt. "Mhm?"

Wang Yao slightly shook her head. She walked to the front, raised her right hand, and aimed at that white lotus.


A terrifying strength was instantly unleashed.

Chen Feng’s mouth was left hanging.

Damn. Does she want to directly destroy this thing? Why doesn’t this little girl act in accordance with common sense?

However, right at this moment, an overcast howl surfaced from the frigid pond. A frightening power spread out of the frigid pond and destroyed Wang Yao’s attack!


The frigid pond started bubbling while the surface of the pond started shaking.


Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly as he hastily retreated.

The spring water suddenly exploded. "Bang!"

An enormous monster suddenly emerged from the frigid pond. It had a diameter of 10 meters and its silhouette alone occupied half the pond!


Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air. This was actually a huge turtle.

The turtle had a huge body with extraordinary rays of light swirling on its shell, giving it an astonishing appearance. On its green colored skin were layers upon layers of creases that were unimaginably thick. On its neck, a medal full of stains could be seen hanging. The word "Duma" could be vaguely seen on it.


The huge turtle bellowed. Its oppressive voice brought a terrifying pressure with it, akin to the heavens collapsing. The spring water that was splashed around from the earlier explosion was condensed in midair, turning into multiple ice arrows that were launched toward Chen Feng’s group!

Wang Yao sneered. "Hmmph!"


A sword slash descended.

A red-colored shockwave spread out and evaporated all the ice arrows.


"You dare touch the item that I have been waiting 100 years for?"

The huge turtle opened its mouth and a dreadful killing intent appeared in its small deep-black eyes.

Chen Feng trembled as he heard this. This huge turtle could actually speak? What kind of freak was this!

"These valuable materials originally belonged to mother nature. When did they become yours?"

Wang Yao sneered. "Hand it over and I will spare your life."

"You are courting death!" the huge turtle roared.


A terrifying power was once again unleashed, engulfing the area like a storm.

Wang Yao was not bothered at all. The red-colored huge sword in her hand flickered and the huge turtle was forcefully suppressed on its original spot. "Chen Feng, I will leave the rest to you."


Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

He was aware that it was now the time for him to act.


He stepped forward.

Clouds and mist drifted before his eyes.


Chen Feng instantly entered the digitized mode.

At this moment, Chen Feng did not dare to pause. However, the genes he needed to search for in this restriction reached an amount of 2,000 strains, an amount far surpassing all the restrictions he had ever met before! Luckily, Chen Feng’s current spiritual energy had been increased, or else he would not be able to even maintain the activation of the digitized mode!

Luck Aura, activate!

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


The luck value dropped rapidly.

One point, two points, three points…

Chen Feng was able to find several hundreds of missing genes in a flash. However, due to the amount of genes he needed to search this time being too high, he could only advance one step at a time.

One second, two seconds…

Time passed.

"How can a little kid like this remove the frigid pond’s restriction?"

The huge turtle’s eyes were full of disdain.

In its long years of life, it had seen too many so-called geniuses. It was simply too naive for a mere beginner producer to dream of removing the frigid pond restriction.

Wang Yao was calm as water. "How would one know without trying?"

"Trying to break the restriction with force? Be careful of its counter attack," the huge turtle threatened.

However, right at this moment, a bizarre sound echoed. As the huge turtle turned its head to take a look, it was immediately shocked to find that the frigid pond’s restriction had been removed.

How many seconds had this taken? Five or six seconds?


The huge turtle was somewhat stupefied. After sleeping for a hundred years, the beginner producers of the current era were already so powerful?


The mist around them dispersed naturally.

"How is this possible?!"

The huge turtle finally recovered from its shock and an alarmed expression appeared on its face.

Due to its long life span, it had seen a lot of gene producers. However, it had never seen anyone capable of removing restrictions with such speed, especially not a beginner producer.

"Not good."

The huge turtle recovered from its shock. Since the restriction was removed, then that lotus…

Since it was currently engaged with Wang Yao, the lotus was about to fall into Chen Feng’s hands. It immediately felt anxious.

That thing!

For that thing…

It had waited a hundred years!

How could it let them take the lotus away easily after a hundred years of wait? Just as it was feeling anxious, suddenly, the turtle was surprised to find that a weak spot had appeared in Wang Yao’s suppression of him! This gave the turtle a short frame of opportunity. This short frame of opportunity was more than sufficient for experts like them!

It was now.

The huge turtle roared. "Howl!"


The skies trembled.

