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Chapter 66: Gene Evaluation

Chapter 66: Gene Evaluation

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"He broke through?"

"Is this for real? This is too vicious, right?"

"Such a gene exists?"

"I agree with the thread title. This is the real strongest gene. What is that exploding gene compared with this gene?"

"They each have their own uses, right?"

The learning forum exploded with discussions once again.

The strongest gene?

Both these genes possessed the potential to be crowned as the strongest gene. Which would be the strongest gene? Everyone started arguing about it. However, no matter what, one thing they all agreed with was that those trash genes at Chen Feng’s shop were not qualified to be called the strongest gene. He deserved getting his shop banned.

These were the real strongest genes!

What was interesting was that, after the appearance of these two genes, a lot of people started showing off some rare genes, competing for the crown of the strongest gene!

All sorts of formidable F-class genes appeared, stunning everyone present.


No matter what genes appeared, the exploding gene and limit-surpassing gene were the genes with the highest popularity.

Someone started a chart to rank the strongest F-class genes and both those genes ended up dominating the first and second rank of the chart. Furthermore, both genes were constantly fighting over the first rank.

Both those genes became a trending topic.

Furthermore, the fans for both genes were grouped together and started attacking the fans of the other gene. Things were getting explosive.

As for Chen Feng?

No one remembered him.


In the top floor of a hotel in Gold City, a person that Chen Feng never expected to appear was here. That person was Tao Lijun, who was currently talking cheerfully to a middle aged person.

"Have you seen the discussions on The Strongest Gene shop at the learning forum?"

The middle aged person smiled.

"Yes I saw it."

Tao Lijun laughed. "Seems like our little friend Chen Feng is still somewhat capable. He should have reached the Gene Production Association by now, right?"

The middle age man shrugged. "You need to be careful. After the association released their evaluation, this matter should end here."

"There’s no worries." Tao Lijun was calm. "I still have some connections in the association."

"It’s impossible to fake it." The middle age man shook his head. "Zhang Wei will not allow the evaluator to do the evaluation alone. Furthermore, that evaluator is your man."

"Is there a need to fake it?"

Tao Lijun smiled. "When a youngster gets too spirited, it’s a good thing to let someone put some pressure on him. Lei Jun is a petty person. Since he wants to flatter me, he will definitely be prejudiced against Chen Feng. When that happens, will Chen Feng swallow it? When conflicts arise between them, the other evaluators will naturally not give Chen Feng a good evaluation."

"I have been in the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices for a long time. Even if it’s a good product, there is still a limit for its price."

Tao Lijun smiled mysteriously. "As long as we press the price down, what comes later will naturally be easier to handle."

"True that."

The middle age man smiled. "Don’t fail due to carelessness on this supposedly easy task."

"Not possible."

A trace of contempt flickered in Tao Lijun’s eyes. "What can a mere student like him do?"

At the same time, as Tao Lijun said, Chen Feng had silently reached the Gene Production Association.

The authority?

Was there anyone more authoritative than the Gene Production Association?

"It has been a while."

Zhang Wei smiled. "You are now a celebrity."

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "I could do without this kind of popularity."

Zhang Wei laughed, "Haha. I have prepared the evaluation procedures for you. However, those evaluators are all obstinate people. I’m afraid you won’t be able to get any preferential treatment. Are you sure that your genes are not problematic?"

He was still somewhat worried. After all, all those evaluations floating online…

Chen Feng was confident. "Trust me."

"All right." Zhang Wei patted his shoulder. "Let’s go."

The evaluation room was a huge room surrounded by glass radiating with blue light. The radiance brought a tinge of mysteriousness to the room. Within the room were seated ten gene evaluators. Chen Feng only needed to place his gene reagents on the glass counter in the middle of the room for the virtual evaluation to proceed.


"Chen Feng."


"Beginner producer."

"Verification complete. What is the gene that requires evaluation?"

"Mutated thundersnake gene," Chen Feng said calmly.

On the evaluator’s seats, the 10 evaluators silently exchanged glances. An evaluator that was somewhat old said, "We are aware of the reason you came here. We are also aware of what is happening online. You might have an amiable relationship with Zhang Wei. However, it is impossible for us to actually issue a fake evaluation for you!"

The first impression was important. These people seemed to have been somewhat affected by the public opinion online.


Chen Feng looked at Zhang Wei and noticed that his expression was turning unsightly. For this evaluator to question Chen Feng in front of him, wasn’t this totally not giving him any face?

"There is no need to evaluate the thundersnake gene. The data from the gene scan is clear enough. The only changes arising from its mutation are the increase of the spiritual energy consumption by 10 points. Is there any need for evaluation? I personally find it illogical for Zhang Wei to insist on applying for this evaluation for you alone."

