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Chapter 54: Virus Killer!

Chapter 54: Virus Killer!

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A dreadful power condensed in Chang Hu’s hands.

A power far exceeding E class emerged. It wasn’t any weaker than the power of Dragon 1 or Dragon 2 that Chen Feng had met previously. At this moment, the condensed power was being aimed toward Chen Feng.

"Chen Feng!"

Wang Yao’s expression changed slightly.

Wang Yue’s breakthrough was still in progress. Hence, she was unable to interrupt the battle.


A dazzling white radiance erupted.

It's over.

Wang Yao sighed.

For an unknown reason, an indescribable sense of loss had surfaced in her heart.

This variable… is going to disappear? she muttered inwardly and subconsciously looked toward the spot Chen Feng was at. However, she found with surprise that Chen Feng was still standing there, firm and upright!

Chen Feng was still alive?

Wang Yao’s tiny mouth was left hanging as she was somewhat shocked.

Chen Feng was really alive!

He stood there calmly without a trace of emotion on his face. In front of him, the Chang Hu that was supposed to decimate Chen Feng with a punch was instead kneeling in front of him.

A deep crater had appeared on the ground due to Chang Hu’s punch!

What happened?

No one knew.

Even Wang Yao, who was always able to see through everything, was somewhat muddle-headed.

"How is this possible?" Chang Hu growled, unable to accept this.


A smiled curled on the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth. He bent over and whispered in Chang Hu’s ear, "Is it unexpected? Is it surprising?"

"I will kill you!" Chang Hu bellowed.

A terrifying power emerged once again, yet…

He couldn’t move anymore!

His legs had been broken.

His hands had been crippled.

It was completely out of his expectations that the genes that were first destroyed by the gene virus would actually be the genes in his hands and legs, crippling him as a result! As a physique-type warrior, when the genes in his hands and legs ruptured, he would be no different than a cripple!

How could it…

Chang Hu collapsed emotionally.

Wasn’t it said that the probability of this happening was very low?

Wasn’t it said that although the genetic degeneration was in accordance to the situation, however, due to the existence of high gene attributes and gene abilities that make up of 99.9% of the genes within one’s body, even if the genes were to degenerate, it would start from those genes? Even if it was not those genes, why would it start from his hands and legs instead of others?


Chang Hu could not understand.

"You won’t understand."

A smile curled on the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth.

When he was made aware that the gene virus was a gene reagent whose usage was akin to gambling, he knew that Chang Hu would no longer stand up!

"Let’s end this."

Chen Feng raised his hand.


A Wind Blade flickered.

Chang Hu was killed.

Chen Feng patted the dust off his clothes and looked at the only remaining person—Wu Fan.

"Then, it’s your turn?"

Chen Feng smiled.

"Don’t kill me."

Wu Fan was in a panic. The current Chen Feng in his eyes was akin to a demon.

Killing two genetic warriors instantly. Even Chang Hu, whose combat power had increased widely due to the consumption of the genetic virus, wasn’t his opponent. How could he be Chen Feng’s opponent?

He was only a student!

"It was my mistake."

Wu Fan spoke incoherently, "I only planned to rob the items before escaping. I never planned to kill anyone. You can’t kill me as well. If you want my stuff, I will give it all to you. However much money you want, I will be able to give it to you."

Chen Feng: "…"

Was the IQ of Gold City High School students so low?

Chen Feng shook his head.

If his brain was really working properly, how would he dare to rob Wang Yao?


Chen Feng slowly raised his hand.

"I’m someone from the Wu family."

"My cousin, he is very strong!"

"My other cousin, she is very powerful too!"

"It will be very troublesome for you if you kill me."

"I’m telling you the truth…"

"You dislike trouble, right?"

Wu Fan was emotionally collapsing as he looked at Chen Feng, who was gradually nearing him. "Don’t kill me. Really, don’t kill me. I know I am in the wrong. You can’t kill me. Our Wu family is very powerful."

"Ah ah ah ah—"

Wu Fan retreated in fear and begged in every way he could think of. "Chen Feng, you are only an ordinary person. There is no need for you to be our Wu family’s enemy, right? I will pay you, all right?"

