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Chapter 57: Sales Event

Chapter 57: Sales Event

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"Mutated 5-star formula."

Chen Feng was excited.

He was convinced that he had hit the jackpot this time!

This mutated gold ant gene would definitely sell for an extremely high price. He would be able to make a profit off the 30 points of luck value and the near 200,000 yuan he had spent!

Naturally, this cost was not fixed.

For example, he had spent 10 points of luck values in order to prepare the incubator liquid. However, the next time he produced it, he could simply follow the steps he recorded using his recorder earlier.

He would be able to save around 10 points of luck value in his subsequent productions.

In other words, the basic cost for mutated gold ant gene production was 200,000 yuan and 20 points of luck value!

After thinking about it for a while, Chen Feng decided to sell it after deciding on a suitable price for it.

He had never thought of using it himself.

Since he was able to produce it, he did not need to be afraid of anything.

Furthermore, without a F-class formula, what was the point in him breaking through now?

If he were to consume it right now in order to break through, he would be truly broke. He wouldn’t even have the funds for subsequent productions. By selling it, he would be able to purchase the materials and continue his production. This would be the healthy cycle for him to continue his production and advance himself.

"How much should I sell it for?" Chen Feng pondered.

This was a reagent that had never appeared in history!

Despite the difficulty level of breaking through F-class not being high, F-class being the bottom tier among genetic warriors, and there being various methods to surpass one’s limit, Chen Feng’s mutated gold ant gene was definitely the fastest method available!

Chen Feng decided. "Let’s start with one million yuan and see how it goes."

"Let’s assign it for sale on the virtual community."

Chen Feng entered the virtual community with excitement and reached the Wind Pavilion as usual. Just as he was about to put the reagent up for sale, he stopped.

A bucket of cold water had been poured on the boiling hot blood of his.

That was because he had finally remembered a crucial point: the service charge!

The service charge for assigning an item for sale at a shop was 5%.

In the past, for that one million yuan mutated lumberbear gene, he was forced to pay 50,000 yuan as a service charge. Just to expose Professor Tao, he paid such an amount! It didn’t end there. Subsequently, in order to get the Wind Pavilion’s owner to release the transaction records, he paid another service charge of 50,000 yuan!

He did not blame Windchanter for that. It was, after all, a business transaction.

However, what about his future sale of the mutated gold ant gene? At the price of a 50,000 yuan service charge for each gene, 10 of them would cost him 500,000 yuan, and 20 of them would cost him a staggering amount of one million yuan!

Just the picture of that alone pained Chen Feng immensely!

As he looked at the service charge worth 50,000 yuan on the information display window, he hesitated for a long time and was still not able to tap on the confirmation button. At this moment, a light silhouette flickered and Windchanter, the owner of the Wind Pavilion, appeared.

"Chen Feng?" Windchanter smiled and said, "You are here to assign stuff for sale again?"

Chen Feng nodded slightly.


"Thank you for your care."

Windchanter was smiling widely. "The level one shops at the virtual community are organizing a sales event. Due to the genes you assigned, the sales figure of my shop has far surpassed that moronic King Kong opposite me. With this, I will be able to get a satisfying reward."

"There is such a thing?"

Chen Feng was astonished. Seemed like there were competitions everywhere.

"Haha, not only that. Both King Kong and I are from the same school. We are currently engaged in an internship competition. Although I’m not really bothered about this, for me to be able to surpass him, I still need to thank you for your help," Windchanter calmly said.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. "Why not return that 50,000 yuan to me, then?"

"That won’t do."

Windchanter proudly said, "That 50,000 yuan was the payment for my release of the customer’s name list. It is money I earned, haha. However, to thank you for your help, when the event ends in a few days, I can sell the rewarded formula to you at a discount."

Chen Feng’s paused his steps. "Formula?"

"Yeah." Windchanter had not realized what was happening currently and boasted proudly, "In order to attract more consumers, the monthly sales activity organized by the virtual community will reward those who place in the top 100. The higher one’s rank is, the better the reward is. This time, I will be able to get a 3-star combat formula."


Chen Feng was tempted.

Chen Feng suddenly thought of something. "Are such events frequently held by the virtual community?"


Windchanter nodded. "It’s the same concept as the sales promotions at those supermarkets. By organizing more events, the sales figures will increase. It’s basically a monthly event. Furthermore, the virtual community will get 1% of every single sale. With the increase of sales figures, the money they earn will increase as well."

"So it’s like this," Chen Feng muttered thoughtfully.

"Oh, right, what do you come to sell this time?" Windchanter said with a beaming smile on his face. He was still hoping that Chen Feng would give him a push forward.


Chen Feng walked away after waving his hand.

Windchanter was confused. As he saw that there was no assignment from Chen Feng at all in his shop, he had a baffled expression on his face. Why would he come if not here to sell?

Currently, Chen Feng had returned to reality and started pondering on this problem.

After all this time, he had found out that things like 4-star formulas and 5-star formulas were something that might only appear during events, competitions, or certain entrusted missions.

Under normal circumstances, even if someone wanted to purchase one, they would not be able to.

As for him, these high-star formulas were the exact things he required!

Regardless of pushing his star rating or for formula improvement, it was something he needed!

For the him that possessed Luck Aura, training using 1-star formulas and 5-star formulas would not have too much of a difference in time spent. Since that was the case, why not start with a high-difficulty formula and increase his production level?

Hence, he needed formulas with high-star ratings!

It was unreliable to wait for entrusted missions. Furthermore, a lot of those missions were too dangerous. It was not something he wished to get involved in.

Then… he could only get the formulas through competitions and events!

This monthly sales event organized by the gene shops was just nice for Chen Feng.

Not only this. Regardless of during the Professor Tao incident or the high service charge, both had caused Chen Feng to make up his mind that opening his own shop was the most cost-effective method!

Reaping multiple gains with a single effort!

He looked at the time and found that there was still one week left in this month.

There was no hope for this month’s event. However, there were still two more months before the rookie competition. Within this period of time, he might be able to earn some event rewards.

Even if those were not rare formulas, they were still good as a source of extra income.

His requirements were really not high.



Chen Feng made up his mind.

To open a shop!

However, before that, there was still a big problem. He took a look at his bank account before sighing. "Too poor!"

In order to produce the mutated gold ant gene, he had exhausted all his savings and had nothing left.

Maybe I should sell some genes first?

He still had some mutated lumberbear genes in his possession. However, apart from its research value, it wasn't worth much. At the most, he could sell it at 20,000 or 30,000 yuan. As for selling the mutated gold ant gene, just the 50,000 yuan service charge alone was enough to cause him immense pain.


Chen Feng calculated.

One million yuan was required to purchase a small shop at the virtual community. A tax rate of 1% was something acceptable for him. However, the premise for all this was that he needed to have one million yuan.

"It’s the age-old question of whether the egg or the chicken comes first."

Chen Feng sighed.

At this moment, he suddenly recalled something. In his previous life, things like loans were very common. There should be something similar here, right?

At this thought, Chen Feng started searching for it online. After he gained some understanding, he frowned slightly.

These loans… don’t seem to be too reliable?

After giving it a thought, he decided to ask Mu Yuan about it.

"Is there anything?"

Mu Yuan seemed to be busy at the moment.