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Chapter 80: Danger at Every Step

Chapter 80: Danger at Every Step

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The sandstorm was still there.

Chen Feng and the rest, a total group of seven, were traveling through the sandstorm.

Everyone’s expression was solemn. Even when they met illusionary snakes, they would ignore the snakes, choosing to avoid them instead. Currently, everyone’s attention was on that enemy that might appear at any time.

A sense of crisis was enveloping everyone’s mind.

Qin Jie did not even dare to relax the tiniest bit.

Both his eyes were sharp as lighting, and both his ears trembled lightly.

Both his genetic abilities were fully activated.

Regardless of how strong the enemies were, he had the confidence to grasp at least the tiniest clue of their appearance.

"They might be peak E class as well."

"Even if they are stronger than us, it wouldn’t be by much. Otherwise, there would be no need for them to hunt for us this way. Hence, we still have a chance."

This was the conclusion drawn by the An Te squad.

Now, they needed to look for that chance of survival amidst the danger.

Suddenly, a gale engulfed a place somewhere in the distance.

Behind them, where they had just traveled past, that sandstorm that had been constantly brutal suddenly became somewhat illusionary. Within the sandstorm, a silhouette of light flickered.


Qin Jie noticed it right away.

Abnormality found!

Something seemed to be rolling around in the sandstorm.

"Be careful," An Te told him.

Everyone got into their positions and stared unwaveringly at the sandstorm as the rolling silhouette of light became larger. The silhouette appeared incredibly in harmony with the sandstorm it was hidden within.

Suddenly, there was a dazzling flash of radiance.

"Be careful!"

Everyone activated their defensive measures.

In that instant, their eyes seemed to lose focus.


They instinctively started unleashing their attacks.

The attacks bombarded the location in front of them.


Accompanied by a loud sound, all their attacks landed on the ground.

Soon after, the sandstorm returned to its normal status. That silhouette of light seemed to have disappeared.

"Has it escaped?" Qin Jie muttered.

The silhouette was radiating a weird feeling. It appeared human-like yet not human-like at the same time. Possessing the ability to radiate in light instantly, what special ability was that? Laser shooting?

He shook his head.

"He is indeed not too strong."

Wang Chun felt relieved.


Qin Jie nodded. "If our opponent’s ability was high enough to crush us, they would have come out and faced us long ago. The fact that they are only using assassination methods show that our opponents do not want to suffer any losses, or…"

Qin Jie was midway through his sentence before a terrified expression appeared on his face.

What was the matter?

Everyone’s heart jolted.


They instinctively started looking around them.

Chen Feng followed his gaze and looked over at the ground. At that instant, his pupil constricted as well.

"We lost one of us again."


Everyone looked at each other. This was truly alarming.

The An Te squad suffered another loss!

They were originally a five man group. Now, however, only three were left.

"How is this possible…"

The remaining members were alarmed. "He was obviously standing behind me earlier."

Standing back to back was their optimal position when in combat. However, earlier, one of them was lost just like that.

"Damn!" An Te cursed.

Qin Jie’s expression was extremely unsightly. Why did this have to happen now? If he was given more time, this squad…


Qin Jie clenched his fists tightly.

"What’s the matter?"

Chen Feng noticed his expression that was somewhat odd.


Not willing to say much, Qin Jie shook his head.

Chen Feng did not ask too much either.

To lose two people continuously, if one were to say they did not feel any sense of crisis, it would be fake.


Chen Feng was not feeling any sense of crisis!

Under normal circumstances, as long as his life was threatened, he would definitely be able to feel some sense of crisis. This was not some special ability of his. Rather, this was something he gained after experiencing 20 years of his life threading along the edge of a death. However, earlier, when they lost two of their teammates, he had not felt any sense of crisis!

This was absolutely abnormal.


Chen Feng suddenly opened his mouth. "We might have guessed wrongly. Our initial guess was our opponents were actually a genetic squad. Due to their strength not being much stronger than us, or due to them not wanting to suffer too great a loss, they decided to use this method of assassinating us one by one. However, is there a possibility that our opponent is actually a single person?"

"There’s only a single person, hence only this method could be employed."

