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Chapter 67: Regretting Past Actions

Chapter 67: Regretting Past Actions

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"Senior Lei."

Everyone’s expression changed greatly and they hastily held him up.

"Di di—"

The red light was still flickering. In a split second, all of Lei Jun’s evaluation tools had reached their limit!

"How is this possible?!"

Looking at the mutated thundersnake gene reagent on the evaluation stage, Lei Jun muttered, "The power of this thing… this is not a thundersnake gene reagent!"

"It’s only natural for it to be a thundersnake gene reagent." Chen Feng smiled calmly. "This is a mutated gene. Are you really so stupid to believe that when the spiritual energy consumption rate increases, the power of the reagent would not change?"

Lei Jun collapsed emotionally. "But the same words, ‘huge amount of destruction,’ were clearly written on the gene’s description."

Chen Feng smiled faintly. "A score of 60 marks and 100 marks were both considered as passes in an examination. However, do you think that both those scores are the same?"

Lei Jun was ashen faced, unable to say anything.

"Continue?" Beside him, Zhang Wei smiled. "Or... get someone else to do it instead?"


In this moment, Lei Jun understood that this mutated thundersnake gene reagent was not ordinary at all. He had evaluated 5-star special one-use reagents before and he was able to endure their power. However, this 4-star mutated reagent was actually able to directly destroy his spiritual world. This thing here was extremely powerful!

This was a historic moment!

This was a new mutated gene!

He wanted to continue evaluating it even if he needed to apologize to Chen Feng. However, since his spiritual world had collapsed, he would not be able to perform any evaluations for at least three days.

Why had he not taken Chen Feng’s advice?

He was feeling regretful.

Zhang Wei sneered and looked at another evaluator. "Little Lu, you do it."

"All right."

The others evaluators were all excited.

This was the initial evaluation of a powerful mutated 4-star reagent. Once its value was ascertained, anyone who studied this reagent in the future would be able to see this evaluation report!

Their names would all be listed on the report!


The nine of them worked together to create an evaluation world.

As for Lei Jun, nobody could be bothered about him at this moment.


Carefully, they simulated the mutated gene reagent as its simulation appeared and exploded in midair and its terrifying power engulfed the spiritual world. A spiritual world constructed by the few of them was obviously much stronger than a spiritual world constructed by a single person. Hence, the spiritual world was able to stabilize with great difficulty, and all sorts of evaluation equipment started crazily recording all the relevant information.

Spiritual statistics…

Explosiveness statistics…

Attack power…



All sorts of information.

Finally, the nine excited evaluators concluded their evaluation on this mutated thundersnake gene reagent.


Gene name: Thundersnake Gene – Unknown

Gene type: Mutated

Spiritual energy consumption: 20 points

Genetic ability: Equivalent to the strongest attack of a peak E-class warrior

Evaluated price: 1 million yuan


"One million!"

When the final result was released, even Zhang Wei was shocked. He originally thought that the one million price set by Chen Feng was something he randomly came up with. Never had he guessed that its true value was actually one million! However, as he recalled the terrifying power displayed earlier, he understood. An item of this level…

Definitely worth this amount!

Chen Feng smiled as he looked at the few evaluators. "Shall we proceed?"

"Yes." Nine heads nodded frantically, like someone pounding garlic in a mortar.

Who were they kidding? How could they miss such an opportunity? In the future, they would be known as the evaluators responsible for the evaluation of this mutated thundersnake gene reagent! As someone in their profession, they had seen the birth of a lot of new genes. However, most of them were trash genes. A gene at the level of Chen Feng’s was something incredibly rare.

Even the mutated thundersnake gene was so incredible, what about the next gene?

Their hearts trembled at the mere thought.

"How could things be like this?"

Lei Jun felt like his body was ice cold.

What a good opportunity this was. Why had he let go of it just like that?

He was the group leader for the current evaluation. He could still lead them. However, why had everyone excluded him and continued on with the evaluation?

How hateful!

If it wasn’t for Bureau Chief Tao…

As he recalled that tiny sum of money he had received, he felt that he had made a big loss instead! However, regardless of how regretful he was, he could only swallow it down.

Currently, Chen Feng had placed his mutated gold ant gene on the evaluation counter. Different from the thundersnake gene, this was a very ordinary gene without anything special.

"This gene."

Lei Jun exhaled in relief.

