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Chapter 52: You All Must Have Gone Insane

Chapter 52: You All Must Have Gone Insane

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"You are almost there?"

A faint smile curled on the corner of Wang Yao’s lips.

Seems like this brother of mine is not some hopeless trash after all. There is a reason, after all, for the Wang family to prioritize on nurturing him. As for Chen Feng…

"You can’t even grasp this opportunity?"

Wang Yao shook her head, feeling somewhat regretful.

Due to the incident at Dragon’s Passing Mountain, she had looked highly upon Chen Feng. Hence, she dragged Chen Feng into the Life and Death Domain as well. Unexpectedly…


A crisp sound.

A bizarre sound spread from the distance.

There’s someone else here?

Wang Yao looked at the Chen Feng and Wang Yue that were still in the illusion and frowned. This was a somewhat bad turn of events. In order to maintain the illusion, she could not act on anyone else. Otherwise…

Thump thump!

Sounds of chaotic footsteps could be heard. A group of people appeared without trying to conceal themselves. When they saw Wang Yao, both sides blanked.

"It’s you?"

Wang Yao remembered.

Wu Fan, a classmate of her brother's. She had seen him before at Dragon’s Passing Mountain.

"Wang Yao?"

Wu Fan’s expression changed slightly.

How would he come across Wang Yao at this time? As he turn around and looked at the Chen Feng and Wang Yue that were in an illusion, he understood, "You are helping them to breakthrough?"


Wang Yao glanced at them coldly and did not say anything else.

"You know her?" Chang Hu looked at Wu Fan, who was in fear.

"Someone from the Wang family."

Wu Fan said in a low voice, "Let’s go."

Subconsciously, he wanted to leave with his group immediately. He originally came because he thought that there were some treasures here due to the mysterious appearance of this place. He did not expect to meet these people here. How unlucky!

However, somewhat exceeding his expectations, Chang Hu did not listen to him. Instead, he was staring at Wang Yao greedily.

"She is someone from the Wang family?" Chang Hu suddenly asked.

"You must have gone insane!" Wu Fan was trembling with fear. "This woman’s strength is extremely terrifying."

"Why should we be afraid of a brat?"

Chang Hu sneered. Terrifying? Does a mere F-class warrior like you know what true terror is?

"She must have quite a lot of treasures on her, right?" Chang Hu licked his dry lips and said greedily, "No matter how strong she is, what’s the point? In her current state, she can’t budge at all. Otherwise, those two fellows will definitely be crippled! As long as we don’t act too excessively, she will definitely not make her move! How can we let go of such a good opportunity?"

Wu Fan retreated in fear. "You are insane."

Robbing Wang Yao?

How ignorant was this guy?

However, Chang Hu’s words reminded him of something.

According to what his family had told him, the Wang family put a lot of hope on Wang Yue. They had even prepared a certain formidable E-class gene reagent for him! Since he was currently trying to break through, that gene reagent might be on his body? If he were to obtain that thing for himself…

The one who rose in power abruptly would not be Wang Yue but him instead?

As for Wang Yao…

She wouldn’t dare to kill in the town, right?

There was a saying that a benefit of 300% would tempt a person to ignore the law! Now, if this information he'd gotten was true, after robbing Wang Yue, the benefit would be 10,000%!

Wang Yao could not move!

Was there any better opportunity than this?


As for the Wu family?

They can go f*ck themselves. Who cares?

If the Wu family was willing to nurture him, would he still need to hire someone to help him increase his attributes? At worst, he only needed to rob the thing he wanted before fleeing! When he became stronger, he could return again!

That’s right!

That gene reagent…

Wu Fan was thoroughly tempted.

Under the temptation of a huge benefit, he was under the impression that he had everything planned out. However, the current him that was still a student was too naive. He was not aware of the significance of the power demonstrated by Wang Yao at Dragon’s Passing Mountain.

"Hand over everything on you."

Wu Fan opened his mouth as he looked at Wang Yao. "We won’t hurt anyone. Hence, you don’t have to give up on the both of them to fight against us. We only want your things and won’t hurt anyone!"

A cold expression appeared on Wang Yao’s tiny face. "You are courting death."

"We only want your things!" Wu Fan clenched his teeth. "If you continue hesitating, don’t blame us for being rough."

