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Chapter 56: Strongest F-Class Gene?

Chapter 56: Strongest F-Class Gene?

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Two days later, within his rented house at Gold City, Chen Feng was still busy preparing the materials.

Although he was cooped up in his home these two days, he still managed to collect some news. Such as the students involved in the Dragon’s Passing Mountain incident having organized an investigation group in order to get their recommendation letter from the school. Each of them started to get involved in the investigations.

Luckily, halfway through their investigations, the school told them to stop it.

Chen Feng guessed that the headmaster had probably found out that the item was in Wang Yao’s hands. Hence, he could only grudgingly stop the investigation.

It seemed that his choice to hand over the item to Wang Yao was a wise choice.

Chen Feng was sure.

"In the end, it’s still my strength that is too weak," Chen Feng mumbled.

If he was as powerful as Wang Yao, would he still need to worry that bad things would befall him simply because he possessed valuable items?

Become stronger! I must become stronger!

Chen Feng’s eyes shone brightly.

Since he had now prepared all the required materials and recovered 40 points of luck value, he could finally get started with the gene production that he had been looking forward to for a long time.

The strongest gene, he had been really looking forward to it.

This would be the first step he took on his path to become stronger!


Chen Feng entered the digitized mode.

As he had previous experience in this, this time, he was very well-practiced when going through the steps. First step, gene search. With his eyes closed, Chen Feng completed it easily!

Five points of luck values used.

Second step, allowing all the collected genes to react with each other. With Luck Aura fully activated, Chen Feng rapidly grabbed with his hands and completed the gene reaction in an orderly fashion.

Ten points of luck values used.

Third step, gene fusion!

At this point, Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly. The previous steps were something he had performed before. This third step, on the other hand, was something he was attempting for the first time.


All the materials hovered.

Chen Feng did not dare to open his eyes in fear of getting disturbed.

Both the gene and incubator liquid he was working with were something unfamiliar to him. He had to mix a liquid capable of reproducing the gene using the materials he had on hand!

Water, materials, common incubator liquid…

All the materials started fermenting under the control of Chen Feng’s spiritual energy. Due to him sealing his five senses, Chen Feng was completely unaware of the dosage of the materials he used for this process.

The amount of materials, concentration, ratio, everything was handed over to Luck Aura!



His luck value started dropping rapidly.

One point, two points, three points…

Chen Feng’s expression was solemn.



In the room, on a certain device, a red light was flickering.

That was a video recording device!

Chen Feng was unable to record what happened in the digitized mode. However, in this last step, it was imperative that he recorded the materials used and steps taken during the preparation of the incubator liquid!


While Chen Feng was constantly progressing, the recorder was faithfully recording everything down.

All the materials used, the sequence taken, situations that might arise from the reaction, and the ratio he used during mixture of the solutions were clearly recorded.

Third step, complete.

Luck value used, 10 points.

The next time he produced this gene, he would be able to complete this step in advance!

Then, what was left was to reproduce the gene in the incubator liquid?


Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

This strongest gene was finally near completion!


The gene blended quietly into the incubator liquid and started rapidly reproducing and multiplying. Chen Feng fully activated his Luck Aura and controlled the tempo of the fusion.

He would not allow any mistake to happen in this final step.

One point, two points…

He calculated inwardly.

When the luck value finally stopped dropping, Chen Feng knew that the production of this improved F-class 5-star formula had completed its final step!

The strongest gene, completed!

"I succeeded?"

Chen Feng was excited.

Before his eyes, a gold-colored liquid appeared, radiating with rays of light swirling around it.

Carefully, Chen Feng sealed it into a reagent bottle. Activating the gene scanner, brand new data appeared on his screen.


Gene name: Mutated Gold Ant Gene

Gene type: Special

Gene function: 1 point spiritual energy increase

Limitation: Only usable for F-class genetic warriors

Gene introduction: With savage desert ant’s blood essence as the core, forming a special gene reagent by refining the blood essence with all sorts of valuable materials.


"It mutated!"

Chen Feng almost jumped from excitement when he saw the word mutated! It really mutated. Formula improvement successful! This mutated gene that was impossible to appear had finally appeared!


Chen Feng was in ecstasy.

After exhausting 30 points of luck value, he had finally succeeded!

