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Chapter 70: Chen Feng’s Killing Intent

Chapter 70: Chen Feng’s Killing Intent

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At the top of a certain high rise building in Gold City, Tao Lijun was seated together with a middle-aged man.

"Seems like our little friend is now stuck at an impasse," he said to the middle-aged man seated opposite him, smiling.

"Watching the struggle of a bug is still quite pleasurable," Tao Lijun said indifferently. "I have accomplished something, after all, out of my Gold City trip this time. After some time passes, you can start helping my father recover his reputation."

"Don’t be in too much of a rush," the middle-aged man said. "Be careful lest something unexpected happen."

"Unexpected? How is that possible?" Tao Lijun sneered. "Is there anyone capable of doing anything against me at a place like this?"

There were only a few people in Gold City that he did not dare to offend.

Those people were all those who had no relations whatsoever with Chen Feng.

This was the basis for his confidence.

At the same time, within the rented house, Chen Feng was quietly watching on as the situation progressed. The way this whole incident had progressed had far exceeded his expectations. He had still underestimated Bureau Chief Tao, after all. Earlier, Mu Yuan had contacted him and made known one thing to him: What he was currently experiencing was exactly the same thing that happened to Mu Yuan’s grandfather in the past.

Total shutdown!

His shop was banned; his bank account was frozen, and he, as a person, was also greatly discredited.

Granted, Chen Feng’s previous exposure had lasted for half an hour and was noticed by some people. However, a large majority of people were still unaware of the truth.

In their eyes, Chen Feng was still the producer with questionable moral standings.

This was Tao Lijun’s total shutdown!

Shutting him down to his death!

"Is there no other way?"

Chen Feng looked at Mu Yuan.


Mu Yuan kept quiet. If there were really other methods, how could his grandfather have lived in disgrace for so many years? Although the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices was not really influential in real life, the chief had come to Gold City in person. As long as he exchanged some benefits with those rich and influential officials here, it was simply too easy to shut a beginner producer like Chen Feng down.

In the past, that was also what happened to his grandfather.

"How did your grandfather get the ban lifted previously?" Chen Feng abruptly asked.

"By apologizing and admitting that all those were Professor Tao’s research results."

Mu Yuan was feeling hateful.

This was the greatest disgrace of his grandfather. Those were something that belonged to him, and he was the one in the right. However, due to the harsh reality, things ended up in such a way?

How lamentable was that!

And now, what his grandfather experienced was repeating with Chen Feng.

"I’m sorry." Mu Yuan clenched his fist. "If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t…"

"No worries." Chen Feng smiled. "It’s nothing major."

"Ah?" Mu Yuan was astonished. "You can still smile? This total shutdown from Tao Lijun is very terrifying. At the very least, you won’t be able to get anything done for a few years. Or else…"

"Do you look down on me that much?"

Chen Feng stretched lazily and a hint of smile appeared in his eyes. "Don’t worry. This will end soon."


Mu Yuan was totally confused.

End soon? How is that possible?

However, Chen Feng had ended the call with him.

"Tao Lijun…"

The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth curled as he smiled.

What a good method! However, has it ever crossed your mind that the effectiveness of your methods might lead to your very death?

"Is there no other way to solve this?"

Chen Feng was feeling somewhat regretful. He checked online and found that news about him had been flooded underneath waves of other news. He tried posting new threads to find that he remained blocked. There were no signs that his ID was going to get unblocked either.

In the virtual community, his shop remained banned as well.

"Is there a need for this?"

Chen Feng sighed. "Bureau Chief Tao, you are truly courting death."

He really didn’t want to use this kind of method.


He turned his wristband screen on.


A list of names appeared.

Since he did not have many friends, only several names appeared on his contact list on the screen. However, all these were those who he could communicate well with.

And one of them was…

Chen Feng paused at Wang Yao’s name.

"Wang Yao…" Chen Feng whispered.

Three favors from Wang Yao for the seadragon blood essence.

