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Chapter 72: The Final Craziness!

Chapter 72: The Final Craziness!

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Within his rented house in Gold City, Chen Feng was watching the spectacular drama unfolding online.

Zhang Wei’s picture appeared on his screen. "Are you satisfied with the mysterious reward?"

"Many thanks." Chen Feng couldn’t thank him enough.

"It’s fine." Zhang Wei smiled as he said, "Coincidentally, the vice president was here to check on us. I merely conveniently mentioned this issue to him. Frankly, this is due to your own contributions, the strongest F-class genes. Without both of those genes, the vice president would probably have ignored me."

Chen Feng laughed involuntarily.

"Today is the last day of the month," Zhang Wei suddenly mentioned. "If you are still planning to participate in the event, this is a good opportunity for you!"


Chen Feng was immediately tempted.

After ending the call, he entered the virtual community to take a look. The ban on his shop had indeed been lifted.

However, different from before, his shop was currently incredibly popular. Countless people were queued up in front of his shop waiting for the shop opening.

Chen Feng took a glimpse at the relevant information pertaining to his shop and was immediately shocked. This…


A whole list of entrustments!

One set of gold ant gene – supreme request by Zhou **[1]. Offered price 2 million. Do you accept?

One set of gold ant gene – supreme request by Liu **. Offered price 1.5 million. Do you accept?

One set of thundersnake gene – supreme request by Wang **. Offered price 1.2 million. Do you accept?

One set of gold ant gene – supreme request by Feng **. Offered price 2.5 million. Do you accept?

Everyone was here in order to place their entrustments.

The mutated gold ant gene had became famous due to its distinct ability to surpass one’s limit, while the mutated thundersnake gene had became famous due to its ability to enable an F-class warrior to unleash power equaling a peak E-class warrior.


Everyone had gone insane!

Chen Feng was shocked. There were so many rich people in this world?

Naturally, that wasn’t the case.

A gene capable of surpassing one’s limit had never appeared in all of history. As such, some people who had been stuck at F-class due to certain reasons were now going crazy!

It wasn’t hard for one to break through the limit of F-class.

One only needed to put some effort into it, coupled with a little bit of talent, and they would definitely break through this limit after some time. Granted, there were some rich people who chose to buy the mutated gold ant gene in order to save their time. However, in this world, there existed some who truly couldn’t break through their limit!

The reason for that wasn’t due to them having some labor-type genes. Rather, it was due to some accidents, or some particular genes, or some restrictions that had caused them to be forever stuck at the same point.

Naturally, the amount of people in such circumstances was very low. There might be only one per several billion people. However, after so many years of accumulation, how many of such people existed in this world?

These were the group of people who truly needed this mutated gold ant gene.

For example, that particular entrustment worth 3 million!

"3 million…"

Chen Feng’s heart was ablaze.

Extreme profit!

This was truly an extreme profit!

Something with a cost of 200,000 being sold at 3 million?

The profit rate was 1500%!

Chen Feng was speechless. However, he was clear that this situation was only made possible from an accumulation of demands after so long coupled with the sudden fame he had obtained.

An opportunity like this might only fall on him this one time!

"I can’t miss this opportunity."

Chen Feng was excited.

To his surprise, when Chen Feng entered the shop, he received a notification that the management of the virtual community had taken appropriate actions against the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices. As compensation to Chen Feng, they would activate the auction function for Chen Feng’s shop in advance.


Chen Feng’s eyes brightened.

This was a function that would only be available when a shop reached around level 5 or 6. However, Chen Feng had obtained this function now. The virtual community clearly demonstrated their generosity when they were giving out compensation.

Naturally, the special genes sold by Chen Feng played a large part in obtaining this function as well. For normal level 1 shops, regardless of how popular the shop was, they wouldn’t be able to do anything with the auction function even if the function was given to them. Who would actually participate in an auction for combat genes worth several tens of thousands?


Chen Feng’s eyes shone.


After preparing several sets of materials for mutated gold ant gene production, he got started on it.

Since he was now rich, he was not bothered about such an amount of materials. Furthermore, he had quite an amount of luck value saved up during the past two days. As such, it was sufficient for Chen Feng to prepare two sets of mutated gold ant genes.

Soon, he finished his first set, using 20 points of luck value in the process.

"Let’s see how much will this sell for."

Chen Feng was excited.

Gold ant gene – supreme, begin sale!