His delight was not only due to the success of this formula. Instead, it was the significance of this success. This success signified that Chen Feng would be able to start digging out all those undiscovered mystical formulas!

There were endless possibilities for any formula!

"Too powerful."

Chen feng was excited.

However, before his excitement even faded, the expression on his face froze as he saw the function of this formula.

One point?

A one point spiritual energy increase?

He thought he had seen it wrongly and proceeded to take a clear look at it a few times. It was indeed one point.

"How is that possible?"

Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied.

A one point attribute increase for a mutated 5-star formula?

Even a normal 5-star formula was able to increase at least 20 points of spiritual energy. As a formula that was a rare existence among the 5-star formulas, how could it increase a mere one point? An F-class genetic warrior could only use it once. Furthermore, this reagent only increased the spiritual energy by one point…

Chen Feng started losing confidence.

A term suddenly floated through his head—reversed mutation!

A mutation did not signify something good all the time. Most of the times, a mutation represented improvement. However, at times, situations where the mutation was a weaker version of the original would arise. These mutations were called reversed mutations! However, the probability for a reversed mutation to appear was very small, to the point that it was negligible!

Now… it had appeared.

It reversed from 20 points to one point?

Chen Feng felt like killing himself.

He calculated the costs for this production in detail. He had used 30 points of luck value and around 200,000 yuan for the materials. This was simply a net loss!

This was the so-called strongest gene produced by the Luck Aura?

Chen Feng’s heart ached.

Shaking his head, Chen Feng was preparing to put this reagent away before he froze. This was because, after comparing its description with the description of the original gene reagent, he noticed that there were slight differences in the two descriptions.


Mutated Gold Ant Gene: 1 point spiritual energy increase

Gold Ant Gene: Triggering the potential in one’s body, permanently increased one’s spiritual energy by 20 points


"Twenty points…"

"One point…"

Chen Feng pondered.

Apart from this, with astonishment, Chen Feng found that on the gold ant gene, it was written that a F-class genetic warrior could only use it once. However, for the mutated gene, it became 'only usable for F-class genetic warriors'!

"'Only able to use once' disappeared…"

Chen Feng frowned. "Could this mutated gene have unlimited usage? However, it’s still useless, right? Who would be willing to spend 150,000 to increase one point of an attribute? Do they have brain damage?"

Did this mean that a trash formula had arisen from his improvement?

Chen Feng did not know whether he should laugh or cry.

However… Chen Feng kept feeling like he had missed out on something important.

"1 point attribute…"


Staring at the information on the mutated gold ant formula, Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

After a long time, a thought flashed through his mind.

He recalled that previously, the body’s original owner had read an ancient book that seemed to have an introduction on something similar!

That was an ancient book restoration event organized by the Gene Production Association. As the most outstanding student recommended by the school, Chen Feng went to help with this event. Mhm, he remembered that in one of the books, there seemed to be an introduction on something similar. According to the Gene Production Association’s introduction, that was something extinct.

What was written on it…

Chen Feng was sure that the body’s original owner had read it. However, it was too far in the past.

"Let me think about it."

Chen Feng concentrated and started to look back at this piece of memory.

The memories of the body’s original owner were like a movie for him. Along with his constant contemplation and his nonstop search, this vague memory finally became distinct.

Suddenly, Chen Feng saw it!


A different splendor was emitted from Chen Feng’s eyes.

So it’s like this. This is the true worth of this formula!

The term ‘increase’ existed in a lot of places.

However, if that term appeared on a reagent giving a permanent increase, coupled with the situation where the term ‘exhausting one’s gene potential’ was not there, then you had struck jackpot!

What did this mean?

One would be able to increase one’s attribute without exhausting one’s gene potential!

In actuality, the process of increasing one’s attribute was a process of using other genes within one’s body to trigger the gene potential within one’s body and give a small increase to one’s attribute! Hence, regardless of the reagents, they could only be used once. Regardless of the reagents, they would not be able to break through the limit!

But now…

Triggering the potential?

No, there was no need at all to trigger the potential!

It would be able to grant one a one point increase in attribute regardless of whether one had any potential or not!

Fusing with a certain hidden yet mystical gene in the gold ant gene, it would be able to help one take one’s final step and surpass one’s limit!

This was the true worth of this formula!

Forceful breakthrough!

Something incomparable!