"Why are you spouting so much nonsense?" Chang Hu sneered. "Just rob them directly."

"Don’t act recklessly." Zhang Ling pulled him back. She could see that something seemed wrong with that little girl. "Wu Fan might be right. If someone got hurt and the little girl makes her move without caring about everything else, we might really die here!"

"Is that true?"

Chang Hu stared at Wang Yao for a while before nodding his head in fear of the consequences.

"Hand over your stuff. Otherwise, I will kill this kid first!"

Chang Hu pointed at Wang Yue, a malevolent expression on his face. He'd had enough of these young masters. Today, he shall rob this wealthy family!

"Don’t drag this on." Chang Hu sneered. "Otherwise, I will remove one of his arms first."

Wang Yao looked at them coldly before finally agreeing. "I’ll give you what you want."

"Zhang Ling, you go." Chang Hu told Zhang Ling to go over.

"Mhm." Zhang Ling took small quick steps and walked over before she started taking out the things from the little bag on Wang Yao’s waist. As she looked at Wang Yao’s indifferent gaze, her whole body started sweating, not daring to stay an extra second there.

Within the small bag…

"This is…"

Everyone was stunned as they look at the reagents inside! This little girl was actually carrying so many things on her! Furthermore, most of them were invaluable reagents.

"Now we're rich."

Chang Hu and the rest were speechless.

The few of them started dividing the loot, not noticing the cold glint hidden within Wang Yao’s eyes. Was she a person one could rob so easily?

She had decided that as soon as Wang Yue and Chen Feng woke, she would let them suffer a fate worse than death!

At the same time, Wu Fan walked forward as well and pulled the things off Wang Yue directly. Currently, the aura of Wang Yue was changing constantly. Evidently, he was near a breakthrough.

"Leave quickly!"

"He is almost done breaking through."

Wu Fan was excited as he looked at the reagent in his hands.

"Let’s search that person as well."

Chang Hu pointed at Chen Feng and said, "Leave immediately after getting his stuff."


Wu Fan was somewhat impatient. What good things could Chen Feng have?

He was a mere poor peasant.

However, beyond everyone’s expectations, the instant that person touched Chen Feng, Chen Feng’s closed eyes opened abruptly and sent the person flying away with a kick.

"Who is it?" Chen Feng shouted coldly.

He had awoken.

Wang Yao looked at Chen Feng in astonishment. He had actually woken himself before the illusion ended?

How was that possible?

The so-called final limit breakthrough in the Life and Death Domain was basically one getting ravaged and pressured by a powerful final boss, forcing one to breakthrough.

Even if one were killed in the illusion, one would be resurrected!


He had actually awoken?

Wang Yao was astonished.

Presently, Chen Feng was coldly staring at the group that appeared before him. The moment someone touched him, he instantly unleashed all his collected Wind Blades and killed that mutated beast before directly returning to reality!

This was due to him constantly maintaining a high vigilance!

He was not only on guard against his enemies…

He was also on guard against Wang Yao and Wang Yue!

Even if he now somewhat understood the type of person Wang Yao was, he would not entrust his life to others, especially under the circumstances where Wang Yue was also there.

Hence, he was prepared!

He did not expect that the ones messing around were actually these people before him. As he looked at the things in Wu Fan and Chang Hu’s hands, he understood what had happened.

"You all actually dare to rob us?"

Chen Feng was stupefied.

This was truly his first reaction.


There was someone!

Who dared to rob Wang Yao?!

They must have gone insane!

His thoughts were reinforced when he looked at Wu Fan. Now, he was sure that this child was hopeless. Even if the incident where Wang Yao saved him before was not taken into consideration, just based on Wang Yao’s strength that was capable of fighting against their headmaster, was she someone a student like Wu Fan could act against?

This child was totally courting disaster!

"You actually woke up?"

Wu Fan felt something amiss and called out to Chang Hu, "Let’s leave quickly."

"Why should we leave?" Chang Hu said in disdain, "If we don’t kill this kid and instead give him the chance to notify the Wang family, can we still leave?"


Wu Fan hesitated. Chen Feng had saved his life after all.

However, soon, his expression became vicious. Even if he saved him, so what? For this gene reagent, to become an expert in the future…

Chen Feng had to die!