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Chapter 58: Taking Loans Due to Poverty

Chapter 58: Taking Loans Due to Poverty

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"Mhm, you are busy over there?"

Chen Feng could see that Mu Yuan looked exhausted.

"Nothing much." Mu Yuan was helpless. "Didn’t I reach E class earlier? Recently, I was planning to fuse an E-class gene. With the fusion, my gene-production level would definitely increase greatly. Who knows, I might even have a chance to try my luck at the rookie competition."

Mu Yuan was getting excited as he said this.

Fusion gene reagent…

Chen Feng pondered.

After he was done with his plans, he would most probably need to start breaking through to E-class. With the mutated gold ant gene, he was not worried about surpassing his limit. However, his choice of E-class gene was extremely important.

"What ability do you plan to fuse with?" Chen Feng asked.

"Quick Eyes." Mu Yuan was excited. "It enables one to greatly improve their eyesight. During the gene fusion stage of gene production, it also helps one obtain the balance required during fusion. According to the Gene Production Association’s statistics, gene producers with Quick Eyes have a success rate during the fusion stage that is higher than others' by 30%!"

"So powerful?" Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

Was it a combination of gene production and gene ability?

"That’s right." Mu Yuan was excited. "At F-class, I fused with a special gene that helps one to increase one’s production level. When I’m done with my E-class fusion, I will be even more powerful. If my luck is good and I am able to master the secret art of the combination of both genes, my production level will definitely not be any weaker than anyone else's!"

2-star secret art…

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Although other gene producers did not possess Luck Aura, they all possessed powerful supportive gene abilities. The opponents he would encounter during the rookie competition would not be simple!

"Oh, yeah, why were you looking for me?"

Mu Yuan, the chatterbox, could never stop once he got going. Only now did he recall that there must have been a reason for Chen Feng looking for him.


Chen Feng nodded his head. "Recently, I require some funds. Hence, I wanted to ask if I can take out a loan with my identity as a producer. I’m looking for a legalized loan. I can even upload my certifications for it. However, I don’t need those that require one to upload their naked picture or their videos. I checked, they do not accept pictures or videos of males."



Damn, was this a porno?

Mu Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Only now did he recall that Chen Feng was a rookie at gene production.

As he thought of this, he was speechless. This rookie had first stepped on Professor Tao before subsequently going on to produce the thundersnake gene reagent. How should Mu Yuan, as a senior, feel?

Too vexing!

"Yes, there are," Mu Yuan said helplessly. "The Gene Production Association is very generous with this. Anyone can take a loan. The quota for the loan would be decided based on their contributions to the Gene Production Association, their production level, their reputation, etc."


"Let me take a look…"


"It’s here."

Mu Yuan demonstrated for Chen Feng. "You only need to tap here. When you are done with your application, the system will verify your information and immediately send the funds over to you."


On the screen, Mu Yuan’s production qualifications allowed him to take out a loan amounting to 600,000 yuan.

"Let me tell you." Here, Mu Yuan finally felt like he managed to regain a certain amount of dignity for himself. "An ordinary gene producer only has a quota of 100,000 yuan. Every star rating increase will increase one’s loan quota by 10,000 yuan. Only a senior like me, with a production level of 50 stars, can get a higher loan amount. Of course, you don’t have to lose your heart over this. If you really have an emergency, I can help you to take out a loan."

"Let me take a look."

Chen Feng started following the instructions Mu Yuan gave him.


A loan application page appeared.

"Let me take a look at your… mhm…"

Mu Yuan helped Chen Feng; however, when he saw Chen Feng’s loan quota, his expression froze.

"What’s up?"

Chen Feng took a look and was stunned as well.

1.1 million yuan!

His loan quota was 1.1 million yuan!

"How is this possible?"

Mu Yuan opened his eyes wide. A senior like him with a 50-star rating only had a quota of 600,000 yuan. How was it possible for a rookie like Chen Feng to have a quota of 1.1 million yuan?


Mu Yuan was stupefied.

At this moment, Chen Feng recalled something. "This should be due to the mutated lumberbear gene incident. Earlier, someone from the Genetic Union looked for me for registration."

Mu Yuan’s cheeks were streaming with tears.

Only now did he recall that Chen Feng had managed to find the third mutation. Hence, he had contributed greatly to the research of genes. It was only rightful that the Gene Production Association increased his loan quota.

Why did I need to show off in front of this guy…

Mu Yuan mumbled before he disappeared and ended the call.

