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Chapter 83: Are You Scared of Marquee?

Chapter 83: Are You Scared of Marquee?

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"Wow. Awesome," Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

Qin Jie and his squad indeed had colorful stories about their previous explorations. Every step they took were like a thread on the edge of death. A lot of the time, they were put under extremely dangerous situations. There were even situations that were much more dangerous than their current situation.

It's no wonder they were so calm currently.

"It’s all in the past."

Qin Jie sighed. Being praised by a producer with good prospects like Chen Feng, he felt somewhat honored.

"No worries. After this is over, you can come look for me," Chen Feng said calmly. "I will prepare a mutated earthdragon gene reagent for you as your trump card."

"Haha, thanks in advance then."

Qin Jie was stirred.

Mutated earthdragon gene reagent?

That was something as strong as a peak D-class attack.

No wonder so many people tried to get close to producers. This person known as Chen Feng would absolutely be a grandmaster producer in the future! Qin Jie decided that, this time, he had to protect Chen Feng nicely, not letting any mishaps befall him.

Naturally, he was not aware that this so called mutated earthdragon gene reagent was something made up by Chen Feng or that Chen Feng's reason for coming out of the tent was in order to protect him.

However, it was also due to this little plan in Qin Jie's mind that he was now inseparable from Chen Feng. This caused immense pain to An Te, who had been waiting for an opportunity to sneak attack him.

Seemed like he wouldn’t get a chance to act any time soon.

Well, he still had a lot of time anyway…

An Te sneered inwardly.

At this time, Wang Chun came out of his tent as well. After a night’s rest, his complexion was much better. At the very least, he wasn’t as pale as he was yesterday.

"What should we do now?"

Wang Chun had a "blank" expression on his face.

An Te sighed. "Wait. The compressed food we prepared is still enough to last us several days. Regardless of how powerful that mysterious person is, I reckon he wouldn’t dare to come in! Although there’s not much human activity at this Desolate Rocky Grounds, there's bound to be someone here eventually. As long as someone noticed the signal blockade, attracting the attention of the Genetic Union…"

"We will be victorious!"

An Te said solemnly, "Don’t worry. Since I accepted your mission, I will definitely bring you out of here!"

Chen Feng: "…"

If he hadn't been aware of the actual truth in advance, he would have actually believed this lie!

Damnable signal blockade!

If Chen Feng and Wang Chun guessed correctly, this blockade was actually something that only affected a radius centered around An Te. The signal blockade would only exist around him!

As long as one was far from An Te, one would still be able to keep in touch with the rest of the world!


They would not notice anything at all.

Wang Chun had previously attempted to let Shen Yi go get some help. However, since Shen Yi was something he summoned, she wasn’t able to get too far away from him. Even after she reached the maximum length she could leave Wang Chun, she still couldn’t get a signal.

An Te was waiting, waiting for a chance!

He would keep these people here in this cave for several days. As long as they dropped their vigilance, he would definitely get rid of Qin Jie and proceed with his plan.

As for Chen Feng?

Chen Feng and Wang Chun were also waiting. Waiting for Shen Yi to lure an illusionary snake leader over!

Chen Feng had thought of activating his Luck Aura to attract the snake leader. However, after thinking about it for a long time, he still did not dare to try that. The reason was simple—unknown consumption of luck value!

As soon as Luck Aura started affecting reality, the consumption of luck value would be immense! If his luck value was fully exhausted, only death would await Chen Feng.

Hence, he would not use it.


Now, they could only see who would get an opportunity to act first.

Chen Feng muttered inwardly.

During the day, everyone was waiting.

Wang Chun was still staring ahead blankly like a soulless person. When he was tired of that, he would go into the tent to sleep. An Te would be guarding the entrance calmly, his gaze landing on Qin Jie every now and then.

As for Qin Jie?

He and Chen Feng were like they had met their significant half, talking about everything under the sun.

Occasionally, Chen Feng would enter the tent as well.

"Shen Yi still hasn’t found anything?"

Chen Feng was somewhat anxious. "If this drags on longer, An Te will definitely start feeling suspicious."


Wang Chun’s eyes were flickering. "As long as she finds an illusionary snake leader, she will definitely have a way to lure it here."

Chen Feng frowned. "There’s a problem with An Te."

"What’s the matter?" Wang Chun was alarmed. "Has he found out?"

