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Chapter 62: The True Thundersnake Gene!

Chapter 62: The True Thundersnake Gene!

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"Gene scan!"


A ray of light started scanning the gene.


Gene name: Mutated Thundersnake Gene Reagent

Gene type: Special

Gene function: Triggering an explosion with spiritual energy, able to bring about a huge amount of destruction

Spiritual energy consumption: 20 points

Gene introduction: Produced from thundersnake’s blood essence, requires a lot of different materials to bring out the mysterious power within thundersnake gene, turning it into a type of special gene reagent.


It mutated!

Chen Feng was excited.


Thundersnake gene had a concealed gene within as well! It was only that this concealed gene would only appear after modifying the materials and improving the formula.

However, what was with this spiritual energy consumption of 20 points?

Chen Feng was confused.

He remembered that the spiritual energy consumption for normal mutated thundersnake genes were only 10 points. Why did it become 20 points after this new mutation?

Reversed mutation?

After thinking about it, Chen Feng decided to go to the Greenhill Forest Camp alone.

This item was different from mutated gold ant gene where only reading the descriptions would be sufficient for Chen Feng to figure out its value.

As for the mutated thundersnake gene…

Why was the spiritual energy consumption increased by onefold? How much was the increase of its damage?

He had to have an understanding about it himself.

"I will know after trying."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

He did not dare to go too far away from the camp.

In the distance, a peak F-class mutated beast appeared. Chen Feng’s heart leaped as he quietly tossed the thundersnake gene reagent in his hands.


Triggering the explosion with his spiritual energy, the reagent exploded midair.

And then…

It disappeared.


Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied.




The moment the thundersnake gene reagent was triggered; it changed into a ray of light and disappeared. Looking at his spiritual energy that had been reduced by 20 points, Chen Feng blanked. What happened? A normal thundersnake gene reagent would directly explode on the spot when triggered and envelope an area with a circumference of three to five meters around it with lightning. Why had it disappeared instead after mutation?

However, right this moment, Chen Feng sensed something and abruptly raised his head.

The sky started thundering.

A huge snake-shaped lightning bolt descended and smashed on the spot where the reagent originally disappeared, killing the peak F-class mutated beast in a flash.

The beast couldn’t even scream before dying.

"This power…"

Chen Feng inhaled a cold breath of air.


This was the true thundersnake!

Compared to this, the normal thundersnake gene reagents he used to use were like thunderworms instead of thundersnakes.

Although the thundersnake gene reagent had the power of an E-class attack, it was the power of a newly advanced E-class warrior. At times, it would be able to unleash an extremely formidable might. For example, when it was in the mysterious seawater previously. However, at times, it was also extremely weak. For example, when facing the mutant previously, the reagent failed to kill both the mutant and the wind fox leader.

What if this new reagent was used?

Chen Feng was sure that if the same thing were to happen again, the wind fox leader leaping on the mutant to take on the attack for him, the both of them would still die from the attack of the-snake shaped lightning.

"This thing…"

Chen Feng was bubbling with excitement.

A one-fold increase in spiritual energy consumption; however, the increase in its might was extremely huge!

Based on Chen Feng’s initial estimations, the ‘bring about a huge amount of destruction’ in the gene introduction was describing the E-class damage the reagent was capable of bringing. Previously, the normal reagent would bring about a damage equivalent to around 100–200 points of attributes, around the same level as a newly advanced E-class warriors. The current reagent, on the other hand, would be able to display a power equivalent to around 900–1,000 points of attributes.

They were both described with the same words, ‘bring about a huge amount of destruction.’ However, the actual difference was extremely huge.

Reaching home, Chen Feng produced another mutated thundersnake gene reagent.

"How much should I sell it for?"

Chen Feng was excited.

"500,000 yuan cost and 10 points of luck values to produce."

After calculating, he was speechless. No wonder this new reagent was so terrifying. Its materials alone were five times more than normal thundersnake gene reagents.

What was the suitable price?

After thinking about it for a while, Chen Feng decided to set the price at one million yuan.

Didn’t you want to restrict the price? Have fun restricting, then!

Mutated gold ant gene reagent required 200,000 yuan and 20 points of luck value to produce, while mutated thundersnake gene reagent required 500,000 yuan and 10 points of luck values to produce. Although mutated gold ant gene reagent brought him higher profit, after contemplation, Chen Feng found that it would be more worthwhile for him to produce mutated thundersnake gene reagents.

Chen Feng calculated in silence. "With 20 points of luck value, I can produce two sets of mutated thundersnake gene with a cost of one million yuan selling at two million yuan, making a profit of one million yuan. The same 20 points of luck value could only produce one set of mutated gold ant gene with a cost of 200,000 yuan and selling at a price of one million yuan, making only 800,000 yuan of profit."

Furthermore, with each mutated thundersnake gene reagent he produced, he would be better practiced. For him, luck value was the most valuable resources.

However, the premise for all his plans was that there would be someone capable of discovering the power of the mutated thundersnake gene reagent.

A one-time usage item with the price of one million yuan. Would someone really buy it?

Chen Feng was feeling doubtful.

"Let’s just give it a try."

After thinking about it, Chen Feng decided to put it up for sale.

Mutated thundersnake gene reagent, selling at one million yuan!

This was, after all, not the same as something like the gold ant gene, which was somewhat special. For this mutated thundersnake gene, one needed to personally experience it in order to have a general idea of the might it possessed.

