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Chapter 75: Aurora

Chapter 75: Aurora

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"Illusionary snake’s scale!"

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

For once, this recommendation feature was reliable.

Without a doubt, this was a mission issued at the Gene Production Association. Similar with how Xu Fei issued his mission previously, the mission was looking for a gene producer. Wang Chun’s target was clear, the illusionary snake’s scale. If they found an illusionary snake leader, they would kill that illusionary snake leader.

Chen Feng was tempted.

He wasn’t too bothered with the mission reward. However…

If Wang Chun’s target was only the scale, wouldn’t the remaining parts of the snake be his? An illusionary snake had so many scales. It wouldn’t have much effect if it were to lose some of its scales.

Furthermore, Wang Chun would bring his own team for this. Chen Feng only needed to follow along.

Where else could he find something good like this?

He had to accept this mission!

Naturally, the premise was that they needed to be able to reach an agreement.

Chen Feng directly contacted Wang Chun and made known his purpose. Wang Chun immediately assigned the mission to Chen Feng. A genius capable of creating three mutated formulas? This mission assignment was worth it.

"I will send the formula to you. We can depart once you familiarize yourself with it," Wang Chun said.

Chen Feng smiled. "Alright."

With the popularity he had gained from the several mutated formulas he created, his reputation had increased greatly and he no longer needed to go through all sorts of interviews and reviews before getting a mission, like what had happened previously.


His wristband buzzed.

The screen on it flickered.

Chen Feng was astonished to find that Wang Chun had actually sent over two formulas.

The first was the production of illusionary snake’s scale, 2-star, E-class. This was the required formula for the mission. It wasn’t odd for Wang Chun to send it over for Chen Feng to get familiarized with.

But the second formula…


Aurora Gene Formula

Type: Special

Class: E

Function: Igniting the genes within one’s body, unleashing the potential of one’s genes, pushing spiritual affinity to its limit. Activation duration of 10 seconds.

Consumption: In accordance to the genes.



This was actually a formula for a gene virus!

Chen Feng’s state of mind stirred.

Chen Feng had encountered a similar gene before. It was the blood moon used by Chang Hu! He did not expect that Wang Chun would actually send this over to him!

Gene viruses were prohibited products!

Their sale was prohibited!

However, the research value of this item was exceedingly high. How to exploit gene viruses rationally and whether or not gene viruses brought any positive benefits had always been a topic widely researched by academics.

"You can contact me after you finish studying the illusionary snake’s scale formula. I have also sent the reward for this mission to you as well. Although you won’t be able to sell this thing, its research value is still extremely high. It will bring great benefit for one’s gene production. I’m not a gene producer and am not particularly familiar with this profession. Hence, you can study it yourself," Wang Chun briefly explained.

Gene virus…

Chen Feng’s heart was blazing. He wasn’t surprised that Wang Chun would give him the reward in advance. After all, he had a different status nowadays. Hence, he would definitely not destroy his own reputation for a single formula. However, for this special 4-star E-class formula to actually be a gene virus was truly surprising.

Especially its function, pushing the limit of the spiritual affinity!

What did reaching the limit of spiritual affinity signify?

It signified that there was no need for one to put forth any effort to control their spiritual ability. Only intending for something to happen would be sufficient. One’s spiritual energy would be akin to one’s arms, listening to one’s commands obediently!

For example—

Chen Feng’s Wind Blade!

Circling around?


Chen Feng had trained for a long time to achieve that.

However, if his spiritual affinity reached the limit, his Wind Blades would move in accordance to his wishes. Not only circling around or curving, even if he wanted the Wind Blades to drift around, it wouldn’t present any problems! Increasing one’s affinity was not something as simple as increasing one’s attributes. Instead, it was enabling one to fully display the power of one’s spiritual energy!

This was how formidable a gene virus was!

Naturally, as a result…

You might die in the process.

Could he make use of this?

Chen Feng contemplated it.