Now, with The Strongest Gene starting its operation and the gold ant gene – supreme put up for sale by Chen Feng, the crowd queuing up in front of his shop was in an uproar.


Chen Feng was planning to auction this gene off!

Those who had been waiting for a long time started going crazy.

The gold ant gene – supreme that was originally priced at 1 million had its priced increased to 3 million. What was shocking was that this price was still increasing.

Wang family.

Wang Chun was somewhat surprised as he looked at the price that was rising rapidly. "Someone is still raising the price?"

Since he broke through into E-class, the funding he received from the family had been increased somewhat. As such, he could be considered to be somewhat rich now. However…

Spending 3 million for a gene used to break through F-class?

It wasn't worth it.

"Are those stupid yet rich people?" Wang Chun said suddenly. However, shortly, he shook his head.

The rich did not make their money out of thin air. There was a reason for the Gene Production Association to evaluate the starting price of gold ant gene – supreme as 1 million. Under normal circumstances, this was indeed the optimal price to sell this item. Any more than that? It was not worth it.

"There’s also a possibility that…"

Wang Chun narrowed his eyes. "Those people are in similar circumstances to my own?"

It was indeed not worth it for a normal people to spend 3 million for a breakthrough. However, if those people were those who was stuck due to accidents, such as the previous Wang Chun?

Not only 3 million, even if it was 5 million, he would still gladly spend it!

"Things are getting interesting."

Wang Chun suddenly smiled.

Currently, a person was gnashing his teeth in front of The Strongest Gene as he looked at the rising price. 3.2 million, 3.5 million, 3.8 million…

No matter who raised the price, he would further raise it without any hesitation!

In order to break through!

He would do anything!


"Damn, it’s already at 4.5 million!"

Everyone was stupefied.

No one expected the first mutated gold ant gene to reach this frightening price! What was inconceivable was the fact that the price was still increasing.

"God, has everyone in this world gone crazy?"

"This is only for F-class breakthrough!"

"The one who raised the price to 3 million earlier is apparently a young billionaire. Even he has given up. Obviously, even he does not believe that a higher price is worth it."

"Yeah, but why are there still people who are increasing the price?"

Nobody understood the reason.

And now, as people continued giving up on it, the final price stopped at 5.2 million.

The Strongest Gene!

The first gold ant gene – supreme was sold at the price of 5.2 million!

The virtual community was in an uproar!

The learning forum was in an uproar!

Everyone was shocked. It was fine if this was some high level combat gene. However, this was only an F-class gene!

"The Strongest Gene…"

"This price has set a new history among the F-class genes!"

Everyone sighed endlessly.

However, this was not the end.

In the afternoon, Chen Feng put a second mutated gold ant gene up for auction.

Once again, the auction began.

"There’s more?"

"Seems like Chen Feng has quite a stockpile."

"This time, there won’t be anyone competing so crazily, right?"

Everyone guessed.

Indeed, with the appearance of the second mutated gene, the people had recovered their composure. Since Chen Feng was able to produce a second set of the same gene, there would definitely be a third or fourth set! If that was the case, those who were not in any rush could totally wait for it, only buying when the price recovered to a normal rate.

However, even with this, the second gene was still sold at 3 million!

Another extremely high price!



"I can’t make sense of this world anymore."

"Even if it's a rich person, there’s a better way to break through, right? I remember that some of the rich can simply spend some money to hire some bodyguards to accompany them out on a training trip and be able to easily break through. Only a small amount of money is needed for that, right?"

Countless people had stupid expression on their face.

They couldn’t understand why this mutated gold ant gene could reach such a high price.

Fortunately, after the second set, the passion of the crowd started dropping.

As the night descended, the monthly sales event was coming to an end as well. Currently, Chen Feng was placed at third place, an inconceivable rank!


First place, sales volume 18.6 million.

Second place, sales volume 18.2 million.

Third place, sales volume 18 million.


18 million!

A terrifying sales volume!

Chen Feng only spent 7 days to reach this level. What was scary was the fact that 8 million of this amount was the amount he only spent half of day today to make. This was what alarmed everyone.

The name of The Strongest Gene was not in vain, after all.

However, this was about as far as it could go.

The shop owner at first place was feeling relieved. In order to compete with the person at second place, they had promoted their products with discounts, wasting a lot of money in the process!

Chen Feng’s crazy growth had caused them to tremble with fear. Luckily, Chen Feng’s final figure had stopped at 18 million and stopped increasing.


1. The ** was the original text in raw as well.