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Chapter 82: The Real Mysterious Person

Chapter 82: The Real Mysterious Person

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"Yes," Shen Yi said with her gentle voice.

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. "Who?"

As long as they found out their opponent’s ability and name, it would be much easier to deal with him. The reason this guy was able to run rampant here was due to him being a total unknown factor, not unlike the mutated thundersnake gene. Before the gene became well known, who would have guessed that a gene reagent that even F-class warriors could use would possess the might of a peak E-class warrior?

As soon as the ability of that mysterious man was exposed, they would absolutely not fear him anymore!

"This is also the reason I called you into the tent," Wang Chun smiled bitterly.

Chen Feng raised his eyebrow. "Mhm?"

"That person," Shen Yi paused, "is An Te."


Chen Feng’s heart jolted ferociously.

An Te?

How was that…


The scenes of what had happened previously flashed before Chen Feng’s eyes. From the first death to every single command given by An Te, all this flashed past Chen Feng, after which he was abruptly alarmed.

A lot of the questions suddenly became clear.

No wonder they always failed to find the mysterious person!

No wonder every time that mysterious person appeared, he would appear at the position that they had been at earlier!

No wonder every single time they rushed over, they failed to see any enemies!

Apparently, before An Te made his move, he would leave something similar to a time bomb to create some abnormalities in the sandstorm to attract everyone’s attention before assassinating in the dark.


Breakout chip?

All this was probably An Te’s "performance"!

But why?

Wang Chun inhaled deeply. "This is only my initial guess."

"Me hiring them was noticed by Wang Yue. Subsequently, he bribed An Te, getting him to look for an opportunity to deal with us. Subsequently, An Te got tempted to begin his own plans as well."

"Do you still remember the content of Qin Jie and An Te’s argument from before?"

"I guess they have some internal strife."

Wang Chun sneered. "Qin Jie grouped up with others in their squad in order to control An Te. An Te, on the other hand, directly made use of the opportunity of this trip to get rid of all of them!"

"With this…"

"Mhm, the reward I paid to hire him and the reward Wang Chun paid to hire him, everything would belong to him alone! Next, he can simply go somewhere new and start fresh," Wang Chun finished indifferently.

Chen Feng couldn’t help himself and rolled his eyes. What the heck was this?

However, luckily, they had some internal strife. If what they faced this time was a united squad instead, he and Wang Chun would have probably gotten themselves killed off by now.

As for the reason he chose to kill his own squad members first?

That was because Chen Feng and Wang Chun truly appeared harmless. Furthermore, if something were to happen to the both of them, the mission would directly end and the squad members would split the money and go their own ways. Hence, An Te had to get rid of them first before making his move against Chen Feng and Wang Chun!

"Hence…" Chen Feng analyzed their current situation. "Qin Jie is not aware of the truth."


"It seems like An Te never told them anything."

Wang Chun nodded.

"Like this, things will get interesting then," Chen Feng said with a toying expression on his face.

The An Te that wanted to get rid of everyone.

The Qin Jie that knew absolutely nothing.

And there was also he and Wang Chun, who appeared to know nothing yet were already aware of the truth. The two who were, respectively, a producer with ordinary combat strength and a young master.


There was also Shen Yi who was supposed to be out of the equation.

Chen Feng looked at Wang Chun. "What do you plan to do?"

"What else?" Wang Chun sneered. "Since they have received my reward, my mission must be completed! Our next target will be to kill an illusionary snake leader!"

"Killing an illusionary snake leader…"

Chen Feng pondered.


Killing an illusionary snake leader would accomplish the goals of both Chen Feng and Wang Chun!

Wang Chun was not aware of this, but Chen Feng knew that the moment he fused with an illusionary snake gene reagent, his combat power would increase greatly!

An Te?

Chen Feng was truly not afraid of him!

Illusionary snake leader—he had to kill it!

"Shen Yi will look for an illusionary snake leader secretly and draw it over here."

A cold glint flickered in Wang Chun’s eyes. "At that time, we can put on a play, getting rid of the snake leader and finishing our mission, before thinking of a way to get rid of An Te!"

Chen Feng looked at Wang Chun. "Can we defeat him?"

"Not now." Wang Chun shook his head. "However, when the illusionary snake’s scale is successfully refined, my power will be greatly increased. Hehe, at that time…"

Both of them looked at each other, filled with expectation.

Being in an inferior position?

Only for now!

As long as an illusionary snake leader was killed, both their combat power would increase exponentially!

Naturally, before that, they need to settle An Te down.

An Te…

Qin Jie…

Chen Feng suddenly thought of something, "If Qin Jie is the only threat left, there’s no need for An Te to be afraid of exposing himself, right? In other words, as long as Qin Jie reduces his vigilance, An Te will make his move soon!"