"He is extremely strong. However, he is also afraid of being surrounded by us."


"He can only kill us one by one!"

Chen Feng drew his hypothesis.

Everyone exchanged glances, agreeing with his conclusion.


What was the ability of that fellow?

In this unique era, the scariest thing was not an opponent whose ability surpassed you. Instead, what was scary was the unknown!

An unknown ability!

After thinking about it, the several times where their enemy made his move, that flickering radiance and that ability to hide within a sandstorm, and the ability to noiselessly take someone away, what was that ability, exactly?

What kind of mystical genetic ability was that?

Someone possessing an unknown ability, hidden within the sandstorm and observing them in the dark, looking for an opportunity to make a move on them at any time. This was indeed something that caused one’s hair to stand on end in fear.

Wang Chun looked at Shen Yi. "Shen Yi, are there any methods?"


Shen Yi shook her head. "Our opponent never truly appeared. Hence, I have no way to act against him."

"Is that so?"

Wang Chun’s expression was solemn.

This time, it was truly getting dangerous!

"Qin Jie, block off our sound," An Te suddenly said.

Qin Jie nodded slightly. "Understood."


A wisp of energy quietly enveloped everyone. This was a small technique created by Qin Jie in accordance with his genetic abilities. With this, he was able to block others from listening to them.

"I have an idea," An Te said softly. "Later, when that fellow appears once again, we need to take the opportunity and rush into the sandstorm to kill him. If he is really only a single person…"

"I will make him pay for my members’ lives!"

An Te was filled with killing intent.

"All right."

Everyone looked at each other.

This method was feasible.

Rather than waiting for death without knowing how one died like the two that died earlier, they might as well rush it out.

There were still six of them!

The two strongest of An Te squad, An Te and Qin Jie were both still here. They had no reason to fear the enemy.


The group set off once again.

They ventured forth in the sandstorm as time passed quietly. Everyone was waiting for an opportunity to act.

After a long time, an abnormality finally appeared in the sandstorm.

A silhouette of light flickered within. This time, without any hesitation, everyone rushed into it. At the same instant the radiance flickered, they rushed into the sandstorm.


All sorts of attack landed.


The sandstorm was still empty.

And when they looked at each other, they started perspiring.

Another person gone!

In that time frame of a split second where they rushed into the sandstorm, the An Te squad lost another member. Only two were left!

An Te and Qin Jie!

The group of eight only had five remaining. Chen Feng, Wang Chun, Shen Yi, Qin Jie, and An Te.

"How could things be this way..."

An Te was dazed. Another person gone.


Qin Jie punched the rocks around them ferociously.

Blood flowed out of his fist.

"They are all our brothers that had went through a lot together."

Qin Jie’s voice was hoarse. "It is acceptable if they were to die in battle. However, to die like this…damn it. An Te, if you had listened to me previously…"

"You are blaming me?"

An Te was filled with anger as well.

"If you had listened to me and invited more people, creating a full team, we would have been able to further develop our team. They would not have died as well!" Qin Jie was emotional. "Although you are the strongest, you couldn’t make it in terms of management! You are not qualified to be the captain!"

"How about you be the captain, then?"

An Te laughed angrily.

"Shut up!" Wang Chun rebuked them. "At times like this, you are still fighting among yourselves?"

Qin Jie stared at An Te and mumbled, "I not only hate him, I hate myself as well… Both of us are the strongest, yet we failed to protect our team members."

Everyone was silent.

People kept going missing, yet they had no way to deal with it.

"I refuse to believe this! What ability is it that is so mysterious?"

Qin Jie pressed both his hands onto the ground.


A ripple spread around noiselessly.

"Can you see the enemy?" Wang Chun asked.

Although Qin Jie was very angry, his mind, on the other hand, was still clear, "No. However, I found a cave nearby. Regardless of how strong that fellow is, as long as we enter the cave, he will have no way to assassinate us! He can only show himself and face us!"

"All right."

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

There would be no sandstorm in the cave. Instead, within, there was only a simple empty space.

This was a very good idea.


"Enter the cave immediately!" Wang Chun ordered decisively.

There, they would have the final confrontation with this mysterious enemy.