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Chapter 71: Heaven and Earth Turned Upside Down

Chapter 71: Heaven and Earth Turned Upside Down

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Chen Feng’s eyes widened abruptly.

This was a daily newspaper! A proper media!

The content of the news was quite simple:

The vice president of Gene Production Association arrived at the Gold City branch of their association for an all-around inspection, all sort of jobs done, etc. There was only a short sentence in the whole news article pertaining to Chen Feng: The mutated gold ant gene created by young genius Chen Feng was crowned as the strongest F-class gene!

"Strongest gene?"

Chen Feng’s hand trembled.

Although it was merely F-class, this was something said by the vice president himself! He was unsure of whether this sentence was the vice president's exact words or if his original words were somewhat different. However, with this sentence, Chen Feng’s position in Gold City became unshakable!

At the very least, among all the beginner producers in Gold City, none were capable of surpassing Chen Feng!

"Gold ant gene?"

Chen Feng was speechless from shock.

The Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices could reject his genes, and those genetic warriors and producers that weren’t quite knowledgeable could also reject his genes. However, now, the vice president had personally acknowledged Chen Feng’s strongest gene!

So this was the mysterious reward mentioned by Zhang Wei.

What a heavyweight reward.

Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions.


Chen Feng suddenly thought of something. If even the daily newspaper was speaking out for him, would there be any changes to his discredited reputation online?

After checking online, Chen Feng was dumbstruck.


It was not something as simple as some changes. The whole internet had practically erupted.

The strongest gene? Vice president?

If it was a title crowned privately by the public, the news would only spread in a small scale. However, when these very words came out of the mouth of the vice president himself, the whole internet erupted. What kind of gene exactly was this strongest F-class gene crowned by the vice president himself?

A lot of people who were unaware of the truth started searching about it.

The mutated gold ant gene was exposed.

At the same time, the incident involving Chen Feng couldn’t be hidden anymore either.

Was the authority of Bureau Chief Tao high?


Covering the skies with one hand of his, doing whatever he wanted. It truly sounded amazing. However, it was only amazing when compared with a beginner producer like Chen Feng. In front of a true grandmaster or the Gene Production Association, he was nothing.

How could he cover this up?

The speed in which new threads were created was faster than the speed in which the learning forum was able to delete them.

Furthermore, they were able to delete the threads of normal people. However, this time, among those who posted threads to inquire about the truth in the learning forum, there were a large amount of great gene producers. Who dared to delete their threads?


Besides that, this time, the daily newspaper had formally talked about this. At this moment, all those traditional media outlets started talking about this as well.


It couldn’t be concealed at all!

Chen Feng was trending. The Strongest Gene shop was trending. The three mutated genes were trending once again as well.

"Chen Feng had actually been banned?"

"The reason being these two strongest genes were not worth 1 million?"

"Not only that. I have seen the evaluation released by the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices. They only evaluated it at 10,000. How dishonest. They were courting death by doing this!"

Everyone was shocked.

"This Chen Feng was someone who had created three mutated formulas yet had actually gotten himself banned. This world…"

Some people found this inconceivable.

One mutated formula might be a coincidence. Two mutated formulas might be due to luck. How about three? It was sufficient to demonstrate Chen Feng’s talent!

In other words, Chen Feng possessed extraordinary talent in this aspect. However, even with this, those people still dared to ban him this way? Truly inconceivable!

"The learning forum seems to have deleted a lot of threads."


"The Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices is still banning The Strongest Gene shop."


"Cool Breeze Daily was also involved in discrediting Chen Feng."

"Report them!"

The whole internet erupted.

Seas of complaints and reports flooded the learning forum, virtual community, and Cool Breeze Daily. Within were also reports filed by influential persons from all walks of life, using their real names.

This sensationalized the whole internet!

Everyone was aware that, regardless of who was pulling the strings, these people were truly finished!

When the manager of the learning forum found out about this, he was bursting with rage. This had always been the place where elite scholars and people with all sorts of authority engaged in intellectual discussions. The forum moderators only had the authority to delete the threads of beginner members, increasing the credit, etc. They had no authority to delete anything written by some advanced members.

Every deletion of something posted by an advanced member would need to be audited.

However, even with this, such a scandal still happened.

