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Chapter 74: Illusionary Snake’s Scale

Chapter 74: Illusionary Snake’s Scale

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Within his rented house in Gold City, Chen Feng was studying the information pertaining to the illusionary snake gene.

He had chosen this formula in a fit of excitement. However, there were still some unsettled issues with it. For example, the lowest requirement for one to produce this formula was having 150 points of spiritual energy.

It had crossed Chen Feng’s mind to simply get some grandmaster producers to produce this gene for him. He was, after all, somewhat rich now. However, he was not satisfied with that.

What he wanted was not some ordinary illusionary snake gene!

What he wanted was the strongest! A mutation!


If possible, he even wanted to create his own formula!

This was a gene fusion reagent that would affect his power for this whole life of his. As such, he had to maximize the power it possessed. Only with this could he maximize the amount of power he would gain!

Hiring someone else to produce it?

Not reliable enough!

"I still need to do it myself."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Setting the requirement that he must be the one who produced his own fusion gene, he reckoned that nobody else was as awe-inspiring, right? However, this requirement of 150 spiritual energy was an extremely great barrier.

"It’s about time I break through."

Chen Feng’s gaze was firm.

Breaking through into E class!

Increase the spiritual energy!

Create his very own E-class fusion gene reagent!

The next day, as he had recovered his luck value, Chen Feng started producing mutated gold ant genes.


He consumed the reagent.

Instantly, Chen Feng could feel a formidable power spreading within his body. That formidable power condensed unceasingly, ultimately becoming a powerful torrent!

What was the limit mode?

The way Chen Feng saw it, it was like a firm wall.

And now—


That powerful torrent broke through the wall with an unstoppable power.



Chen Feng could seemingly feel his spiritual wall cracking this instant. The world before his eyes instantly seemed clearer, and his spiritual world became brighter.

This was an odd feeling.


Gene scan!

Chen Feng’s spirit attribute had reached 101 points!

Limit breakthrough!

Entering E class!

Unfortunately, despite entering E class, there was only a one point increase in his attribute. It was still far from 150 points. However, now that he was in E-class, he had another chance to consume an E-class attribute-increasing reagent!

After researching, Chen Feng found that the presently available best E-class gene increasing reagent would be able to increase his spiritual energy by 35 points.

Price: 500,000!

As Chen Feng was now rich and imposing, he bought it instantly.


He gulped it down.

Chen Feng’s attribute reached 136 points. However, that was as far as it went.

Gene strengthening?

Now that Chen Feng was in E-class, killing wind foxes was no longer useful. Even the strongest wind fox leader would only possess 100 attribute points. As for killing E-class mutated beasts?

Without first fusing with a gene, regardless of what beast Chen Feng killed, it wouldn’t help.


There was only one way for Chen Feng to increase his spiritual energy.

Gene production!

"Just nice."

Chen Feng pondered. "It’s about time for me to grind those formulas."

Presently, he only had lumberbear gene mastered. His gene production level was still stuck at 1 star.

Despite this star rating being merely a point of reference, it was what the requirements for the rookie competition were based on. Since Chen Feng had made himself some money, it was about time for him to start mastering those formulas.

When grinding the formulas, due to the tempering effect they brought, they would be able to increase his spiritual energy as well. It was simply an act of killing two birds with one stone.

As such, during the next month, Chen Feng spent his time in bitter training.




As for his luck value?

Chen Feng saved them all.

Using 20 points of luck value, he would be able to produce a mutated gold ant gene worth 3 million. This meant a single point of luck value was now worth 150,000!

For Chen Feng, this was the most valuable thing he had!

What was the point of having over ten million in cash?


Only when all that money was converted into power would it be practical!

The 10 million he had earned in seven days time was gradually spent in this training month. However, Chen Feng’s familiarity with the formulas was rapidly increasing as well. He had completely mastered the gold ant formula and the thundersnake formula. When producing ordinary genes, he would be successful even without using his luck value.

His production level had also increased to 10-star from 1-star.

Naturally, as far as Chen Feng was concerned, what was most important was the spirit attribute.

After a month of bitter training, a huge amount of investment, and high-intensity tempering, Chen Feng’s spirit attribute increased by 16 points, reaching 152 points from 136 points.

It was worth it!


What was next was to produce the illusionary snake gene.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

He had done his research during this month. The production of the illusionary snake gene was extremely troublesome. It was not only due to it being a 4-star E-class fusion gene. The main issue was the extreme instability of the illusionary snake gene.

