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Chapter 78: Peculiar Combat Method

Chapter 78: Peculiar Combat Method

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Wang family, Gold City.

A terrifying radiance was swirling around.

Everyone’s emotions were surging as they felt an ancient yet vast aura. The aura started ascending and only stopped when it reached the energy barrier of the Wang family.

"This is…"

A pleasantly surprised expression appeared on the faces of several elders.


Some people started crying tears of joy.

Had that gene finally been fused?!

They had waited for far too long!


In the hall, all the glass abruptly shattered.

Blue light swirled about before finally getting absorbed into the body of a certain person. Slowly, he opened his eyes. At that instant, a resplendent blue glow radiated from his pupils.

"Good, good, good!"

Wang Tianhao was in ecstasy as he firmly patted his son’s shoulder.

Finally succeeded!

This person—

Was precisely Wang Yue!

He had broken through E-class quite a while ago. Today, he had finally successfully fused with that gene!

"From today onward, you are the only genius of the Wang family."

Wang Tianhao was proud. "Since you have successfully fused with this gene, you will have the chance to become the strongest person in the Wang family. Even those people would have to rely on you!"

"That might not be certain."

Wang Yue sneered. "Their previous choice was Wang Chun. It was only that Wang Chun had subsequently picked a different gene and gave up on this gene himself, hehe…"

"This cousin, I’m really quite worried about his existence."

"Especially now that he has actually gotten himself mixed up with Chen Feng. Hehe. The heavens are really treating me quite well to be grouping the two people I hate most together."

"Since it’s this way, I might as well deal with them together."

Wang Yue’s expression was cold while his pupils flickered with a blue glow.

Now that he had fused with this gene, even without his sister’s assistance, he would still become a true expert! Before that, he definitely had to root out those two threats!


Currently, at the entrance of the Desolate Rocky Grounds, Chen Feng and the group almost lost one of their members in their first exchange with an illusionary snake.

"Let me emphasize to you all one more time." Wang Chun solemnly said, "An E-class warrior has had two opportunities to fuse with genes. As for an E-class mutated beast, it will also go through two mutations. You all are aware of the first mutation of the illusionary snake. It is that miraculous genetic ability and peculiar probability they possess. However, don’t forget their second mutation!"


"An illusionary snake is a mutated beast with the dual attributes of spirit and agility. Due to that special bloodline of theirs, every single illusionary snake might take a different direction when strengthening their body. Some illusionary snake will strengthen their scales, some will strengthen their senses, and some will strengthen their teeth!"

At this, Wang Chun glanced at that teeth of the earlier illusionary snake that was flickering with green light. "Hence, you must all be careful, despite your ability far exceeding that of the illusionary snake!"


An Te’s expression was solemn.

Since they dared to come, they had naturally made a lot of preparations.

Despite Wang Chun having a greater understanding of the illusionary snakes than them and them having the ability to rescue Qin Jie even if he was hit by the attack earlier, the price they needed to pay would definitely not be low.

After this, they probably needed to be more careful.

"Chen Feng, come."

Wang Chun passed the illusionary snake to Chen Feng.


Chen Feng looked at the illusionary snake.

This was a small snake with a length of 20 cm. Its whole body was silver colored. That bright silver all over its body was unexpectedly giving him a feeling of extreme beauty.

The production of illusionary snake’s scale was very simple.

Using 100 scales as the core material, proceeding with gene search, catalyzing the reaction of the genes, and subsequently fusing the gene. Chen Feng started the production in a well-practiced way, subsequently—

Production failed!

Wang Chun had prepared an ample amount of materials. In the span of a few minutes, Chen Feng had crazily produced 10 times. Naturally, there was no exception. All of them failed!

Their goal was the illusionary snake leader!

All the illusionary snake’s scales before them could be considered practice materials for Chen Feng. Naturally, Chen Feng was not courteous and rationally enjoyed his benefit.

"The remaining scales can’t be used anymore."

Chen Feng was feeling somewhat regretful.

"We shall continue, then," Wang Chun said indifferently.

Once again, the genetic squad ventured forth. This time, they were even more cautious than before.

Before them was a sky-covering sandstorm. Now, they had truly stepped into the Desolate Rocky Grounds. Qin Jie even had his genetic ability fully activated, not daring to relax even the slightest bit!

Even if they were facing the illusionary snakes that were far weaker than them.

Suddenly, a huge silhouette appeared in the sandstorm. An indistinct dragon howl appeared. A terrifyingly huge creature seemed to be waking up distantly as a terrifying aura slowly pervaded the area around it.

"What is that…"

Qin Jie gulped abruptly.

"Is it an illusionary snake leader?"

Wang Chun concentrated his gaze.

Have we met with one after just stepping in? But this size…


A howl resounded, akin to a dragon’s howl from the nine heavens!

Within the sandstorm.

That huge silhouette was still slowly unfolding its body, seemingly just waking up. Although they couldn’t get a clear look, they guessed that this illusionary snake leader might have been awakened by the aura of strangers.

"What should we do?"

Several members of the genetic squad gulped.

Illusionary snake?

The heck with this one here that is nearly a huge dragon instead of a snake?

An Te looked inquisitively at Wang Chun.

"What’s there to be afraid of?"