The moderators had actually colluded with some people to delete the thread posted by the beginner account of Chen Feng and banned a large amount of beginner members.

"Who gave you all the guts to do this?!"

The manager was furious.

On that day itself, he directly sent someone to take all those moderators to the prison.

He was clear that, since incident had happened, a satisfactory answer needed to be given to their members.

A satisfactory answer to Chen Feng as well.

Expelling those moderators? It was insufficient to calm the anger of the masses.

Only by sending all those people to prison would he calm the masses down. Only with this could the learning forum preserve their prestige.

There was also another reason for this: Killing the chicken to warn the monkey!

It was about time the circle of moderators experienced some changes.

The manager smiled coldly.

Soon, the deleted threads were reinstated.

Chen Feng’s thread appeared once again, triggering hot discussions about it. The Tao father and son duo instantly became a rat hated by everyone. Only now did everyone realize what was truly hidden behind the extramarital affair earlier. With this, the truth had been truly exposed.

As compensation, Chen Feng’s beginner account was given an exception and changed into an advanced member of the learning forum.

This was a treatment that was normally only given to advanced producers.

There were really no other options. This was not the first time something happened to Chen Feng. In the manager’s eyes, Chen Feng was akin to a bomb. Only a tiny effort was required in order to cause an explosion.

He was also afraid that something similar would happen again.

At the same time, after the exposure of Chen Feng’s incident gained the attention of the high-level management of the virtual community, Old Ding from the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices was also sent to prison.

Decisive punishment!

There were things that could be neglected if they weren't exposed. However, after exposure? It was akin to playing with fire!

What was the status of the learning forum and the virtual community?

Everyone was clear on this. They were the tycoons of their respective industry!

Their leaders would not be pulling tricks for such trifle matters. What their users wanted was a certain attitude from them, a fair environment! Hence, for Chen Feng and also for themselves, both sides decided to handle this matter decisively and give a certain level of compensation to Chen Feng. Only after this the public outrage started disappearing.

As for Cool Breeze Daily…

"Villians colluding together. The crime of Cool Breeze Daily?"

"Where is the trustworthiness of the media?"

"Is Cool Breeze really a 'cool breeze'?"

All sorts of news articles emerged. Although they had provided explanations, issued their apology, and sent the relevant reporters to prison, their credibility was still declining rapidly.

Everyone was clear that Cool Breeze Daily was finished.

Losing their credibility as a media outlet, they were currently worthless. Even if they were able to survive this incident, they were already nearly destroyed. It was said that, in one single day, their subscription base dropped by 50%. Furthermore, this amount was still increasing rapidly!

Even Cool Breeze Daily did not expect everything to change in a single night.

Only one day had passed! They had just released their report on the Chen Feng incident yesterday only to have their face slapped harshly today. An erroneous report had destroyed the whole Cool Breeze Daily.

At this moment, when Tao Lijun saw the newspaper headline, when he saw that the picture on the cover was actually the vice president and Chen Feng, he almost fainted from his agitation.

The vice president of the magnificent Gene Production Association…

How was that possible!

Tao Lijun was sweating profusely.

He had been paying all his attention on this Gold City and had even sent people to monitor the situation. However, he could have never guessed that the Gene Production Association would be the one helping Chen Feng out!

"Something is going to happen."

Tao Lijun’s first reaction was to resist. He abandoned all his belongings and prepared to flee immediately. However, just as he reached the door, he found that there were already several people waiting for him there.

"Bureau Chief Tao, I’m afraid you will have to take a walk with us."


Tao Lijun slumped on the ground.

He knew that everything was finished.

He had everything planned out. Yet what escaped him was the fact that Chen Feng actually knew the magnificent vice president. If he knew this earlier…

Tao Lijun closed his eyes in despair.

Naturally, he did not know that Chen Feng did not know the vice president at all. There was also no need for Chen Feng to know the vice president.

In this world, there was still justice, after all. Since what the Gene Production Association wanted was vigorous growth, they would not allow a talented producer like Chen Feng to be wasted.

If they had not found out about it, then it wouldn’t have mattered. However, since Zhang Wei mentioned it, they had to act on this!

The two mutated formulas with high star ratings were the brand representing Chen Feng!