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Chapter 84: First Fusion Reagent

Chapter 84: First Fusion Reagent

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Everyone’s expression changed greatly.



A terrifying force engulfed the area and the rocks around them started shaking. An Te tried attacking a few times but failed to land his attacks. Instead, he was nearly smashed away by that huge snake. How was one supposed to fight an enemy one couldn’t see?

"Qin Jie!" An Te bellowed.


Qin Jie’s eyes started glowing and his ears trembled unceasingly.


2-star secret art – Sky Symphony!

Qin Jie activated a special skill unique to him. Both his eyes were sharp as, one after another, rays of light interweaved before his eyes and countless ripples started interweaving around his ear.



The whole world was seemingly laid bare before Qin Jie’s eyes.

In the air.

A trace of abnormality flashed through the sandstorm. This was something a normal person would not be able to notice. However, its appearance could not escape Qin Jie’s notice.


Qin Jie pointed toward a certain spot.


An Te immediately unleashed his attack. A bizarre thunder streaked toward it. Subsequently, accompanied by a sharp hiss, a huge body smashed onto the ground.

The huge snake had shown itself.

"Next, leave it to me."

An Te had a malevolent expression on his face.


At this moment, his powerful combat power was fully displayed.

Both Qin Jie’s pupils swirled around as he constantly pointed out the weak point of the huge snake to An Te. Before Qin Jie, that initially unfathomably huge snake had nowhere to hide!



One after another, scars were left on the huge snake’s body.


A sorrowful hiss.

The huge snake noticed what the issue was and started attacking Qin Jie. However, Qin Jie merely sneered at that. He might not have too great an attacking power, but his agility and speed?

None here could compare to him!

"It’s attacking Qin Jie…"

An Te slightly paused his attacks.

This was a good opportunity. Qin Jie’s vigilance was too high. If he were to get rid of Qin Jie when Qin Jie was busy dodging that huge snake’s attacks… however, just as this thought surfaced, An Te gave up on it after seeing that Chen Feng had suddenly taken out his earthdragon gene reagent, eyeing the current battle that was in progress.

This was not a suitable time for him to make his move!

An Te inhaled deeply.


He bellowed.

He instantly erupted with his maximum combat power!

2-star secret art!


A terrifying attack was emitted from his hands.

The illusionary snake leader that was staring at Qin Jie was momentarily careless and got itself pierced through by An Te and firmly stabbed onto the ground. It started lashing its body around frantically.



The huge body was lashing around franticly.

The mountainous area around it started crumbling bit by bit. However, the illusionary snake leader still failed to break free. Its blood flowed unceasingly until it finally stopped moving.

The illusionary snake leader was dead.

It was extremely strong. However, it still couldn’t contend against a genetic squad that was much powerful than it. As for those bizarre abilities possessed by the normal illusionary snakes they encountered the day before? Those were ultimately something that only had a small probability of appearing!

"It’s dead!"

Chen Feng’s heart was ablaze.

This was the best material for the illusionary snake reagent!

"Enter my tent to start the production."

Wang Chun’s complexion also recovered somewhat, regaining its original healthy color.


Chen Feng nodded.

Only half the cave remained after it had crumbled. An Te and Qin Jie blasted a small entrance from rubble. Next, Chen Feng and Wang Chun hid into the newly created cave, which was much safer than the previous cave.

Qin Jie and An Te also entered the cave.

"You two guard here," Wang Chun said.

"Don’t worry," An Te said solemnly.

Now, he couldn't sit tight anymore. Chen Feng and Wang Chun were both going inside to study the illusionary snake’s scale?

This was a good opportunity!

He only needed to look for an opportunity to get rid of Qin Jie. Next, he could pretend that he himself was missing as well before proceeding to lure other illusionary snakes over to waste Chen Feng’s trump card. And as long as both Wang Chun and Chen Feng were dealt with, he could go and get Wang Yue’s reward!

After that—

Leaving far away!


An Te was excited.

However, at this moment, Chen Feng suddenly exited the tent.

"I can’t get distracted during gene production," Chen Feng said solemnly. "Hence, we will be depending on the protection of the both of you. It’s very probable for that mysterious person to appear now. Qin Jie, since your detection ability is the strongest, you can hold on to this thing first…"

Chen Feng passed the aurora reagent to Qin Jie, "As soon as that mysterious person appears, toss this earthdragon gene reagent at him! I assure you that he will definitely be damaged to the extent that even his mother wouldn’t recognize his face anymore."

"All right."

Qin Jie was excited.

This was the terrifying reagent with the power of a peak D-class warrior?

With this…

"Our safety will be in your hands, then."

Chen Feng patted his shoulder before entering the tent.

Qin Jie’s eyes were resolute. "Don’t worry."


Both his eyes were as sharp.