If it was some other new mutated genes, he would have felt immensely remorseful. However, since it was this trash gene, he was somewhat relieved. He had studied this gene before. There was really nothing special about it. Only able to increase one point of an attribute, it wasn’t particularly useful.

"Ready up."

The nine evaluators prepared.

As they looked at the description of the mutated gold ant gene, they frowned. If it was only one point, the gene could only be a discarded gene. However, they weren’t particularly disappointed.

That single mutated thundersnake gene was enough to satisfy them.

"This gene…"

Abruptly, one of the evaluators opened his eyes wide.


"One point?"

The few of them suddenly realized something.

After all, they were different than the idiotic herds online. They were true specialists.

They had heard of what had happened online. However, producers like them had no time to visit that Strongest Gene shop. What they heard was a version of story that had been changed countless times after going through countless pairs of mouths. After they heard of it, they only smiled in contempt. It was currently the first time they had seen the gene with their own eyes.

The first time they had seen the true mutated gold ant gene!

"Could it be…"

The few of them exchanged glances, all of them speechless.


The whole evaluation room was suddenly enveloped in silence.

After five seconds, the silence was broken!

"Limit breakthrough?!"

Everyone opened their eyes wide. Even Zhang Wei couldn’t control himself and stood up, saying, "Damn! Is this for real?"

If this was true…

"Begin right away."

Zhang Wei couldn’t wait.

The nine evaluators started hastily. The evaluation of the mutated gold ant gene was a safe process. They simulated a person at the peak of F-class and simulated the consumption of the gene reagent. Subsequently, that simulated person broke through the limit mode!

Evaluation successful!

"It was really true."

All of them were excited.

Limit breakthrough?

What was the significance of this?

Since it was something only used for F-class breakthrough, its price wouldn’t be excessively high. However, the true value and significance this gene represented was absolutely way above the mutated thundersnake gene!

Soon, the nine excited evaluators concluded their verdict.


Gene name: Gold Ant Gene – Unknown

Gene type: Mutated

Genetic ability: Increase one point of spirit attribute

Evaluated price: Above 1 million yuan


It was not a simple one million, instead it was an evaluated price of ‘above 1 million yuan’!

In other words.

The Gene Production Association had acknowledged that this gene was much more valuable than the mutated thundersnake gene!

"How could this be…"

Lei Jun slumped powerlessly onto the ground.

Two powerful mutated gene reagents, two mutated gene reagents destined to be known by all. Now, the nine evaluators’ names would be etched forever into the evaluation report in the gene bank. The nine of them would be well-known through this, obtaining a better treatment from the association as a result!

Except for him…

"I can’t accept this!" Lei Jun mumbled.

"Hehe." Zhang Wei glanced at him with disdain. He was not willing to be bothered with Lei Jun. This Lei Jun was merely someone that was somewhat old. As for his status? What could this Lei Jun be considered as? Regardless of how old you were, an evaluator was still an evaluator, after all.

Seemed like he could finally deal with this guy now.


Zhang Wei shook Chen Feng’s hands.

He originally thought that even if Chen Feng were to become famous, it would take a long time for that to happen. He did not expect Chen Feng to go on and end up creating two continuous mystical mutated genes when he was just a mere rookie.

This accomplishment of his far exceeded that of Professor Tao!

"Name it?"

"Supreme. Both of them shall be known as supreme." Chen Feng smiled. "Supreme, it represents the pinnacle. The genes produce by me, regardless of whether they are weak or strong, they would be the most formidable among the same type of genes!"

"Good," Zhang Wei praised.


Chen Feng’s personal information was once again updated.

The column that originally only had ‘Discovered Lumberbear Gene – Battle’ written on it had two additions: ‘Thundersnake Gene – Supreme’ and ‘Gold Ant Gene – Supreme’.

"Supposedly, you should be rewarded for the discovery of these two new genes. However, due to the great significance represented by these two genes of yours, and also due to it being a contribution that had never happened in our Gold City’s Gene Production Association, I decided to give you a nice surprise on behalf of the Gene Production Association," Zhang Wei said suddenly.

"Oh?" Chen Feng did not know what to say.

Zhang Wei smiled mysteriously."You will find out soon."

Chen Feng was undisturbed. "I shall be looking forward to it."

Leaving the association, Chen Feng had accomplished what he came to do.

With this evaluation report, he could clear his name any time he wanted. However, how he would go about it would totally depend on his mood.

There was also that Bureau Chief Tao…

"Let me see how long you can continue banning my shop."

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.