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Chapter 73: First Place!

Chapter 73: First Place!

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At 11:30 PM that night, as the event was about to end, outside of everyone’s expectations, another gold ant gene – supreme appeared in The Strongest Gene shop, creating an uproar.

"It started again!"


"Quick, go buy it."

Countless people rushed over to compete for it.

"I’m finished!"

The first-ranked shop owner's heart felt ice-cold.

Although Chen Feng was still currently in third place, he was clear that, regardless of how much this gene sold for, he no longer had any chance of maintaining first place. Not only him, even the shop owner in second place did not expect that the both of them would compete for one whole month only to end up suffering a crushing defeat at Chen Feng’s hands!

"It is indeed infuriating when you compare yourself with others."

The shop owner smiled bitterly.

Currently, the auction of the mutated gold ant gene had started. Although the traffic had somewhat declined due to the time, it still reached a final price of 2.8 million!

Another high price!


Chen Feng clenched his fist resolutely.

He was aware that these few people were those who were stuck at F class. Furthermore, these were the rich ones. After this, the price of mutated gold ant gene would naturally return to a normal rate. In order to produce this third gene, Chen Feng had waited for his luck value to recover to 20 points before he hastily produced another gene before the event ended.

Luckily, he succeeded.

Chen Feng’s sales volume reached 20.8 million!

Early in the morning, when the sales ranking was released, everyone was shocked.


Seven days!

Ranked first in sales volume! A daily sales figure of more than 10 million! Among all level 1 shops, even when all the level 2 shops were included, Chen Feng was the undisputed first place!


"Worthy of being The Strongest Gene indeed."

"Damn, damn, damn, damn. Chen Feng must be making a crazy amount of money? That’s not necessarily true, though. The mutated gold ant gene formula must be something that was created after much hardship. In order to produce this, it’s hard to imagine how much he invested."


Everyone agreed with that sentiment.

No one knew that, with the assistance of luck value, Chen Feng’s rate of failure was precisely zero.

This time, he had indeed made a crazy amount of profit.

"20.8 million."

Both of Chen Feng’s eyes were shining.

After deducting his costs of around 5 million, he had made a pure profit of 15 million. An extremely terrifying figure!


With a wave of his hand, the 1.1 million yuan loan was repaid.

"There’s still 13.9 million left…"

Chen Feng was moved.

He had never gotten his hands on so much money!

He was still excited despite being aware that this was the money he earned due to the publicity he gained recently, enduring wave after wave of hardship, and barely surviving Bureau Chief Tao’s suppression. To be honest, if someone else instead of Chen Feng was faced with all of this, that person would have been defeated long ago.

Extreme risk brought extreme profit.

All of this was well-deserved.

"It has been too difficult," Chen Feng lamented.

In order to make his first pot of gold, he had put everything on the line.

In order to save 20 points of luck value to produce the third mutated gold ant gene, he had been waiting around doing nothing for the luck value to recover; he was only able to complete his task in the final 30 minutes.

Luckily, it was now over.

The final gene had placed him in the first place.

"I wonder what the rewarded formula will be."

Chen Feng was somewhat looking forward to it.

At this time, his wristband buzzed as the screen on it flickered. Chen Feng looked at it and found that it was actually an employee of the virtual community inviting him to the virtual lounge.

"What’s the situation?" Chen Feng muttered before tapping the confirm button.


Light swirled before his eyes and he arrived at the virtual lounge.

"Hello." The pretty employee before him smiled. "I am Little Jia, the supervisor of the Event Department. Congratulations on placing first in the event. As compensation for the damage done to you previously, we have granted you the right to choose the formula. You can freely choose the rewarded formula from the presently available high-rating formulas."


Chen Feng’s eyes brightened.


Freely choose?

The virtual community was indeed generous!


A row of gene reagents appeared before his eyes.

Chen Feng took a look and was astonished to find that in addition to 4- and 5-star F-class formulas, there were also a lot of 4-star E-class formulas!

"This is the maximum sincerity we are able to show to you."

A hint of apology could be seen on Little Jia’s face.

