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Chapter 63: Banned!

Chapter 63: Banned!

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"Quick. Keep a close watch on this guy. The guy who just bought a mutated thundersnake gene reagent," Li Dakang shouted as he assigned all the inspectors in his group to the task of monitoring this person. He planned to use this guy as the break through to find some genuine evidences.

"Watch him closely. This time, we must find some evidence."

Li Dakang’s gaze was blazing like a torch, and the rest of his team members were surging with fighting spirit.

However, they ended up wasting one whole day, obtaining no results whatsoever.

That guy seemed to have gone exploring at some ruins. By the time he returned, he had lost an arm and spent over three million yuan at the hospital to rejoin his arm.

"Nothing abnormal found on this guy."

The group of inspectors smiled bitterly.

There was absolutely nothing suspicious found on this guy who had bought a mutated thundersnake gene reagent. Would a guy who made a living through creating fake sales volume go about losing their arm like this?

"Nothing unusual?" Li Dakang mumbled.

"3 million yuan for an arm."

The group members sighed. "Would someone like this go and participate in the creation of fake sales volume?"

They kept silent.

At this moment, they found that this guy went to Chen Feng’s shop once again and bought two mutated thundersnake gene reagents at once!

He bought another two!

The group of inspectors widened their eyes. How were they supposed to investigate this?

"Could this be a diversion tactic employed by one of those companies that specialize in creating fake sales volume?"

Some of them guessed.

One of them shook his head. "Doesn’t look like it."

"How are our other investigations?"

One of them shook his head while smiling bitterly. "We are watching every single person who has bought items from The Strongest Gene. So far, nothing suspicious has been found." For this Chen Feng and his shop, they had poured in a huge amount of resources. However, they had nothing to show for all their effort.

"What on earth is happening…"

Li Dakang was unable to find a way to solve this.

A normal producer like this was so meticulous to the point where he could trick the whole group of inspectors? Or maybe there was no problem in the first place with this shop?

As they looked at the obviously illogical price, they smiled bitterly. How was that possible?!

Li Dakang clenched his teeth. "Chen Feng…"

"What methods have you employed?"

Recently, they were under extreme pressure. Every single day, their superiors would pressure them. However, they couldn’t find any evidence. What could they do? No matter how they investigated, Chen Feng appeared innocent. They couldn’t shut down his shop with some groundless accusation, right?

"Boss, what should we do?"


"Watch him closely. I refuse to believe that he won’t reveal any weaknesses. As the number of people who buy his genes increases, he will definitely reveal a weakness somewhere!"


Currently, there were still three days before the end of the monthly sales event.

Once again, Chen Feng put two sets of mutated thundersnake gene reagent up for sale.

Although the amount of people who possessed a thundersnake gene reagent was low, those who actually possessed one were those who were quite strong. After getting a taste of the power of Chen Feng’s reagent, they started purchasing without any hesitation. This reagent was at the very least roughly three times more powerful than normal reagents.

Naturally, the general masses were unaware of all this.

The only thing they could do was continue berating Chen Feng for having a strong background and having no sense of shame, the group of inspectors being useless, the virtual community for being unjust, etc. All of this caused Chen Feng to become increasingly well-known.

Currently, Chen Feng’s sales volume had reached eight million, entering the top ten.

Two days before the final day, Chen Feng sold another two sets of mutated thundersnake gene reagent. With this, his sales volume exceeded 10 million, placing him in sixth place. Currently, the third place only had a sales volume of 12 million.

He only needed to produce another mutated thundersnake gene reagent in order to enter top three on the final day.

As for the top two ranks?

Number 1, 15.8 million sales volume.

Number 2, 15.5 million sales volume.

Chen Feng merely glanced at their figures before forgetting about competing with them. In order to become the champion, these two shops had held countless promotions and events after exhausting a huge sum of resources. Since there was only one day left, Chen Feng would not be able to catch up to them no matter what.

"I will just produce four extra sets of reagents and get into top three tomorrow."