It spat out a black-colored light globe. The light globe floated in midair with a faint purple radiance flickering out of it. In a split second, the purple radiance engulfed everyone. With the huge turtle as the center, it spread and enveloped everything without distinction. Everything within 100 meters of it, including Wang Yao, was all hit by the attack!

This was the trump card of the huge turtle—Life and Death Domain.

"I want to kill—"

The huge turtle was feeling proud. Just as it prepared to decimate them, it shockingly found that the little girl had already awakened. Immediately, it trembled with fear, grabbed onto the white lotus with its mouth, and quickly fled into the frigid pond.

The turtle had actually escaped just like that!

"You finally used this move."

A smile appeared on Wang Yao’s tiny face.


Why would she want that thing?

The reason she intentionally exposed a weak point was because her actual goal was the turtle’s Life and Death Domain. This was a formidable illusionary attack that required a hundred years of life span as the sacrifice to be activated!

"Life and Death Domain!"


Wang Yao controlled the dreadful purple globe.


Radiance bloomed from the purple globe as expression of pain started appearing on Chen Feng and Wang Yue’s face.


Wang Yao raised her hands.

Clumps of energy bloomed one after another from her hands before changing into red strings and surrounding the purple globe. As she did this, the energy emitted by the globe changed from a purple color into a transparent color!

"It begins."

Wang Yao’s gaze was calm.

This was originally a powerful attack. However, she used her formidable spiritual energy to purify the Life and Death Domain, erasing all the negative energy from it. This enabled Wang Yue to experience the huge turtle’s hundred years worth of life and death experiences and its experiences in breaking through its limit, using it as boon for him to break through and increase his power!

This was her gift to Wang Yue.

As for Chen Feng…

Her gaze swept through Chen Feng. This was a fellow that had appeared unexpectedly. A variable.

"You originally shouldn’t have appeared here."

"However, since you are here, this is fate."

Radiance blossomed from Wang Yao’s pair of quick-witted eyes, as if she was able to see through the shackles of time. "How much you are able to experience from this Life and Death Domain will depend on yourself!"


The red light in Wang Yao’s hands shined brightly.

Life and Death Domain!



Somewhere within Greenhill Forest, pitiful screams were reverberating.

A youth possessing somewhat graceful looks, Wu Fan, was currently sprawled on the ground as he struggled unceasingly. His whole body twitched and his face twisted. His situation was remarkably similar to that of someone suffering from torture.

Chang Hu sighed. "Have you sealed off the sound?"

"Mhm, sealed." Zhang Ling spread her hands. "It’s not that I want to nag, but why do you need to let him try this?"

"It’s his own request." Chang Hu felt helpless as well. "Since this young master requested it, do we dare to not let him try? I did not expect him to suffer to such an extent. This is only a three-point increase. I remember that even when you guys increased your attributes by four points in the past, you all didn’t have such a big reaction, right?"

"He is a person with a different status, after all."

Zhang Ling shook her head. "Seems like later we should just increase his attributes by one or two points each time."

"We can only do that."

Chang Hu was disappointed. "In the later stages of gene strengthening, the mutated beasts with suitable attributes will be harder to find. Seems like we need to stay a few more days here at Greenhill Forest."

"How could 750,000 be so easy to earn?"

Zhang Ling smiled.


Chang Hu spat as greed appeared in his eyes. "If we kill this kid…"

"Don’t act recklessly."

Zhang Ling pulled him and said in a low voice, "Have you forgotten how we were almost found out previously? Even though not many people know us in Gold City, we still shouldn’t perform such acts too frequently. Furthermore, this Wu family is not simple as well. You should be careful, lest you kick an iron plate[1]."

"I know."

Chang Hu felt somewhat regretful. If he were to do that, it would be something that brought him profit without any need for an investment!


"Ah ah ah ah—"

The gene strengthening seemed to have reached the final stage. Wu Fan’s scream became even more intense. The few of them covered their ears and frowned. Luckily, they had prepared a method to seal off any sounds. Any sound within a zone of three meters would be trapped within the zone. Otherwise, with the noise made by Wu Fan, every single one of them would die here.

Only when Wu Fan’s gene strengthening was completed did Chang Hu stand up.

"Give him the recovering reagent."

"Remember. 10,000 per bottle. Profit off him ruthlessly!" Chang Hu said viciously.

"Wait until he recovered himself before we leave."


Zhang Ling nodded.


1. Kick an iron plate – An expression Chinese used to describe the situation where one thought they found a person easy to bully but end up meeting someone powerful they can’t bully instead.