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Chapter 81: Shen Yi’s Death

Chapter 81: Shen Yi’s Death

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In the Desolate Rocky Grounds, the sky gradually darkened.

The sandstorm appeared even scarier in the dark. The occasional appearance of illusionary snakes further compounded the scariness of the place. Chen Feng’s group was calmly venturing forth within the sandstorm.

"It’s right ahead," Qin Jie softly said.


Wang Chun nodded lightly.

However, at this instant, the sandstorm around them became violent. Behind them, right where they had just travelled past, a countless amount of sandstorms started bubbling up!

That guy… was making his move again!

"Ignore him," An Te said coldly. "He’s probably worrying now that we are getting near the cave. Let’s enter the cave as soon as possible. When we reach the cave, only death awaits him."

"All right," everyone answered.

"Qin Jie, you lead the way. Wang Chun and the rest can stay in the middle. I will guard the rear." An Te was filled with killing intent. "I refuse to believe that he can assassinate me."

In regards to pure combat power alone, he was definitely the strongest here. The reason that mysterious person kept hiding from them was probably due to him being afraid of An Te, deterring him from making a direct move against them.

"All right," Qin Jie answered coldly.


A ripple spread noiselessly.

"Follow me."

Qin Jie led everyone as they quickly moved forward.

The sandstorm behind was becoming scarier as time passed.

"Faster!" An Te urged.

Chen Feng and the rest in the middle were following closely behind Qin Jie as they move forward quickly. In Chen Feng’s hand, the thundersnake gene reagent had already been quietly taken out. If they were to meet with any dangers…

"We’re here!"

A happy expression appeared on Qin Jie’s face.

The cave was now within reach.


The sandstorm in front was shaken apart by Qin Jie.

Taking the lead, he rushed into the cave. Chen Feng and the rest followed closely behind. However, at that instant, the sandstorm behind them suddenly started sweeping toward them.


They were engulfed by endless sands.

"Be careful!"

Chen Feng’s vigilance rose greatly.

However, surprisingly, even when the danger seemed so near, he did not feel any sense of crisis. The enemy’s target this time was still not him!

"Is it An Te?"

Chen Feng frowned.

An Te was someone at the peak of E-class. If even he met with mishap…


Qin Jie split the sandstorm apart.

"Come in, fast!"

Qin Jie bellowed as everyone instinctively followed him and entered the cave. The instant they entered, the all-enveloping sandstorm seemed to disappear. Behind them, An Te also entered the cave.

"Is everyone…"

Before finishing his sentence, Wang Chun stopped.


Chen Feng sighed.

Qin Jie and Wang Chun exchanged glances before shutting their eyes with great difficulty.

One of them was missing once again.

"How is that possible…" Wang Chun shuddered. "How could things be this way?!"

Shen Yi had disappeared.

At the final moment, when they were about to step into the cave, a large amount of sandstorms started sweeping toward them. That incredibly beautiful girl had also been engulfed by the sandstorm, never to be seen again.

Out of their group of eight, only four remained.

"I tried my best." An Te sighed. "I was still protecting you all. However, the huge amount of sandstorms during the final moment disturbed me. By the time I shook the sandstorm off me…"

Everyone kept silent.

Seemingly feeling somewhat sorry, An Te had always volunteered to guard the rear.

He had placed himself at the most dangerous spot. However, that mysterious person had ignored him all along and kept acting against others instead.

Couldn’t guard against him no matter what!

"His ability should be something related to sandstorms," Qin Jie said hoarsely.

Wang Chun: "…"

His looked extremely down.

Who would have guessed that a single mission would end up this way?

Blaming An Te?

The losses he suffered were even worse.

"Wang Yue…"

Wang Chun clenched his fists, filled with killing intent.

"You and I, I vow that the both of us won’t be alive under the same piece of sky!" he bellowed loudly.

After a long time, the cave returned to its original tranquility.

An Te stood up and turned a lamp on, illuminating the entire cave with a gentle light.

He walked toward the cave entrance and looked at the endless sandstorm outside and the darkened sky. He used the crushed rocks beside him to temporarily cover half the entrance.

The sandstorm was blocked outside the cave.

The whistling sound of wind was blocked as well, and silence fell upon the cave.

"You all should take a rest."

"I guess that guy won't dare to come in anyway. I want to see how long they can continue blocking the signals. If they continue with the signal blocking for too long, they will attract the Genetic Union's attention."

An Te looked at them. "Just go to sleep. Maybe everything will be fine by tomorrow."

Chen Feng looked at him. "How about you?"