"Hehe." Chen Feng shook his head and smiled.

"Just end this."

He waved his hand calmly.


A Wind Blade flickered.

Blood splattered.

Chen Feng’s expression was terrifyingly calm.

What could he expect from one who could even act against the one who had saved his life? He was sure that if he let Wu Fan off, what followed would be the real trouble!

Chen Feng clapped as he looked at the sky. The blood red skies had disappeared.

Everything had ended.

"For you to kill Wu Fan like this... aren’t you afraid of the Wu family?"

Curiosity flashed in Wang Yao’s eyes.

"Wu Fan?" A confused expression appeared on Chen Feng’s face. "Who’s that?"


Wang Yao laughed to the point where her quick-witted eyes curved into a crescent moon shape, looking extremely alluring.

"I have a question for you as well." Chen Feng suddenly asked, "If they were reckless enough to try to make a move on you?"


Wang Yao skewed her head as she thought before regretfully saying, "I suppose the Wang family will have to support Wang Yue’s living for the rest of his life then."


Chen Feng laughed heartily.

Wang Yao indeed!

She'd rather Wang Yue become a cripple so that she could kill those people?

It was probable!

He was now sure that this Wang Yao was definitely not an ordinary person. Although she treated Wang Yue kindly, Chen Feng could not see a trace of warmth in her eyes.

That feeling…

Was very bizarre.

Wang Yao… who was she actually?

They were obviously siblings, obviously…

Chen Feng concluded that with her there was definitely a huge secret.

However, who didn't have a secret?

Chen Feng grinned.

After a long time, the aura around Wang Yue started trembling. A formidable power abruptly emerged as the illusion shattered at this moment. Wang Yue... returned!


The purple globe shattered.

"Haha. I really broke through."

Wang Yue was in ecstasy.

When he turned around and saw how Chen Feng had already awoken, he instantly understood what happened. "You didn’t manage to breakthrough your limit, right?"

He sensed the aura on Chen Feng’s body. He was still in F-class indeed!


Wang Yue was feeling proud of himself, "Even if you caught up to me in spirit attribute, so what? The one who broke through and stepped into E-class first is still me! As long as I successfully fuse with that gene—"


Wang Yao sent him flying with a kick.


Wang Yue felt wronged. His performance this time was obviously better than Chen Feng's. Why did she hit him?

Wang Yao looked at the scene in front of them and said indifferently. "Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough?"

Only now did Wang Yue notice the mess in front of them and the few corpses there and knew that something might have happened earlier.

"Let’s go." Wang Yao did not explain.

"?" Wang Yue was stupefied.

Chen Feng ignored him as well. He had exhausted a huge amount of spiritual energy earlier. Taking this opportunity, he recovered his spiritual energy. Beside of the frigid pond, he picked up a weird item.

"It’s the medal."

Chen Feng casually grabbed it as he walked past.

This was something on the huge turtle’s body.


Chen Feng pondered.

Was that the name of the huge turtle? Or was it…

He shook his head.

He wasn’t bothered and kept that item for himself. He rested there for a short while and waited for his mental state to recover before Wang Yao brought them back to Greenhill Forest Camp.


Since he had returned the favor from yesterday, Chen Feng did not want to have anything else to do with them.

"Wait," Wang Yao said suddenly.

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. "What is it?"

Wang Yao wrinkled her delicate nose and pondered for a bit before saying, "Follow me."

As she said that, she brought Chen Feng out.

"Sister?" Wang Yue had a stupid expression on his face.

He was the one who had broken through to reach E-class. Why was his sister’s attitude toward Chen Feng so weird? Had something happened when he was breaking through earlier?

Wang Yue was immensely confused.

Currently, outside the camp, Wang Yao scanned their surroundings with her spiritual energy. After confirming that there were no others around, she looked at Chen Feng and a smiling expression appeared in her eyes. "I was originally uncertain. However, from your performance today…"

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "What is it?"

"The seadragon blood essence, you have it, right?" Wang Yao said suddenly.


Chen Feng’s heart leaped fiercely.