For ordinary formulas, it was sufficient for one to extract the required main gene from the blood essence.

As for illusionary snake gene?

What this formula required was not a part of the illusionary snake's gene. Instead, what it required was all the genes contained within the blood essence!

That was because knowing how many genes it contained was an impossible feat!

Which of the genes were useful?

Which of the genes were useless?


The production of the illusionary snake gene reagent did not even require the gene search step. That was because all the genes it contained need to be assimilated into the gene reagent.

This was an extremely peculiar gene reagent.

What it needed was the entirety of the illusionary snake!

Similar with other mutated beasts, a few minutes after its death, the reactivity of an illusionary snake’s gene would start decreasing. The more time that passed, the higher the amount of genes that would disappear.

Despite the fact that the amount of genes remaining had no effect on the success rate, comparatively, was a gene produced from 100,000 genes really the same as a gene produced from 10,000 genes?

Naturally not.

Hence, the illusionary snake gene must be produced on the spot!

In actuality, starting from E class, a lot of powerful and rare genes could only be produced before the reactivity of the gene disappeared in order to get the greatest result out of the production.

Chen Feng had even prepared the incubator liquid in advance.

He had everything prepared except the main ingredient. What he lacked now was a fresh illusionary snake. To be exact, what he lacked was the most powerful illusionary snake leader.

Chen Feng was confident that the amount of genes contained within an illusionary snake leader surpassed ordinary illusionary snakes by far.

The strongest illusionary snake!

The strongest production!

Only with this would he be able to produce his very own strongest fusion gene!

Chen Feng’s gaze was sharp.

The Desolate Rocky Grounds was the birthplace of illusionary snakes. That place was filled with mountains and rocks and was extremely dangerous. Since he was now a producer, there was no need for him to personally go hunt the snakes.

"I can just hire a small team to help me with the hunt."

Chen Feng made his decision speedily.

Xu Fei?

Chen Feng contacted him straight away.

Regretfully, Xu Fei’s group was at a crucial point of breaking through the E-class bottleneck. Hence, they couldn’t spare any time for this. As such, Chen Feng could only look for others himself.

"Who should I find?"

As Chen Feng was pondering, a notification appeared on his screen.


Chen Feng was astonished.

This so-called recommendation was, in actuality, the act of automatically sending relevant information or news in accordance to your search history. It could be considered one of the intelligent functions the wristband possessed. The information on gambling when he searched for lotteries and the information on porn when he searched for loans was the result of this function.

This function was quite deceptive in nature.

"Another one of those scam advertisements?"

Chen Feng opened the notification.

"Hello. Based on your present personal details and keyword history – gene production, illusionary snake, formula, exploration, we are recommending you some relevant information: One of your contacts, Wang Chun, has recently issued a mission relevant to illusionary snake. (tap here to open)"

"Wang Chun?"

Chen Feng was somewhat astonished.

Wang Chun was a friend he made while researching about illusionary snakes at the learning forum. He was also the first person to purchase his mutated gold ant gene. Hence, they were seemingly interlinked by fate. He had deep understanding of illusionary snakes. However, he did not expect that Wang Chun would issue a mission related to illusionary snakes.

"He is also planning to hunt illusionary snakes?"

Chen Feng was astonished. However, he recovered in a short time. True, if Wang Chun was not hunting illusionary snakes, how would he be so familiar with it?

If that was the case, then the mission…

Chen Feng curiously opened Wang Chun’s mission.


Gene Production Mission – Illusionary Snake’s Scale.

Content: With illusionary snake’s scale as the material, engage in gene production on the spot in accordance with the provided new formula until the production is successful.

Requirements: Producing on the spot, possessing a success rate of 5% and above for new 2-star E-class formulas.

Reward: One set of the formula that would also be used during the mission, 1 set of 4-star E-class formula.

Remark: I will be bringing my own team. Hence, there’s no need for you to engage in any battles. When the battle has ended, we will give you the illusionary snake’s scale. The producer only needs to be in charge of on-the-spot production.

Remark 2: The new formula is a 2-star E-class formula. If the producer were to accept the formula but fails to produce it successfully, the producer will be penalized an amount of 1 million yuan.

Remark 3: The final goal might be illusionary snake leader (if we are to meet with one).