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Chapter 68: Counterattack!

Chapter 68: Counterattack!

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As he returned to his room, Chen Feng entered the virtual community. He blanked when he saw the entrustments pending at his shop.

1. One set of mutated gold ant gene request by Zhao Long. Offered price 1 million. Do you accept?

2. One set of mutated gold ant gene request by Zhao Long. Offered price 1.5 million. Do you accept?

3. One set of mutated gold ant gene request by Zhao Long. Offered price 2 million. Do you accept?

Apart from this, Zhao Long also left a message behind: Boss, I really only have 2 million on me. Please produce a set of mutated gold ant gene for me. I have been stuck at this level for a long time, seeking a breakthrough!!!!!!


Chen Feng laughed involuntarily.

Naturally, these were only the messages left by a single person. There were entrustments from at least five or six other individuals to produce mutated gold ant genes. Apart from this, there were also some who requested for production of mutated thundersnake gene and had similarly increased the price up to 1.2 million.

Currently, the condemnations on Chen Feng were still progressing wildly online. In only one day's time, it was known to almost everyone. It was as if condemning Chen Feng was a way for someone to stay trendy. Around his shop, there were crowds of people spectating, earning the shops in the vicinity quite a sum from the traffic.

"This senior is truly my lucky star."

Windchanter sighed endlessly.

Previously, this Chen Feng guy had gloriously rushed into the top 30 rankings. Subsequently, he gloriously rushed into the top 10, pushing Windchanter out of his original rank forcefully. This caused him to be endlessly depressed. However, outside of his expectations, Chen Feng was banned afterward. The other shops such as his shop that were around Chen Feng’s shop had instead gained a larger profit from the traffic.

In this world, the future was truly unpredictable.


King Kong agreed with his sentiment.

Due to Chen Feng, the sales volume of his shop had increased greatly as well. Furthermore, there were also signs of his shop getting into the top 30. This caused him to be filled with fighting spirit.

"Do you think he will return?" Windchanter asked suddenly.

"I… doubt it?" King Kong gave it some thought. "Things are already at this stage."


"He has aroused the anger of everyone."

Windchanter smiled.

However, just at this moment, they saw a disturbance break out in front of The Strongest Gene shop. One after another, sounds of people crying out in alarm could be heard, attracting the attention of countless people.

Windchanter’s heart leaped. "What happened?"

"Is Chen Feng here?" King Kong guessed.

Both of them hastily made their way over. However, they only took a glimpse before they were both stunned.


That’s right. Everyone was stunned.

That was because The Strongest Gene shop had released the entrustments it had recently received. No one had expected a mere shop like The Strongest Gene would actually have so many people requesting Chen Feng produce genes for them.

Gene entrustment?

This was something that normally only happened to grandmasters!

"There are actually so many people requesting for Chen Feng to produce genes for them?"

"Is this for real?"

"Maybe these are the people Chen Feng hired to create publicity?"

"Is that possible? Gene entrustment requires one to first place their money at the virtual community before issuing the entrustment. Look at the amount involved here. Do you have any idea how big of a sum this money is?"

"Let me make some calculations, 10 million, 20 million, hiss…"

That person calculated and inhaled a mouthful of cold breath immediately. The total amount of entrustments Chen Feng received had exceeded 20 million!

A frightening figure that far exceeded Chen Feng’s current sales volume!

If Chen Feng really had such an amount of money to be used for publicity, was there any need for him to participate in this event?

Obviously, the answer was no.

If that was the case… then there was a possibility that Chen Feng’s sales volume was genuine?

Everyone shivered.

"What on earth is happening?"

Everyone was alarmed.

Condemn? How were they supposed to condemn that?

If the reagents produced by Chen Feng were really worthless, would people really purchase it? It couldn’t be that those rich people were too rich and had no idea where to spend their money, so they end up looking for Chen Feng, right?

Everyone quieted down. They knew that something major had happened!

Soon, this news was spread to the learning forum as well. The whole learning forum exploded. Chen Feng had been keeping a low profile for so long, but once he made his move, he stirred everything up.

"Something major is going to happen!"

"I smell something fishy here."

This time, a large majority of the people instead chose to become spectators as the event unfolded.

At the same time, the hottest thread containing the video of the strongest gene had finally, under countless requests, released the name of the strongest F-class gene in the video: Mutated thundersnake gene, originating from The Strongest Gene shop.


The whole learning forum was in an uproar.