Chen Feng looked at the remaining 40 points of luck value he had with satisfaction.

His plan was progressing smoothly.

The power of his mutated thundersnake gene reagent seemed to be quite satisfactory as he had seen several repeat customers. Since he started aiming for top three up till now, he hadn’t encountered any mishaps. As for all those discrediting him online… Mhm, he really should thank them. Without them, Chen Feng would not have been able to sell so many of his reagents!

Regardless of how good your item was, people needed to notice it first, right?

Putting it this way, those people had done him a big favor by berating him online.

"After getting the new 4-star formula, my production level can probably reach 14 stars."

Chen Feng was excited.

The 20-star production level that originally seemed so far away was now within reach. If he was willing, he could use the profits he made to buy two more 3-star formulas, and that would be sufficient for his production level to reach 20 stars!

"One step at a time."

Chen Feng calmed himself down.

However, just as he was planning his future plans, something happened abruptly and put a stop to all his plans!

The Strongest Gene had been shut down!


Chen Feng had a ridiculous expression on his face.

It was shut down?

How was that possible?!

Chen Feng went to his shop hastily and found that his shop had indeed been closed. Not only had it been closed, due to him violating the rules, all his funds were also temporarily frozen!

"Very good."

Chen Feng was seething with fury. He did not cheat nor did he create any disturbances. On what basis had the virtual community shut down his shop? Who gave them the guts to do so?

Wasn’t that groundless?


Chen Feng immediately contacted the group of inspectors. "I need an explanation on this."

At the same time, the group of inspectors had a blank look on their face after receiving Chen Feng’s message.

It had been shut down?

The leader, Li Dakang, had a lost expression on his face. Who had shut it down?

"What happened?" Li Dakang bellowed. "We haven’t got any proof yet. Who did it?"

"From the way it was done, it doesn’t appear to be one of us," some of them said.

Li Dakang was angry. "Besides us, who dares to shut a shop down?"

"Could it be someone from the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices?" one of the members said suddenly.

The department responsible for supervision of the prices of commodities in the virtual community, the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices.

A cold glint flickered in Li Dakang’s eyes. He pondered for a while before contacting a person. "Old Ding, what’s up with The Strongest Gene?"

Old Ding’s indifferent voice drifted over. "What else could it be? Due to the violation of rules, we shut it down."

"It is indeed you guys!"

Li Dakang was raging. "What rules have been violated? Even us inspectors can’t find any evidence. You guys can find it? Who gave you guys the guts to shut the shop down?"

"Evidence? Isn’t this obvious?"

Old Ding laughed heartily. "You inspectors need to look for evidence and proof. We, on the other hand, only need to prove that the price was increased without any basis in order to act. For him to sell a mere thundersnake gene at one million, this is an obvious violation of the rules! I personally think that, if you guys contacted me earlier, this incident would have ended long ago."

"How have the rules been violated?"

Li Dakang suppressed his anger. "All his genes were mutated genes. Don’t tell me you guys have the relevant know-how to evaluate the price of his gene reagents?"

"In the past, we didn’t have. However, now we do."

Old Ding said indifferently, "I’ll send you our evaluations. Since we want to make a move on him, we have naturally completed all the required procedures. Hehe, no one would bother us over this anyway. This is what the public wished."

Shortly after, an evaluation table was sent over by the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices.

After Li Dakang looked at it, he helplessly closed his eyes. This way of doing things…

One of the members asked suddenly, "What should we do?"

"Chen Feng sent another message to us."

"Send the evaluation table over to him and let him know our opinions on this."

Li Dakang sighed.

The team member hesitated. "Would this be proper?" Should they sell out the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices just like this?

"If we don’t sell them out, do you want to be the one taking the responsibility for this?"

Li Dakang rebuked them. "Those f*ckers were the ones in the wrong for pulling tricks in the dark. They wanted to earn the praises for this and let us to take the responsibility for this? To hell with that!"

"All right."

The rest of the team kept silent out of fear.