That evaluator continued, "This preferential treatment is only given by Gene Production Association to certain members that the association focuses closely on. I do not believe that you are qualified for this preferential treatment."

"And who might this person be?" Chen Feng asked curiously.

"Lei Jun. An old evaluator of the Gene Production Association," Zhang Wei said indifferently. "A person of virtue and prestige who has been an evaluator in the Gene Production Association for 30 years."

Lei Jun lifted his head proudly. He was the most experienced evaluator at the Gene Production Association of Gold City. He was also the most senior evaluator there.

"No wonder." Chen Feng could feel the contempt from Zhang Wei’s tone of voice. "Even after 30 years, he’s still stuck here."

Lei Jun’s expression changed greatly. "What did you say?"

"Whether any focus was placed on me by the association, does that have anything to do with you?"

"What qualifications do you have to evaluate me as a person?"

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

After the increase in his strength, his worldview had changed as well. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t be bothered with someone like this guy. However, that didn’t mean that anyone could simply step on him! Especially not an F-class evaluator!

This was the Gene Production Association!

The reason Chen Feng came was for certification and increasing his reputation!

If even a random evaluator could treat him with contempt, in the future, everyone would know that this person could be easily bullied. Every random person here would dare to step on him.

This was the reality of things!


He had not offended anyone here!

Would this old fart Lei Jun act against him for no apparent reason? Or was there someone else behind him? Hence, Chen Feng would definitely not step back from this!


Lei Jun was ashen-faced.

"Just do your job properly," Chen Feng said indifferently. "Since you are an evaluator, then just evaluate the gene reagent. You are not qualified to get involved in other matters."

"Good. Very good."

Lei Jun had an ugly expression on his face. He did not expect that a mere beginner producer would dare to talk to him like this. Since there were so many evaluators here, he would definitely not act recklessly. However, there was a range of scores for the evaluation data. Since Chen Feng was so unbridled, he would definitely give this guy the lowest range on the scores.

I will let you know how stupid a choice it is for you to offend an evaluator…

Lei Jun grinned.

As for Zhang Wei?

Lei Jun wasn’t bothered about him at all.

Zhang Wei might be higher ranked than him, but he was not Lei Jun's direct superior. He did not plan to cheat or violate any rules. He only planned to give the lowest range of scores as allowed by the rules. Who could do anything to him this way?

"Let’s begin."

Lei Jun coldly glanced at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng took out his mutated thundersnake gene reagent and gently placed it on the evaluation counter.

The transparent glasses covered the mutated thundersnake gene reagent. Around it, circles of azure-colored light started radiating. Rays of light started flickering around the evaluators.

Lei Jun grinned. "Let me."

"I suggest that you all do it together," Chen Feng suddenly said.

Evaluators were also differentiated by their classes. These few evaluators in front of him were merely F-class evaluators. Their personal strength was quite low. If they were to forcefully evaluate the mutated thundersnake gene reagent, Chen Feng was afraid that something ill might befall them.

"There’s no need." Lei Jun sneered. "What you said was correct. We should all do our job. Now, I am doing my job. This is not something you can get involved in right?"

Chen Feng laughed. "As you wish."

Lei Jun snorted. "Hmph!"

To return Chen Feng’s own words back to him, he felt very satisfied.

As for this mutated thundersnake gene reagent?

He wasn’t the least bit bothered by it. He had been an F-class evaluator for 30 years. There was no gene that he had never seen before. He had even encountered 5-star genes previously. Hence, he did not fear this gene at all!


Radiance swirled before his eyes as Lei Jun entered the evaluation mode.

The so-called gene evaluation was, in actuality, the act of simulating the evaluation with a simulated gene reagent. Under the circumstances where the gene reagent was not actually activated, they would try out the functions of the simulated gene. As the whole process would be done in the evaluation room, the process would be monitored and the evaluation results would be detailed and accurate.


Lei Jun used his ability to simulate the mutated thundersnake gene reagent.


An image appeared on all the screens in the evaluation room.

Within the image, the mutated thundersnake gene reagent was hovering midair.

This was what Lei Jun simulated, a reagent that was completely identical to a real mutated thundersnake gene reagent. Next, he would start simulating the usage of this reagent.


He triggered the explosion of the gene right away. The gene reagent changed into a ray of light before disappearing.

"It’s just this?"

Lei Jun looked at the statistical data that did not have the slightest reaction against that and said, "This kind of trash…"


An immense snake shaped lighting descended from the sky. Lei Jun’s originally stable spiritual world collapsed immediately as a terrifying power started shaking within it.


The image on the screen shattered.


Lei Jun vomited a mouthful of blood and was flung backward as his face paled.

"Di di di!"

The alarm in the evaluation room started flickering crazily.

Red lights flickered.

"What happened?"

Everyone’s heart jolted violently.