"Nope." Chen Feng shook his head. "However… I see him occasionally checking his screen before sighing that there’s still no signal…"

"That’s normal." Wang Chun thought about it. "I suppose he is putting up a play for us to see."

"Or he might be trying to contact others."

Chen Feng’s expression was solemn.

A cold glint flickered in Wang Chun’s eyes. Even a single An Te was so problematic to deal with. If he were to contact someone else and get extra help…

Wang Chun inhaled deeply. "I will urge Shen Yi."

"Make it as fast as possible."

Chen Feng left the tent.

Time flowed.

In the afternoon, when Chen Feng thought that another day would pass just like that, suddenly, an object radiating with white light shot into the cave.

Qin Jie was abruptly alarmed. "What is it?"


A dazzling white radiance rushed over.


An Te lifted a rock and smashed down on it.


That huge rock was actually smashed apart by the white radiance, while the white radiance rushed past the entrance and landed within the cave, revealing its true appearance.

"This is…"

Qin Jie and the rest were alarmed.

Chen Feng glanced at it and his heart immediately jolted.

Snake egg!

This was actually a snake egg!

An Te was bewildered. "How can this thing appear here?"

"It must be that damnable mysterious person," Qin Jie bellowed. "He doesn’t dare to enter, so he’s doing this to lure some illusionary snakes over."

An Te: "…"

The heck with the mysterious person! I am the actual mysterious person, all right? When the heck did I get my hands on this snake egg? Or is this a coincidence?

Chen Feng looked at Wang Chun.

Wang Chun nodded slightly.


Chen Feng was immediately relieved.

Was this something done by Shen Yi?

Since the snake egg had appeared…


A terrifying hiss.

A huge snake radiating silvery light appeared within the sandstorm. Its huge eyes were filled with killing intent as it stared at that snake egg before its gaze landed on the people in the cave.

"Throw this egg out to it!" An Te urged.

"It’s useless." Wang Chun paled. "Since this snake has seen us, how could it let us off? Quick, finish it off. Only by finishing it off will we be able to survive this!"

"Damn it."

An Te cursed, wondering how something unforeseen like this had happened.

"Let’s act together." Qin Jie sneered. "A mere illusionary snake leader. That fellow really believes that it’s enough to get rid of us? An Te, increase our vigilance. As soon as that mysterious person appears, kill him immediately."

"Work hard."

Chen Feng encouraged. "My gene reagents are all ready as well. That mysterious person must be observing us in the dark. As soon as he shows himself, I will shower him with my reagents!"

"All right!"

Qin Jie laughed heartily.

"Come then!"


He took the lead and rushed toward that huge snake.

An Te was ashen faced.

Assassinating Qin Jie?

The current Qin Jie was at his highest state of vigilance. There was also that Chen Feng with the constantly flickering reagents in his hands, causing quite a fear in An Te’s heart.

An Te inhaled deeply. "Seems like I can only get rid of this huge snake first."


He followed behind Qin Jie.

Chen Feng and Wang Chun exchanged glances, a tinge of a smile in their eyes.

Initial plan success!


They could now concentrate on killing this huge snake.


The huge silvery snake rushed toward them crazily.

If all the members of An Te squad were here, this huge peak E-class snake wouldn’t be a problem. However, since there was only An Te and Qin Jie here, it became somewhat troublesome to deal with.


A flash of electricity.


A crack suddenly appeared on the ground.

"Not good."

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly as he pulled Wang Chun and evaded it quickly.


The ground ruptured.

Half the cave crumbled in a split second.

"It’s Landslide."

Wang Chun’s expression was unsightly. "A high level secret art, I did not expect this illusionary snake leader to be able to demonstrate this skill. If it’s like this, I’m afraid…"


A sharp hiss resounded.

That huge snake started raging as it failed to catch An Te and Qin Jie even after trying for a long time.


The silver glow on the illusionary snake leader suddenly shone brightly before quickly turning into red color. Next, the dazzling red light flickered before the illusionary snake leader changed into a blue color.



Every single color change was extremely dazzling.

"What ability is this?"

Everyone stirred.

With every change of color, they could also keenly feel a different concealed ability within the color that could be unleashed at any moment!

Chen Feng had a ridiculous expression on his face.

What the heck is this? An electric snake with marquee installed on it?

As everyone was bewildered, the illusionary snake leader glowed with a final white radiance and subsequently disappeared right in front of everyone!

Disappearing without a trace!

It had actually disappeared.