Mutated thundersnake gene? The strongest gene that was incomparably awesome yet possessing a terrifying might was actually the mutated thundersnake gene sold by Chen Feng?

"Is this real?"

"How can this be bogus? It came from that guy’s own mouth."

"No wonder it was sold for 1 million yuan. This price was definitely more than worth the value of that gene."

"Yeah, I saw the entrustment list released by Chen Feng earlier. There were indeed several people requesting for Chen Feng to produce this gene with a high price."

"Wait, if this is the mutated thundersnake gene, then the other gene…"

Some of the people suddenly thought of something else.

At the same time, the top-ranked strongest F-class gene had similarly released the name of the gene: Mutated gold ant gene, originating from The Strongest Gene shop!


The whole learning forum was in an uproar.

This time, the reveal was truly explosive.

So not only the mutated thundersnake gene, even the mutated gold ant gene was produced by Chen Feng? Both genes crowned as the strongest gene reagents were produced by Chen Feng?

At this time, countless people felt like they'd had their faces slapped.

The strongest genes they had used to step on Chen Feng for so long ended up being something originating from his very own shop?

This was truly…


If it was the strongest gene, why would the shop be banned?


"If there are no issues, why would the shop be banned?"

A lot of people realized this question as well. "Even Cool Breeze Daily said that this was Chen Feng’s self-marketing."

A lot of people were still feeling doubtful.

At this moment, a familiar thread appeared on the forum. The heart of anyone who saw it leaped. That familiar ID, that familiar tone, and that familiar thread title.

[Shocking! The chief of Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices colluded with Cool Breeze Daily and did these things to an elderly man over 70 years of age!]

"Damn, this title…"

"These clickbait titles are truly hateful. I really don’t want to tap it; however, I can’t control my hands."

"Ah ah ah ah ah, what did they do?"

"Wretched title!"

"Don’t enter the thread and continue encouraging such hateful titles."

Countless people started condemning.

However, despite how everyone was saying they wouldn’t enter the thread, their actions were truly honest. Instinctively, they entered the thread and saw a shocking inside story.

Professor Tao!

The main character in the lumberbear gene incident.

Professor Tao was the person who lost his standing after being exposed by Chen Feng. As for the chief of Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices? He was the son of Professor Tao! With this, everything became apparent.

Chen Feng had released the latest evaluation on his genes.


Gold ant gene – supreme, Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices’s evaluated price: 10,000 yuan, Gene Production Association’s evaluated price: 1 million yuan and above.

Thundersnake gene – supreme, Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices’s evaluated price: 50,000 yuan, Gene Production Association’s evaluated price: 1 million yuan.


With this comparison, was there any need for him to say anything else?

In his thread, Chen Feng started his bombardment on Cool Breeze Daily and Bureau Chief Tao. At the end of his thread, he even released another set of information – the true owner of the Lumberbear Gene Guide and a comparison between Professor Tao’s Lumberbear Gene Guide and the guide released by Mu Yuan’s grandfather.

Professor Tao was once again a hot topic.


"Even the Lumberbear Gene Guide was not something produced by Professor Tao?"

"Damn it! Even when he stole Chen Feng’s research result, I was defending him. No one can avoid making mistakes in their life after all, who knew that…"

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

A lot of people were enraged.

Especially those fans that had insisted on defending Professor Tao.

"So all this was not Professor Tao’s results?"

"Damn, I was blind."

"This father and son duo are both good-for-nothings!"

The whole internet was filled with curses. Their anger from being played around by the father and son duo and their anger from getting face slapped by Chen Feng was all unleashed on the Tao father and son duo.

At this moment, the public outrage was completely unleashed onto the involved parties. The Tao father and son duo were flooded by endless waves of discussions online, while the number of subscribers of Cool Breeze Daily declined at an inconceivable speed!

"It’s nearly there, right?"

Chen Feng watched coldly as everything unfolded.

The appearances of the two videos was somewhat surprising for him. However, it had also served as stronger proof for his case. Together with the release of the entrustment list, the thread he posted, and the release of the Gene Production Association’s evaluation results, the truth was revealed!

"What will you do next?"

Chen Feng’s eyes were ice cold.

He refused to believe that Bureau Chief Tao would just sit and wait for death like that.

If that was the case… assassination?

Chen Feng sneered.

He had thoroughly prepared himself.

Luck value, mutated thundersnake genes, and monitoring his vicinity. He had completed his preparations. Even if all that was not sufficient, he could still contact Wang Yao!

He was looking forward to seeing what kind of person could Bureau Chief Tao send toward him.