"Not good."

Wang Chun’s expression changed greatly.

If Qin Jie was killed, then things would truly be troublesome for them.

Wang Chun wanted to go out instinctively; however, he was held back by Chen Feng.

"Don’t worry. Qin Jie’s detection ability is powerful. He hasn’t made his move now and should be still waiting for an opportunity. If you were to go out now, then everything will truly be finished," Chen Feng said in a low voice.

"I was too worried."

Wang Chun calmed himself down.

"Just leave the rest to me."

Chen Feng’s lips curled up into a smile.


Who doesn’t know how to do that?

At this moment.

At the entrance of the cave, Qin Jie focused his attention outside, constantly increasing his vigilance. However, unconsciously, he had handed his back to An Te.

Good opportunity!

A cold glint flickered in An Te’s eyes.

Quietly, his genetic ability condensed in his hands. Just as he was about to kill Qin Jie with a single move, he heard some sound behind him.

An Te rapidly calmed himself down.

Qin Jie instinctively turned his head around. "Chen Feng? Why are you out here?"

"Nothing much." Chen Feng sighed. "He has fallen asleep."

Qin Jie started talking with him. "You are not sleeping?"

"I’m not used to sleeping with males," Chen Feng replied casually.

Qin Jie: "…"

This was truly a reason one couldn’t refute.

Chen Feng looked at An Te. "That fellow has not shown himself?"


No trace of emotion could be seen on An Te’s face.


Chen Feng sneered. "That guy even dared to kill Miss Shen Yi. If he really shows himself, I will make sure that he stays here forever!"

Qin Jie and An Te laughed. They did not took these words seriously and simply took it as Chen Feng venting his frustrations.

"I’m serious."

Chen Feng shrugged. "You know what my profession is. You should have heard of the thundersnake gene, right?"


Qin Jie nodded slightly.

Earlier, before Chen Feng had arrived, Wang Chun had bragged in front of them about how awesome Chen Feng was.

"Take a look."

Chen Feng lifted his jacket.

Qin Jie and An Te abruptly widened their eyes.

Three mutated thundersnake gene reagents were actually strapped onto his body. Beside that, there’s also an unknown gene there!

"Three F-class mutated thundersnake gene reagent. Every single one of them is equivalent to the strongest strike of a peak E-class warrior."

An innocent smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face as he pointed at the aurora gene reagent and said earnestly, "There’s also this E-class mutated earthdragon gene reagent. When it’s totally activated, it will be equivalent to the strongest strike of a peak D-class warrior."


Qin Jie and An Te inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Strongest strike of a peak D-class warrior?


Such a gene reagent existed?

"Naturally, there was no such gene in the past."

"However, now, there is," Chen Feng indifferently said. "Previously, when I could only produce F-class genes, I had produced a mutated thundersnake gene possessing the might of a peak E-class warrior. Now that I’m in E class, naturally, I will be able to produce the strongest E-class gene! Otherwise, why would a producer like me dare to step foot into a place like this?"

Qin Jie could only exclaim in admiration.

A person worthy of the deputy president’s praise indeed! This Chen Feng was truly not ordinary!

However, An Te, on the other hand, was currently extremely alarmed.

Earlier, he was still considering getting rid of both Qin Jie and Chen Feng together. A single Chen Feng couldn’t accomplish much anyway. But now…

He only felt a burst of lingering fear!

Peak D class?

Are you f*cking kidding me?

He wanted to say that this was fake. However, Chen Feng’s identity was clear for all to see. Furthermore, there was no need for Chen Feng to lie to them! Besides that, within that unknown gene, he had truly felt an inconceivable power from it!

Things were getting tricky now.

Now, An Te no longer dared to make his move.

Killing Chen Feng?

What joke was that!

Having an item with such power strapped onto his body. If he were to kill Chen Feng, he would die together with him!

Seemed like…

He could only take his time to look for a solution.

An Te contemplated.

If he was unaware of Chen Feng’s trump card, then there would be nothing he could do. However, now that he knew about it, he would definitely be able to deal with it!

He should look for an opportunity to first kill Qin Jie, and he would subsequently disappear, faking his death. Next, he would lure a bunch of illusionary snakes over to attack the both of them, baiting Chen Feng to use up all his trump cards before reappearing in front of them!

Mhm—perfect plan.

An Te finished his planning and regained his calm.

However, even after the whole night passed, he had yet to get any opportunity to act.

That was because Chen Feng did not go to sleep at all. Instead, he was chatting with Qin Jie for the whole night, listening to Qin Jie as he talked about their past experiences during their explorations at various locations.

The night passed quietly.