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Chapter 59: The Bloody Case Caused by a Mutated Gene

Chapter 59: The Bloody Case Caused by a Mutated Gene

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At the business district of the virtual community, at any given time, there would be someone searching for lumberbear gene. However, surprisingly, when they now searched for lumberbear gene, a new gene appeared: lumberbear gene – battle.

"What is this?"

A lot of them were confused before finally finding out that this was the third mutation of the lumberbear gene, which had been a hot topic recently.

The price and its attributes were still the same as when it had first appeared.

"It’s still 99,999?"

"Is this guy crazy?"

"Yeah. A combat gene with these attributes and genetic ability would only be worth around 20,000 or 30,000 yuan. He has the guts to sell it at 99,999?"

"I heard that he managed to sell it at 99,999 a few times previously. That might be the reason he thought that this is the market value."

Some people started sneering.


"That was due to the research value this item possessed when it first appeared."

Countless people were sneering.

Some of those who found the lumberbear gene were curious and entered Chen Feng’s shop. When they reached his shop, they were all stunned by the boastful name on the signboard.

The strongest gene?

Among the same type of genes, only those in his shop were the strongest?!

"Damn, this confidence…"

"Even those grandmaster producers don’t dare to say these words, right?"

"He became so conceited after producing a mutated lumberbear gene by fluke?"


Everyone sneered while they started looking at the other gene in the shop. The next instant, everyone was astonished to find that there was a 5-star gene in this shop.

"It’s a 5-star gene. Gold ant gene!"

"It’s a mutated gene."

Those with good eyesight noticed the word ‘mutated’ immediately.

"Mutated 5-star?"


Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

No wonder this guy was so conceited. He was able to produce a mutated 5-star gene even when he was a mere rookie. However, soon, the crowd started noticing that something was not right with this mutated gene.

At a glance, it appeared incredible. However, when they started to study it in detail…

"This amount of attribute increase is somewhat low, right?"

Some of them asked instinctively.

As everyone took another look at it, they agreed. As a magnificent 5-star gene, why was the increased spiritual energy a mere 1 point? As they checked online, they were instantly amused.

"It’s actually a reversed mutation."

"A normal gene is able to give a 20 point increase, while this mutated gene is only able to give a one point increase?"

"This gene reversed into its mother’s womb instead?"


"This is almost akin to a gene returning to its roots, right?"

Everyone enjoyed gossiping. "With such a level, he dares to call his shop the strongest gene?"

Soon, one after another, threads regarding ‘The Strongest Gene’ started appearing at the learning forum. Threads discussing this terrifying reversed mutation appeared along with it as well. All this triggered a hot discussion on the forum. Due to the words ‘reversed mutation’ being written on the thread titles, the producers on the forum took that as the truth. None of them doubted it.

Chen Feng was once again a hot topic.

Furthermore, some even created a slogan for him: The strongest reversed gene, reversing into its grandmother’s womb!

Countless people from the learning forum went to the virtual community to witness this legendary gold ant gene that managed to reverse into its grandmother’s womb. Along with their visit, they also left their message on the message board in the shop to express their reverence.

Chen Feng had now become a hot topic.

The Strongest Gene had now become a hot topic as well.

It’s just that the direction Chen Feng and his shop took on their path to popularity was somewhat peculiar.

Naturally, along with this, the previous incident was resurrected and Professor Tao once again became a hot topic and known to everyone.


In the courtyard of a certain house.

Professor Tao was looking at the crowd that was whispering while pointing at him from a distance with an ugly expression on his face. With great difficulty, the previous incident had finally calmed down. Finally, he dared to once again step out his house. For some reason, today, that topic was once again resurrected! He only went out to buy some food yet was met with endless contempt! The only thing lacking was someone openly pointing at him and scolding him.

Only after he returned home did he found out that damnable guy was stirring trouble once again!


Professor Tao was seething with fury.

Why would things be related to him whenever this Chen Feng stirred up trouble? What’s with all those people referring to him as ‘a person that became well known after exposing Professor Tao’???F*ck that shit!

He suddenly felt alarmed. Could it be that in the future, whenever this Chen Feng started stirring up trouble, regardless of whether it’s something good or bad, he would be dragged out to become a punching bag?

After pondering it, Professor Tao decided that it was very probable!

"This won’t do."

"This definitely won’t do."

Professor Tao muttered and contacted his son immediately. "Little Jun, that guy’s identity was exposed! He opened a shop at the virtual community…"

"I know."

Tao Lijun sighed. "Before he opened his shop, my man had tailed him for several days. However, they never found an opportunity to act. This guy maintained high alert all the time; I’m afraid assassination will not be a reliable method to deal with him."

"Then just employ other methods," Professor Tao said viciously. "I want him to disappear! I don’t want to hear any news regarding him, regardless of whether it is bad news or good news!"

"Don’t worry, Father."

A cold glint flickered in Tao Lijun’s eyes. "I know what to do."

"Deal with it as soon as possible."

