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Chapter 60: Gaining Publicity from Hype

Chapter 60: Gaining Publicity from Hype

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In the early morning of the next day, the incident involving Chen Feng had somewhat calmed down.

The mutated lumberbear gene and Professor Tao’s name were the reason for The Strongest Gene becoming a hot topic. Since Chen Feng had now been badly discredited, the public naturally lost their interest in him. However, out of everyone’s expectations, at this very moment, explosive news appeared.

The mutated gold ant gene was sold!

The staggering price of one million yuan!

Everyone that heard this news was stupefied.

"How is that possible?"

The public was speechless. Someone would actually buy that trash gene?

Was that a rumor?

A lot of people believed that it was a rumor and went to The Strongest Gene. There, they saw the word ‘sold out’ below the gold ant gene’s display!

"It was really sold!"

This stunned everyone.

A big crowd was around the entrance of The Strongest Gene. They were all there in order to take a look at this mutated gold ant gene. As a result from this, the sub-district the shop was located at enjoyed an unprecedented amount of traffic!

"Are there truly people out there that would buy this kind of trash gene?"

A lot of people couldn’t believe this.

At the learning forum, the people that were busy discrediting Chen Feng had suddenly paused. Just now, they had been busy saying how it was impossible for this gene to be sold. But now…

Suddenly, someone said, "Maybe Chen Feng bought it himself?"

Everyone shivered and instantly felt enlightened. It was probable!

That was totally the truth!

"Apart from himself, who would buy this trash gene?"

The public condemned him. "True. Even a gene reagent capable of increasing one’s spiritual energy by 20 points is only priced at several hundred thousand. He dares to sell this gene that only increased one’s spiritual energy by one point at one million? As long one’s brain works, one would not buy this gene."

"If that’s the case, it really was Chen Feng that bought his own gene?"

"Of course!"

"What is his goal for doing so, then? Apart from wasting money, it seems to be pointless?"

"Goal? Hehe. What else could his goal be? It’s marketing. Since his shop is newly opened, he has to do some marketing for it. But the only difference is others will use sales event as marketing while Chen Feng chose this peculiar method as his marketing tool. Oh yeah, I heard he joined the monthly sales event?"

Everyone suddenly felt enlightened.

Monthly sales event?

Could it be…

Everyone opened their eyes wide.

Damn, he was totally creating fake sales volume to increase his rankings in the monthly event!

Was this guy crazy? Granted, there were people who tried doing something similar as him in the past to obtain better rankings in the event. However, they all did it quietly in fear of getting found out, affecting their reputation and trust as a result. This Chen Feng, on the other hand, was absolutely unrestrained!

The virtual community only charged them 1% of their sales.

In other words, one only needed to waste 10,000 yuan for the service charges to create a sales volume of 1 million yuan.

For the event reward, doing this sort of thing, why not?

"Where’s his dignity?"

"Damn it, this works?"

"This… this…"

Everyone was stupefied.

They never expect there would exist someone whose face was thick to such an extent. Creating a false sales volume was something frowned upon.

"Someone without a sense of shame would be unrivaled under the heavens."

Some people started sneering. "Since he doesn’t even care about his reputation, what can you do?"

At this moment, Chen Feng was lazily getting out of his bed. As he saw that the mutated gold ant gene was sold, he cheerfully bought another large amount of materials and produced another mutated gold ant gene reagent.

"Seems like the public are capable of judging what a good product is after all."

Chen Feng was immensely pleased.

Two hundred thousand yuan and 20 points of luck values for a single mutated gold ant gene reagent.

Totally worth it!

After putting it up for sale, Chen Feng went and proceeded with his studies.

In the shop, the crowd was stupefied as they looked at Chen Feng who openly assigned a new mutated gold ant gene reagent for sale in front of them.

"He simply assigned it and left like this?"

"In front of us?"

Everyone had a stupid expression on their face.

Shouldn’t he explain himself in such circumstances? Getting questioned by so many people, as long as you still care about your reputation, you should put forth an explanation, right?

However, he did not.

From the start, Chen Feng ignored them.


"Is this due to him not wanting to explain himself, or is this due to him not caring about our existence at all?"

The crowd was angry. They had never see someone so unbridled before!

Naturally, there were some who managed to notice something different from the rest.

"This gene seems like something used for…"

A person suddenly opened his mouth, however, as he was halfway through his sentence, he was grabbed by someone beside him who whispered, "What are you doing?"

