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Chapter 85: Shen Wei

Chapter 85: Shen Wei

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Chen Feng was stirred.

Mutated! It really mutated!

As per the data he had seen, a normal illusionary snake gene would increase spirit by 10 to 20 points, ability by 5 to 10 points, and physique by 5 to 10 points. However, now that it had mutated, everything changed! It was a straight flush of 50 points, greatly increasing all the basic attributes. Despite this, what Chen Feng placed utmost importance on was still the main ability of this gene, Myriad Illusions.

"Myriad Illusions…"

After reading it twice, Chen Feng blanked. This was because behind the description of myriad illusions, there was this particular sentence: a fusion of other genetic abilities is required.

"What does this mean?"

Chen Feng did not understand.

However, what he felt regretful was the fact that no further details were provided in the data of this gene. Illusionary snake gene was already a rare gene in itself. Hence, a mutated version of this gene was something that was supposedly something almost impossible to appear. The gene scanner was not omnipotent. It could only be used as a source of reference, and the information provided from the scan was also somewhat vague in nature. To get a more detailed information, Chen Feng needed to go about it himself.

"Fusion with other abilities is required, eh…"

Chen Feng’s gaze flickered.

At the same time.


A soft sound could be heard.

Wang Chun completed his breakthrough!


A gush of powerful force congregated around Wang Chun.

Chen Feng could clearly feel that the current Wang Chun had became much powerful than previously.


Wang Chun exhaled a long breath and opened his eyes.

"You increased your power?"

Chen Feng was somewhat amazed.

Illusionary snake’s scale was a very ordinary 2-star E-class reagent. The description of this gene was also extremely simple: Extracting a part of the illusionary snake gene. Initially, Chen Feng believed that Wang Chun was only using this illusionary snake’s scale to stabilize his current power; however, he never expected it to be able to increase one’s power!

"Mhm." Wang Chun was overwhelmed with emotion. "It’s a huge improvement!"

"How’s that possible?"

Chen Feng was somewhat speechless.


Wang Chun smiled before telling the truth. "The core of my ability originally involves concretizing everything in that book. Although I had broken through long ago, I did not have sufficient genes related to concretization. The illusionary snake has an all-embracing gene and, coincidentally, has that portion of concretization-related genes that I lacked."

"So that’s the case."

Chen Feng suddenly understood.

Wang Chun’s goal was actually concretization-related genes?

That book was clearly Wang Chun’s main gene!

As long as he continued upgrading his concretization-related genes, he would be able to summon everything in that book and grasp a more powerful strength in his hands!

This was the path Wang Chun walked.


"It’s my turn to walk my path then."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


He gulped the illusionary snake gene down.


A terrifying power started bubbling within Chen Feng’s body. Endless power dispersed from the fusion reagent and flooded every single nook of Chen Feng’s body, causing Chen Feng intense pain. However, for the Chen Feng that had experienced the gene strengthening process previously, this didn't feel too terrible.

Gene fusion began.

Opposite Chen Feng, Wang Chun had a stupefied expression on his face.

Gene fusion? Chen Feng was only starting his gene fusion now?

He had always believed that, since Chen Feng had long broken through into E-class, he would have fused with a powerful support-type gene ability long ago, granting him such powerful gene production capabilities.

However, he was only starting his fusion now?


Not only that.

The gene fusion reagent that Chen Feng produced seemed to be something produced for himself!

Wang Chun blanked.

He felt like his logic was being harshly challenged.

Increasing gene attributes was much easier than gene production. Hence, a lot of people were still stuck at the junior production level even though they had already broken through to E class.

As for high-level producers?

Their spiritual energy was definitely extremely powerful.

If one’s spiritual energy was insufficient, one would not even meet the lowest requirement needed to start producing genes!

Hence, he had never seen someone like Chen Feng who had a heaven-defying gene production capability. One who could even produce 4-star E-class genes before even fusing with an E-class genetic ability.

Producing one’s own gene-fusion reagent?

This was simply unbelievable!


Wang Chun rubbed his head and could only accept reality after a long time.

Currently, Chen Feng had also reached the final stage of his breakthrough. All the illusionary snake genes had perfectly combined with his body, becoming a part of him.

Gene fusion, complete.


Chen Feng: E-class genetic warrior

Spirit: 200

Genetic ability: Wind Blade, Myriad Illusion


"Finally, E class."

