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Chapter 69: Covering the Skies with One Hand!

Chapter 69: Covering the Skies with One Hand!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh
Currently, within a certain attic, Tao Lijun was looking at the exposé taking place online with an unprecedentedly calm expression on his face. After a long time, he shook his head. "I miscalculated."

"Little Jun."

Professor Tao had a bitter expression on his face.

He did not expect the whole incident would progress to such an extent. If it involved only him, then so be it. However, if it implicated his son, their Tao family would be truly finished.

"No worries." Tao Lijun smiled. "If I couldn't even deal with something like this, I would have lived all these years for nothing."

"Ah?" Professor Tao was bewildered. The whole incident had reached this point. What else could they do?

"Just you see." Tao Lijun smiled indifferently. "In the beginning, I had been neglectful. I treated Chen Feng as a bug that couldn’t accomplish much and ended up getting checkmated by him instead. This kid is truly not simple."


"It’s about time for this to end." Tao Lijun coldly stared off into the distance. "Since I now truly treat him as an opponent, I won’t give him any chance to counterattack. It seems like it’s time I start using certain resources that I originally wasn’t willing to use."


Tao Lijun clapped. A fluttering bug was smashed to death on the wall.

"Look at it. Regardless of how fast it flies, a bug is still a bug." Tao Lijun patted his father’s shoulder. "Your son has been a bureau chief for 20 years. Am I someone who can be shaken by a mere producer like him?"

"His methods are quite good. However, he’s too naive. Just wait and see. He won’t be able to do much."

Tao Lijun smiled coldly.

Who was he? He was Tao Lijun! The chief of the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices! Although he didn’t possess much influence in real life, now that he was personally here at Gold City, who would dare to not give him some face?

This was reality!

Chen Feng? A mere clown.

"It’s about time to start, right?" Tao Lijun mumbled.


Currently, at the learning forum, 30 minutes had passed since the exposure of the incident.

The scope of the public outrage was no longer small. However, at this very moment, all the threads posted by Chen Feng were deleted from the learning forum.

Once again, they evaporated into thin air!

The scamming father and son duo, Tao family unmasked.

Dogs of Cool Breeze, spreader of rumors, come out and battle me for an extra 300 rounds.

All threads attacking Tao Lijun, Professor Tao, and Cool Breeze Daily were submerged by a large amount of new threads.

Disappeared! Everything had disappeared!

"My thread disappeared?"

"Mine too."

"What happened?"

Some people were feeling doubtful. However, they could no longer post anything. Every account that had posted something similar had been temporarily banned.

At a glance, everything appeared calm at the learning forum.

"They dared to delete the threads?"

A lot of people were seething with rage and planned to start causing trouble.

However, right at this moment, the extramarital affair of a celebrity producer was suddenly exposed, shocking the whole internet. The learning forum was instantly flooded by news about this!

All the media outlets, the learning forum, and the public were paying close attention to this incident.

Chen Feng? Who was that?

Chen Feng had vanished without trace from the whole learning forum.

When Chen Feng noticed this, he was stupefied. He did not expect that after their experience with the Professor Tao incident, they would still dare to do this even when the current incident had been exposed for over 30 minutes.

The same thing was happening all over again.

However, different from what Professor Tao had done previously, when Bureau Chief Tao made his move, his methods were much crueler and more direct, not leaving any chance for him to strike back at all. All who defended Chen Feng were instantly banned from the learning forum.

Every single relevant information was flooded by the news regarding the extramarital affair. No signs of Chen Feng were left behind.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. How could there be such a coincidence? He didn’t even need to think hard to know that this was something used to cover up his incident. They had decided to use an even larger incident to cover this up.

This was a commonly used method to shift the public’s attention.

Bureau Chief Tao was vicious indeed, not leaving any chance for him to strike back.

"Such a vicious method."

Chen Feng was shocked.

He did not expect that those from the learning forum would do such a thing.

Was it due to the status of Bureau Chief Tao?

Or was it… because he knew some of their secrets?

Chen Feng was not sure. However, there truly was no place he could lodge his complaint now. He had the evaluation report of the Gene Production Association in his hands. However, he wasn’t even given the chance to release the report.

"Maybe I should try the other newspapers?"

Chen Feng tried contacting some newspapers.

However, everyone ignored him.

There were some who went as far as to end the call directly after finding out whom he was. Even the main competitors of Cool Breeze Daily were unwilling to be involved in current incident.

The reason for that was unknown.

"Is this another masterpiece of Bureau Chief Tao?"

Chen Feng sneered.

This was indeed somewhat exceeding his expectations. He thought that Bureau Chief Tao would perform assassination like he had in the past. He did not expect the guy who had tried to assassinate him several times would choose to instead abuse his power to suppress Chen Feng.

What a person, this Bureau Chief Tao.

"Are you truly able to suppress the public outrage?"

Chen Feng entered the virtual community. However… the released entrustments to his shop had disappeared.

Now, even the entrustments to The Strongest Gene shop had disappeared without a trace. On his account was only a simple piece of information: The entrustment function of your shop ‘The Strongest Gene’ has been temporarily cancelled due to a violation of rules.

Chen Feng was speechless.

"It has been cancelled?" he mumbled.

He did not find this surprising.

He had seen this coming the moment his thread was deleted and the public’s attention was shifted. Since Bureau Chief Tao had taken care of everything, how would he forget about The Strongest Gene shop?

This... was Tao Lijun’s counterattack.

In a certain high rise building, Professor Tao was watching the developments online with excitement. He had never imagined that his son would be powerful to such an extent—creating clouds and rain with a wave of his hand!

Too powerful!

"Son, you are too impressive."

Professor Tao was excited.

"I owed some people favors because of this." Tao Lijun shook his head. "I originally had great use for these favors. It’s a pity that I have wasted it here."


Professor Tao smiled embarrassingly.

He had nothing now. As such, he no longer dared to look down on this son of his.

"How about my reputation…" Professor Tao asked greedily.

"Don’t worry." Tao Lijun laughed involuntarily. "You are my father. How could I forget you? Wait until this matter calms down. I will get someone to clear your name."

Professor Tao nodded emotionally. "Good, good, good."


Tao Lijun looked out of the window indifferently.

It’s truly lonely at the top.

Chen Feng brat, now do you know how the real world works? Regardless of how talented you are, as far as I am concerned, you are nothing but a bug.

This... was the real world!

Time flowed.

One hour, two hours…

The public was still paying attention to the extramarital affair.

As for Chen Feng? Who’s that? Only a small amount of people were still paying attention to him. Furthermore, these people were those who had been banned from the forum. Even if they knew the truth, they no longer dared to continue shooting their mouth off. There were some who had posted some harsh words trying to complain about this only to end up having the trust level of their account reduced by the learning forum, with ‘starting rumors’ as the reason.

With this, they stopped saying anything.

Who still dared to defend Chen Feng?


The Chen Feng incident vanished quietly just like that.

As for The Strongest Gene shop? It would probably quietly remain banned until one day when this spot finally turned into another new shop, while Chen Feng’s shop that once existed was completely forgotten.

This... was the scariest possibility.