Wang Chun sneered. "Although we have never met one, illusionary snake leaders have appeared many times before. Regardless of how huge its size is, its strength is still evaluated as only E-class. There are so many of you, with professional hunting equipments and experiences. Don’t tell me you all can’t even defeat a snake."

An Te silently nodded.

"Prepare for battle!"

Faint energy started dispersing.

Since their employer, Wang Chun, had decided to battle, they had to battle!


A terrifying power was being mustered.

A battle could happen at any moment.

"Illusionary snake leader, eh?"

Chen Feng’s gaze concentrated.

He did not have the strength of An Te’s squad. However, after many years of threading on the edge of death, he possessed an exceptional sensitivity toward crisis! However, presently, he did not feel any sense of crisis!

Was it due to the illusionary snake leader being too powerful for him to sense?


Chen Feng suddenly raised his hand.


A Wind Blade shot toward the sandstorm.

"Chen Feng!"

Everyone’s heart jolted.

However, before they could say anything, the Wind Blade sliced through the standstorm, creating a temporary gap there. Within, a tiny snake could be seen wobbling about pretentiously. In that blanket of sandstorm, a huge shadow that was remarkably similar to it was wobbling together with it.

Chen Feng: "…"

Everyone: "…"



The tiny silver snake stretched its tongue.


An indistinct dragon howl came from that huge shadow.

Everyone’s mouth twitched.

So… they had actually been scared by a damnable illusionary snake?

At the same time.

That tiny silver snake felt that something was wrong and turned around to take a look. The sight that welcomed it was the momentarily dispersed sandstorm. At that, the tiny snake was so shocked its body shivered. Subsequently, leaving behind a silvery light, it fled like a wisp of smoke.

"This fellow…"

Wang Chun did not know whether to laugh or cry. What was this?

"Qin Jie!" An Te inhaled deeply as he gnashed his teeth. "Did you not notice any oddities?"

First, they let Shen Yi find an oddity for them. Next, they let Chen Feng lay bare the crux for them. Their very own scout, on the other hand, was like an idiot, not detecting anything?


Qin Jie could only smile bitterly.

He had originally thought that the reason for him being unable to feel anything was due to the ability of this illusionary snake leader being too strong for him to detect.

"Be more serious!" An Te told him.

"That tiny silver snake probably went through a brain mutation," Chen Feng said thoughtfully.

"That’s probable."

Wang Chun nodded. Miss Shen Yi, on the other hand, was always beaming. Even when she saw an illusionary snake, she did not exhibit any fear. An extremely interested expression was shown on her face instead.

The squad ventured forth once again.

Everyone increased their vigilance once again.

At this instant, an illusionary snake appeared from a sandstorm in the distance.

"It’s coming."

An Te’s eyes shone. They had noticed this fellow much earlier. Suddenly, that illusionary snake spat out a white liquid that shot toward An Te.

Its speed was extremely fast.

"Not good."

An Te took all sorts of defensive measures. Even hiding behind a stone was useless. That saliva actually pierced through the stone and ended up landing on his body, causing everyone to perspire from the shock.


That white liquid did not seem to have any power in it. After Chen Feng scanned it, he found that the seemingly terrifying liquid was merely normal saliva…

Saliva of an illusionary snake…

An Te struck back in anger.


Another glob of saliva shot out from the illusionary snake.

An expression of disgust on his face, An Te evaded it. However, when that saliva landed on the ground, a piece of stone was corroded, leaving behind a deep pit. At this, everyone started perspiring.

This thing…

"Fully activate our defenses!"

An Te’s gaze was cold. "Treat every single illusionary snake like a peak E-class beast. Let’s use this snake here as a reference. Find out what the heck is actually going on with this snake here!"


Everyone agreed with him.


The illusionary snake attacked crazily.

A mouthful of venom, a mouthful of saliva—occasionally, ice bullets or flames would be added into its attacks as well. Sometimes, even high-temperature vapor would be spat out by the snake. Sometimes, it would also emit a dense fog, almost successfully escaping in the process. There was also that unpleasant odor and the sudden protrusion of spikes from the ground under their feet.

All these caused one to be unable to guard against it!

However, it still failed to avoid getting killed by An Te’s squad.

"How’s the evaluation result?" Wang Chun asked.

"Let me take a look."

An Te walked over to take a look as well.

Although illusionary snakes theoretically possessed endless possibilities, the odds of ability release of many genetic abilities was something that was supposed to be calculable.

For example—

Those commonly seen fire or water genetic abilities!

Due to their universality and the proportion of those genes among all genes in an illusionary snake, the probability for them to appear was 50%!

Apart from this, venom, ice, wind blades, or similar types of genetic abilities possessed a probability of 30%. The remaining 19% would be some weird things, such as occasionally causing a piece of rocky ground to suddenly sink in or their silver scales becoming golden scales, the snake’s body become bigger, etc.

And the remaining 1%...

Were extremely dangerous abilities!

For example, that saliva that was randomly spat at An Te earlier. In the illusionary snake’s subsequent attacks, a similar circumstances did not appear anymore…


If what appeared on that initial attack was not saliva, and was venom instead?

It would be extremely dangerous!

Every single illusionary snake had to be treated like a peak E-class beast!

Even if it might be totally harmless!