"Didn’t you notice? This gene…"

"I noticed!"

The person beside him was feeling hateful for his incompetence, "Hence, quickly prepare money to buy it! You think you are the only one who noticed it? Why has nobody mentioned it? You really think everyone else is an idiot? Don’t you know the concept of getting rich silently? Would you not believe me if I said that this gene would be sold very soon?"

So that was the case.

That person gained a sudden realization.

Amateurs were only there to enjoy the show, while experts were there to see the truth!

A majority of those criticizing Chen Feng were those herds who were only there to take part in the fun. Would any of those who knew of the actual truth bother explaining to them?

Due to these people, Chen Feng was once again a hot topic.

Yesterday, Chen Feng became a hot topic due to the strongest reversed gene of his. Today, he became a hot topic due to his charm and personality.


Having no sense of shame could be considered as a personality trait as well, right?

The learning forum was filled with people lashing out against Chen Feng. All the producers declared that they felt ashamed on Chen Feng’s behalf. There were even some who requested Chen Feng’s name be removed from the Gene Production Association, etc. In a short few hours, Chen Feng’s name was once again known throughout the virtual community.

In the afternoon, as Chen Feng was immersed in his studies on producer’s common knowledge, he suddenly received Mu Yuan’s call.

"Chen Feng, what’s with the mutated gold ant gene?"


Chen Feng was somewhat lost.

Mu Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry and explained to him what had happened. Only now did Chen Feng know what happened. Those bunch of idiots actually believed that this was his trick?


"Is this really what you did?"

Mu Yuan find it hard to believe that Chen Feng would do such thing.

Chen Feng shook his head. "Of course not."

Mu Yuan was unable to understand. "But that one point attribute…"

Chen Feng shrugged. "Used for limit breakthrough."

"Limit… f*ck. Limit breakthrough?!"

Mu Yuan shivered. He was really shocked by Chen Feng. "You are saying... this item can be used for limit breakthrough, during the final step when one is at 100 points?!"

"Naturally. Otherwise, why would I sell it at such an expensive price?"

Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

"Damn! Damn! Damn!" Mu Yuan swore continuously. Yet he was still unable to regain his senses. He knew that Chen Feng was somewhat talented. However, he never expected Chen Feng to be talented to such an extent!

This was limit breakthrough!

A limit countless people were stuck at!

A small gene reagent like this would be able to fix the problem? Mu Yuan swallowed his saliva as he suddenly felt that it was totally not expensive for this item to be priced at one million yuan.

Wait, since it was limit breakthrough, why did nobody notice it? Even he did not manage to notice it? Honestly, if it wasn’t for Chen Feng telling him…

Mu Yuan suddenly understood.

Inertial thinking!

It’s not that nobody guessed it. Rather, it was because nobody would think in this direction! That was because, after all these years, no one had produced a limit breaking reagent before!


Even all those grandmasters and companies had failed. A mere rookie had succeeded?

No one would believe that!

Because of that, naturally, nobody thought about it. However, Chen Feng had really produced it.

"All right, you are impressive," Mu Yuan exclaimed. "Do you need me to explain on your behalf?"

"No." Chen Feng shook his head. "It’s quite good this way."

Mu Yuan blanked. "Ah?"

"Only when there’s discussion would this remain a hot topic."

Chen Feng smiled. "Although I’m too lazy to create hype, since there’s a ready-made hype surrounding my stuff, why waste it? Let them continue discrediting me. I’m not afraid anyway."

Mu Yuan: "…."

This brother here seemed to know a lot about this aspect, no?

"I still think it’s better to be more careful."

Mu Yuan reminded him, "You have, after all, joined the monthly sales event. My guess is that the event inspectors are starting to investigate you."

"Let them investigate, then."

Chen Feng was not bothered at all. "I did not do anything wrong. Why should I be afraid of their investigation?"

At the same time, in the virtual community, as Mu Yuan had said, the event inspectors were investigating this incident.

These days, due to the existence of bizarre and peculiar genetic abilities, it was almost impossible to cheat in front of the inspectors. Granted, since the inspectors possessed bizarre genetic abilities to detect fraud, there were also bizarre genetic abilities capable of committing fraud. However, how could a normal gene producer contend against the large virtual community?

The inspectors of the virtual community possessed the strongest detection abilities!

Nothing could hide from them!

However, today, this group of inspectors reputed as a group capable of finding the truth out of everything suffered total defeat when investigating Chen Feng’s incident.