Only now did Professor Tao start trying to conceal the fact that he was currently quite agitated. For his whole life, he had enjoyed the public’s respect. However, after he was exposed, it felt worse than dying!

If he had known about this earlier, he would not have dared to make his move against Chen Feng, no matter what.

"Hopefully this will end soon," Professor Tao muttered.

"It will," Tao Lijun said coldly.

Late at night, a huge online army appeared in the learning forum and started using all sorts of ways to discredit Chen Feng. From talking about his nature to talking about his behaviors, all sorts of methods were employed!

"This is only the beginning," Tao Lijun said with a grudging look in his eyes. "Chen Feng, this time, I need you to disappear for real!"

Since assassinating him was unreliable, he did not plan to continue the assassination plan. If Chen Feng were to obediently become a normal producer and stop stirring any trouble, he really had no way to deal with Chen Feng. However, for Chen Feng to open a shop?

Hehe, that was akin to courting death!

Even later that night.

Within the Wang family’s house at Gold City, a youth was training under the moonlight. Under the control of his spiritual energy, those tree leaves quietly spun around him before being neatly arranged on the stone.

"It has been a year?"

The youth sighed.

His name was Wang Chun, 19 years old, a first year university student.

He was once the genius of the Wang family. He was able to reach 40 points of spiritual energy during high school before proceeding with gene strengthening and rapidly reached the peak of F-class at 100 points!

However, what happened next was him being permanently stuck there.


He brandished his wrist and an illusory book hovered above his hand.

The blue radiance was flickering, appearing incomparably exquisite.

"Was what I did for you the correct choice?" Wang Chun mumbled.

When he was at the F-class, he fused with a mystical yet powerful legendary gene. If this ability’s power was fully unleashed, it would have the potential to become a 7-star secret art! However, the main disadvantage of this genetic ability was that it would cause one’s breakthrough difficulty to increase by multiple times.

He was too confident, to the point that he did not care about it at all.

And thus, he was stuck at this point for a whole year.

Those that previously followed him, those that previously looked highly upon him, they had all disappeared. The resources of the whole Wang family were concentrated on his cousin instead.

Suddenly, he felt that a gaze had landed upon him.

Wang Chun instinctively glanced at the direction he felt the gaze from. Distantly, in the aisle, a silhouette flashed past. After glancing at him, the silhouette pretended to not see him and left calmly.

It was him…

Wang Chun clenched his fists.

That was his cousin, Wang Yue!

He had recently finished his high school examinations as a top scorer. He was also the current young genius of the Wang family! He had just returned from a ruins exploration yesterday. Along with the resources provided by the family, he had solidified his rank at E-class!

Wang Chun had been thoroughly surpassed.


Wang Chun smiled mockingly. "Do I want to stay here forever?"

Returning to his room, Wang Chun looked at his savings silently. Entering the virtual community, he started to search for genes at the business district. He started looking through the genes one by one. However, all that followed was him shaking his head after each gene he looked at.

He seemed to remember that a legendary gene reagent capable of breaking through one’s limit existed!

However, those genes were something so rare that one could discover by luck; they were not something one would be able to seek out!

A legend was a legend, after all.

He had been looking for it for over a month. However, it was nowhere to be found. He was only here to casually look for it. As he walked along the street of the virtual community, he paused his steps. There, he saw the entrance of a small gene shop with a group of people scattered around.

Even at this hour, this shop was still so crowded?

Wang Chun was somewhat astonished. It was currently 1 AM in the morning!

Instinctively, he glanced at the shop name, The Strongest Gene, and with it, he saw the boastful description that came with the shop name. Immediately, his heart was shaken. Only the genes produced by him were the strongest?

Wang Chun was agitated.

As he entered the shop, he spotted a gold-colored liquid right away. It was a mutated 5-star gene reagent with a simple use of a one-point attribute increase.

"One point?

Wang Chun was stupefied.

Reversed mutation?

Was this really a reversed mutation?

Wang Chun was somewhat disappointed. However, he had been crazily looking up information regarding limit-surpassing reagents and had come upon some legends. Due to that, currently, he suddenly thought of a possibility!

Would this one point help with his limit breakthrough?


One point…

Wang Chun’s heart trembled. The more he thought of it, the more likely it seemed!

These genes never appeared before. What if it was bogus reagent? One million was at stake here…however… what if it was genuine?

Wang Chun bit his tongue to clear his muddled head.


It had to be bought!

He knew that his chance had appeared. Even if the probability was only 1 in 100,000, he had to give it a try!

He looked at the balance in his bank account before taking a look at the price stated below that gene reagent and deciding to borrow some money. Even if there was only a tiny chance of it succeeding, he had to try!

For his future!

As Wang Chun left, within the shop, the crowd was still amidst their chattering and discussions. The crowd was laughing as they discussed, as if the act of condemning Chen Feng would make them look better.

One night passed quietly.


1. 66666666 – A Chinese online slang. An expression commonly used when praising someone’s gameplay. Something similar to "gg."