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Chapter 51: Breaking through the limit!

Chapter 51: Breaking through the limit!

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Currently, at the vicinity of the frigid pool, just as the huge turtle bellowed, both Chen Feng and Wang Yue felt the scene before their eyes flickered and started changing. When it ended, they had both appeared in a brand new world.

"Where is this?"

Chen Feng looked around him.

Wang Yao had disappeared. Wang Yue had also disappeared. Even the frigid pool had disappeared. Currently, everything had disappeared, leaving no trace behind.


A bellow that shook the heavens and earth resounded.

This was an area immersed in a vast yet ancient aura. Suddenly, a mutated beast that Chen Feng had never seen before appeared. Its four limbs stepped on the ground as a bizarre flame swirled around its limbs. This mutated beast was not powerful. However, for unknown reasons, its aura had raised a sense of reverence from the depths of Chen Feng’s heart.

What is this?

Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

An unfamiliar place…

An unfamiliar mutated beast…

Is this an illusion?

Chen Feng suddenly realized.


The flame on the mutated beast’s limbs blazed as it charged toward Chen Feng.

Chen Feng fought back and found that this mutated beast’s strength was roughly at the peak of F class. Although it was somewhat stronger than him, he was still able to put up some sort of resistance against it.


Unleashing his Wind Blades, Chen Feng started battling the beast.

"This beast is somewhat stupid."

After unleashing several Wind Blades, Chen Feng noticed that although this mutated beast was quite powerful, from its slow reaction time, it was quite apparent that the beast’s intelligence was somewhat low.

"Good chance!"

Chen Feng controlled his Wind Blades as the blades circled around.


Several Wind Blades arched in a perfect curve midair before ambushing the beast from the back and killing it! Without using any luck value, Chen Feng had managed to kill the beast using his own strength!


The mutated beast turned into a clump of light before it disappeared.

Subsequently, Chen Feng could feel that the fading light had turned into some sort of power before rushing into Chen Feng’s body and increasing his spirit attribute by one point!

"Spirit… increased?"

Chen Feng was shocked.

Killing a mutated beast in this illusion could actually increase his spiritual energy?

How was it possible that the huge turtle was so kind? Unless…

Wang Yao!


Chen Feng felt doubtful.

If Wang Yao had done this previously when she was not aware of his grudges with Wang Yue, it would be understandable. However, he had intentionally mentioned the examinations incident in front of Wang Yao, pointing out his grudge with Wang Yue. Under such circumstances, wouldn’t it be more logical if Wang Yao were to exclude him when she was helping Wang Yue improve his strength?

Instead, she…

Wang Yao, Wang Yue, Wang family…

Chen Feng started thinking about Wang Yao, who currently possessed the appearance of a 11 or 12 years old girl. Suddenly, he felt that there might be a shocking secret he was unaware of in this Wang family.

They might not be the same type of people after all!

Chen Feng contemplated. He should temporarily see Wang Yao and Wang family as different entities. With this line of thought, a lot of confusing things were suddenly explainable.

As for now…


Another mutated beast appeared.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Since there was a benefit to be gained in front of him, he had to grab hold of it.



Wind Blades were unleashed.

At the same time, also in an illusionary world, Wang Yue, who had been amply prepared, was also giving his utmost battling mutated beasts. However, as he was currently at the initial stage of his chosen path where he had nearly zero combat power, he could only go all out when he was battling the mutated beasts. A bizarre huge sword appeared in his hands. It was actually the exact same sword that Wang Yao used.

"Sister’s sword…"

Wang Yue inhaled deeply.



He slashed downward and started his battle with the mutated beast.

Both their illusions were synchronous. Wang Yue had his sister’s assistance while Chen Feng had his own methods as well. Both of them had eerily maintained the same killing speed!

Both their spiritual energies increased constantly!

After each kill, their spiritual energy would be increased by one point!

Although the mutated beasts that appeared were getting stronger which in turn had caused their battles to be even more desperate, they continued pushing forth to reach their limit mode.

Currently, in front of the frigid pond, red light was swirling around Wang Yao. She controlled the glowing globe as she firmly fixed it in midair while allowing the power of the Life and Death Domain to continue taking effect on Chen Feng and Wang Yue.

"The main show begins."

A smile appeared on Wang Yao’s delicate tiny face.

She didn’t work so hard just to help increase Wang Yue’s attributes. The actual usage of Life and Death Domain was to help one break through their limit mode.

Currently, Wang Yue and Chen Feng’s spiritual energy was increasing rapidly.

95, 96, 97…

100 points!

After killing the final mutated beast, Wang Yue and Chen Feng’s spirit attribute had finally reached the limit mode of F class, reaching the pinnacle of the class!


The purple light globe flickered rapidly.

"Be obedient."

A cold glint flickered in Wang Yao’s eyes.


Red light blossomed.

"Make one final contribution before you disappear."

Wang Yao pointed.

The purple light globe started to rotate rapidly. Rays of purified light enveloped both Chen Feng and Wang Yao. At this time, within the Life and Death Domain, a change was silently occurring.


An ice-cold light blade brushed past Chen Feng’s body.

Chen Feng looked at his cloth that was cut open as he was drenched in cold sweat. This strength…


The ground trembled.

