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Chapter 61: Ambitious

Chapter 61: Ambitious

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"Is there any result from the investigations?"

The leader of the inspectors group Li Dakang inhaled deeply.


All the inspectors were ashamed.

No matter what genetic ability they utilized, the result would only point out that the purchase of this mutated gold ant gene reagent by that genetic warrior was a normal purchase. No issues were found with the purchase.

"How can this be?"

Li Dakang was starting to feel somewhat jittery.

Unlike other incidents, this Chen Feng incident was something serious. Furthermore, the truth was quite apparent. As such, their superiors requested them to find the proofs and wrap this up as soon as possible. However, without proof, how could they wrap this up? All their investigations pointed to there being nothing wrong with this Chen Feng.

Their team was comprised of 10 inspectors, each of them possessing some special detection abilities. However, all these abilities appeared quite useless in this incident.

"Could it be…"

"There really are no problems?" one of the inspectors whispered.


Li Dakang glared at him. "Between 20 points of spiritual energy and 1 point of spiritual energy, which would you buy? Furthermore, the difference in price is almost fivefold?"


That inspector opened his mouth yet was not able to say anything.


This was obviously something illogical, and this was also the reason they couldn’t accept the fact that they couldn’t find any proof.

"Today, we received another 100 reports on this," another inspector said.

"I know."

Li Dakang inhaled deeply and looked at the information regarding The Strongest Gene in front of him before viciously saying, "Investigate. Investigate with all your effort. I refuse to believe that there are absolutely no problems with him. Today, we shall work overtime. Without finding out anything about this guy, none of you are allowed to sleep!"


Hence, the group of inspectors started their busy life of working overtime.

Currently, the incident was still hotly discussed online.

The discussions were centered around Chen Feng, his act of selling and buying his own item to create a false sales volume, and the monthly sales event. There were also no signs of these discussions stopping. Instead, the discussions were constantly gaining momentum. At the same time, some of the shop owners decided to get their friends and families to help create a fake sales volume, since nothing seemed to be happening to Chen Feng. However, they were all shut down by the inspectors that were seething in anger.

Hence, the shop owners that were shut down started complaining online, saying that the event was unfair. How were the masses supposed to trust them this way, etc.

However, regardless of how much the public talked about this, the virtual community had not taken any action against Chen Feng. As such, this incident continued progressing, triggering more curiosity from the public, to the point where some people started to suspect that Chen Feng was actually the illegitimate child of the virtual community’s owner.

Once again, Chen Feng became the trending topic!

This time, it was due to his seemingly mysterious identity and background.

"The illegitimate child of the virtual community’s owner?"

Chen Feng looked at these threads with a toying expression on his face.

He suspected that these people did not use their brain when making up stories. If that was really his identity, was there a need for him to open a shop and create a fake sales volume? Naive! However, due to the publicity this incident brought him, the traffic of Chen Feng’s shop reached a new pinnacle with his sales volume increasing rapidly once again.

The second mutated gold ant gene reagent was sold at the same price of one million yuan.

Chen Feng did not find this surprising.

This item was definitely worth one million yuan. With so many people paying attention to it, all it required was for a single person to notice the true value of this item and the reagent would immediately sell.

What surprised Chen Feng was that his mutated lumberbear gene had actually sold as well.

Due to the publicity created by the public, he had managed to sell 2 of the mutated lumberbear genes despite their high price of 99,999 yuan each. For the lumberbear gene that only cost several thousand yuan to produce, this was truly an extreme profit.

"No wonder those celebrities like publicity."

Chen Feng could finally understand why the celebrities from his previous life would always create some controversy to gain some publicity for their upcoming movies or TV-shows.

At times, publicity was equivalent to profit.

Up until now, Chen Feng’s sales volume had reached 2.2 million yuan, entering the top 100 rankings of the monthly sales event. This speed of advancement was obviously extraordinary!

"Top 100?"

Chen Feng blanked.

He originally joined the event for fun without expectations. After all, it was near the end of the event period anyway.