He had originally thought that he would never use these favors. Never had he expected that only a few days would pass before he needed to use one of the favors. His chosen method was a simpler and crueler method—


Wasn’t Bureau Chief Tao someone who enjoyed assassinating others? He sent someone to assassinate Chen Feng twice in the past. Now, Chen Feng only needed to repay him once.

Tao Lijun was indeed well connected with the authorities.

However, what if he was dead?

Would those people still work for him?

Naturally not.

Regardless of how close they were, those people would not work for a dead person.


In order to distance themselves from him, they might even step on him while he was down.

The whole incident involving Chen Feng would be settled instantly. As for their suspicions, regardless of how suspicious those people got, they would never end up suspecting Chen Feng. Chen Feng did not originally want to use this method. However, it appeared that Bureau Chief Tao was somewhat suicidal?

"He is truly courting death."

Chen Feng sighed regretfully.

As he tapped on the name Wang Yao, Chen Feng prepared to contact her.

Suddenly, a silhouette of light appeared before him.

A familiar looking person appeared with smile on his face. "Chen Feng, take a trip over to Gene Production Association."

It was actually Zhang Wei!

Chen Feng blanked momentarily. "Me?"

"Just come. Something good is about to happen," Zhang Wei said mysteriously.

Chen Feng’s heart leaped. "Alright."

Would that be the Association's reward?

Since he was only a beginner producer now, it was impossible for the Gene Production Association to help him out with his predicament. Furthermore, this was something that was happening in the virtual community. Hence, there was no place for the Gene Production Association to get involved in this. However, he was truly curious as to what the association’s reward would be.

The so-called mysterious reward mentioned by Zhang Wei…

Chen Feng stared at Wang Yao’s name on his contact list and ended up not tapping on it.

"Let’s go over to take a look. It’s still not too late to deal with Bureau Chief Tao when I return."

Chen Feng pondered. The Gene Production Association was, after all, not an organization with an ordinary status. He might encounter something that could change his current situation over there.

Chen Feng arrived at the Gene Production Association as agreed. Zhang Wei was already there waiting with several others. A few of them appeared unordinary and seemed to be in some sort of a discussion.

Chen Feng was feeling somewhat doubtful. What are they doing?

"Shh." Zhang Wei smiled mysteriously. "Today, your only job is to smile."

Chen Feng pondered thoughtfully.

In the distance, those people were in a discussion. When they saw Chen Feng, they walked over to him.

"You are that Chen Feng?"

A middle-aged person with a smile on his face looked at Chen Feng as his eyes lightened up. Before Chen Feng could answer, he patted Chen Feng's shoulder. "Lad, not bad. Continue working hard!"

After he finished, he continued forward with the others.

Chen Feng: "…."

He looked at Zhang Wei, but Zhang Wei only smiled mysteriously and hinted for him to just follow along. Hence, Chen Feng could only follow along in confusion. However, even when all those people left, he had still not seen any mysterious gift.

"I have given you the reward." Zhang Wei patted his shoulder. "Kid, this time you earned big."


Chen Feng was still lost.

"You will know when you’re home."

Zhang Wei smiled happily. Whenever they met, Chen Feng was always confident, behaving like he had victory grasped in his hands all along. That was totally uncharacteristic of his identity as a freshly graduated youngster. As such, Zhang Wei was naturally happy to see him in such a bewildered state.

"This guy…"

Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

When he was home, half the day had passed. After the trip he had made, he did not seem to have gained anything. As for the mysterious reward mentioned by Zhang Wei…

Chen Feng checked his bank account, thinking that the association had rewarded him with money. However, he found nothing.

"What is it, exactly?"

Chen Feng was curious.

However, right at this moment, a piece of news released by Gold City Daily attracted Chen Feng’s attention. He would not normally pay attention to such news. However, this time, the headline of the news…

Had actually covered him as the front page!

And that middle-aged man that was patting his shoulder earlier!