Chen Feng did not hold himself back. He started looking over the formulas one by one before finally stopping at a 4-star E-class gene reagent. The reason being that it was actually a gene fusion reagent.

A rare 4-star fusion gene reagent!


Illusionary Snake Gene Formula

Difficulty level: 4 stars

Type: Fusion reagent

Function: Obtaining the illusionary snake gene, gaining the Myriad Illusions ability.

Restriction: E class

Introductions: A gene fusion reagent produced after using the illusionary snake blood essence as the core and one’s blood as the supporting material to refine the gene, using all sorts of precious materials as the supporting materials.


Illusionary snake?

Myriad Illusions?

Chen Feng checked it out and was immediately stirred.

This kind of mutated beast…

Illusionary snake, an E-class mutated beast. Its blood and genes were used as the supporting material for a lot of powerful gene reagents. However, none of those genes used it as the core of the reagent!

The reason was simple. Its gene was too fickle.

The ancestors of the illusionary snake were a dreadful beast called devouring snake.

It would devour everything. What was even more terrifying was the fact that, after devouring a mutated beast, it was able to evolve and obtain part of the beast’s gene. It might even obtain a part of that beast’s ability, depending on the amount of gene it obtained. It was an extremely terrifying mutated beast!

Due to the influence and combination of all sorts of peculiar abilities, the offspring of the devouring snakes would possess all sorts of peculiar genes and peculiar abilities at birth. After many years of evolution, it became a type of beast that contained countless genes and abilities within its body, an exceptionally unstable peculiar mutated beast—illusionary snake.

Illusionary snakes were extremely terrifying.

Naturally, it wasn’t terrifying due to its strength. Rather, it was due to its abilities being unknown.

In accordance with all sorts of dominant genes, recessive genes, and mutation probability, it was able to utilize all sorts of peculiar abilities.

It might be bullied by an F-class mutated beast one moment. It might also explode in anger and start ravaging a D-class mutated beast the next moment.

This was the illusionary snake!

An extremely peculiar product of mutation.

After looking for a long time, two words suddenly spurted out of Chen Feng’s mouth: gluttonous snake?

That’s right! No matter how one put it, this beast was akin to a gluttonous snake that had given birth to offspring possessing all sorts of peculiar abilities due to overeating…

This was the illusionary snake.

As for the "Myriad Illusions" in its description, that was the exact reason for Chen Feng to choose this gene.

Myriad Illusions: Triggering the illusionary snake gene within one’s body, unleashing an attack with "illusionary snake gene" as the basis. Type of attacks indeterminable.

This was the so-called Myriad Illusions!

As for what kind of attacks it would unleash?


This was an extremely rare gene. Among the current known gene system, none of the gene system contained the gene of the illusionary snake within. This was a type of peculiar gene that stood alone.

There were no secret arts that required this gene as part of the combination.

There were several categories for gene fusion.

Some genes were able to combine and form a complete gene system. Despite the individual genes not being particularly powerful, after combining, they would form a myriad of fused secret arts. This was especially true after one fused with five or more genes. The genes would combine and form a formidable secret art.

There were also some genes that…

Despite not having any compatible genes to combine and form secret arts, they were extremely powerful! Every single one of those genes possessed the ability to stand tall by itself!

The illusionary snake gene belonged to the second category.

For a normal person, this kind of gene was too weak and unstable. In this world filled with countless dangers, an attack dealing damage below one’s expectations only needed to appear once…

And that would be enough for something bad to happen!

And if a damage exceeding one’s expectations were to appear?

The extra damage was merely a waste of energy!

This was one of those genes whose research value was much higher than its practical value. Since it was placed together with some 5-star F-class genes, Chen Feng was sure that its value wasn’t particularly high.


"Myriad Illusions!"

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

He had been studying E-class fusion reagents for a whole week. As far as he was concerned, no other genes were as suitable for him as this gene!


Countless possibilities?

This was the type of ability he wanted!

"You, then."

Chen Feng clapped his thigh and made up his mind on the spot.


1. As a recap, secret arts are formed after combining multiple genetic abilities together.