Chen Feng was somewhat helpless. Had he hurt the feelings of his old friend just now? However, as he looked at his 1.1 million yuan quota, he was excited.

After filling out the application form, the loan arrived quickly.

1.1 million yuan in hand!

"Time to buy a shop!"

Chen Feng was burning with enthusiasm.

With the purchase of a gene shop, the flow of his funds would soon be smooth. He only needed to sell a few mutated gold ant genes and he would be able to regain his cost of 1.1 million yuan!

After reaching the virtual community, Chen Feng submitted his personal information to apply for a shop.

The virtual community did not take long to complete the verification. After all, most of the time, the staff in charge would only give the application a glance before approving it. Quickly, at a certain corner at the virtual community, a new shop appeared.

Chen Feng reached the entrance of his shop. It was a small shop, sized at nine square meters. Within, there were only 10 glass shelves for displaying good. Currently, the shop's signboard had changed into a pure white sheet, waiting for Chen Feng to design his own signboard.

Chen Feng walked into the shop.

A screen was hovering midair, clearly waiting for Chen Feng to operate it.


"Shop name…"

A bright idea flashed in Chen Feng’s mind and he inserted the words: "The Strongest Gene!"

Regardless of the genes and the type of genes, as long as it was something he produced, it would definitely be the strongest gene! Nowadays, it was hard for a shop to be well known. There were too many similar products in the market. Hence, Chen Feng’s signboard would be The Strongest Gene!

After deciding on the name, the shop officially opened.


"The Strongest Gene started operating."

"The system detected that your shop qualifies to join the monthly sales ranking event. Please confirm if you want to join?"


Chen Feng confirmed without hesitation.


"Registration successful."

"Your current monthly sales figure is at zero yuan and your ranking is number 32,012."

"There’s actually over 30,000 participants," Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

There were really way too many level one shops here in the virtual community.

However, Chen Feng was sure that a vast majority of these level one shops were only here to fill the numbers. The true participants were only around 1,000 or 2,000 shops. Naturally, these were all unimportant to him. He was only aiming for top 100. Since even Windchanter could enter it, it shouldn’t be too hard for him.

As for the topmost rankings…

Chen Feng glanced at them and noted that their sales had already reached a figure of over ten million. He would not be able to compete at all!

"A 3-star formula. Let’s treat it as extra income."

Chen Feng was indifferent.

"Let’s assign it for sale first."

Chen Feng assigned his own gene in the shop.

Mutated Gold Ant Gene, 1 million yuan.

As for lumberbear gene – battle…

Chen Feng thought for a while before deciding to assign it for sale at 99,999 yuan.

He only had two left. He set such a high price in order to attract the attention of others. After all, within the whole virtual community, only his shop had lumberbear gene – battle for sale! Only by attracting attention to his shop would there be traffic at his shop.

After he was done, he went offline.

As far as he was concerned, joining the monthly event was only for him to earn some extra income. He was not too bothered about it. His main focus was still improving himself!

To be more accurate, it was to focus on increasing his spiritual energy!

When he was producing the mutated gold ant gene yesterday, he noticed that the feeling when one possessed 100 points of spiritual energy was totally different compared to 32 points of spiritual energy. The feeling was extremely good, to the point where he felt himself floating! After the increase in his spiritual energy, Chen Feng’s production speed had increased by five-fold!

Spiritual energy was the crux for his improvement!

A high spiritual energy enabled him to have better production skills, master a formula faster, and have a higher success rate.

"My current spiritual energy is 100 points. If I were to break through…" Chen Feng pondered.

Breaking through was not an issue for him.

With the mutated gold ant gene, as long as he had sufficient funds, he would be able to breakthrough any time he wanted. However, after breaking through, what E-class gene should he fuse with?

Since he did not intend to fuse with a supportive gene, was there any ability out there that would match his Wind Blade?

Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

He was really too lacking in his knowledge about this.

This body’s original owner had planned to walk the path of a pure producer. Since Chen Feng did not intend to fuse with a supportive gene, the knowledge regarding this was something he needed to learn himself.

Only by gaining more understanding would he avoid making the wrong choice.

"Seems like, these next few days, I need to start stuffing myself with some knowledge regarding gene fusion reagents."

Chen Feng rubbed his head.

There were too many things that he wanted to learn.

After leaving the virtual community, Chen Feng focused all his attention on studying. However, he did not realize that the two genes that he assigned for sale had given rise to huge waves in the whole virtual community.