With Luck Aura, he could effectively contain the gene damage during his usage of the gene virus. If what was damaged were those trash genes within a human’s body, it would be helpful to his body instead. For others, this was a prohibited product. However, for him, this might be a trump card!

Completely changing the situation on the battlefield within 10 seconds!

"Trash gene…"

Chen Feng contemplated deeply.

He must first ascertain the amount of genes that needed to be ignited. As soon as the amount of the ignited genes surpassed the amount of trash genes within his body, something bad might happen.

"Just produce it first."

Chen Feng did not need long to decide.

This was a rare formula with high difficulty, similar to the illusionary snake formula. Fortunately, the capabilities of the current Chen Feng had been increased by quite an amount as well. After spending two days, he managed to familiarize himself with this formula.

Begin production!

The production method of a gene virus was somewhat similar to a normal gene. The only difference was that the required materials were much higher in amount with a higher production difficulty as well. After fusing several core blood essences possessing different abilities, with help of his luck value, Chen Feng finally produced an aurora gene reagent that was radiating with a bizarre splendor.

Luck value consumption, 3 points.


This was the first 4-star E-class gene Chen Feng produced. However, it did not trouble him in the least. As long as he had sufficient spiritual energy and luck value, Chen Feng was confident that he would be able to produce any gene he wished!


A tinge of bizarre radiance blossomed from the bottle of reagent in his hands.

"Give it a try?"

Chen Feng hesitated.

Normally, he would test out the reagents he produced. However, this aurora…

Was extremely dangerous!

A human body contained a large amount of trash genes. The reason Chen Feng chose this gene virus was because, with the help of his Luck Aura, he would be able to use these trash genes as its fuel!


What if the consumption exceeded the limit?

Once his genetic ability and his gene attributes started dropping, things would get extremely dangerous. Chang Hu was the perfect example of this. Chen Feng had to be prudent when handling gene viruses!

"Let’s study it first."

Chen Feng pondered and started researching online.

Online, he found the evaluation done by the Gene Production Association. There was also news reported by the media outlets. Furthermore, there were a lot of reports where someone died after using aurora gene reagent.

Chen Feng drew a rough hypothesis in accordance to what happened after those people consumed the gene virus.

His verdict was—

It was feasible.

The amount of genes required for ignition by the aurora virus was very near the number of trash genes available within a human body. Even if there was some disparity, the difference wouldn’t exceed 1%!

"I can give it a try."

Chen Feng inhaled.

He was currently too weak. Hence, he needed some methods to protect himself!

As he thought of this, he left his rented house and went to the training center at the urban district. After renting a training room specifically used to test combat power, he gulped the gene reagent down.


Gene consumed.


A torrent of terrifying energy rushed into his body and fused with the energy within his body. At this instant, Chen Feng felt the whole world before his eyes change.

His spiritual energy instantly became lively.

The world before his eyes became unprecedentedly clear.


Instantly, Chen Feng’s eyes started shining gold.

Dazzlingly bright.

Chen Feng felt like his whole body was burning.

Within his body, genes were being ignited.

At this moment, all the trash genes within were ignited!

Different from how the blood moon would unleash its might gradually as the ignition happened, the aurora gene would instantly ignite all the genes and proceed to provide 10 seconds of maximum affinity!



Chen Feng seemed to be able to hear sounds of explosions resounding within his body.

However, right this moment, he felt a tinge of sweetness in his throat as the blood within him boiled and an intense pain appeared instantly in his body.

This feeling…

Chen Feng looked at his digitized panel immediately.


Permanent drop of one point!

"It dropped!"

Chen Feng’s state of mind stirred.

Even with Luck Aura and the ignition of all the trash genes, it was still not sufficient!

His strength attribute had been the first attribute to decrease!

Fortunately, Chen Feng’s primary assessment was not wrong. After the drop of one point in strength, the requirements of the aurora gene were fulfilled and the formidable power belonging to the aurora gene descended!


A soft sound resounded from within his body.

Akin to rebirth after breaking out of a cocoon, something seemed to have quietly appeared just like that.

His spiritual energy came to life.