He proceeded to fully activate his detection ability, not giving the mysterious person any chances to ambush them. That earthdragon gene reagent was clasped tightly in his hands, ready to be used at any time.

Beside him stood An Te with a ridiculous expression on his face.


Why would things be this way?

How good an opportunity was this! He clearly could have easily gotten rid of Qin Jie. Why the heck did this Chen Feng deliver such a powerful trump card into Qin Jie’s hands at this time?

Was he sick?

This was the wilderness!

After giving the item to Qin Jie, wasn’t he scared that Qin Jie would fall out with him instead and end up getting rid of them?

He couldn’t understand this at all.

As far as he was concerned, this action of passing one’s strongest trump card to others was something that was done by one who was mentally retarded and had suffered brain damage on top of it. Furthermore, with this, Chen Feng had also spoiled his plan.

Killing Qin Jie?

How was he supposed to kill Qin Jie now?

Qin Jie’s vigilance was too high. As soon as he felt something abnormal and used that earthdragon reagent, he and An Te would die together.

"Damn it."

An Te was feeling hateful.

As he thought of how Chen Feng kept spoiling his plans, he even started to suspect that Chen Feng had actually seen through him. However, when he thought that the opponent was merely a producer…

"It’s about time for me to alter my plan."

An Te inhaled deeply.

He looked at Qin Jie before shaking his head and quietly sent out a message.

Currently, within the tent, Chen Feng and Wang Chun were communicating through their screen.

"Where’s Shen Yi?" Chen Feng asked.

"Dead." Wang Chun shook his head. "In order to lure that illusionary snake leader here, she used some extreme methods. Ultimately, she failed to avoid the danger."

"When can she appear again?" Chen Feng asked.

"Have to wait for her to recover." Wang Chun sighed. "Although, theoretically, she can revive without limit, every time she dies she will be greatly affected. If possible, I truly do not wish such torment upon her."

Chen Feng nodded slightly.

"Then, let us begin."

Wang Chun’s eyes were sharp as electric.

"All right."

Chen Feng picked up a piece of scale.


Gene production, begin!

There were not many materials remaining. Initially, Wang Chun was still somewhat worried that Chen Feng would fail too many times. After all, Chen Feng had yet to successfully produce one so far. However, from the time Chen Feng picked the scale up till when he finally stopped, he only spent 30 seconds before passing the item to him.

An illusionary snake’s scale gene reagent, completed.

"Take it."

Chen Feng passed it to Wang Chun.


Wang Chun was still maintaining a stupefied expression on his face as he blankly accepted the item Chen Feng handed to him. He looked at Chen Feng, an unbelievable expression on his face. Just like that, and it was completed? This production speed was too terrifying, right?

It wouldn’t be a fake, right?

He consumed the illusionary snake’s scale reagent.


A gush of terrifying force instantly erupted within his body.

"It’s real!"

Wang Chun was stirred.

Not only was it real, it was even more powerful than what was described in the books!


Wang Chun started digesting the energy within his body quickly.

"It’s starting."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

As far as he was concerned, Wang Chun’s gene reagent was only some practicing material for him. The reagent that was truly troublesome and time consuming was the illusionary snake fusion reagent that he was about to produce.


He took his incubator liquid out.

In accordance to the instructions in the books, Chen Feng blended the whole illusionary snake into the incubator liquid as he started the production process. Only after this could he truly get started with the production.

Gene reaction!

Gene fusion!

Luck Aura, activate!


His luck value started dropping rapidly.

Chen Feng followed the instructions of the books and, with great care, started the fusion and reaction process. Despite being careful and following the instructions, he could still feel that extremely unstable energy.

He had a feeling that this gene reagent would explode at any moment.


"You must steady up."

Chen Feng fully activated his Luck Aura.

Without gene search, he skipped the first step. However, the second and third steps were even more complicated. Chen Feng inhaled before entering his hyper-dimensional mode.

Gene production, begin!


The lights before his eyes shattered as he entered his hyper-dimensional mode.

Brandishing both his hands, he started perfecting everything that could be improved.

Ten points…

Twenty points…

Thirty points…

His luck value was dropping rapidly.

Finally, when 200 points of luck value had been used, the gene reaction and collision stopped and regained its tranquility. Gene production, complete!

"Have I succeeded?"

Chen Feng carefully looked at the liquid before his eyes.


Gene scan.


Mutated Illusionary Snake Gene

Gene Type: Fusion reagent

Fusion requirements: E class and 100 points of spirit

Core gene: 50 points of spirit, 50 points of agility, 50 points of physique, 50 points of strength

Gene ability: Myriad illusions. Triggering the illusionary snake gene within one’s body with spiritual energy, releasing attacks with illusionary snake gene as the core. The attacks contain uncertainty; hence, a fusion of other genetic abilities is required.