"How long will it take to sell?"

Chen Feng wasn’t too worried about it. If it was sold, he would continue producing it. If it wasn’t sold, he would keep it for himself as a trump card.

In the virtual community, only one day had passed. As the public finally slowed down their discussion on The Strongest Gene, Chen Feng’s mutated thundersnake gene once again caused a sensation.

One million yuan for a one-time-use gene!

"It’s another mutated gene!"

"This Chen Feng must’ve accidentally obtained a research result or inherited some resources of some senior. Otherwise, it’s impossible for him to keep producing all these mutated genes!"

"I think so too."

"All this is not the main point. The main point is the price he set!"

The public was too tired to continue slighting Chen Feng.

Was this guy crazy? Selling a reversed mutated gold ant gene at one million. Even a mutated thundersnake gene was sold at one million? Was he sick?

"Has this thing really mutated?"

"Although the thundersnake gene rarely appears, I remember that its description is the same."

Some of the people started raising their doubts.

After checking online, they found out that Chen Feng’s mutated gene was similar with a normal gene with the only difference being the spiritual energy consumption. It changed from 10 points to 20 points.


They were all speechless.

"Another reversed gene?"

"666666[1]. The Strongest Reversed Mutated Gene. This shop is correctly named after all."

"Too funny."

"I remembered that the normal version of this gene is only worth 200,000 yuan, right?"

The public went crazy with laughter.

That was one million yuan he set as the price there!

If it was a fusion reagent, fine. In order to get the genetic ability, for one’s own future, some people would put it all on the line to buy it even if it was expensive!


What was this one-time-use item?

One toss and it’s gone.

Who would waste one million yuan for this?

Too funny.

At the same time, the mutated thundersnake gene raised another huge wave in the learning forum. A huge online army started discrediting Chen Feng again. As for the Professor Tao incident, it had been totally forgotten. There were too many points one could discuss about Chen Feng, so nobody bothered talking about Professor Tao.

However, nobody noticed that in Chen Feng’s shop, amongst the crowd, one particular person was staring at the mutated thundersnake gene reagent for a long time without speaking.

His name was Yun Zhongtian, an E-class genetic warrior. He was preparing to go on an extremely dangerous exploration trip and was currently in the final stages of his preparations. As he heard that there was a mutated thundersnake gene reagent for sale here, he decided to come and take a look. However, he did not expect the reagent to be sold at one million yuan!

"This guy must have gone crazy from thinking about money too much."

He shook his head and prepared to leave the shop.

However, at this moment, he noticed that within the bottle of the mutated thundersnake gene reagent was a flickering lightning that seemed to appear much more powerful than the thundersnake gene reagents he had purchased in the past.

"20 points of spiritual energy consumption…"

"The power it contained is much more powerful…"

Yun Zhongtian’s eyes brightened. He had previously used a thundersnake gene reagent once. However, the mutated version before him seemed to be somewhat different from the one he had used previously? For an unknown reason, he could feel an energy that caused one’s heart to palpitate from this mutated gene reagent.

This gene reagent was very powerful!

However, this price…

Yun Zhongtian was hesitating and struggling to make his decision. He was sure that this mutated gene reagent was much more powerful than a normal gene reagent. However, its price was really too expensive.

Excessively expensive!!!

However, the amount of people attracted to this shop from all the publicity was extremely high. He was only one of them. He was confident that among the crowd, there were those who had previously used thundersnake gene reagents or those who knew a good thing when they saw one. Hence, the time left for him to hesitate was short. Someone else might buy this thing soon.

To buy or not to buy?

Yun Zhongtian smiled bitterly and suddenly understood. Did he have any options? If he failed to return from his explorations this time, what good would all the money he saved do? Earlier, he had taken a stroll around the area. Among all the gene reagents usable for him, this was the most expensive one! However, it also appeared to be strongest! Even those E-class one-time-use reagents were not as powerful as this one!

He really had no choice.

After a long time, he clenched his teeth and tapped the screen.



In The Strongest Gene, the one million yuan mutated thundersnake gene reagent was sold just like that.


At the entrance of the shop, the crowd opened their eyes wide as they looked at the word ‘sold out’ appearing on the display shelf for the mutated thundersnake gene reagent.

"Damn, it’s gone?"

"It’s sold?"

"How is that possible!"

Everyone cried out in alarm.

It was sold!


This time, it took an even shorter amount of time. It was sold after only one hour it was put up for sale.

"Wasn’t this somewhat excessive?"

"Yeah, in my opinion, this thing isn't even worth 100,000 yuan!"

"Let’s complain."

"I refuse to believe that the inspectors would really ignore this!"

Everyone was raging with fury.

This Chen Feng was absolutely unrestrained nowadays. Previously, he would still made an effort to pretend and only buy his own stuff after putting it up for one whole day. Now, he was too excessive!

Right in front of everyone, the gene reagent was sold in an hour. Who was he trying to cheat?

Hence, a huge amount of complaints were sent to the group of inspectors. Currently, the amount of complaints received regarding The Strongest Gene had exceeded the total amount of all other complaints they received by a large amount.

The public refused to believe that the group of inspectors would dare to ignore this incident.

However, what they did not know was that the group of inspectors really wanted to deal with this. However, after two whole days, they failed to find even the tiniest shred of evidence!


1. 66666666 – A Chinese online slang. An expression commonly used when praising someone’s gameplay. Something similar to "gg."