A huge mutated beast walked out of the shadows. The faint pressure it emitted caused Chen Feng to be somewhat astonished. This aura, it seemed to be a E-class mutated beast!

"E class?"

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

This was an illusion. Hence, there was no thundersnake gene. Here, he could only depend on his own strength to deal with everything thrown at him!

"Did this thing appear due to me reaching the limit mode?" Chen Feng thought knowingly.

Both him and Wang Yue had reached the limit mode.

It was too dangerous for one to attempt to surpass the limit through the pressure brought forth by life-threatening dangers and desperate battles. Hence, Wang Yao had chosen this way to help Wang Yue breakthrough his limit.

"He is indeed her younger brother."

Chen Feng shook his head.

This seemed to be something Wang Yao had prepared for Wang Yue. He was just lucky to be here as well by chance.

"Battling an E-class mutated beast and breaking through under pressure?"

Chen Feng sighed as he looked at the mutated beast in front of him.

Was it possible?

He had seen a lot of E-class mutated beasts. He had even killed a few of them at Dragon’s Passing Mountain. Even without the thundersnake gene reagent, with Luck Aura, it was not possible for these beasts to pose any threat to him! From his previous life until now, he had experienced too many near death situations!

Maybe I should forget that Luck Aura actually exists and try breaking through this way?

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


Chen Feng planned to give it a try using his pure combat power alone.


Wind Blades were unleashed.

Chen Feng started battling the mutated beast.

Outside the illusionary world, Wang Yao frowned. Something seems to be wrong?

She was aware of what kind of person her brother was. It was due to his weak willpower that she had decided to use this method to increase Wang Yue’s level and willpower! Instead, this variable known as Chen Feng was the one possessing talent and willpower far surpassing her brother Wang Yue!


In the Life and Death Domain, the signs of breakthrough had actually appeared on Wang Yue first!

It appeared on that idiotic brother of her!



The battle was progressing.

Wang Yue was involved in an extremely bitter battle. He was aware that this was something that his sister had fought for him. However, possibly due to Chen Feng's existence, he had started to be harsh on himself. Not wanting to lose out to Chen Feng, he started putting everything he had on the line to battle the mutated beasts, constantly pushing himself forward!

Wang Yue’s bottleneck was tottering!

A breakthrough might happen anytime!

On the other hand, there were no signs of a breakthrough on Chen Feng.


Wang Yao muttered.

"Have I looked too highly upon you?"

A tinge of doubt flickered in Wang Yao’s eyes.

However, she failed to guess that the reason for Chen Feng not breaking through was not due to his willpower being not firm enough. Instead, it was due to his willpower being too firm!

In the illusion.

The desperate battle that was supposed to happen did not appear. Slowly, Chen Feng started to gain the upper hand. In midair, several tens of Wind Blades hovered. Unexpectedly, none of them had dispersed. Along with Chen Feng’s continuous release, the amount of Wind Blades increased constantly. Under the control of his spiritual energy, they hovered around him.

It was akin to a dance of Wind Blades.

Even if the E-class mutated beast was stronger than Chen Feng, it couldn’t get near him at all.

The strength of this mutated beast was not bad at all. With the strength attribute nearing 300 points, it was extremely terrifying. However, so what? Due to it being dull, its movements were somewhat clumsy. Chen Feng could easily evade the beast. Under his control, the amount of Wind Blades hovering around him increased.

He was sure that when the amount of Wind Blades exceeded 100, he only need to launch all of them onto this mutated beast and it would probably be enough to heavily injure it.


Where was the crisis?!

Chen Feng’s head ached as he felt troubled. In this situation, he felt quite helpless.

He was aware that this illusion was a good opportunity for him to break through. However, it really failed to give him even the slightest bit of pressure!

Furthermore, he was too rational, to the point where he was aware that everything in front of him was an illusion regardless of how real it seemed. He was so rational that he was aware that he could defeat this E-class mutated beast with his power alone without even using his luck value!

"Seems like I won’t be able to break through."

Chen Feng sighed.

Too weak!

This Life and Death Domain was in essence something specially prepared to serve Wang Yue!

If the mutated beasts in the illusion were too powerful, it could lead to Wang Yue’s death. Hence, after being purified by Wang Yao, it was weakened to a certain extent, which lead to this domain being incapable of satisfying Chen Feng’s requirements.

Surpassing his limit in the midst of crisis and danger?

He did not even feel any sense of crisis. How the heck was he supposed to break through?


The mutated beast tried to advance.

Chen Feng casually chose several tens of Wind Blades among those hovering around him and tossed them out. With this alone, he had successfully forced the mutated beast to retreat. The Wind Blades curved perfectly before returning to him and continued hovering around him.

"I will just pretend this is a Wind Blade practice."

Chen Feng could only comfort himself this way.

In actuality, he was already very satisfied.

He originally came to return Wang Yao’s favor of saving his life. He did not expect to have the opportunity to ride along Wang Yue’s benefit and have his spirit attribute increased to 100 points!

This could be classified as an unexpected gain!


He only needed to wait for the illusion to end and he could return home and start producing the strongest gene.

At this thought, he became even more halfhearted when battling the beast.

At the same time, the aura of Wang Yue was slowly transforming.