Chen Feng was excited.

A wisp of spiritual energy drifted around his hands, seemingly existing yet seemingly non-existing. Chen Feng could distinctly feel the surging energy within his body that was on the verge of eruption. This was the true power of an E-class warrior.


Chen Feng flicked his wrist.


A small Wind Blade appeared in his hands.

As his spiritual energy had increased greatly, Chen Feng’s current control of his Wind Blades was extremely nimble as well. Even the speed of his continuous Wind Blade release was faster than in the past.

Previously, he could release 10 Wind Blades per second—would the amount be higher now?

He looked forward to it.

As for the Myriad Illusions…

The energy in Chen Feng’s hands flickered; however, he ultimately did not dare to actually use this ability.

"If you really use that ability, my tent is a gone case," Wang Chun said somewhat grudgingly.


Chen Feng scratched his head.

"Let’s go."

"Now, it’s about time we have an honest talk with our squad leader An Te."

Wang Chun’s eyes flickered with coldness. An Te dared to betray him, causing Shen Yi to die two times and enter deep sleep due to serious injury. He had to pay for this!


Chen Feng smiled.

He also wanted to see exactly how powerful he was now that he had just broken through.


Both of them exited the tent.

Nearby, An Te and Qin Jie were still standing on guard.

"Production completed?"

Qin Jie was happy.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "Mhm."

"Well done." Qin Jie laughed heartily. "That mysterious person did not dare to come out at all. We…"


A chilling cold glint flickered.

"Be careful."

Chen Feng and Wang Chun’s expression changed greatly.

An Te?

No, it was not An Te at all.

Currently, An Te was around two or three meter away from Qin Jie. Hence, Chen Feng and Wang Chun were not worried that he would abruptly make his move. However, none expected that the one who had made a move was actually Qin Jie’s shadow!

That black shadow acted abruptly and pierced Qin Jie’s chest with its black hand.


The pitch black hand squashed Qin Jie’s heart.


A gloomy and cold laughter traveled over.


Qin Jie's eyes widened unbelievably.

He wanted to trigger the explosion of the gene reagent in his hands; however, the sneer of that shadow travelled to his ears, "Your spiritual energy has been blocked by me. What can you use to trigger the explosion?"


Qin Jie fell on the ground, indignant even in his death.

He was dead.

Chen Feng and Wang Chun stared at the shadow in front of them.


That shadow transformed into a youth with an evil aura on his face.


"The genetic warriors nowadays are truly weak."

The youth played with the gene reagent in his hands and smiled faintly, "This is that so-called earthdragon gene reagent? Hehe, however good this gene reagent is, one needs to have a chance to actually use it right?"

"Who are you?" Chen Feng asked with a deep sound.

"Me? Just call me Shadow."

The youth shrugged and looked at An Te as he smiled, "An Te, after not meeting for quite a while, you are now trashy to such an extent?"

"It has nothing to do with you."

An Te glanced at him coldly before looking at Wang Chun and Chen Feng. "Now, you can both die."

No nonsense was spoken. Only an endless amount of coldness and detachment could be felt.

Since the one with the highest vigilance, Qin Jie, was dead, and furthermore, this idiotic Chen Feng had even handed over his strongest trump card, he could easily deal with these remaining two.


Chen Feng abruptly tossed out a bottle of mutated thundersnake gene reagent.

However, An Te dodged it easily.

The reason this mutated thundersnake gene reagent was worth 1 million was due to its usage requirements being so low. F class was sufficient to use it. In a circle where everyone was at F class with the occasional E class, a thundersnake gene with the power of peak E class was simply akin to a weapon of mass destruction.

However, facing An Te?

It was simply useless.


An Te charged forth.

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes. As he was about to unleash his new ability, suddenly, a terrifying silhouette rushed forth from behind him.


An explosion of bright light.

The ground crumbled as well.

A silhouette had blocked An Te’s attack with brute force.


An Te suddenly looked over.

The smoke and dust settled.

Before Chen Feng appeared a tall young lady in a miniskirt that was perfectly showing off her beautiful spotless white legs.

In her hands was a broken saber with flame burning on it.

"Master of the Flaming Crystal Palace: Shen Wei!" the young lady answered coldly.


The broken saber was pointed toward An Te.

"Was it you who killed my younger sister?"

The young lady looked at An Te coldly, radiating killing intent.