However, as he looked at the numbers of the sales volume, the flame in Chen Feng’s heart started blazing. This monthly sales event doesn’t appear too difficult?

As he thought about it, it seemed quite logical for the difficulty to be low. The participants were only some level one shops. A single level-one shop had a maximum of 10 display shelves. Even if they were to sell combat genes here, how much could they earn?

As for Chen Feng? A single sale of his could reach an amount of one million yuan.

Who could compete with him?!

Chen Feng studied the information on the monthly event rankings.

Number 100, 2 million sales volume.

Number 30, 5 million sales volume.

Number 3, 10 million sales volume.

There was a big difference between them!


Chen Feng calculated his earnings.

Using 24 points of luck values everyday, 20 of them for mutated gold ant gene production and the remaining four for mutated lumberbear gene production, his total sale would be 1.4 million. Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy to sell the mutated lumberbear gene. He could only depend on the recent publicity he gained to barely sell some of it. Otherwise, with the mutated lumberbear gene alone, he would be able to make a huge profit.

1.4 million per day. In seven days, he would be making near 10 million!

His distance from the guy at number three was so very near.

Although his opponent had seven days left as well, within these final seven days, Chen Feng believed that the maximum his opponent could reach was 12 million. The difference wouldn’t be too drastic.

"A difference of 2 million…"

Chen Feng’s eyes were burning. Perhaps, he could try reaching the top three?

Under normal circumstances, he naturally wouldn’t bother. However, this sudden publicity he gained put him in an extremely beneficial position. Although everyone was discrediting him online, however, his shop had also been making crazy profits from this. This was a perfect opportunity for him!

Reaching the top three in seven days!

"The reward for top three is actually rare 4-star formulas."

Chen Feng was agitated.

Since there was an opportunity for him to gain a rare formula, he would not waste the opportunity!

If so, his next goal would be: to reach top three!

However, based on his calculations, he might still lack around two million sales volume to reach top 3. How should he close this gap?

"Producing two extra mutated gold ant genes?"

Chen Feng pondered.

He had saved up some luck value during the past few days. However, his luck value would be completely exhausted if he were to produce even one extra mutated gold ant gene. If he were to encounter some dangers at that time, things would get troublesome. Hence, unless it was absolutely necessary, he had to maintain at least 10 points of luck value at all times.

Increasing the price?

One million seemed to be the limit.

It seemed like this incident had attracted too much attention. However, the virtual community had failed to find any means to punish Chen Feng. As such, they decided to set a limit for the price of F-class gene at a maximum price of one million yuan. This caused Chen Feng to feel immensely regretful, as he was planning to increase the price.


Chen Feng suddenly thought of something. Since the gold ant gene could mutate, could the thundersnake gene mutate as well?

"Let’s try."

Chen Feng’s eyes brightened.

After preparing 10 sets of materials for the thundersnake gene, he entered his hyper-dimensional mode.

That’s right, hyper-dimensional mode!

Chen Feng called this mode where he closed his eyes and fully activated his Luck Aura the hyper-dimensional mode.


The lights before his eyes shattered before the familiar-looking genes appeared before him.

Currently, due to Chen Feng sealing all his senses, he could not see nor feel the existences of these genes. He could only perform the gene search process under assistance of Luck Aura.

Soon, gene search was completed, consuming two points of luck value in the process.

"Two points…" Chen Feng muttered thoughtfully.


Second step, gene reaction.

In his hyper-dimensional mode, Chen Feng urged these genes to start reacting and his luck value started declining rapidly. One point, two points, three points… only when six points of luck were exhausted did the process stop.

Third step, gene fusion.

After his experience producing the mutated gold ant gene, Chen Feng was extremely well practiced with what he needed to do at this step. Once again, he used 10 points of luck value to prepare the incubator liquid. On the other hand, the gene duplication and fusion process did not exhaust too many of his luck value. Only two of them were exhausted before the final gene fusion was completed.


Chen Feng sealed the liquid carefully.


Gene production, complete.


Chen Feng’s emotions surged as he looked at the reagent filled with green- and white-colored sparks.