"Qin Jie and I will take turns keeping watch," An Te said softly. "We have always been battling it out in the wilderness all year round. It wouldn’t be an issue for us to stay awake for even several days and nights. You are a producer, while Wang Chun is a young master. Its better if you both take a rest."

"Many thanks," Chen Feng said.

Chen Feng opened the outdoor equipment prepared by Wang Chun. Within were all sort of compressed foods and equipment. Chen Feng opened a compressed spherical tent and built a tent for Wang Chun.

Since he was in a bad condition currently, Chen Feng tried to help him as much as possible.

Next, Chen Feng built another tent to the side.

He looked at An Te and Qin Jie that was guarding the entrance. "Do both of you need any?"

Both of them shook their head. For people like them, who were in the wilderness all year long, something like a tent that limited their field of vision would affect their alertness.

Chen Feng shrugged.

However, just as he was prepared to get into the tent, Wang Chun’s voice traveled over.

"Chen Feng," Wang Chun said softly.


Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

"Can you come over and accompany me?" Wang Chun’s voice was like someone on the verge of crying. "I’m afraid when I’m alone."

Chen Feng: "…"

An Te and Qin Jie: "…"

What on earth was this?

Chen Feng could only smile bitterly.

Shen Yi had just died. Wang Chun was currently extremely unstable. Chen Feng could understand his current feelings. Wang Chun had treated him kindly before. Everything he knew about the illusionary snake was taught by Wang Chun as well. At times like these, he couldn’t abandon Wang Chun.

"All right."

Chen Feng entered Wang Chun’s tent.

However, the moment he lifted the curtain at the tent entrance, Chen Feng’s pupils constricted suddenly. He paused momentarily before entering like nothing had happened.

That thick curtain fell down quietly.


An Te and Qin Jie saw this and could only sigh.

They were still too young, after all. It was normal to be afraid.

After the initial panic, they had regained their calmness. Something like death, wasn’t it something they had seen a lot?

Life and death, they were already used to it.

"An Te."

Qin Jie’s voice was somewhat soft.

He had been in countless arguments with An Te previously due to the captain position and recruitment issues of their squad. Now, all of that seemed pointless.

"If I die, bring my ashes back to my hometown," Qin Jie said softly.

"What nonsense are you saying?" An Te glared at him. "How would you die?"

"Who knows?" Qin Jie muttered.

Through the cracks between the crushed rocks, he looked out of the cave. The starry sky was covered by an endless sandstorm. For reasons unknown, he felt that the nights here at the Desolate Rocky Grounds were especially cold.


An Te looked at him, an indescribable light flickering in his eyes.

Currently, within the tent, a strange expression on his face, Chen Feng was looking at the smiling Wang Chun and the beautiful girl who was standing nonchalantly beside him.

That’s right, the girl was Shen Yi.

This girl was still alive?

Chen Feng had a speechless expression on his face.

Couldn’t fall asleep?

Accompany me?

Accompany your sister!

This bastard clearly had something he wanted to say and wanted Chen Feng to enter the tent. It was only that Qin Jie was outside…

"Don’t worry," Wang Chun said softly. "With Shen Yi here, they won’t be able to sense anything."

"That’s good then." Chen Feng was relieved and subsequently started feeling doubtful. "When did Miss Shen Yi return?"

"Not return." Wang Chun’s smiling expression became somewhat cold. "She was killed."

Chen Feng stirred. "What?"

"Killed." Shen Yi wrinkled her delicate tiny nose and said indignantly, "When I was coming here with you all, the sandstorm behind us engulfed me, and then I was killed. Luckily, I’m not someone of this world. Or else I would really be dead! Wow, the people in your world are truly too scary."

Chen Feng: "…"

What did she meant by ‘not someone of this world’?

Wang Chun smiled calmly. "Look at this first."


Wang Chun raised his hand.

A semi-illusionary book appeared midair and started rotating as it hovered. Along with the flickering glow surrounding the book, Shen Yi’s silhouette gradually disappeared before gradually reappearing in the same tempo as the flickering glow. On that semi-illusionary book, a portrait of a beautiful girl could be seen. As Shen Yi appeared, the portrait disappeared. As Shen Yi disappeared, the portrait appeared!

This is… Chen Feng was suddenly alarmed. "Concretization?!"

Wang Chun smiled calmly. "That’s right."

When he had obtained this gene in the past, he was given a choice to choose a book to be concretized. Without the slightest hesitation, he chose the comic he loved the most:

"The Fantastic Journey of the Crystal Palace."

Shen Yi!

Was one of the main female characters in the book!


Chen Feng could only exclaim in admiration.

A damnable nerd that could even summon a female main character to life. What else could he say?


If that was the case…

"You saw that mysterious guy?"

Chen Feng was suddenly alarmed.